JonBenét Ramsey’s drawings show she had been sexually abused

JonBenét Ramsey was a six-year-old child beauty pageant queen who was killed in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado, on the night of December 25–26, 1996.

More than 21 years after, her murder remains unsolved.

The supermarket tabloid National Enquirer, which was nominated for a Pulitzer for breaking the story on former Democrat VP candidate and senator John Edwards‘ adultery and out-of-wedlock child, gained exclusive access to never-before-seen drawings by JonBenét when she was in first grade at the Boulder Valley School in 1996. The series of drawings was for a school project called, “My Time Line”.

The drawings were never investigated by the police. But the Enquirer convened a team of mental health professionals to analyze them. The experts’ conclusion was that the drawings suggest JonBenét Ramsey had been sexually abused for some time prior to her death.

In an article on October 3, 2017, the Enquirer published the specialists’ findings.

To begin, TV-radio show host, author and “relationship expert” Gilda Carle, Ph.D., explains that “Everything a child does in a drawing sends out a message” and the message that JonBenét was sending in her drawings was “Save me!”.

Morgan State University Associate Professor of Psychology and former school psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Menzise explains that JonBenét’s “drawings projected her unconscious mind onto a page, emotions and things she would not consciously say and might not have been able to articulate.”

(1) In a picture JonBenét drew of her family (mother, father, brother and herself), she gave two family members — one of whom is a female with long hair — malevolent eyes, but left her own face blank. Dr. Carle explains that when someone is faceless in a drawing, it often means, “That’s me, and I wish I could disappear!”.

(2) In another drawing, JonBenét depicted herself wearing a T-shirt, no pants, and a partially-erased circular ring around her legs which, according to forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D., “could represent her panties” or “a barrier of protection to stop anything from penetrating her”.

(3) Note that the T-shirt has an oval shape with a hole, which JonBenet drew again and again. The experts believe the oval-shape-with-a-hole signifies a vaginal opening.

(4) In another drawing, a stick figure has multiple legs and no mouth. Experts believe the mouthless figure could be someone trying to silence JonBenet, and that the figure’s multiple legs indicate that individual’s aggression, frustration or other anxiety.

Dr. Menzise concluded that “All these things together would make me ask further about any type of sexual abuse, exposure to sexuality or inappropriate behaviors that she could have been exposed to at her young age.”

Certainly, the analysis conducted by the Enquirer‘s team of mental health professionals reinforces charges by investigators that JonBenét Ramsey had suffered “prior vaginal intrusions” months before her parents allegedly found her lifeless body in the basement of their Colorado home.


56 responses to “JonBenét Ramsey’s drawings show she had been sexually abused

  1. This story of this child breaks my heart. Someone knows the truth. And there are so many other children that have been and still are sexually abused by psychotic, sick pedophiles. How many judges send children to live with their abusers? How many “priests” continue to abuse children? Why is the Vatican so powerful and the so-called “leaders” allowed to break the law and flaunt it in our faces? I pray that we see the end of child abuse and human trafficking in our lifetime; maybe this decade.

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  2. Just a thought, although I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, it looks to me as though the partially-erased circular ring around her legs could be a hula-hoop. Of course it is certainly possible that she was sexually abused, considering the ‘work’ her parents had her doing, but that picture could be innocent. She’s drawn herself looking happy in that one.

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    • Yes, indeed. I am very cautious about accepting psychiatrist’s and psychologists versions of events. Neither is a science. Their opinions are as varied as ours and unless they have vast, verifiable experience with a particular issue, I’d take it as “noted”.

      I agree that the drawings are suggestive, and I don’t have to be a psychologist to see that. Kids, like adults, have sexual fantasies. They may not know why or what, but they have them.

      In Jon Bennet’s case I think it highly likely that she was abused. I haven’t heard anything from the brother in years. I wonder if he could shed some light on this?

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    • I thought it was an itelligent way of drawing the bottom of a skirt. She was a bright child after all.

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    • It could be a “hula-hoop”. I suppose that’s the problem with drawings (like Rorschalk blots), they mean different things to different people depending on what they wish to see.

