Speed skater Shani Davis boycotts Winter Olympics opening ceremony after losing coin toss

shani davis tweet

From Daily Mail: Erin Hamlin has led Team USA out for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang after being named as flag carrier ahead of Shani Davis, who boycotted the ceremony.

Hamlin, a four-time Olympian and winner of a luge bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi games, beamed a broad smile as she led out the athletes competing at the games in South Korea to the accompaniment of ‘Gangnam Style’.

The 31-year-old was chosen in a tie-breaking coin toss with speedskater Shani Davis, one of just a few black athletes in Team USA, who says he should have been chosen to carry the Stars and Stripes.

Davis, 35, a five-time Olympian who has won two gold medals and two silver medals, lost after a vote among sports federations represented at the games ended in a draw.

A U.S. speed skating spokesman said Davis had not originally planned to march in the parade of nations later on Friday, but would have made an exception if he had been chosen as flag-bearer. ‘Shani won’t march in the parade. It was never part of his plans. He is fully focused on his first race and is concentrating on that,’ the spokesman said.

In an angry tweet, Davis, took a shot at Hamlin, the holder of a single bronze medal. ‘I am an American and when I won the 1000m in 2010 I became the first American to 2-peat in that event,’ Davis wrote on Twitter in the early hours of Thursday.

He then slammed Team USA for ‘dishonorably’ tossing a coin to decide who would have the honor of carrying the flag.

‘No problem. I can wait until 2022,’ he added before using the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth2018.’

The reaction has not gone down well with fans who dubbed Davis a ‘baby’, ‘spoiled’ and said his reaction was a case of ‘sour grapes.’

He tweeted again today (his tweets are now protected), in what appears to be another a thinly veiled jibe at Team USA who have already faced criticism over the lack of diversity in their 2018 Winter team.

‘It has been such an honor to have represented the greatest, most diverse country in the world at the last five Winter Games during the same month as #blackhistorymonth #goTeamUSA. Watch ‘Origins of Black History Month’.’

The US is not the most diverse country in the world. In fact it doesn’t even break the top 20, according to Pew Research.

The athlete’s mother Cherie Davis, a controversial figure renowned for her fierce, relentless defense of her son if she believes he is in any way under attack, claimed she wasn’t aware of the furor about the choice of flagbearer until yesterday.

Read the rest of the story here.


36 responses to “Speed skater Shani Davis boycotts Winter Olympics opening ceremony after losing coin toss

  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Shani Davis is throwing a temper tantrum more appropriate for a two-year-old and also playing the “race” card. “Boo hoo, boo hoo, I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue. You won’t give me what I want.”

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  2. The attitude demonstrated by this snowflake indicates he should be removed from the team. How can anyone with such an attitude be part of team that represents America?

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  3. Guess what? We don’t care! Set yourself on fire, buddy, that’ll draw more interest.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Typical. Not about equality, but more about entitlement. Personally…..just makes me more appreciative of my differences.

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  5. Oh my, this is the year of the women, right? and what happened to “ LADYS FIRST”? and where is the gentleman in him? he and his mother are champions, he for his efforts, she for a nurturing and a devoted single mother. His mother is a “lady” isn’t she? or does he only sees the genre side of women against men and the racial side black against white? Full grown men should not depend on their mothers for “protection” otherwise he is Always going to be that boy that was an olímpic speedskater.

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  6. Boycott any product who hires him as a pitchman. Team should bench him and let a deserving alternate compete in his place. It’s Team USA, not “Team Snowflake,

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    • Somebody should send him a copy of “Emily Post”. He has bad manners. Besides, what is this skill going to do for him. It won’t help him outrun a cheetah. There’s no snow or ice in Africa.

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  7. For cryin’ out loud . . . . this lamo Shani Davis is no different that the goofballs who “take a knee.” They just cannot go along and support our country in any way shape or form. To make such a bizarre dust-up over losing the coin toss . . . evidently he has not had a very good fetchin’ up! Let the cry baby, thumb sucking, tantrum throwing, blankie hugging, immature POS sit out the next Olympics . . . . WE DO NOT NEED THESE SELF SERVING TYPES REPRESENTING OUR NATION. They spot light out country in a most unfavorable way. They should be shown the door; no athlete who represents our nation should ever be allowed to throw around his/her personal weight in such a manner. Just look at his face, talk about an arrogant young man–I certainly do hope that there will be other’s who will best him in the events he enters . . . . even if they do not represent the USA.

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  8. I don’t know why he bothers to compete in any contest. By playing the race card, he is already a loser.

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  9. Let me ask a dumb question. How was he selected with feelings like that? He should already be back (or in North Korea) and his replacement can carry the flag.

    I read a while back that, had Hillary managed to steal the election, at the end of her term she would have given over sovereignty to the NWO. I don’t know about that, but its close.

    They want to drive a wedge and sweep up all the snowflakes. They think that by division and chaos they can eliminate anyone with a brain in a civil war.

    I think that we are making a serious mistake to allow this to continue.

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  10. Shani is a terrific talent who has ALWAYS played the race card whenever he doesn’t get his way. He’s from a very liberal Chicago suburb (Evanston) where there are numerous BLM signs littering the lawns of residents.

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  11. I readily admit that I have as much interest in the Olympics as I do sports in general. That is…..none! That said, I realize I’m in the minority for some unexplainable reason.

    I’m only being a little facetious when I ask why anybody could possibly care what any of these guys and gals who get paid to play games say? We could deport a lot of illegals for the money wasted on this.

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  12. I guess once a drama queen and media whore always a drama queen and media whore. Color does not trump everything else. The selection was done fair and square. Coin toss, big deal.
    Between him and the gay skater having his hissy fit and attacking our VP and the fact the Olympics saying they will allow men to compete with women because that is how they feel has turned me pretty much off the Olympics anyways. What ever happened to strict standards at the Olympics?

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    • Glenn47 . . . . Amen and Amen! It is ludicrous to have biological men compete against biological woman . . . and think that would be a fair assessment of their abilities! Some people really are not playing with a full deck when they come up with such stupid changes in the rules. ALL biological women should abstain from competing with ANY biological males in women’s sports.

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  13. Oh, the Olympics started? I had no idea.

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  14. so much for sportsmanship. Send him back home without competing and throw him off the team. We don’t need any lack of decorum, especially after the bozos in Rio f’ed up.

    And the Trump pic above is GREAT!!!

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  15. Does Shani want some cheese with that WHINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Another arrogant black athlete that will embarrass the USA at every point because he feels entitled. He needs to get over yourself and skate and WTF does #BlackHistoryMonth2018 have to do with his being at the Olympics? And maybe he can’t take responsibility for telling the team he wouldn’t participate in the opening ceremonies! Oh! Forgot about that. They took you at your word, respected your decision and now you are pissed. Nice!

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  17. bzerob . . . . When you wrote . . . “They took you at your word, respected your decision and now your are pissed.” That just about says it all. He truly thought that everyone was going to fall all over themselves to make things right for him. What a boorish baby!

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    • They should just pack up his stuff, move it over to the N. Korea camp, and wash their hands of him. We could make a “gift” of him. Save a dog, offer him up for stew.

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  18. Waa waa waa, I am black and I am an athlete, please give me whatever I want…or else.

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  19. Personally, I LOVE Black History Month. It reminds me, every February, of all the accomplishments Blacks made during the month of February. I just can’t get enough of the PBS documentaries on this stuff! #ContrivedHoliday

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  20. Let’s nominate him for the “Tanya Harding Olympic Sportsmanship Award”. Whadya say?

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