Melania Trump had White House exorcised

The Left had a cow when, a year ago on February 18, 2017, Melania Trump recited The Lord’s Prayer at a rally of 9,000 people at Orlando-Melbourne Airport, Florida, on February 18, 2017.

The Left are sure to go into another meltdown when they learn that Melania Trump had the White House exorcised before moving in.

Paul Begley is the pastor of the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. In a CNSNews audio recording (below), Begley said:

“When the President [Trump] allowed 40 pastors to come into the White House and . . . lay their hands on him –seven times he’s done this– that’s unheard of, we have never. I mean the guy has got flaws, we all do. But at least he’s humble in recognizing that he needs God enough that he keeps bringing them in for prayer. I gotta say this: It might have started with the First Lady [Melania], I’d be honest with you.”

Evangelical leaders pray over President Trump, July 10, 2017

“The First Lady, in the five hours when the Obamas and the Trumps were down in the Capitol and Trump’s being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Melania Trump said to her husband, ‘I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.’

I mean because apparently, over the eight years that the Obamas were there and maybe even some of the presidents before him, there were all kinds of idol gods and images, and all kinds of artifacts in there that were demonic, even some of the stuff left over from the Clinton era ’cause they were really tied in with the Haitians. I can tell you if you read The Serpent and The Rainbow story, you’ll find out just how much Haitian witch-doctor influence was in Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s lives. They constantly went back there. They spent their honeymoon with a witch doctor! Who does that?”

Note: Begley is referring to Wade Davis’ book, The Serpent and The Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist’s Astonishing Journey into the Secret Societies of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis, and Magic. See also:

“But Melania said, ‘You gotta get all that out of there. And send in some preachers, priests (she wanted priests, anyone), go in there and cleanse the White House or I would not spend one night in there.’

And he [Donald Trump] did! During the five hours when they were changing carpets and drapes, there were people in there packing up every item. The only thing left was one cross on one wall. They cleansed the White House. They had people anointing it with oil, praying everywhere.

This was a major spiritual . . . you’ve got to take the seat of authority when you go into spiritual warfare, you start with the spiritual authority and then it goes from there out. And I think that might have been where the whole thing began — in a mighty way of exorcising the demons.”



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  1. Way to go, FLOTUS! Good to know!

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  2. VERY SMART WOMAN!!! I agree with her 1000%!!!

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  3. I would pay full ticket price to go see that movie about the 5 hours.

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  4. I have never been so impressed with a FLOTUS! Melania must know about the things of the spirit. She did exactly what I would have demanded. What a spiritual victory over evil!

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  5. They needed to remove the demons left there by the previous residents. They cannot be scrubbed off or disinfected.

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  6. Dam right I’d have done that and a little more, a voodoo priest and a shaman to kill the residue the dindus left behind, no wonder all the repairs were done at the WH. I am sure an exterminator and a cleaning crew were hired to kill the cockroaches and clean the chicken bones left in the presidential suite. Lotsa Lysol on hand!

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    • Voodoo priest and shaman are satanists. What is wrong with you?

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      • Take that back I was blinded by emotions!

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      • Shamans aren’t satanists. They heal w herbs, barks, and even energy. Nothing wrong w that.

        Satanists are ones who defile children in my book. Taking for themselves whatever they desire, for they live by satan’s moto; if it feels good, do it. And that my friends, is a problem which spans over all, from every considered, “religion,” and race of people known to man. Don’t be fall for their lies yourselves.

        To understand what a shaman is, check out the children’s book, the shaman’s apprentice by Lyn Cherry.

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        • Anyone who attempts to influence or alter God’s plan through any method other than prayer is practicing occultism. Essentially, it is a “prayer” to beings in the Spirit Realm rather than to God, the Author of Creation.

          The Church knows quite a bit about demonology as well as the angelic. Both of these are creatures of God. The Church does not deny that they can be induced to do people’s bidding for personal gain.

          Consider that demons have committed sins that they cannot atone for. They have had their chance. We humans die, therefore as long as we live we can atone. Once we’re dead its over.

          Those creatures in the Spirit Realm do not die, just like we did not die before “The Fall”. Almost always those who invoke spirits to do their bidding are attempting to supplant God. If God wanted what they are asking for He would have done it.

          In short, any form of divination or occultism is not of God. It is contrary to the teachings of The Church. You can study this all you like but what you will come away with is the certain knowledge that it is nothing to play with.

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          • What would you consider mysticism if the orthodox church then?


            • I don’t understand your question. I merely said that the Orthodox have the same body of knowledge available as do Catholics. I didn’t say anything about “mysticism”.