      I suspect that not everyone is alike, either. Some kids have no sexual interest at all, apparently, while others are overly curious. Whether that comes from within or without is anybody’s guess.

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  3. The only conclusion you can take away from this is why did they not see or investigate this at the time. This is a travesty within itself for a child to be paraded around as a sex symbol poster child for the parents to live vicariously through her. Innocents destroyed at such an early age.

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  4. Years ago I read on a conspiracy site about her father basically pimping her out to his high powered friends.
    Satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice.

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  6. This little girl was exploited by her mother and father. Her mother is dead and took the secret with her, two characters remain and the truth will too be buried with the strange death of this child. Nobody entered that house, it was well planned. The child was an obstacle and had to be done away before it all came to light via a teacher. hildren put their trust in teachers to be their spoken word.

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    • I haven’t reached a conclusion yet as to precisely who killed her. I have certainly read several plausible scenarios. I never believed either of them. There was also obvious conflicts within the police and DA’s offices.

      I do think they “accidentally” killed her during some sex play they were performing on her. I think they had to scurry around to come up with a story. She was not firmly grounded in reality and he is just plain strange.

      They had a large and rather “diverse” circle of “friends” too. None of this would have been possible but for several serious “errors” on the legal side. Whether those were done deliberately or not is an open question.

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  7. you must be real sick ,perverse n evil person to rape children,espeacially so youngs! i dont say to hang them -even if its my desire-or cut off their manhood.its disgusting!

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  8. I remember very well the Christmas when this happened. I had a little blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty of my own (now a grown up blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty 😀) who was a couple of years younger than JonBenet. It was heartbreaking to see her picture on the cover of all those magazines at checkout counters.

    I never believed the official story, but when Patsy Ramsey died and, as far as I know, never told a different story, I thought maybe I was wrong. Then, several years ago, Aphrodite Jones had a program on Investigation Discovery channel, and one of the cases she covered was JonBenet. She made the parents to look like completely innocent victims, and I thought she was telling the truth and believed her. It wasn’t until I read Dave McGowan’s “Programmed to Kill” that I learned about the truly bizarre details of this murder. It was then that I realized that what I had believed in the beginning was true. The murderer HAD to be someone who lived in the Ramsey home in Boulder, and it appeared to be a ritual murder of some kind. We will likely never know what really happened.

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    • I console myself with the certain knowledge that those involved will pay the ultimate price. Justice, after all, is The Lord’s.

      One thing that always bothers me, though, is to know that these creatures are still out there, probably assaulting other children.

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    • Maryaha, I’ve had that book by Dave McGowan on my WishList ever since I read his online series ‘Wagging The Moondoggie’ and then his book ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon’. ‘Weird Scenes…’ was probably the wildest thing I ever read. Ultimately, it’s a tad unsatisfying because it can’t definitively prove anything and is just a series of odd “coincidences” and mind-boggling bizarre events, but if that book doesn’t make a person suspicious about Wizards Behind The Curtain and government deception, nothing will.

      I love that dude, McGowan… in a “John Wayne” way. His sarcasm cracks me up. (I shouldn’t say this, but it reminds me of my own sarcasm.)

      Thanks to your comment, I am more determined than ever to read ‘Programmed To Kill’.

      BTW, I see you periodically online at other websites (American Thinker? The New American? Breitbart? World Net Daily?) and I’m always tempted to say howdy.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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      • D-Fens, I have read the Dave McGowan books you mentioned, and yes, he was an excellent writer and had a wonderful sense of humor. Another series he did was about the Lincoln assassination. He brought out things I had never read before or since, and as usual, nothing we have been told about that historical event is what it appears to be.

        As far as the book “Programmed to Kill”, I’ve only read a few of the accounts he wrote about in it. One is the JonBenet murder, and the other is about the Atlanta child murders. Atlanta is another series of murders that we have been lied to about. I used to could read very disturbing books, but I can’t do that anymore. So I haven’t read the whole book.

        Anyway, the JonBenet murder investigation, or lack thereof, should have had people running and screaming in the streets of Boulder. Her body was found in a room in the house that only people who lived there knew of and had access to. The crime scene was totally compromised, with the police allowing the Ramsey family, who should certainly have been the suspects at that time, search for the missing girl. When her body was found, John Ramsey carried it up and laid it under the Christmas tree. And that’s just a few of the many things that were way off. Heaven only knows what really happened there.

