We all need this Sunday smile: Doggies napping!








14 responses to “We all need this Sunday smile: Doggies napping!

  1. Aaaaahhhh dorabl ……. 🤫 Z z z z z.

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  2. Just too cute. 🙂

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  3. I really needed this, TY.

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  4. The Blessed sleep of the innocent.

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  5. DCG . . . . Thank you for feeding our spirits. Those pictures were absolutely priceless!

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  6. Very cute indeed!
    Ever notice that dog breeds trend and fade off, like anything else? When I was a boy (mid-60s to mid-70s) “everyone” had a Doberman or a German shepherd. Then in the 80s, a number of people had Weimeramers—gentle stately slate-gray dogs. (There are very few of them left now).
    Nowadays, at least here in New York, we still have the sad-faced pugs, and Boston terriers have been trending. A greyhound can be found here and there. And sadly, there are very few Great Danes, very expensive and short-lived dogs which are gentle giants.
    I live in a room, so I can’t have a dog, given my unusual hours. I can’t even have a cat, because I have no place for the litter box. But I enjoy these posts and videos. Thanks for a few minutes of relief.

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  7. The puppy in the food bowl! My heart is melting….

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  8. may I please add this? the dogs of chernobyl https://www.gofundme.com/dogs-of-chernobyl

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