Minnesota school district removes “To Kill a Mockingbird” to protect students’ dignity

to kill a mockingbird

If the n-word is so hurtful and oppressive then why do rap musicians continue to use it in their lyrics?

From Fox News: A Minnesota school district removed classic novels “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from its required reading lists due to the novels’ use of a racial slur.

Michael Cary, the director of curriculum and instruction for Duluth School District, announced the two books were removed due to the n-word being used throughout both novels.

“We felt that we could still teach the same standards and expectations through other novels that didn’t require students to feel humiliated or marginalized by the use of racial slurs,” Cary told the Duluth News Tribune.

The two books would be available in school libraries if students were interested in reading them on their own, FOX 21 Online reported.

Cary said the books were removed in order to be “considerate of all of its students.”

Stephan Witherspoon, the president of NAACP’s local chapter, said he welcomed the decision. He called the novels “hurtful” that “use hurtful language that has oppressed the people for over 200 years.

“It’s wrong. There are a lot more authors out there with better literature that can do the same thing that does not degrade our people. I’m glad that they’re making the decision and it’s long overdue, like 20 years overdue,” Witherspoon said. “Let’s move forward and work together to make school work for all of our kids, not just some, all of them.”

Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is listed at No. 21 on the American Library Association’s most “banned or challenged books list in the last decade.” The novel, published in 1960, followed the adventures of a girl and her brother and the racial inequality that existed in their small Alabama town.

Last year, administrators at the Biloxi School District in Mississippi removed the book from the curriculum.

“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” published in 1884 by Mark Twain, follows the adventures of a poor white boy and a slave. The novel also made the list of “most frequently challenged books” in 2015, The Washington Post reported. Both novels use the n-word throughout.

Cary said the school’s administrators and teachers were working on introducing new books to the curriculum. “The decision to protect the dignity of our students seemed like a reasonable and easy one to make that didn’t require teacher input. But in terms of making sure that we select excellent novels that serve the same purpose, that definitely needs teacher feedback and their help in making that decision,” Cary said.


43 responses to “Minnesota school district removes “To Kill a Mockingbird” to protect students’ dignity

  1. Protect their dignity? Well, there goes the gender unicorn then…

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    • On the “Emotionally Attracted To”-line,there should be “Self” as an option. Also,”Designed by Landyn Pan and Anna Moore”,are they male or female,or do they even KNOW?

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      • My, isn’t that “confidence inspiring”? I’ve always wanted to be a Gnu, how ’bout you?

        There seems to be a progression here. it goes from witless, to helpless, to useless. They want to live in a giant pity party. So much wasted skin.

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  2. These kinds of people will find something offensive in everything they encounter. They want to wipe out our history and culture and bring us down to par with the other s**thole countries of the world. When are people going to get tired enough of this nonsense to put a stop to it? What has happened to our people?

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  3. Yeah, I read about this yesterday. Just like the USSR, they have to wipe out history. Poppy Bush was big on this too. “The end of history” was the title of one of his speeches.

    Maybe the library can replace them with Kyle Onstott.

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  4. Ahh another snowflake is born. Wait till they get to the real world, what a nightmare that is going to be for them.

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    • Yeah, after they read “Mandingo” and learn about “High Yallers”. Harper Lee will seem pretty tame. Frankly, she wrote a great book.

      This is just another victory for the US version of “The Great Leap Forward”.

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      • More like the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. In fact, on China’s chat forums, they’re referring to what the Left are doing in America as a “cultural revolution” reminiscent of China’s.

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  5. To erase history is damning us to repeat it. If our society is so thin skinned they can’t read a book and understand the time in which it was written, and understand what was going on in history at that time. Then our school systems have failed us miserably and has been done to destroy this nation from with in.

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    • I agree. It all started with that silly nonsense about “The ‘N’ Word”. Imagine, adults censoring themselves over something as innocuous as that!

      I heard that when I was a kid all the time and often from people who didn’t have a prejudiced bone in their body. Anyway, I refuse to cooperate with people attempting to censor what I think or say.

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      • I’m with ya on that. As a matter of fact,I get even LESS PC when I know it REALLY bugs the people around me. Maybe they’ll catch a little dose of REALITY and realize how STUPID they sound to NORMAL America…

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      • There are four races, Black, white, red and yellow. Nothing wrong with the word negro or black, it is a distinction of the color and is not offending, just like Indian, mestizo, Brown, yellow. Nigger is a term used to refer to a person of ANY RACIAL OR ETHNIC ORIGIN, regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. I have never been offended by anyone saying I am a speak because I rise above ill intentions.

