Address book in Anthony Weiner’s laptop includes Soros, Rothschild, journalists and professors

Somebody, likely a “white hat” in the FBI, leaked the address book in the laptop computer of Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger — former NY Democrat Congressman, convicted pedophile, and husband of Hillary’s closest aide Huma Abedin.

Anthony Weiner takes lewd pic of himself in the Congressional gym

The FBI had confiscated Weiner’s laptop in a raid in September 2016, while investigating Weiner’s sexting to an underage girl, for which he was convicted and sentenced to 21 months in Federal Medical Center, Ayer, Massachusetts.

Four days ago, on Feb. 6, Weiner’s address book of 639 names, addresses and phone numbers was uploaded to Sqawker.

Included in the list are:

  • George Soros.
  • Lynn de Rothschild, the CEO of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company she owns with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, a member of the very powerful Rothschild family.
  • Republican Party consultant Roger Stone, whom you won’t find in the three groups (see below) because he doesn’t fit into any group.

Note that both Soros and Rothschild are buddies of Hillary Clinton:

As you would expect, since Anthony Weiner is Jewish, there are innumerable Jewish names among the 639.

Know thy enemies: I’ve sorted Weiner’s 639 contacts into 3 groups. Many individuals have overlapping roles, as in the case of academics who go in and out of government, and former government officials becoming academics.

Note that Weiner alphabetized his address book by his contacts’ first name, instead of their last name.

(1) Media: journalists, FILM makers, publishers, Actors

  1. Adam Gopnick, The New Yorker.
  2. Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian.
  3. Alex Gibney, documentary film-maker and owner of Jigsaw Productions.
  4. Allison Silver, New York Times.
  5. Ann Pincus, Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit investigative journalism organization.
  6. Anthony Barnett, Open Democracy.
  7. Anthony Lewis, journalist (d. 2013).
  8. Ariana Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post.
  9. Arnaud de Borchgrave: This one is a shocker. Arnaud de Borchgrave is a neo-conservative journalist, former editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, and a founding member of NewsMax.
  10. Becky Gardner, The Guardian.
  11. Ben Gerson, Harvard Business Review.
  12. Benjamin Haas, Harvard Business Review.
  13. Bill Murray, Public Affairs TV.
  14. Bill Richardson, Public Affairs TV.
  15. Brad Whitford, West Wing actor.
  16. Brant Janeway, Penguin Group.
  17. Caroline Marks, The Daily Beast.
  18. Celestine Bohlen, Bloomberg.
  19. Christiane Amanpour, journalist.
  20. Christoper Dickey, Newsweek and Daily Beast.
  21. Chrstine Ockrent, Belgian journalist.
  22. Dan Rather, former CBS anchorman.
  23. Danielle Mattoon, New York Times.
  24. David Brock, Media Matters.
  25. David Carr, New York Times.
  26. David Rosenthal, Simon & Schuster publishing co.
  27. David Talbot,
  28. Desiree Adib, Air America Radio.
  29. Dotty Lynch, CBS News.
  30. Doug Page, Chicago Tribune.
  31. Ed Vulliamy, Observer.
  32. Edward Felsenthal, Daily Beast.
  33. Eleanor Randolph, New York Times.
  34. Elisabeth Sifton, HuffPo, former senior VP of Farrar Straus and Giroux publisher.
  35. Eric Bates, Rolling Stone.
  36. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post.
  37. Evan Smith, Texas Monthly.
  38. Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek.
  39. Frank Mankiewicz, National Public Radio.
  40. Frank Rich, New York Times.
  41. Garry Trudeau, political cartoonist.
  42. Garry Wills, journalist/author.
  43. Gary Kamiya,
  44. George Packer, The New Yorker.
  45. George Weidenfeld, Orion Books.
  46. Greta Van Sustren, Fox News.
  47. Hamilton Fish, The New Republic.
  48. Harry Thomason, Hollywood TV-film producer-director.
  49. Henry Louis Gates, PBS, Harvard U. professor.
  50. Isabel Hilton, journalist, Open Democracy.
  51. Jacob Weisberg, Slate.
  52. Jake Tapper, CNN.
  53. James Fallows, The Atlantic.
  54. James Harding, Financial Times and former BBC.
  55. James Pinkerton, Financial Times.
  56. Jane Mayer, New Yorker.
  57. Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone.
  58. Jeff Seroy, Farrar Straus and Giroux publisher.
  59. Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker.
  60. Jim Naughtie, BBC.
  61. Jon Lovett, Hollywood producer and screen writer.
  62. Jonathan Larsen, Air America Radio.
  63. Judy Blodgett, Discovery CEO.
  64. Julian Borger, The Guardian.
  65. Julie Sender, Balcony Films.
  66. Katrina Vanden Huevel, The Nation.
  67. Ken Slotnick, Florentine Films (makes documentaries for PBS).
  68. Kerry Lauerman, Salon.
  69. Lally Weymouth, Washington Post.
  70. Laura McClure, Salon.
  71. Lisa Chamberlain, Financial Times.
  72. Lucy Carrigan, Air America Radio.
  73. Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times.
  74. Martin Kettle, The Guardian.
  75. Mike Allen, Time magazine.
  76. Narda Zacchino, San Francisco Chronicle.
  77. Nick Goldberg, Los Angeles Times.
  78. Paul Glastris, Washington Monthly.
  79. Richard Cohen, Washington Post.
  80. Richard French, RNN TV.
  81. Rick Berke, New York Times.
  82. Robert Cohen, New York Times.
  83. Ryan Lizza, New Yorker.
  84. Scott Turow, novelist.
  85. Tom Baldwin, The Times.
  86. Tom Edsall, National Journal.
  87. Walter Pincus, Washington Post.