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              • God was around since the beginning, long before the church. So, how and who are you to judge how others utilize that energy to connect w God, as shamans, faith healers, pow-wow art healers, and Christian orthodox (via prayer, which again is energy) do? Denouncing their intent, as satanic is unfair, and closed minded.


                • Well, I’ll trust my Church. We can agree to disagree.

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                • I would just like to add a tad if I may to the conversation. My understanding of what Lophatt was saying is that The Orthodox Church is almost identical to Catholicism, so there was no criticism there at all of Orthodoxy.
                  In addition I would like to share with you from my personal experience. I was baptized Catholic when I married. I dropped away from the church for various reasons including personal experience with the whole abuse scenario. I have always loved Native American culture and it was a natural draw for me to explore all you mentioned above because I wanted to continue my quest to know God and have a relationship with him, and I did not know where else to go at the time. What I share is not judgement, but what I have learned. God is not just “energy” but a specific intelligent being who is the prime source of all life. We have access to the creator through communing directly with him. As I mentioned below, at least traditionally shamans were feared because they had power and access to spirits in the lower realms around the earth- they could be used for good or evil, and that is why one had better not get on the bad side of a shaman. The difference we are talking about here is dealing directly with the Source versus dealing with spiritual realms once or many times removed from Source. When you deal with spiritual entities removed from Source you potentially open yourself to negative or demonic spirits as well as any benevelant ones regardless of your intentions. When we pray to God, we are cocreating with God within his will. When you go to a shaman you can pray etc, but since it more than likely involves spirits to help fulfill your intentions,you are effectively doing magic which is a form of manipulation- it bypasses God and seeks to effect change outside of Gods will. That is the difference between the two. One is manipulation, the other is simply drawing upon Gods infinite love, grace, and abundance to manifest our prayers. The former is inferior because it forces results as opposed to accessing and drawing what is already there through God’s grace. The proof is that Shamanism can be used for evil. Pray for something evil with God and your prayer will not be answered.

                  I prayed to the Creator ( God) within a prayer circle (pipe ceremony) for healing. My intentions were good and pure, but because the native woman who conducted the Pipe ceremony was not in integrity there were evil spirits that were present in the circle, and as I only found out later through some not too pleasant experiences. The New Agey version of shamanism sold to whites is a glossed up and watered down version of exactly what I just explained. If you want to see what real shamanism leads to, find out what has happened on the Navajo reservations over the last 30 years. It is like a dark vortex of black magic where people are trying to have power over others, out maneuver and even kill each other. That is what happens outside of Gods will and Word.

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                  • That was beautifully said. I was raised Protestant, became disenchanted and “experimented” with many beliefs before being called to be Catholic.

                    You captured my meaning exactly. In Christianity God has revealed His personal interest in us. Unlike “native” religions we do not have to appeal to “lesser spirits”. We can petition a saint. In doing that we’re asking for the saint to “have a word with God on our behalf”.

                    I have known (and still know) some who have dabbled in places they wish now they hadn’t. I am blessed with a “sense” (I ascribe it to the Holy Spirit) that instantly makes me aware of evil. I know when to leave and when to petition for help.

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                    • Thank you. Yes, I too was raised Presbyterian, but was always attracted to Catholicism even as a child. I still have love of Catholicism itself but cannot deal with the corrupt hierarchy. Unfortunately after the bad taste left in my mouth by the abuse stuff, I made a bad detour in midlife, but am back on track after baptism in the Orthodox Church and in depth study of the Bible with an amazing teacher.

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                • My two cents here. Those who believe in the Bible say that in the New Testament that the Lord Jesus said that no one shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through Me (Christ). They believe that any other way such as incantations, spells, etc won’t work. I think part of it has to do with the Old Testament and the Witch of Endor.
                  I just go with what I believe and what happened to me growing up. My one relative who was very spiritual and was a Christian happened to go to a party. There was a psychic there and did a reading for her. Soon afterwards, she began to have ‘things’ bothering her. Our house became ‘haunted’ so to speak. It was pretty intense for her especially since she was frequently physically weak from health problems and these things would go after her when she was low in energy. This only happened because she had a single psychic do a reading for her.
                  She eventually got rid of these ‘spirits’ because she stopped being afraid of them, they feed off of fear.
                  I’ve read many religions and practices, for many years I read a lot about Buddhism and they do have many good teachings. I asked God to guide me to a Bible and He did. I also asked Him to show me which Church to belong to and He did that too.
                  Ultimately, we must choose for ourselves what to believe. I do believe in reincarnation, I believe that the Bible is absolutely true but not to be taken “literally” (I think the world wasn’t made in 7 days, more like the writer was trying to show how great God is). I believe that God is so hugely complex we can’t even begin to fathom the “Mind” of God as it were. I did read a lot of Edgar Cayce’s material (he was a devout Christian and never once denied the Deity of Christ or the Resurrection). One of my yardstick measurements is whether or not a religion denies the Resurrection. If they do, they are not of God and are spreading lies. The best way to have your prayers answered is to pray to Jesus Christ. That is why He came to earth, to save us from worshipping false idols.

