Where are Pharaoh and his army?


Our 21st century pharaohs meet every summer at Bohemian Grove for toasted marshmallows and campfire stories.

“The way of the LORD is a refuge for the blameless, but it is the ruin of those who do evil.” – Proverbs 10:29

The Lord had just led Moses and the Israelites through the Red Sea on dry ground with an unprecedented miracle. The water on either side of them stood like a wall. God had rescued them from a cruel and corrupt government.

Now it looked like God’s blessing was about to become a trap for the escapees, as Pharaoh rushed with his whole army across the very path created for Israel’s escape. Imagine the sense of terror among the people when the saw this.

But the miracle that saved God’s people became the destruction of their enemies. Moses, speaking by faith said, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.” – Exodus 14:13

Now let’s apply this lesson to America 2018

Donald Trump, the unexpected candidate, won the office of president against all odds.

He then proceeded to surprise the world by instituting one act of governmental righteousness after another. But in hot pursuit, his (and our) enemies, the elites who would be our masters, have led their legions out to crush our new hope.

At moments I have felt the terror of what they threaten to do to us.

But I “will have no fear of bad news; my heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. My heart is secure, I will have no fear; in the end I will look in triumph on my foes.” (– Psalm 112:7-80) If we personalize our faith in God this way, we will be able to stand still, and see the glory and salvation of the Lord.

“The waters covered their adversaries; Not one of them was left.” – Psalm 106:11

“Mommy, why doesn’t Mr. Pharaoh come around anymore?” 

“Honey, Mr. Pharaoh drowned.
He won’t be back.”  

Coral-encrusted object in Red Sea could be ancient Egyptian chariot wheels



24 responses to “Where are Pharaoh and his army?

  1. Excellent Sunday post, TrailDust! Thanks!!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  2. Amen and Amen, Traildust!

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  3. Yes, amen, indeed.

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  4. I will pray for his continued success where he’s right. I will also pray that he resists the elements that wish to use him for their evil ends. I’ll give him credit where I think its due.

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  5. Yes: The Red Sea Miracle really did happen. There are numerous photographs of the ruins of chariots.
    Donald Trump created, or unleashed, a movement bigger than himself, and hopefully, it will outlast him and defeat our “Pharoah.” In the meantime, he has to pursue the pedophile rings and the Clinton-Podesta gang into extinction! (How he does this with the curiously asleep Mr. Sessions is anyone’s guess!)
    Great Post.

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    • I’d say “asleep” and “complicit”. The REAL question is, why doesn’t he fire him?


    • Steven . . . . I would agree about the seemingly inept Mr Sessions. What really puzzles me is that in one of the missives from QAnon . . . . We are told not to dismiss Jeff Sessions. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it would seem to indicate that Sessions will turn out to surprise us. This seems to be quite a quandary. Much of what QAnon has posted has been rather accurate, but who knows . . . . .

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      • Ha, ha, I am laughing at at your the statement from QAnon that we should not dismiss Sessions Auntie. Every week at the farmers market the guy who sells us raw milk tells us the same thing; that is Sessions is going to come through, he’s just biding his time!!! I pray he is right. Call me cynical but, but I am not feeling it. I am afraid they have something on Sessions, he is afraid of the Clintons vindictiveness, or he is just one big weenie…… or maybe all of the above. It has become rather clear Rosenstein is pure filth and Sessions could at least fire him, but nothing, nada, zip from the smiling elf.

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        • He’s doing just what his bosses pay him to do. I know that Trump isn’t stupid. So, what does that leave? Is he afraid? Maybe. The Jews want him there (much more likely). It’s all a scam and he has no intention of doing anything about it? (best guess).

          You really have to push it to come up with any “logical” reason for not firing him. He’s just the most obvious one. There are several others.

          Obviously somebody isn’t serious about fixing this.


          • lophatt . . . . I certainly cannot really argue with your logic. In my mind I think the greatest impediment to Trump making any kind of changes is the “Mueller Investigation.” I wish that would be shut down, then we can see if any progress gets made on these other issues. I find this Mueller Investigation to be the biggest money wasting expedition ever endeavored.

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        • I like stories with happy endings!
          Have you read the Bible? I peeked at the end and I know how this comes out.

          As far as sessions goes. It’s anybody’s guess. He’s a cop. and sometime cops work cases for months or even a year or more. Really big crime rings may need a little more time and since this is probably global in nature we’ll need to have long tentacles.
          It’s no wonder they want Trump gone.