(2) Academics, intellectuals, and think tanks

  1. Andras Hamori, Carnegie Endowment.
  2. Andrew & Leslie Cockburn, Army War College.
  3. Arturo Valenzuela, rabbi, Duke University (and former assistant secretary of state for Western hemisphere affairs in the Obama administration).
  4. Bill Schneider,
  5. Caroline Heldman, Occidental College.
  6. Cass Sunstein, Harvard Law School, Obama’s administrator of White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.
  7. Charles Tiefer, U. of Baltimore.
  8. Charlie Kupchan, Council on Foreign Relations.
  9. Dan Freifeld, NYU.
  10. David Greenberg, Rutgers U.
  11. David Lesch, Trinity U.
  12. Derek Shearer, Occidental College.
  13. Douglas Brinkley, Rice U.
  14. EJ Dionne, Brookings Institute.
  15. Elaine Kamarck, Harvard U.
  16. Gayle Smith, American Academy in Berlin.
  17. James Galbraith, U. of Texas.
  18. Robert Riech, U.C. Berkeley, Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor.
  19. Gary Sick, Columbia U.
  20. Geoffrey Cowan, U. of Southern California.
  21. Jack Bass, College of Charleston.
  22. Janet Napolitano, president of U. of California, Obama’s secretary of Homeland Security.
  23. Jessica Stern, Harvard U.
  24. Jim Steinberg, U. of Texas.
  25. John Sifton, Human Rights Watch, One World Research.
  26. Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia U
  27. Juan Cole, U. of Michigan.
  28. Lari Martinez, Florida International U.
  29. Larry Diamond, Stanford U.
  30. Laura Tyson, U.C. Berkeley, chair of Bill Clinton’s White House Council of Economic Advise
  31. Martha Camp, Princeton U.
  32. Michael Janeway, Columbia U.
  33. Michael Sheehan, NYU.
  34. Michael Vachon, Soros Fund Management.
  35. Michael Waldman, NYU.
  36. Paul Krugman, Princeton U.
  37. Peter Beinart, City U. of New York.
  38. Peter Singer, Princeton U., the celebrated “moral philosopher” who says it’s okay to rape the mentally disabled, among others of his atrocious beliefs.
  39. Peter Steinfels, Fordham U.
  40. Philip Bobbitt, U. of Texas.
  41. Ralph Whitehead, U. of Massachusetts.
  42. Richard Parker, Harvard U.
  43. Robert Pape, U. of Chicago.
  44. Robert Scheer, U. of Southern California.
  45. Robert Jay Lifton, psychiatrist and notable author.
  46. Ron Steel, U. of Southern California.
  47. Sarah Chase, Harvard U.
  48. Sean Wilentz, Princeton U.
  49. Sheldon Hackney, U. of Pennsylvania.
  50. Stephen Holmes, New York U.
  51. Stephen Schlesinger
  52. Ted Widmer, Brown U.
  53. Timothy Garton Ash, Oxford U.
  54. Todd Gitlin, Columbia U.
  55. Tom Frank, U. of Chicago.

