BART hopes “I’m not a bathroom” courtesy poster will stop public defecation

bart etiquette

For over four years, the city of San Francisco has had a major problem with people relieving themselves in public. From Dr. Eowyn’s post in August 2015:

“[T[he odor of piss and shit…permeats…our neigborhoods…. I have experienced days, even weeks, in a row when I’ve had to pull my eager dog away from steaming pancakes of human shit, or I’ve had to step over a sad, sick turd-smeared man passed out among sculpture-like piles of his own doo-doo mere feet from my doorway. However San Francisco’s poop problem isn’t confined to the streets of the Mission. Other neighborhoods ­– particularly SOMA, Mid-Market, and the Tenderloin ­– have a similar human-excrement predicament. Let’s face it: if you live in the city, regardless of location or class affiliation, you’ve probably had your own encounter with the aftermath of a public number-two.”

The city has done nothing to solve the source of the problem, which includes homelessness.

Officials are now hoping a poster – A POSTER – will help solve the public defecation problem. Yeah right, that will do the trick.

From SF Gate: BART riders will soon start seeing colorful etiquette reminders on their commute as part of a campaign to prompt people to be courteous — most of which probably fall under the heading of, “Basic things people shouldn’t need reminders for.”

Partnering with California College of the Arts, BART officials asked students with the school’s TBD* Studio to design posters to help curb bad behavior on BART. Speaking with riders, consulting BART staff and observing behavior on trains, the team came up with a line of posters that address the daily commute issues facing those who ride the train daily.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said in a statement that they were looking for a campaign “that younger generations would relate to.”

“We asked the students to come up with something attention grabbing, engaging, honest and playful,” Trost said.

Among the etiquette lessons being passed on to riders:

  • The elevator is not a bathroom
  • Let pregnant women have a seat
  • Throw away your trash
  • Don’t tag trains with graffiti
  • Take off your backpack in crowded trains

“We tried to tackle the challenge of creating something that spoke to the rules without seeming overly authoritative and dry,” said student designer Anisha Sachar in a blog post on BART’s website.

The posters will be displayed throughout trains and stations starting this month. “I tell all my students that if your design gets even just one person to think or act differently, then the job was worth it,” CCA associate professor Eric Heiman wrote of the project.


44 responses to “BART hopes “I’m not a bathroom” courtesy poster will stop public defecation

  1. A map to be really proud of. I just saw on TV this week people are still paying outrageous amounts over of asking prices of houses to live there. And they have had a massive problem for several years now of people breaking into cars all over the city. San Fran is not the city it once was. I would never go back.

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  2. I wonder if the President would read this article , and then make the comment : ” San Francisco is a s…hole city ” ? Would they get upset ?

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  3. San Francisco is just manifesting a physical sympton of its mental condition.

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    • Comrade Obama . . . . Bravo! Your comment, “San Francisco is just manifesting a physical symptom of its mental condition” . . . . is so very right on! You could not pay me to visit SF.

      Nearly thirty years ago, a best friend, and her three children and I set off in a Vanagan to visit Disneyland and San Francisco. Many miles into our trek, once we crossed the Oregon boarder into California–some young guys in another vehicle pulled up next to our vehicle . . . . and mooned us! That was the last time I went to CA, and I don’t ever plan on going back. It has been on a downhill slide into being a “S*hit hole” ever since. (Just a note: I m not convinced that our President used that slur. I have a very hard time thinking that anyone with his business acumen would go into a high level meeting such as that was, and then suddenly slip and say something like that. I fully believe that this was made-up garbage by one of the insane lefties.)

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  4. Ohhh DONT Shit in an elevator. Why didn’t I think of that before? How many millions were wasted on this poster I wonder?

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  5. Well, the subject that will not ever wear off, ILLEGALS – they don’t have a clue what a bathroom is for, so when the need arises they “drop” off and move on.

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  6. The poster will make for excellent toilet paper. The city should print more.

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  7. Everything the Left touches turns to crap. Literally!

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    • Maryaha . . . . That is something you can bank on! What kind of loonies actually think that an “ad campaign, complete with posters” is going to stop the kind of vile, low class individuals who just poop wherever they want to? That any individual would honestly think that you can throw money into an ad campaign, and get a turnaround in this kind of behavior . . . must be one brick short of a load. Now if they put monies into stationing Porta-Potties here and there–perhaps they could influence “some of the transgressors” into using the Porta-Potties. In the back of my mind I feel that there are a high percentage of folks who are indulging in anti-social behavior–who deliberately want to flip-off the rest of society! They do this as a way of getting back at other people who would never dream of defiling themselves, or their landscape in this manner. I should think that putting them in a pillory for two weeks (minus any clothing covering their posteriors) and let them defecate to their heart’s content! All the while allowing the citizens to throw rotten garbage at them. Sometimes the old ways, are better than our new ways.