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                  • You’ve certainly covered a lot of territory, theologically speaking. Let me try to answer. We believe in “The One God”. We believe that we have received God’s revelation in the Incarnation and thereafter in the teachings of the Apostles and their disciples.

                    If the “One God” tells us that Christ is the only way to Him, how can we argue? In addition, He has sent His Holy Spirit, the very Person of God, The Paraclete to help us. We don’t have to understand or pray perfectly, The Paraclete will intercede for us and God understands perfectly.

                    This is good news. God has told us that He is the Way and He should know. Why would anyone not want to believe God and His Holy Church?

                    God gave us free will. If we think we’re smarter than God or just stubborn, we can do that. We are doomed, but we can do that.

                    As to why God set it up that way, I have to guess. Obviously, God (being God) can make it so that none of us can refuse his love. But He didn’t do that. God wants those who love him to be one with Him forever.

                    It’s part of His plan. He’s told us the plan. He’s provide all the help we need to cooperate. The rest is up to us.

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                    • God gave us free will to choose. Ever notice that the evil out there doesn’t want us to be allowed to choose. From what my minister at church said, we are saved if we believe in God and Jesus, believe in the Resurrection, are baptized and do what Jesus said for us to do in the New Testament. Like they say, faith without works is dead. We cannot deny Christ or He will deny us as well. I notice all the fakes out there especially new agey types like Sylvia Browne, and that woman Jane Roberts and her demon (I mean ‘guide’ Seth) all deny Christ’s death on the cross. They have different VERSIONS (apparently even demons can’t get their lies straight) of what “happened”. It’s sort of funny. Some of these mediums that were channeling ‘spirits’ had the ‘spirits’ make them sick at first. There was one (I forget her name) that claimed she was channeling Princess Diana. No kidding. And, the demons…I mean “princess Di” almost killed this woman and then tried to blame her for it saying she wasn’t “pure enough” or some crapola.
                      I have to remind myself frequently the devil is the greatest deceiver of all.
                      Keep praying to the Lord Christ to help us. I try to pray every day and during the day too. God does answer prayers, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to answer them but Him. 🙂

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                    • It sounds like you have a good relationship with The Holy Spirit. That’s who you have to rely on for discernment. You’ll be fine.

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                    • “God (being God) can make it so that none of us can refuse his love.”

                      But then our love would mean nothing, nor would anything we do, because it was all programmed and involuntary. Only a love that’s freely given has meaning.

                      That is also why the latest battleground in science is whether we actually have free will. There’s also the science fiction, under the guise of a “scientific” query, that the reality as we know it is actually a gigantic computer simulation — which, of course, is unverifiable because actors in a computer simulation can’t go outside of the simulation to “verify” if it’s all a simulation. And if anyone claims to be able to verify it, the very “verification” may be part of the programmed simulation all along. All of which renders the “it’s all a gigantic computer simulation” ultimately a pointless exercise that’s more suited for the realm of fiction.

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                • If they are claiming God as the source of their healing/energy/faith etc., then that’s fine. If they’re claiming it comes from themselves, nature, mother earth, the universe, etc., then it’s blasphemy and ultimately satanic. It’s claiming they or something other than God is equal to God, which is the one unpardonable sin (to which satan can attest)…

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        • shamen are actually a sort of satanist, as I understand it, the occultic sort that don’t understand the mechanisms of what they do, nor the cosmos around them, some may mean well, but that doesn’t serve to purify their actions, so to speak. Attempting to impose one’s will on “the physical world is the very core of sorcery, this goes for attempting to manipulate “energy”, attempting to control spirits without proper authority (you can’t manipulate a spirit with sage smoke, or salt, these are physical mediums and aren’t like to have any effect on spiritual beings, God’s authority is the only way by which spirits can be properly dealt with, anything else is courting foolishness.) trying to use herbs etc. for “magical” purposes, thinking entering into a trance will grant power or change… etc. What they do is more dangerous to themselves, and others, than to any spirit.