(3) Clinton and Democrat Party operatives

  1. Andrew Shapiro, Senator Hillary Clinton.
  2. Ben Jones, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
  3. Bruce Lindsey, Bill Clinton’s White House assistant, current chair of the Clinton Foundation.
  4. Bill Gates (unnamed assistant of).
  5. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, member of Ford Foundation board of trustees.
  6. Cheryl Mills, secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff.
  7. David McKean, secretary of state John Kerry’s assistant, former U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg (2016-2017).
  8. Deborah de Shong, Democratic National Committee (DNC).
  9. Denis McDonough, Obama’s White House chief of staff.
  10. Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s White House deputy assistant and counselor.
  11. Ed Miliband, leader of UK’s Labour Party.
  12. Ellen Chesler, Soros NY.
  13. Gara LaMarche, Democracy Alliance, former VP of Soros’ Open Society.
  14. Gary Hart, former US senator, McGovern’s VP running mate, Obama’s US special envoy for Northern Ireland.
  15. Harold Ickes, Bill Clinton’s White House deputy chief of staff.
  16. Henry Waxman, former Congressman.
  17. Hillary Clinton.
  18. Howard Wolfson, Democratic Party political strategist.
  19. Huma Abedin.
  20. James Carville.
  21. James Rubin, Bill Clinton’s assistant secretary of state.
  22. Jason Miner, DNC.
  23. John Podesta.
  24. John Rich, World Nuclear Association, founded in 2001 on the basis of the Uranium Institute.
  25. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, chair of American Bridge, non-profit that raises funds for Democrat Party.
  26. Lanny Davis, Bill Clinton’s White House special counsel.
  27. Laura Graham, COO of Clinton Foundation.
  28. Lynn de Rothschild.
  29. Marc Dunkelman, Clinton Foundation.
  30. Mickey Cantor, Bill Clinton’s secretary of commerce.
  31. Paul Begala, Bill Clinton’s adviser.
  32. Philippe Reines, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s senior adviser in Obama State Dept.
  33. Richard Blumenthal, US senator.
  34. Richard Holbrooke, Obama’s special envoy, Bill Clinton’s UN ambassador.
  35. Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary, current chair of Council on Foreign Relations.
  36. Sarah Hurwitz, speech writer for Michele Obama, Hillary Clinton and other prominent Demonrats.
  37. Soros.
  38. Stephanie Streett, Clinton Foundation.
  39. Steve McMahon, Democratic media consultant.
  40. Susan McCue, worked for Sen. Harry Reid.
  41. Tamera Luzzato, former chief of staff to Senator Hillary Clinton, now Pew Charitable Trust’s senior vice president of governmental relations.
  42. Terry McAuliffe, Gov. of Virginia.
  43. Tony Blinken, Obama’s deputy national security adviser who flicks his tongue like a snake.
  44. Wes Boyd,


50 responses to “Address book in Anthony Weiner’s laptop includes Soros, Rothschild, journalists and professors

  1. Great sorting job, Dr. E. Thank you.

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  2. They bathe in the same golden cesspit.

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    • Sorry, Alma, my comment above was meant to follow yours. I have an enormous head cold, congestion, & a sore throat which quivers in fear of each one of my world-class, body-convulsing sneezes. I’m surprised that was all I got wrong!

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      • Joseph . . . . Wow! I know what you mean . . . once in a while, I don’t know what I did, but my comment will wander well off course.

        I hope that you are getting to feel better as each day passes. I had that terrible flu earlier this year, and I was down in bed for six days. I hate to admit it, but I guess the flu can hit some of us (over the age of 50) much harder than it did when we were 20. God Bless you.

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  3. There’s news breaking Netanyahu is about to resign (RT, BBC, Israel News). An Israeli jet has been shot down over Syria, pilots are ok. I pray this situation doesn’t kick off more slaughter of civilians, and U.S. military.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Friends in low places – calls for Garth Brooks couldn’t describe it better.



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  5. Isn’t it just incredible that a one time member of Congress would be rollin’ with the world’s big boys! or were those name and numbers listed for the convenience of Huma, in her position as assistance/live in love slave to Killary?

