16 Baby Animals!

#1: Baby albino koala

#2: Baby bunny

#3: Baby Persian cat

#4: Baby crane

#5: Baby dog

#6: Baby donkey

#7: Baby fox

#8: Baby frogmouth chick

#9: Baby hawk

#10: Baby hedgehogs

#11:Baby hippo

#12: Baby otter

#13: Baby panda

#14: Baby pig

#15: Baby polar bear

#16: Baby skunk

Vote for your favorite!

H/t PawMyGosh


15 responses to “16 Baby Animals!

  1. Sorry, I cannot vote because I can’t make up my mind. They are Creatures of GOD.

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  2. Wow! That was a difficult one. I dithered back and forth between the baby donkey, and the baby dog. Finally, the baby dog won out because I could certainly see that precious little one a member of my family . . . . but the baby donkey is sure pretty darn cute.

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  3. Darling, want them all in heaven with us

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  4. Luvs all of them!

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  5. I love them all and want 2 of each, please.

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  6. You can keep your stunk…

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  7. Of course, we all could automatically relate to the darling puppy and kitty, but I found the hedgehog babies very cute .. they look like cockleburs that used to get stuck in my Yorkie’s paws. LOL. And the little skunk is adorable. They all are.

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  8. I like ’em ALL,but chose the baby pig-it looks kinda like someone I know…..

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  9. SO CUTE! I just want to squeeze them all! 🙂

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  10. Sure makes the miracle of birth come alive, doesn’t it. All are such precious little critters.

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  11. Where is the aardvark?


  12. The top four are my top four too. And aren’t they all evidence of God’s great miracle of life.

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  13. The baby pig is future bacon.


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