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    • Even in the recent past it is difficult to convey what “worked” to people who are unfamiliar with it without being misunderstood. My wife grew up in the UDC and when her grandmother was alive she used to regale us with stories, a lot of them related to “The War of Northern Aggression”.

      My mother and grandmother were both Southerners. Kids used to tease me growing up about my mother’s accent. She was brilliant. She was a music and dance teacher and a trained choreographer. We had a studio at our house and it was always abuzz with aspiring ballerinas and pianists.

      The South gets a very bad rap. It is a wonderful place. It is full of “characters” unlike you will meet anywhere else. The South accepts everyone, just the way they are as long as they are polite.

      This is the key to understanding how this “racial” thing works. There is a gentile society. I everyone recognizes that and abides by the rules, nothing needs to be said. Everyone gets along fine, black, white, it’s all good.

      If somebody gets liquored up and starts mouthing off, somebody stops it. Right now. Because of that, everybody knows this without saying anything. Only a fool would do something stupid and get themselves hurt. Unfortunately, God made fools too.

      Southerners knew they were living in a powder keg. There had been multiple riots and uprisings. Their survival depended on knowing how to manage this. They’ve done a marvelous job. Compared to the Eastern cities the South is much preferred.

      When we look at what we see today, all the interference and social engineering, it is a lot like what happened during the Civil Rights Movement. There is almost as much propaganda about that as there is about Nazis. Most of it is hogwash.

      I later found a version of the same thing in Nevada. The rule is “leave people alone and help out if asked”. You’ll be fine. That’s about all the law or outside “help” anybody needs.

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  6. Ray Bradbury’s dystopian Fahrenheit 451 is no longer fiction.

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  7. i think this is pure -sorry!-bs,omg theres so many ugly think in our society,movies,music,school,and nobody seems to care!! fake pb,no offence…some1 must still grow up

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  8. Rather than change the whole WORLD to protect kids from getting their feelers hurt,MAYBE they should allow them to experience the whole WORLD the way it IS,and let them grow a BACKBONE and learn not to take the word nigger so damned SERIOUSLY. The whole PC agenda is to eliminate all thought that isn’t exactly like all others’ thoughts,fill their heads with PC pudding,so all they’ll know is what they’re allowed by AUTHORITY to know. MUCH easier to rule that way. Imagine what the US would have been,right from the BEGINNING,with THIS agenda. Pretty likely ALL of us wouldn’t even EXIST,because THAT wouldn’t have passed the AUTHORITY’s muster.

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  9. There are only 2 genders: Male & Female. They are defined by biology and physiology. Everything else ranges from a toddler-like cry for attention to full blown mental disorder according to the DSM IV. Granted there are people with physical development issues or oddities, which make up an EXTREME minority in the population. (eg: the man with two penis shafts; the woman with two vaginas; the person with underdeveloped genitals…) Also, Stephan Witherspoon is a raging hypocrite when he isn’t leading the charge to ban ALL musicians from using the word Nigger in their ‘art’. It’s a double standard, and complete nonsense.

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  10. These are the kinds of books we need to show us just how far we have come. That is until the Obama era, which set us back 50 years. Did they also remove books with cracker, or whitey in them?
    I heard the N word a lot when I stayed in the South while growing up. People used it like they were talking about the Smiths or Johnsons down the street.
    It is a shame we are losing so much culture and history is being rewritten.

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  11. I think the fact that black Rappers get away with using the “N” word, but no one else can use it is total bunk! If the word should not be used . . . then it should not be used by ANYONE, regardless of their color. This whole thing is just another issue used to beat whitey over the head with.

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    • My objection is that I refuse to have anybody tell me what I can think or say, period. There is not safe way down that slippery slope. I rarely, if ever used it before, it makes me want to use it more since that “Great Horror” of it started.

      As many have said, they use it themselves all the time, which makes it even doubly worse to insist that Whitey doesn’t use it. The nerve!

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  12. C’mon, boys and girls, are we afraid to say negro? We are not offending anyone, it’s ok saying African-American, they used to be black Americans, the negro ancestry is from Africa, there are blacks or negros from Nigeria, Botswana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and more countries in the African continent, and so THE ASTUTE POLITICIANS, created the groups, Haitian-american -not African Americans, the Cuban-american, not the white Americans, spanish-american because,they are from Spain, polish-American, and it goes on an on, and THEY, THE ASTUTE POLITICIANS,divided to conquer the stinking votes that would enrich their pockets leaving the public fight it out amongst themselves. I hope my words make sence if not I apologize.

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  13. Oh, I forgot at one time it was color people, that didn’t work out either.