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  6. Great work!

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  8. Thank You Dr Eowyn, Good Work!

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  11. Shocker, not. All the usual suspects and then some…

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  12. $10.00 says the Wiener sang like a bird!

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    • He and McStain can do duets.

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      • That would surely be a Top 20 hit!

        Do you think McStain is faking the brain tumor?


        • He’s so thick its hard to tell. That’s a tough one. I usually don’t believe a WORD that he says. He’s a proven liar.

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        • He probably had a small skin cancer removed, and did take some radiation for that. And no I don’t believe a thing the RINO POS says. Here’s a little incite into his pre-VN days———- John McCain
          Todays fun fact

          Okay, people…before John McCain dies and the ridiculous “tributes” to the man make me vomit, let’s remember what McCain’s real legacy is: His father was the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet prosecuting the war in Vietnam Nam.
          Because of this McCain got preferential treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible pilot.
          McCain crashed two navy Jets in his early career. Then while aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal, McCain got angry because he had to wait in line to take off on a bombing run.
          He shut off his engines, opened the cockpit, and in his haste to exit the aircraft to chew someone out about his having to ” wait”, he hit the button that released his live bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal.
          He took off running, as the bombs exploded, which set off a chain reaction of bombs from adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the Forrestal.
          While his fellow sailors were fighting the fire, McCain went to the pilot’s lounge below decks and watched the men fight the fire on closed circuit TV.
          Hours later, McCain took off with a New York Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to say that after seeing the effects of those bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to question the morality of dropping those bombs on the Viet Cong.
          McCain was the direct cause of 133 deaths on his own ship, and was never reprimanded. He was nowhere to be found as the Forrestal had to limp to the Philippines for months of repair work.
          McCain was married then. His wife was stricken with debilitating injuries in an automobile accident. And was hospitalized for more than 5 months. McCain was off gallivanting with anything in a skirt.
          Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain found his wife was disfigured by her injuries, which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and legs. In order to save her legs, doctors performed 23 surgeries on her, and had to remove significant portions of the bones in her legs, which left he shorter, and unable to walk, and in a wheelchair, she had to use a catheter.
          McCain was disinterested in his first wife’s predicament. She had to go through grueling physical therapy to learn to walk again.
          After McCain left the Navy, he was intent on a career in politics. He and His wife Carol had gotten to know Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and McCain was eager to jump into politics.
          But he decided he needed a more visually pleasing young woman by his side. He callously divorced Carol, the mother of his three children, and immediately jumped into the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18 years younger.
          Upon learning of this, the Reagans were shocked and angered by how he had treated Carol.
          While campaigning for congress, McCain used pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs. Reagan, but there was no hearty endorsement offered by the Reagans.
          McCain’s new young wife was also an heiress to an Arizona Brewing fortune.
          And let us not forget McCain was one of the Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings from countless Americans in the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980’s. McCain was in it up to his eyeballs.
          Yet McCain was well-connected in Washington, and parlayed his connections into a seat in the United States Senate.
          So before the tearful tributes to John McCain, be sure you remember the facts about this self-proclaimed Maverick. The facts do not agree with that portrait of a heroic patriot and great American.
          With due respect to his family, John McCain was never the great man so many portray him as.
          I do not wish the man any harm or ill-will. But neither should we allow this false narrative fairy-tale about this scoundrel of a man as he faces his eternal fate.
          By JJ McCartney

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          • artbycheryllynn . . . . God Bless you for bringing us this article by JJ McCartney. This is the R-E-A-L John McCain! When Trump said McCain was not a Hero, he was telling the honest to goodness truth! When an individual has lived his life and caused such carnage, how could he ever be expected to actually do what was good for the American people. The only person he really cares about is himself.

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          • Nice synopsis. An additional “highlight” (or low light) was his time as a prisoner of war. He spilled his guts and even did commercials for the NVK. His fellow prisoners wanted him prosecuted.

            He is a living example of the sort of slime that burrows into the Washington Cesspit.

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  13. Liberalism and Jews go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other. Weiner doesn’t have all these Jews names just because he’s a Jew. He has them because Jews run our MSM, banking, Wall Street, and government. It’s just more proof that the Illuminati is really the Jewminati.