          People don’t know that shamanism, witchcraft, occultism etc. are all part and parcel of sorcery in general, which includes entering trance states, taking poisons/drugs to enter trances, “meditation”/trance states for “communication with the spirit world” and/or hallucinate, attempt to control chi/ki/qi/prana/”life force energy” etc. All of it is what mankind got into when mankind became corrupted, and its all meant to be a replacement for God and communicating with Him. Do the research and you’ll see a pattern emerge that has ancient peoples going from belief in a Creator, to superstition, to ancestor deification & veneration, to animism, branching off into atheistic (like buddhism), and theistic (like most well known pagan systems with pantheons), forks, while ignoring the original Creator, a perfect example of this is the Himba tribe of namibia that began to ignore their creator, murkulu, because he was “aloof and distant” (never suspecting they themselves were the ones having the issue with communication, apparently.) they subsequently took to ancestor worship, shamanism, and supserition in an attempt to replace what they felt they had lost, and have been stuck making a mockery of themselves ever since. (a neighboring tribe of theirs has gone as wacky as to think their front teeth are evil, and must be knocked out with a wood block, then throwninto the wilderness, now do you suppose a devil looking for laughs might’ve told one of their poobahs to do that in a trance, or dream-vision?) These same circumstances have happened in many many cultures around the world and seems to be the reason why so many of their systems have similarities. (the freemasonic cult would try to convince a person otherwise, however, usually claiming they’re all based on one true system, which is absolute malarkey.)

          This is why its best not to get involved in superstitious practices etc., regardless of the motivation, helping people is good, but the intention isn’t a protection, so to speak. To add, no I don’t think “orthodox” or other groups with rites & rituals have it right either, especially wherein the term “mysticism” gets mixed in, after all, the occult comes in many “flavors” some of them “christian” (some groups in present day are doing this, like bethel church in redding adopting the christalignment cult’s use of christianized tarot cards, with the excuse that its a ministry to the new ager folk.) this is where the rosicrucian & gnostic cults came from.

          No need to trust what I say, do the research yourself as well if you like.

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          • Indeed. Shamanism is part of the occult. Exorcists have warned, time and again, that engaging in the occult opens the door to the demonic — to demonic possession.

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            • Read “Psychedelic Shamanism”, the writer (who I don’t think realized it) had a demonic possession in the winter time. He also didn’t believe in God or Jesus at the time of the writing.
              They are lost souls who need prayers for themselves.

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          • As Christians we believe the concept of “One God”. We further believe that everything either promotes God’s plan or not. On the “not” side is “Satan”. In come contexts “Satan” has been called “Lucifer” although there is a rather long, complex theological argument that goes with that.

            Suffice it to say that this goes back to “The Fall” and man’s choice to “be like God” as opposed to “obeying God”. In most shamanistic systems the world is made up of many spirits that are assigned oversight for the world’s material things.

            Those systems promote appealing directly to a particular spirit or spirits depending on need. Most recognize an “overall god”, but would not think to appeal directly to him/her as they are too removed to do so.

            As Christians we know that there is a Spirit Realm. It is inhabited by angels and demons (actually there is a hierarchy). God controls this, as He does everything else. When we fail to ask God and “do an end run” around Him to get what we want, we can deny God the temporary ability to stop a spirit from acting.

            This is a VERY simplistic explanation and one should know that there is MUCH more to this. There are different “natures” with different spirits. Some are neutral, some have assignments, most have no volition of their own but will respond to requests.

            It is enough to know that it is to complex, dangerous, and unnecessary for anyone to attempt to run the Universe on their own. Beyond that, it is a sin.

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          • We are all going to agree to disagree. Nonetheless, Godbless you all. Peace

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        • Shamans are part of the beautiful side of evil. I used to be a part of Edgar Cayce-ism, he claimed to have read the bible through once for every year of his life, yet he didnlt understand the most basic of Christian doctirnes, he , or his demon, his “higher self” redefined what atonement was (At One Ment), and denied the power of the Blood of Christ. He redefined a lot of meanings to agree with the New Age (or old age occultism). Very subtle and very deceptive. If you don’t any better, it is easy to be duped.
          After I got saved I needed to know more and got reading some William Schnoebelen and he showed how the gentler side of evil can draw a person into the darker side. Cayce was all about healing and reincarnation. He seemed like a very sweet and kind man. But he was duped too, I feel very sorry for him where he is now.

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          • That’s nicely put. I am a great believer in orthodoxy. I had my bouts with going my own way too. Once I began trying to learn as much about the Church as I could I was flabbergasted. The shear amount of study, prayer and scholarship is amazing.

            In reading the Church Fathers one can see the Spirit speaking through them. That’s why when people begin to fall for half-baked, unorthodox Christianity they are severely cheating themselves.

            It is all part of a whole, not a “Chinese menu”. People are forever dredging up Gnostic works and waving them in our face as if we’ve never seen them before and they’ve just “discovered” the “real” Christianity, etc. Nonsense.