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  9. I wonder what these wonders would say about your kids drawings. Just remember that when you read one of these fantasies.


    • I not sure I understand your saying this article is a fantasy? Please articulate

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    • So true. These drawings dont “prove” anything one way or another. The police botched it big time. They claimed no way a person could climb in thru basement window, but a PI did quite easily. Why didnt the police attempt to before saying it couldn’t be done ? They focused on the parents right away and that was it. Not saying the parents were innocent, just that the police had tunnel vision. So sad what that beautiful little girl suffered. I hope she rests in peace. I take comfort that mans justice may fail but Gods justice is sure.


  10. I’ve read a couple of books and several articles on this. I am convinced that the parents are involved, but I think they know others who were involved as well. I think they were part of a Satanic coven who used her in their practices.

    I think there are some on the police force and the DA’s office that are also participants. Even in Colorado it would be hard to explain such a botched investigation unless it were deliberate.

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  11. I remember being creeped out by the way her parents objectified her in the child beauty pageants. And these drawings add significantly to my suspicions.

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    • John reminded me of a Naval Officer I knew many years ago who eventually was convicted of child abuse and pornography manufacture. They could be brothers.

      Patsy looked like a total airhead. She was vapid and self-absorbed, as one would expect from a “beauty queen”.

      “Burke” seemed troubled. Maybe like the child of a child-abuser and air headed beauty queen.

      I mean how smart do you have to be in writing your ransom note to avoid not listing the precise dollar amount of your husband’s bonus, $118K as the ransom? Who, beside you and him, would know that?

      She also used part of her broken paint brush handle that was used as a handle for the ligature and threw the rest back with her paint supplies. Not very smart.

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  12. The other thing I remember about her is how in the interviews when the mom answered questions her eyes would roll up into her head- it was just weird and gave me a distinct feeling she was lying.

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    • Yeah. In one of the books I read they claimed that it was due to medication she took. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was a Mason. I don’t know that, however.

      He was a former Naval Officer and looked the part. I think they were both lying. There are some elements of this, however, that tend to make me think there were others involved.

      I think the parents knew who did it, at the very least. There is DNA that doesn’t match any family member, but there is speculation that he took a rag to a local porn theater and “acquired” a sample to bring back and rub on her dead body.

      It goes without saying that their story is at odds with several other people’s stories. One very strange element of this (at least to me), are the similarities between the witness testimonies and those in the Mc Cann case.

      Both involved adults that knew them well and provided rather implausible explanations.

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  13. I’m sorry but I think the shrinks are really stretching it! She most likely was abused but to draw that conclusion from these stick figures seems unlikely to me. The one with the T-shirt looks like her attempt at drawing a heart. The ones with colors on the figures could merely depict colors of clothing. And malevolent eyes? Seriously? I think the shrinks might just be a bit strange themselves.
    That being said, I do believe her life was one no little child should live and her death was unforgivable.

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    • I don’t really trust these analyses. I mean, all the psychs came out saying trump was crazy/dumb/infantile without even a face to face meeting. Which i might add goes against their code of ethics.

      Not saying i believe the official ramsay story though.

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  14. I’ve read here and there that his company, Access Graphics, which was a technology company and government contractor, was a CIA front. If so, that speaks to what he might have been involved in. I’ve also read she was a SRA victim. I also read that her case was reviewed objectively by a Child Death Review panel (this took place during a conference of forensic child fatality reviewers, so their findings did not inform a court or law enforcement) , and their conclusion was that it had to be a family member and that the investigation was very suspicious

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    • There is so much out there about this. Certainly not all of it can be true. I’m fairly certain there is a lot beneath the surface that we are not being told.

      It is common knowledge that the DA’s office and the police were “at war” over this. There was also a retired detective with a stellar record that was brought in to investigate. He made the police look pretty bad.

      Of course a counter theory has John contriving the evidence that the detective found. I have no way to prove that either way.