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          • YouKnowWho . . . . God Bless you, I agree with every word you wrote. I find it very interesting, with that recent Executive Order that Trump executed (the one where just about anything could be called a crime with the intention to harm us nationally–sorry I do not have the Exec Number). There must be some things going on, just look at the Rothschild family, in an article I just read yesterday, the Rothschild’s held a “fire sale” when they unloaded that hunting lodge called “The Black Forrest,” although it is not located in the Black Forrest. The hypothesis was that some of these crime syndicates are starting to feel the pinch from having their monies frozen, so they are having to come up with monies from somewhere. This hunting lodge had been in the family, I believe for well over 100 years. Why all of a sudden unload it for far less that it was supposedly worth. I believe, just as you have said, there are things going on in the background. When, these world wide syndicates who have tentacles going into the financial markets of many, many countries, and involving many, many various people – – – it has to be difficult to get all the ducks in a row in order to take these people down. I prefer to wait and see, and pray for the best.

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            • Yes Lulu, a lot of people (rightfully) are encouraged by that. It’s nice that he has another tool he can use. Now its time to go to work.

              Besides this, there are already PLENTY of laws they’ve violated. Their assets should already be seized and they should be enjoying the Cuban weather.

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            • either that or they are unloading assets so they can hide the proceeds in the event that Trump’s guns get trained on them.

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          • Well, Sessions is a lawyer and a twelve-year-old could wrap this up in a day. The fact that they are still walking around tells me all I need to know. Nothing is going to happen.

            The only way he’s going to regain any credibility on this with me is if I see a public announcement something like “It is my duty to inform you that today we arrested XXXX, XXXX, XXX, ad infinitum”. Then we need a speedy trial and a first class hanging.


        • Lana . . . . Bless you, I cannot fault you for being skeptical. It is very interesting that the Russian Airliner that went down within the last several days had among the passengers, two individuals that could have been potential witness against Clinton in the Uranium One case. It would seem that the more our law abiding agents try to but a strangle hold on the criminal element that has been running our government for some time now–then all of a sudden there are these mysterious deaths.

          I don’t know what the future will bring to you, or I, or the rest of our fellow Americans. I can only judge that our God pulled a rabbit out of a hat, seemingly, when Donald Trump was elected POTUS. I still pray that God will lead his righteous children who dwell on this part of His Earth, that the evil and criminally minded people will be caught up in snares so tight that they cannot turn any which way! In some ways, it is uncharacteristic of Trump to allow someone who is derelict of their duties to remain in a position. Although, I do not presume to know what the various pressures are that Trump has squeezing on him.

          My prayer is that Our Eternal Father will bless and sustain President Trump, and that he will be inspired in all that he does. I wish this same blessing to be upon all of the righteous people who hold office in our government–that they will be lead to ferreting out the various nefarious cabals that have beset our nation for so long. According to something I viewed last night, these cabals go back as far as John K Kennedy, and that was why he was assassinated. God Bless our country, and may he bless each of us that we will step up and be a righteous people, and be deserving of His omnipotent hand over the affairs of our land.

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      • Well Lulu, he isn’t “inept” at doing what he’s told. The real question is, why is he still there? Why is Rodstein there? Why is Wray there? For that matter, why is the FBI there. With sixteen-plus agencies, who needs them?

        Of all of the various taxpayer killing agencies the FBI is and has been the most political. They were that way on the first day J. Edgar Miniskirt set them up.

        The “Justice” Dept. is a total joke. Look at Obongo’s AG, he’s announced he’s running for President. That’s right, the SHES commando, Holder. They must all be pretty cocky if they aren’t hiding out somewhere. Most countries would have fitted them for a Goodyear necklace by now.

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  6. Traildust . . . . This is such a mighty story to remember. The Lord used the very same ploy to save the righteous, then tweaked it a bit and served the wicked a big dose of vengeance. It is extremely important that we always remember the strength and purpose of the Lord, and that He can save us even in the most troubling of circumstances.

    Excellent article! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share such a good lesson for us.

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  7. I really enjoyed Michael Rood’s film on the crossing of the Reed Sea (Red Sea is an incorrect translation). It included footage of the chariots etc encrusted with growth of something appearing like algae all over them.

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    • Did they not find a set that were Gold and thought to be the pharaohs. What I read of the find that they took one of them to the government of Egypt and they took it from them but did not return it. Not sure if were talking about the same one or the Gold one?


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