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  8. I’ve got one. How about, “Public defecators will be shot on sight”?

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  9. Along with the posters, BART is adding elevator attendants to discourage public defecation. Wonder how much that job pays?

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    • Ha, ha, there’s a job. Just rub their noses in it and zap ’em with a stun gun. Don’t you think it would be easier just to not let them off the planes?

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    • DCG . . . . After watching the articles you attached, it must be maddening for those who must ride BART in order to get to work, and be assailed by such crude and filthy circumstances. I had to laugh at the BART representative who said that “until the ridership is up. we will not be able to provide employees to clean up on the weekends.” Why in the world would anyone want to ride their system on the weekend, just so that they can encounter such third world conditions. I would say that the station attendant who made $270,000 last year needs to be investigated, and if even one instance of malfeasance if found kick him to the curb. In order for this mess to be cleaned up, it is up to the taxpayers to show their indignation over the abysmal conditions on BART, before anything will ever be done.

      I’m still not going to CA anytime during the remaining years of my life!

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    • $15.00/hour-More than I was EVER paid for a job.

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  10. Maybe they can swing by Walgreens and pick up their “undecideds”.

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  11. What better way to “atone” for our “White Privilege” than to turn the country into Africa.?

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  12. I visited San Francisco in 1982 and it was a wonderful and clean city. I have not had the opportunity to return, and I won’t return until this clears up.
    The entire State of California is in big trouble, and it looks to me like the lunatics are running the asylum. And this is the case of this once-wonderful City by the Bay. Talk show host Michael Savage complained about ‘Frisco’s Board of Supervisors on his program for years—and this was over ten years ago.
    Again, what we have been witnessing here is the institutionalization of mental illness—only the mentally ill are not in rubber rooms, they’re roaming the streets!
    Does San Francisco have to wait for these bums to die off? Can San Francisco find its “inner Guiliani” and clean up its act? Can the State of California rid itself of its CRETINOUS GOON of a Governor?

    I’m here in New York. I remember the Stinking Seventies, when the Subway became a toilet, where aggressive panhandlers and muggers roamed the streets, property values dropped, and all the rest. New York was THE PITS for over 20 years! And just when we thought it was as bad as it could get, along came the Marvelous Mr. Dinkins, New York’s own mentally retarded Mayor.
    The descent and the ascent happen in waves, it seems to me. People moved out of New York, until those unable to leave had had enough. New York was lucky enough to have a new sheriff in town with Rudy, and he could dish it out as well as he could take it. It looks to me like San Francisco has a long hard 20-year slog ahead: Until the people who cannot move out have had enough, nothing can change.
    In the meantime, know well that this really does present a foretaste of HELL: Eternal Damnation is nothing but a Kingdom of Filth!

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    • Yeah, San Francisco used to be one of my favorite cities because it was so clean. Not anymore. Seattle was the same but is showing signs of decay. Funny how one of the first things to go is hygiene.

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  13. I used to say of Frisco,”Nice place to visit,but I wouldn’t wanna live there.” but not anymore-I’m not even that fond of it being located in MY Country. HEY,Mexico-how about we give you San Francisco,outright? I’m voting for building the Border wall from the Eastern end of the US/Mexico Border to the West,to the end of the Colorado/California Border,where it would go North to the border of Nevada,up the Nevada/California Border to its junction with the US/Canada Border,then turn West to a point 50 miles off the coastline,thereby giving California,Oregon and Washington to Mexico. Or maybe we could SELL them to Mexico for enough to pay for the proper relocation of any residents who can affirm they’re NOT insane Liberals to any other State they’d like to move to. Sure-it’d no doubt be expensive,would cause much work and stress to those who choose not to become Mexicans and would require MUCH more Border Security,but wouldn’t it be worth it to end the West Coast Insanity?

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  14. Well, I road the BART from SF to Berkeley on a visit back in ’87, and it was fine then. But I suppose an entire generation has since grown up and taken over, or perhaps it’s the immigrants moving in and just doing what is considered normal in their homeland societies? Referring to recent posts here about immigrants literally taking dumps in public because that is what they did back in their native lands, where it was accepted as normal…

    I also rode the subways in Manhattan in the late ’80s – early ’90s, and also found nothing truly objectionable about them then, either… $7.50 for a round-trip train ride into The City from a station a mile’s walk from my home, are you kidding me? Best memories of my time there.

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  15. They dont teach much in kindergarten anymore

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  17. Laurel hope you don’t mind me reblogging this one and including as one of the tags, “humour”

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  18. My dogs are better housebroken than she is.

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  19. This actually makes me feel really sad.

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