      A grand jury DID vote to indict, but they did not do so. I don’t think they would have gotten First Degree Murder charges. In all likelihood it probably would have been “negligent homicide” or something close.

      There is also a timing issue with John presumed to have left to go get “evidence” to plant at the scene. There are witnesses that claim that he stayed home and that he left.

      It is clear to me that the intention here was to muddy the waters and they succeeded. I have my own opinions on this but we’ll probably never know for sure. I am confident that whoever did this will get their just reward.

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  15. “(3) Note that the T-shirt has an oval shape with a hole, which JonBenet drew again and again. The experts believe the oval-shape-with-a-hole signifies a vaginal opening.”
    That’s what I suspect of the hand gesture in a picture of the girl from “Poltergeist.” She formed her hands into the SAME SHAPE.

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  16. There was another sensational child murder case in 1996, specifically on 6/6/96…yeah, creepy, right?

    This one was here in North Texas, and was actually two little boys, and they were brutally stabbed to death in the middle of the night, allegedly by their mother if you believe the police. Their father, allegedly, was asleep upstairs with their third little boy when it all happened. The mother’s name is Darlie Routier, and as far as I know, she is still on death row in a prison here in Texas. She was also seriously injured, but the police claimed they were self-inflicted wounds. After more than 20 years, the case is still being bandied about. This is one case I definitely would like to know the truth about.😎

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    • Yeah, I remember that. Is her husband still supporting her innocence?

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      • As far as I know, he still does, or at least hasn’t denied her claim that a man broke in their house and did it. I’ve always found it quite hard to believe that he was asleep upstairs while all of that was going on and he heard nothing. The last I read about it, her friends and family are still trying to get new DNA testing done on the evidence. I will have to check and see on their website.

        After Darlie was found guilty and sent to death row, my husband and I saw Darrin, her husband, at a grocery store, on the greeting card aisle. It was right before Christmas, and my husband commented to me that he must have been looking for a special Christmas card for her that said, “To my loving wife on death row at Christmas”.😎


        • Wow. If she’s truly innocent, what a tragedy. What struck me about it was the case itself. The DA didn’t have to prove all that they alleged. I couldn’t understand why they did that. They made it unnecessarily hard on themselves and there was no way they could have proved their allegations.

          Somehow, the jury convicted her. Never trust a jury. I don’t care how many times a jury is instructed, its no guarantee that they understand what they are supposed to do. It’s no better than a crap shoot.

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          • Yeah, I just can’t figure that one out. There didn’t seem to be any motive for such a heinous crime. It seemed like the detectives came up with several different motives, saying she wasn’t good to her children and that kind of thing. But…they also admitted that the little boys were healthy, well-fed, and well cared for. Her friends and family all said she was good to them and loving. None of their motives ever seemed to pan out, but they don’t have to prove motive and she was convicted. But Darlie and Darrin did some strange and bizarre stuff too. I would just like to know the truth.

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            • Exactly! I know of another case in Ohio that is similar. What I meant was that the jury is supposed to weigh the “evidence”, not what they “feel” and determine if the State proved their case beyond a “reasonable doubt”.

              I’m confident that our contributors here could all serve effectively on a jury. But don’t think for a minute that the general population is the same. I usually get kicked off. That’s because I’m honest.

              I was on one once and it was a gut-wrenching experience. I wanted to reach across the table and strangle somebody. Between the jury weirdness and judges with insane logic, most would be surprised by the justice system if they really examined it.

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        • Nobody except God knows what really happened. I heard that they think whoever did it may have hid in the house after the party.
          I try to not pass judgment on the parents because if they didn’t do it…..
          All in all any child murder is beyond sickening.
          You would think they would have DNA evidence. Sometimes technology advances enough to find the real killer.

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        • Sometimes satanist will murder children and get the parents or caregivers framed. Also need to know how powerful the freemasons are in the police department. Investigations are fudged all the time.
          Then people who take prescription drugs- some of them like anti depressants and even statins can have dangerous side effects like suicide, homicide, even on those who would never think of harming any person. Read “Talking back to Prozac” by Dr. Peter Breggin. One of my family members was on statins for awhile and started to get very violent about non issues. Luckily they stopped taking them.