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    • Actually i don’t like that expression at all. We all have beautiful colors. I always feel kind of peeved when i hear, “women of color” as if others don’t have any color at all. Grr

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  14. It doesn’t sound like they have read or understand the books at all.

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  15. ” There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

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  16. Right now, Minnesota is way ahead of Mexifornia in educational outcome of their statewide student outcomes per annual tests. Gland to see that they are starting down the Mexifornia eductional “politically correct” pathway. Maybe one day soon, Mexifornia will surpass in achievement the sinking Minnesota on these issues? Bring it on! Can’t wait for another state to take over Mexifonia’s basement rating,
    And, BTW—-the word “niggardly” means….BEFORE the advent of RACIAL definitions……cheap, or, in a lower or “chintzy” way, to withold value, or to hold back the true value…..to not give your best……but, I would NEVER EVER use it in this modern culture in which I must live and work….and if I DID use this word, with NOTHING by actual fact or SOURCED definition, I would probably be FIRED by stupid, minimally educated supervisors/admin/parents for being “racist.” if I used that word. Pretty sure Minnesota will eventually stoll down this weird and misenformed pathway.

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    • “And, BTW—-the word “niggardly” means….BEFORE the advent of RACIAL definitions……cheap, or, in a lower or “chintzy” way, to withold value, or to hold back the true value…..to not give your best……but, I would NEVER EVER use it in this modern culture in which I must live and work….and if I DID use this word, with NOTHING by actual fact or SOURCED definition, I would probably be FIRED…”

      Yeah, that and nothing more only if you were lucky. Probably not if you were a white man. My biggest problem with the re-defining of the word is that they somehow think it gives them the right to physically attack “others” who use it around them, especially if said TO them, regardless of intent of malice. OMG, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. What would MLK say? Many worse things to worry about.

      Speaking of which, when the word was used in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, was it used in a derisive, derogatory, or racist manner? Or were the characters merely using it to denote a “person of color”?

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      • ” they somehow think it gives them the right to physically attack “others” who use it around them, especially if said TO them, regardless of intent of malice. ”
        If they physically attack others for merely saying the word to them,what do they do if somebody physically beats the word into them,one letter per punch?

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      • You reminded me of something that happened when I was with my grandmother once in San Diego. My Grandma was a Southerner. I went down town with her on the bus to get sewing supplies. As usual, it was an adventure. She was about 80 at the time. She lived to be 96.

        First, the bus was full. There was a black pimp, feather in the hat, white suit, gold tooth, the whole nine yards, sitting in a seat. My grandma walked right up to him and said “My, ain’t you somethin’ special?”. She stood there glaring at him until he got up and gave her his seat.

        Later, in the five and dime, a huge black woman with about six kids came up to her in line. My Grandma said “hello ma’am, that’s a fine lookin’ bunch of piccaninnies ya’ got there”.

        I thought it was all over. As luck would have it, the woman was also from the South and thanked her. She introduced each one and my grandma bought them all candy.

        That’s how things used to be, I miss them.

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  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    As stated then why is there no gag on the “creative” rap that freely uses that word, along with some other choice words, purportedly as an endearing verb/noun? And when a black “Reverend” uses it in a speech isn’t that the same problem? Apparently not. But if a white “cracker” were to use it all hell would be unleashed.

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  18. All this political correctness is sickening. This is one of the great all time novels. Everyone should read it. By the way, Blood Meridian is Cormac McCarthy’s greatest work. Forget The Road. Blood uses “nigger” about a million times. Snowflakes gonna ban this too? How about the demonic Judge character? Probably too evil for little Seth or little Megan. Might disturb them. Screw it all. This nonsense has to stop.

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  19. My heart goes out for Dr. Martin Luther King, no dream here but a perpetual NIGHTMARE.

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  20. Strange how these people don’t know the meaning/point of the story is anti-racist! I suspect the people who are complaining about the offensive language never read the book. LOL The entire story is defending the innocent black who was falsely accused of the rape of a white woman. The book is told from a very left leaning progressive perspective. What exactly are they “Offended” by?

    “Offended” is too subjective and seems to only apply to certain groups. Those of us who don’t want a satanic middle school teacher, who put up a six foot tall satanic pentagram saying “may the children hail satan”. Can we get offended and remove that? No, no, can’t do anything about that. But, golly, that word in a book is “offensive” and the problem we must fix in our schools (sarcastic). …. This is why I homeschool.

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  21. This is extremely disturbing because it rewrites history. Mark Twain and Harper Lee wrote dialog as they did to show how people really talked and thought. Students of today and the future will have a warped idea of history because they will think that people always thought and behaved as they do now.

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