            One cannot chase what pleases one and ignore something else they find unpleasant. This is not “fast food”. It is a lifelong commitment. It is a joy.

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          • I’m curious- where did Edgar Cayce deny the Blood of Christ? Which book or articles? Please let me know. I’ve read a lot of his books.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for that update. I had never put that together, I just thought they followed some made up concoction of a religion.

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    • I wouldn’t have been surprise if, during the exorcism a little dark fella wearing a vest and top hat didn’t come running out from under the desk in the Oval Office looking for his mojo bag.

      She’s brilliant. The Orthodox are smart. I would have had the place flooded with Holy Water.

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    • Dr. E, Brian H, Thank You for your kindness.

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  7. Symbolism is real and was for a purpose, thinking that you can just ignore them and it don’t mean anything. Try again they do mean what they stand for and she was spot on with this.

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    • Creatures of the Spirit Realm are very real. Because they are of that realm they have no real bodies, just like angels, but they can take different forms. Sometimes those forms depend on who they are manifesting to and their personal fears.

      I joke about them too, but they are very dangerous if dealt with ignorantly. A Christian has no reason to fear them if they approach them properly. We have all the help we need. We do have to ask for it, however.

      The issue really isn’t about whether or not Obongo is evil (he is), but what sort of little assistants he’s managed to accumulate with his aberrant lifestyle. Just as sorcerers and witches have “familiars”, so too do modern practitioners of the dark side.

      I think that people like Obongo are too lazy to make a real pursuit of their wickedness. Theirs is just born of greed and laziness. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Whitehouse was infested with demonic entities when they left.

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      • lophatt . . . . I love your last paragraph . . . I do believe that “Obongo {is} too lazy to make a real pursuit of {his} wickedness. Just think of all the people in this country who have been affected by the evil emanating from this man? He has done such harm to this country, and he still is trying to run the country from the sidelines.

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        • Yep. And look how effortlessly he’s done it! He gets help without even asking. Everywhere he goes, lies and chaos follow. In that sense he is like a Biblical character. He’s a walking cautionary tale.

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  8. Melania Trump is such a great gift from God. Thank you, Lord, for putting President Trump in the White House.

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  9. Melania Trump has more knowledge/wisdom/discernment about spiritual warfare than many Christian pastors that I have met. The United States is so blessed to have the Trump family in the White House.

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  10. I reblogged this on my High Plains Drifter blog.

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  11. She told Trump to get the White House exorcised because she didn’t think he would have actually get it done……


  12. LOL – I bet THAT took some work.

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  13. Long overdue. I think she must have had a very good idea of what went on in that house. And all those crazy Wednesday night parties, goodness knows what all went on then. I read an article several months ago about some plumbing put in and taken out when Obama left. It said something about a foot bath.
    Remember, it was the Obamas that closed the White House, the people’s house, to the public. Why was that needed? What were they hiding? Or was it a poke in the eye to the American people?
    Anyway, it is refreshing to have a true legal immigrant that loves the country in our White House. She is doing us proud.

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  14. Thank you Lord Jesus! This is an answer to prayer I didn’t know was already done.

    If only I could forget that a Hoof of the Dragon is built into the very streets… that evil, Masonic city will never truly be free of demonic symbolism until it is demolished to below its foundations and rebuilt. The Eternal Kingdom has not yet come. So we must never forget that, while this nation is surely our responsibility, its master is not the Holy Trinity. This world still falls under the enemy’s jurisdiction.

    All the better that Trump and Melania saw fit to seek the Holy Spirit to purify that place. I fully believe evil things were done there through MANY presidents. There’s really no telling, either, what rooms or special accommodations are used to utterly hide all evidence. And let’s be honest, here, about the possibility of, say… a means of disposing of bodies. If the Nazis could run secret murder facilities for the mentally and physically retardant and get away with it (were they that secret though? I recall a documentary hazily that claimed one at least was kept under wraps for a while), so can a POTUS.

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  15. Anyone who thought the WH didn’t have a lot of bad juju after the last two or three decades, is kidding themselves.

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  16. Hope they had it fumigated too!

    I’d bet there were bugs and drug residue and who knows what all over the WH.

    If the press goes nuts, release some pictures of how it was left by the Obamas.

    Ot would not also surprise me if the kenyan brought in voodoo doctors or something as soon as they found out Hillary lost.

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  17. What can I say, but that I am impressed with Melania even more now. Way to go smart lady. The Donald is lucky to have her, and it is too bad but probably true about the floosy porno queen that he cavorted with after he was married to her.