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  14. I found an interesting video on an ex-cia guys take on the fbi

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  15. Very interesting indeed Dr. Eowyn, thanks for posting it, I’m sure many more of the individuals there are likely invovled in many other areas of interest as well, or in surprising things, I’ll have to check around a bit myself. Also if it is of any interest way back when one of Mr. Makow’s readers was poking around a much more open facebook, they linked to some very bizarre pages having to do with rothschilds etc. might be worth eyeballing that article too, one of the key “friends” that a lot of the creepy characters “liked” was one “illuminati angel” with a picture of a baphomet, if I recall right. Unfortunately facebook has since made it much more difficult for we “unapproved” people to research things, so I think the profile for that creepy thing has since locked down who can view it.

    Also one wonders presently, what might one find if one were to plug some of these names into say…’s stocks or executive profiles search?

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  16. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    Adressbuch in Anthony Weiners Laptop enthält Soros, Rothschild, Journalisten und Professoren

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  17. Great work, Dr. Eowyn.
    Herein, my two cents. Weiner is a disgrace, of course. I have heard Sean, of SGT Report, report the (as still uncorroborated?) allegation that the NYPD discovered a “sex tape” or video on Weiner’s laptop of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abadein fornicating with at least one minor. Some months ago, some people on the alt-right reported that the NYPD wanted to report this to the media, and that these detectives threatened to call a press conference to announce their discovery, whatever it was. (As I recall, this went back to September or October). Said press conference never materialized, and, as of now, this still has not been corroborated—or at least announced.
    So my question is this: We have heard that there are over 9,200 “sealed indictments” completed. And yet, no arrests made (or not made public, at this point, save for possibly one of the Podesta’s, as FOTM has reported). So who is in charge of the reporting of these facts to the public? You say there is “likely a white hat in the FBI” who leaked this list of 639 names. All Right, fine. But, if the Trump Administration, which has been pursuing these pedophile rings or syndicates, and has kept the information on a “short leash,” why would the “white hat” leak this list of names, WITHOUT informing the public of the other content of Weiner’s laptop?
    Why wouldn’t the “white hat” go for broke?

    At any rate, great work. Now we need to know Weiner’s and wife Huma’s place in the “hierarchy” of these associations. (Obviously, Madame Rothschild is at the apex of the pyramid, and Hillary the Monster ranks higher than Weiner or wife Huma!)

    What we really need to know is Weiner’s rank in the cesspool, wife Huma’s rank in the cesspool, what other content was on the laptop, who ordered whom to do what, and all the rest. What is troubling me is the leak: Names alone, so far, seem to have been leaked. But what about that “sex tape?” What about the Podesta’s. In other words, much may be going on behind the scenes we have not been informed of yet: So how do we estimate where the entire operation stands right now?
    I do imagine this seems to be the next stop on the Truth Train. Good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • “So how do we estimate where the entire operation stands right now?”

      We don’t, ’cause we don’t know. I can only imagine the huge, epic roilings beneath the surface — of plots and counter-plots, threats and negotiations, and hopefully the DOJ’s dogged, meticulously-planned and -executed pursuit of the monsters.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m afraid my cynical prediction is that they will continue to “investigate” until it dies. That’s SOP in The Cesspool. They will never indict Hillary and the demons. If I’m wrong I’ll gladly say my mea culpa.

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      • Love that MAD Magazine!
        God Knows if we will EVER get rid of the Truman Legacy of the CIA, NSA and the Korea Problem….

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dr Eowyn . . . . That was such a common sense reply to the dilemma of why aren’t we seein’ some action? I truly believe that because the list of bad actors is so vast, and wide spread–that they have to swoop down on all of them at one time in order that a few not be able to flee. In order to plan and execute such a huge network of captures, all at the same time–it cannot be done in a matter of weeks, or perhaps even months.

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    • They have internecine squabbles from time to time but they all work for the same boss. The rest is a side show. They are handsomely rewarded for following orders.

      Now, more than ever, they couldn’t care less what we think. They are confident that they have it all under control. Maybe they do.


  18. Yes, of course, but as one insider from the NASA-CIA told me in the late-Sixties, “What makes you think s/he’s innocent?”


  19. This is how the game is played. If things get a little too hot they “investigate”. From then on its “we can’t discuss it, it’s under investigation”. Over time, it dies. Simple.

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