Illegal alien begins seven-year sentence for attempted poisoning at Florida restaurant

illegal padilla polk county sheriffs office photo

Illegal alien Padilla now receiving care via your tax dollars/Polk County Sheriff’s Office photo

As a result of his criminal actions, the illegal alien will now have “three hots and a cot” courtesy of us taxpayers. Ain’t America grand for illegals?

From Miami Herald: Pleading guilty to putting lye in sauce led to a seven-year prison sentence for a Florida restaurant worker — and possibly more punitive action at the federal level. Margarito Padilla began serving his sentence Monday, according to Florida Department of Corrections records.

On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Tampa office filed a detainer on the 54-year-old Guadalajara, Mexico, native, meaning ICE wants to know when Padilla finishes doing his time.

Padilla’s employment at a Hibachi Express in Lakeland ended last June, after franchise owner Zhong Jiang thought the Yum-Yum sauce refrigerated in a 55-gallon barrel didn’t look so yummy. He took a taste off a single-dipped finger.

“The victim’s mouth immediately began burning and he described the pain as a cutting of his tongue and mouth,” the arrest report read.

After asking the employees about the sauce and getting no explanation, Jiang announced he was calling police. Padilla asked Jiang to refrain from calling the cops, heightening Jiang’s suspicion, according to the report.

Via surveillance video review, Jiang saw Padilla kneeling next to where the restaurant kept the Plumbers Choice Lye industrial strength drain cleaner. He noticed a flat pocket when Padilla first kneeled and a bulging pocket when he rose. The pocket deflated to flat after Padilla swung by a sink briefly holding a container of Yum-Yum sauce.

When first interviewed by Lakeland police, Padilla denied anything before cops played the video. He then admitted he had contaminated the sauce because he was angry at Jiang over working conditions.

He said he used only a small amount despite being able to read the warning on the lye bottle, “DANGER POISON HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED CAUSES SEVERE BURNS.”

On the arrest report, though a Lakeland address is listed for Padilla, Lakeland police wrote, “The defendant is considered transient and has a documented history of providing false names/info to law enforcement.”


24 responses to “Illegal alien begins seven-year sentence for attempted poisoning at Florida restaurant

  1. A’right, don’t you wish he could get a taste of his own medicine? better not because WE would end up paying his medical bills and a pauper’s grave. Let ICE get their hands dirty with the slime.

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    • The owner ought to get a sentence too. It isn’t legal to hire illegal aliens. Besides, don’t they have “food handling licenses” or the equivalent in Florida?

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  2. A crappy Chinese boss, and a shitty illegal employee, literally, a toxic combination. Now, he’ll spend 7 years on holiday, and tax payers foot the bill. How about putting a freaking bullet through his ear, and being done with it! Same with all other murderers, drug dealers, rapists, gang-bangers, and so on and so forth, and shutting down the funding bleeding tap to all sanctuary cities, states, whatever, and making those who pass the laws that allow for this crap to continue accountable for the crimes committed by these thugs. That would change things for sure. At least would get these stupid politicians and brain dead liberals off their offices and leave space for those who want to put America and Americans and those who live in the USA legally first and in charge of things. Sick of it!

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  3. Good heavens, just think how many people he could have made deathly ill or even killed, just because he didn’t like his boss. Demon possessed for sure.

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    • Maryaha . . . . I agree with you 100%. The very fact that this demented individual would kill or maim untold numbers of people without even thinking twice. As far as I am concerned, he should have had the charge of “hate crime” added on. It is a cryin’ shame that some of these more depraved individuals just don’t disappear somewhere in that vast land of prisons. Never to be see or heard from again. The fact that the American people are saddled with feeding, housing, and medicating such a low-life person is truly beyond the pale.

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  4. The Yum-Yum sauce comes in a 55-gal barrel? A cousin of mine was married to a city restaurant inspector, and I can recall his telling a group at a party years ago about typical Chinese restaurant violations that were beyond belief. Raw chickens in racks covered with rat feces, roaches thick under every kitchen shelf, etc. He summed up by saying that if people knew what the conditions in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants were like, they’d never eat in one again.

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  5. Speaking of Illegal Aliens, I didn’t even know this was in the works. I guess they don’t even ask if you’re a citizen unless you tell them:

    Now who would favor this? Hmmmmm?

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    • lophatt . . . . This is what I call a real travesty! Any illegal caught voting should immediately be returned to their country of origin.

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      • Yeah, I agree. Read the whole thing, carefully. This is catching on all over. This is how they plan to “recapture” the country, by voter fraud.

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        • lophatt . . . . Yea I know, the Commies here in Oregon, lead by bi-sexual Governor Kate Brown–if you get a driver’s license . . . you are automatically signed up to vote. To those who do not know . . . in Oregon, your ballot is sent to you in the US Mail!!!!! Now, how safe is that? This is just pure absolute undiluted BS.

          When people do not care enough to take the steps to sign up to vote, it is a sure indication that they have very little knowledge about what is really going on, or what is being voted on. This is the biggest scam in our nation’s history.

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          • Yeah, that’s what the article I read said for Washington too. It is also in Oklahoma and about ten other states. This needs a legal challenge. If they do this they should be required to get proof of citizenship. A driver’s license can be issued to anybody.

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  6. Another DEMON taking orders from his Master, looking lost no matter how much he obeys….
    I don’t understand why, under common law, we just can’t take this bastard out back and hang him. But, as usual, there is no shortage of hemophiliac liberals who get their violins out….

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    • Steven . . . . You never fail to reassure me . . . you are the voice of reason! Although it may sound unkind, but one look at this guys face/eyes tells you he is not a choir boy!

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  7. I have no stomach for having to house these criminal asshats. It is my plan that we don’t keep them here. Once sentenced put them on a transport to their country of origin and send that country a bill for the projected cost of incarceration as a penalty. A) their not here and B) we don’t incur the expense.

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  8. Never ever buy any Chinese food. There are several things at the store you should avoid Everytime. Read the labels and see from where your food comes. Like Mushrooms, fish, shrimp, etc. A few years ago, the Health Department found boiled hot eggs marinating in liquid filled with dry wall. Hundreds of dogs around the country died because of food and snacks that came from China.
    My friends from Japan have told us several times never eat food from there, especially fresh produce, you can imagine the water they used.

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  9. I wonder what he does with the Secret Sauce for the Poo Poo platter?

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