    Twenty years ago I would have defended Shamans too, but I know better now. Yes, they were the historical folk healers of many and various tribal cultures before Christianity, and as such were charged with the health, healing and protection of their people through prophesy. But they were also feared, as they could harness the same energies they used for good for bad things too. You did not want to get on the bad side of a Shaman. This is just like the wiccans who claim they only do White magic.

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    • For what its worth, I’m not attacking shamans. I’m merely explaining the theology of demonology.

      Other religions have similar understandings of things normally not seen but obviously capable of doing things.

      For a Christian it is against Church teaching to do divination or scrying. That includes “VooDoo” or any other form or practice designed to petition the Spirit Realm.

      The Church obviously acknowledges the existence of these beings in the fact that there is a body of information on exorcism.

      We do not need people who attempt to make themselves into intermediaries with the Spirit Realm. We can always petition God directly through prayer. If God agrees to our request it will happen.

      There are rules to these things. We know what they are even if we can’t always make sense of them. If we have to there are experts for these things.

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      • Didn’t think you were attacking shamans, just telling the truth as you know it, which I agree with.

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        • I know. I tend to sound abrasive when I’m not. If I go on a bit too long its because I don’t want to be misunderstood.

          There is a very real attraction in divination of any kind. Basically, somebody wants something, a possession, a power over others, etc., and it can work.

          What some fail to understand is that by being Christian, we are to learn what our faith teaches us about this and other things. They don’t say “it doesn’t work”. They say “We don’t want you fooling with it”.

          Some things are matters of faith. Even if I don’t totally understand it, I take it on faith that smarter, more holy men than I have studied this and have blessed me with their findings. If I can’t make a particular teaching my own I have a duty to try.

          So we live in an age where we see these TV shows with people trying to contact demonic spirits, etc.. Even if they have the best possible intentions, that is not a wise thing to do.

          A person can learn to do this as safely as possible but you won’t find someone professionally trained to do this who will do it just because they can. If they are helping someone because they are oppressed they are at least doing it for a valid reason.

          If they are doing it because they think it would be fun to do and give them power over Sally or Joe, that’s not a valid reason. Even with the reason it would be wise to discuss this with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

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          • I never touched an Ouija board and never will. The ‘inventor’ of it got “pushed” to his death from the top of the factory he had built to make those things.
            “The Demon of Brownsville Road” is a creepy true story about a possessed house and how they were able to clean it and rescue the souls trapped there, supposedly.

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            • When I was in high school a friend of mine asked me to meet a couple of girls he knew. We went to one of their houses and met them. They were both very pretty but strange. The one I fancied was named Sarah. She had long black hair and green eyes.

              It was a warm night so we sat on the lawn and talked. I noticed that the two girls would look at each other, nod, make faces, laugh, etc., as if they were talking but they didn’t say anything. Later one of them told me that they could read each other’s minds.

              I didn’t really believe that until I found myself thinking “they must put bars on her bedroom window”. Sarah looked at me, smiled and said “no, there aren’t any bars on my window”.

              The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Sarah invited me to visit her at home the next day. She lived alone with her father who was at work. We talked for a while and she told me she and her friend practiced witchcraft.

              At one point I was thirsty and Sarah smiled at me, went to the fridge and brought me a beer. I said, how did you know I wanted one. She repeated to me EXACTLY what I had thought. It was very clear that she really did read minds.

              I never saw her again. My inner alarm was blazing and I didn’t want to be involved with her even though I found her very attractive. A couple of years later I found out that Sarah and her friend had killed themselves in a suicide pact.

              This stuff, even when done innocently and by children, can lead to serious consequences.

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            • Fascinating, chem. I had never looked into the history of the ouija board.

              This article says it was William Fuld — who was not one of the team of 3 inventors but who took over the Kennard Novelty Company that made the boards — who “died in 1927 after a freak fall from the roof of his new factory—a factory he said the Ouija board told him to build.)”


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        • of course shamans are demonised – they worship false gods – they do not know better til someone takes the good news of Messiah to them – that’s why I’ve always cheered on those like Reinhard Bonnke who has won millions in Africa to Messiah by exercising the Holy Spirit power to raise the dead,, heal the sick, and drive out all the demons

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  18. An absolutely brilliant, courageous and angelic act on the part of the First Lady. She should have the White House blessed annually as long as she is in residence in order to keep the occupants safe from evil.