  17. she was abused and probably passed around the family know dam well who killed her

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    • Dear George; PLEASE proofread yr comments and use minimal punctuation to be sure we readers know what you intend. Here are 2 ways yr above comment could be understood:
      1. “she was abused and probably passed around the family. know dam well who killed her” OR
      2. “she was abused and probably passed around. the family know dam well who killed her”

      I give up: which one is it? ‘Eats leaves and shoots’ comes to mind….

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      • Any body competent in the English language will figure it out. Take a wild guess what do you think makes sense. I’ll give you a hint. Number 1 makes no sense at all.
        Elementary school level….


  18. This child was the victim of satanic torture, until her little soul was snuffed out.. Her torturers have never been charged, but I pray that one day they’ll be exposed. This case goes way beyond child abuse into a realm so horrific it’s unimaginable. God rest her little soul.

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  19. I was living in Colorado,at the time and it was the headlines for weeks. She was being sexually exploited by the way she was dressed and paraded around. As for who, a real puzzle. Did they ever let her out of their sight, hard to say. They had just had a large Christmas party, where I would imagine large quantities of alcohol were consumed and guests would be able to roam around freely, maybe casing the place. The letter is a real disturbing one. Written by someone disturbed. But Patsy passed written tests given. Brother, not sure, he was pretty young at the time. Daddy, always suspect, close friends or workers of the family, more suspects.
    I think there will always be more questions than answers. We can speculate all day.

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    • Yeah, we can. As to the letter, I’m pretty sure that John dictated it to Patsy and she added a couple of “digs” against John. There is no doubt that it was written on her pad and no murderer is going to hang around, do multiple drafts, and leave the pad back on the desk where it was.

      I think they had either a sexual or satanic or both ceremony and things got too rough. I think Patsy got mad and killed her. John helped her cover it up. There may have been other “members” of their group there.

      John went to the porn theater and got some DNA to wipe on JonBonet. He also created boot prints and a scuff on the basement window sill. He probably disposed of the boots when he went out for DNA.

      As you say, there were people in and out. I originally thought that this might be the answer but I don’t any longer. What they’ve said about the note is simply not true.

      I think there was a lot of friction between members of the DA’s office and the cops. Some of the cops thought this was a slam dunk in terms of indicting them. They found out that the DA’s office was more than willing to sabotage their own case.

      The question then becomes, what was the connection that made them do that? As we see so many times in these things, officials are involved. Whether it is Belgium, or the UK or here. That doesn’t mean the rank and file are corrupt. It means enough of their superiors are to run the show.

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  20. Well…the Colorado investigators know now, as they knew then…..the one who murdered this little girl was either a family member, a pageant associate, or someone in the sphere of the family’s acquaintance. This was NEVER ever a random event.

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  21. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information. A beautiful child who was taken too soon.


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  22. Read “Beyond Suffering”. In the book they mentioned there was some parade, Jon Benet was on a float and saw some man in the crowd. Her mother had been with her and the little girl saw the man and recoiled in terror, but the mom couldn’t see who it was because he melted back into the throng of people. There was also evidence that the cops disregarded in their investigation. According to the book, they immediately suspected the parents. Once some cops fixate on a ‘suspect’, any other possibilities are sometimes disregarded.
    In Colorado there are also some very nefarious networks out there. Most if not all states have them, but they’ve got their share in CO. Someone I know had a good friend who worked in a bar/restaurant called the Crystal Palace (it has since been torn down). It was popular and had famous celebs attend it like old man Bush. The guy ended up getting in some sort of trouble, but never told anyone what it was. He escaped back to the state he lived in. Before he was ‘gotten out of the way’, he had told his mother that he couldn’t hide from them, they would find him no matter where he was, and he had also told her previously that if he ever came asking for money to not give him any. He soon after died in a fiery car wreck and the police didn’t really do much to find out what happened.


  23. The picture of the supposed vagina is Jon Benet’s “Heart” and she has her pants down because she was told at a young age that “Sex” is how people show they love one another. Jon Benet asked a family member “Why does love have to hurt so much?” Jon Benet acted out her shown love in her environment because her environment became her “Norm”, she didn’t know any better at her young age. .

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