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  19. I think Melania should have a professional exorcist on call for all the years she and Donald are in the White House….”Once is Not Enough”……and, I also think that President Trump should cuss at the Democrats all the time…just like Democrat LBJ cussed all through his service in Washington, D.C., sometimes sitting on the crapper/john while inviting the press corp in to hear him/watch him crap. Trump should cuss at them not just when he has a “bipartisan” meeting about immigration about the “shithole” countries from whence they hail—but everytime Dems stand up and whine about/give preference to illegal aliens in our midst while their citizen VOTING contituants COUNT FOR NOTHING. Pelosi, for one, deserves an unending stream of “shithole” dumped upon her lame/crazy reasonings/logic/public pronouncements……she also needs to have an expert neurologist examine her in the public interest…..

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    • once is enough – Yeshua never had to keep kicking demons out of the people He’d delivered, the apostles didn’t. and those who deal in deliverance today don’t either- I used to be on Facebook briefly years ago, and when I was talking to Russ Dizdar, one whose ministry is called shatter the darkness, because he ministers deliverance and healing to victims of SRA and MK Ultra type practices, I mentioned to Russ that I’d brought up his name to a powerful witch and got the retort, “We KNOW who he is”.

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  20. Fuma-gate

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  22. Next…Trump Tower

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  23. I have to say I have reservations about this subject being legitimate, since it seems an unknown demographic was aiming to secure the “christian” vote for trump by building a personality cult around him from the early days of the campaign (remember the supposed “prophecy” of gas being only 1 dollar, that subsequently failed?) and have since been trying to almost imply he has been divinely ordained… something which sets off alarm bells for me. I note also trump fails to act on major spiritual pollutant removal, notice how the military still pays for transgenderism surgery, obama’s repeal of the ban on sodomony in the UCMJ still stands, allowing transgenders in the military still stands, as does pushing that garbage in school’s “sex ed” classes, as does every special protection for the homosexualist cult rampaging across society now… where is the action against these things, which I’d contend are of greater importance than putting up a wall to keep mexican illegals out? (or is it to keep fleeing americans in as the U.S. becomes more and more bolshevik, has anyone considered that potentiality?)

    By the way Dr. Eowyn, unrelatedly, but of importance, I think you should know that something in your site is calling back to halliburton company (like cheney’s outfit, I think) with IP addresses in the,, and ranges, going through the SSL port of 443, it might be the domain,,, or, not quite sure which. (although I greatly suspect pubmine.) just FYI.


    • “you should know that something in your site is calling back to halliburton company (like cheney’s outfit”

      (1) What does it mean? I don’t even begin to understand what you wrote, or its implications.
      (2) How do you know that?
      (3) And just what do you expect me to do about it? FOTM’s server is WordPress, over which I have zero control.


      • “ET phone home”. Talk about “stream of consciousness”. Perhaps its the “Blockchain” mining garbage that everyone uses these days.

        Not to answer for Dr. Eowyn, but what are you trying to say?

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      • Ah well this is a case of wordpress jamming in things that really shouldn’t be there I’d guess, best way to deal with it for those who don’t want a halliburton IP touching their computer is to add (it seemed to be the most likely one, although fastly isn’t exactly great either) to any/all blocklists, ad-blockers, firewalls or the Hosts file, or the IP address “ranges” I posted, both should work, or folks could get peerblock as well if they want to go through less trouble, I don’t know wordpress’s ins & outs, so I don’t know of anything to do on your end about it, unfortunately. The domains I listed above tend to be concerned with advertising & tracking of users, I understand ads are present here for some degree of revenue, but theres other domains wordpress uses for that, so blocking the pubmine site shouldn’t have much impact, should folks want to block it.

        As for how I know this, the IPs were part of a recent list update for peerblock, a firewall-type program used to keep out spies & other nasties, it cropped up in the list of blocked IP addresses when loading this website, without any others being loaded. What it means is for some reason or another, one of the ad or tracking domains wordpress has in it’s roster of sites used to serve ads/track users seems to be hosted, or owned, by halliburton, given halliburton’s previous reputation, I figured this was something important to mention in case they were keeping an eye on this site’s traffic or users, given halliburton is a terribly scuzzy company. (some IPs from amazon also pop up in here as well, just FYI, but they’ve been inserting themselves into the internet like a virus for the past few years now, being responsible for a lot of hosting, so that’s more expected to see in in sites than say, halliburton.)

        Bear in mind I’m no tech expert, ‘course. I just hope this is helpful. Should you or anyone else want to know more about Hosts files, peerblock, firewalls etc. I can toss a mail your way with more in-depth info (as far as I understand things anyway) without cluttering the comments area.

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  24. I am pleasantly surprised by this story, and I am also very concerned.

    First: Whenever I tell anyone I am a Roman Catholic, I always qualify that by admitting that I know I am a “poor excuse” or a “bad example” or “inadequate” as a Roman Catholic. I do this for two reasons: I know it is the truth, and, I don’t want my listener to think I am pontificating, bloviating or acting superior in any way.

    Now onto the subject at hand: THANK GOD that He, Almighty God, has Given America a second chance. THANK GOD that that practicing Wiccan, Hillary Clinton, lost the election! THANK GOD that Donald Trump won the Election FAIR & SQUARE.
    And Thank God that we have a First Lady who not only is Class Personified, but was actually really and genuinely concerned that this was a very real issue and actually DID something about it!

    In electing Donald Trump President, we did not elect a preacher or a pastor; We elected a Chief Executive, and we elected a Chief Executive with a VISION: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Is the man perfect? Of Course Not. Am I perfect? Don’t be silly!
    This being said, as a Catholic, I was reared to believe that only a Catholic priest, trained in the practice of exorcism, could be truly and duly authorized to carry out this Rite. And that is so for this reason: The Devil LOVES a challenge! SERIOUSLY: He really does. Nothing would pique his curiosity than an exorcist with no adequate knowledge of what he is doing—for then he would move in to fill up that vacuum. And he would do so with piquant delight.
    In the words of Richard Nixon, he would “stick the knife in, and twist it, with relish.”
    Exorcism is REAL, and REALLY SERIOUS business. So as a Catholic, I would normally be loathe to admit this Rite to ANYONE not a Catholic priest, trained and authorized to perform the Rite.

    This being said, I understand Mrs. Trump’s concern: It does not take Roman Catholicism to recognize demonic activity, or to hate it with a Holy and Perfect Hatred. I have listened to enough good Protestant pastors who, non-Catholic that they were, were sincere and adequately educated on the points of the Authority and Power of Our Lord, Jesus: The New Testament states that a Christian has the Authority to “cast out demons.”
    So my reaction to this story is: Melania Trump, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.

    Make No Mistake: This is a real issue, a real problem. Abraham Lincoln and his wife conducted SEANCES in the White House. FDR and his wife conducted OCCULT RITUALS in the White House. A number of Presidents, including the Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama were ANTI-CHRIST, in their personal lives and in their policies.
    I also know that in addition to possessing human persons, demons CAN possess buildings, objects and even political and corporate institutions.

    Now here is the problem. In his book, “The Art of the Deal,” Donald Trump said that he was “an atheist.” Certainly, this was a serious admission: Was he really telling the truth, or was he presenting a front? Is Mr. Trump an atheist at the present time? As I have said before, I do not believe that President Trump can “save” America: Only God Almighty can do that at this point. But President Trump can buy America the time it needs to “saddle up,” and I believe he is doing the best that he can.
    So the lesson to be gleaned here is that a good woman stands behind her man: Unlike Hillary Clinton, who mocked Tammy Wynette’s song, Melania Trump TOOK DECISIVE AND CORRECTIVE ACTION, with the best intentions, and with mental clarity. All Right, the Lady is not a Catholic, and she married a divorced man. According to Catholic Teaching, I may not approve of that, BUT, I DO NOT KNOW her subjective mental or spiritual state—ONLY GOD DOES. This being said, her sincerity shines through, and Jesus, ever so Willing to Listen to the sincere, even when he or she is incomplete or wrong on other points, Listens and Discerns.

    May God Bless Melania and Donald Trump. May President Trump “Drain the Swamp.” May they convert to the One True Faith. And so may I revert to practicing it, to the best of my poor ability.

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  25. P.S.:
    One of my brothers informed me that my late Mother’s half-sister, our Aunt Shirley, was taken to the ICU on Wednesday. On Thursday, she was admitted to a nursing home. Aunt Shirley was born with a rare genetic abnormality, brittle bone disease, and she has spent her entire life in a wheelchair. Doctors told her mother, my late Grandmother Lucy (we used to call her Nana) that Shirley would be lucky to make it to “25.” Aunt Shirley has made it to 85! And I would like to share, as my brother Stan has, that Aunt Shirley was a trooper, she always had a great mental attitude, she never complained about her lot in life, and she was a pleasure to be around, someone who genuinely liked people. Aunt Shirley was, to my knowledge, a Baptist (as were some of Mom’s siblings). She is in pain and said she “wants to go home [to be with her mother and my mother].”
    Stan cannot make the trip to Annapolis, as he is recuperating from surgery. I cannot make it due to my situation.
    We would appreciate your prayers, and Thank You.

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  26. FLOTUS is very practical..I bet not one mother here would take her child to live in a homosexual crack smoking resident’s home without getting the place exorcised, fumigated and steam cleaned. Apart from the O’s, Hilary used to speak to “the dead” in some of the rooms.

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  27. Phenomenal! Drain the swamp, and start by cutting off the head of the snake, the demonic influence.

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