Sarah Silverman: I want to eat an aborted fetus

Corrine Weaver reports for NewsBusters that on February 1, 2018, in a pro-abort fundraising telethon, unfunny comedienne Sarah Silverman, 47, said that a conscience clause law preventing aborted fetuses from being used in manufactured food products “would make her want to eat an aborted fetus.”

The live-streamed fundraiser telethon, “Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It,” was held by the Lady Parts Justice League, founded by Lizz Winstead, 56, a co-creator of The Daily Show. Co-hosted by Winstead and Silverman, the telethon featured four hours of political rants, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, and “shitty law” abortion charades introduced by a woman wearing a vagina costume.

Two of the “shitty” conscience laws were acted out in charades by volunteers:

(1) An Oklahoma law, in response to a food lab considering using human stem cells to create artificial food flavoring, bans the use of aborted fetuses as ingredients in the manufacture of food products. In the telethon charade on this “shitty” law,  a volunteer yelled “kill the baby!”. Winstead said about the law: “This is fucking batshit. A lot of times they will create laws to make you think that this is some epidemic that needs to be addressed.” Silverman said: “If anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law.”

Here’s a clip from the telethon, at the end of which you’ll see and hear Silverman say those words:

(2) A law requiring abortion clinics to cremate or bury every aborted fetus. Silverman said: “Fucking funerals for fucking aborted fetuses? I would like to speak at those funerals. He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.”

This is what Silverman said about conscience clause laws and religious freedom:

Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing cuz it was like this big inclusive thing in the country, and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and shit like that.”

Another rabid pro-abort, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill — who said you’re insane if you don’t vote for Obama — was also present at the telethon, where he created two pieces of “art” to be auctioned off. Hamill also donated and auctioned a Disney Last Jedi poster, promising to personalize the poster by writing “something obscene and dirty if you want.”

Disney must be so proud.

Winstead chimed in, laughing: “Mark Hamill is actually going to become an abortion provider! He’ll give you an abortion with a Jedi wand! It’s going to be awesome!”

Towards the end of the telethon, Winstead cried as she extolled abortion providers baby-killers as heroic people who “provide this amazing care for people . . . [who] used it [abortion] to become better people”.

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Sarah Silverman

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  1. It’s considered a delicacy in China!


  2. Reblogged this on Gitardood's Weblog and commented:

    This is just a small indication of how perverted, disgusting, and utterly devilish people in society have become / are becoming. These fools unfortunately won’t think it’s funny when they burn forever in hell due to their rejection of truth and redemption offered by the only One who could fulfill the conditions and make the offer. These people who are so proud of their atheism, don’t realise Satan is dancing with glee anticipating their arrival with him forever.

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    • gitardood . . . . Thank you for such an excellent, concise paragraph regarding “the fools who engage in promoting the killing of Heavenly Father’s unborn children.” I have no doubt that “Satan is dancing with glee anticipating their arrival with him forever.” It is rather flabbergasting that any person can really be that stupid. but then Satan would make an absolutely top notch used car salesman.

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    • I thought it was pretty ironic how she’s saying religious freedom is full of hate and sh*t, yet she’s a Satanist who’s advocating eating aborted babies. I guess she is too insane/demonically possessed to see the contradiction.
      Wow. Hollywood really is chock full of deranged pedophile/Satanists isn’t it?
      Makes me want to boycott them, not watch TV or their crummy movies…oh wait, I already do! 🙂

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  3. As I said in my reblog these fools don’t realise that Satan is dancing with glee in anticipation of their arrival to spend eternity with him in torment.

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  4. Oh I think these people know Satan is dancing… they likely join in when they go for their Satanic rituals on… whatever days they tend to do them.

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  5. Leftists– not just demented, but evil (and they enjoy it).

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  6. Jesus Christ is the ONLY path

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  7. Yaweh will take so much, then….ask John Lennon.
    Free speech is available here, uncaring souls abound.
    1 day closer.

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  8. A sick bitch who should be locked away in a dark room!

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    • Ha, ha. And people say, “I just can’t understand why the Nazi’s hated the Jews?”. Trust me, I have no problem understanding that, at all. I also know, personally, that not all of them “hated” The Jews. It was more of an individual thing. I knew a librarian in Germany who was Jewish that lived right in that town all through the war without any trouble at all. I discussed it with him often.

      No matter what one thinks about them, it is undeniable that they are a destructive force anywhere you put them. Their hope and ours depends on their conversion.

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      • I heard that same story too- that there were Jews who lived in the cities straight through the war…… which begs the question, what was it about the Jews who were in the camps? I think that question is answered by taking a close look at the real history which is rarely mentioned; that there were communist Jews actively trying to start a revolution like they did in Russia. There was plenty to fear from Jews at this time and plenty to loathe about them. They had taken over all the levers of power and possession of lands within Germany, becoming parasites…much like they have done here. We are no longer a Christian country , we are now a fully judaized country, and that is why we are sinking. As an aside, I think H. Makow is right….that Hitler was either a traitor and was working with the bankers or was at the very least being handled by Borman on behalf of the bankers. Despite the brilliance of the German people they never had a chance. Germany was intended to die and they have just about now completed their devious work.

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        • The Jews declared war on Germany in the ’30’s. There were many organizations that were sabotaging the Reich. In addition, the Jewish bankers were principally responsible for WWI.

          “The camps” were WORK camps. There was no “final solution” (in terms of genocide or extermination). Many died of disease in the camps or through individual cruelty. The “camps” were by no means exclusively Jewish. Jews were roughly represented in accordance with the distribution of the general population.

          There is probably no other instance in history that has been more propagandized than this. That is why Douglas Reed who wrote “The Controversy of Zion” eventually was professionally destroyed. He reported what he saw, not what he was told to write.

          I was very reluctant to discuss this with the librarian. His niece worked there as well and I even dated her. She too was a Jew. She verified that her uncle had always lived in his house, all through WWII he went to the same library to work. All of his neighbors were aware that he was Jewish and he attended services all through the war as well.

          I once had a Zionist lawyer I was working with attack me over this. He was screaming “he lied, he lied” at me in court during a break. He was actually frightening. I have seldom seen that much hate in a person. This lie has become a new religion.

          Nonetheless, that is why they have succeeded in getting laws passed in Europe to prevent any further discussion. Truth does not need laws to protect it. It is also a living example of how dangerous they are. Just think of how many KNOW this to be a lie. Still, it is the only acceptable version of reality allowed.

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              • It is not the Torah, it is the horrible Babylonian Occultic Jewish Talmud, the Kabbala and the Zohar that set these vile beasts aflame with hatred for the Goy and their true Messiah, Yeshua ha Mashiach. The Torah speaks of Yeshua, and He and the Torah itself are their only hope of recognizing and bending the knee to their true Messiah Jesus before they are eternally destroyed!

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                • Well, the Pentateuch got a little make over in Babylon. Beginning with Deuteronomy, the Pharisees politicized the oral traditions. It is still useful but must be read with that in mind. Establishment and preservation of the temple cult and the “singularity” of “The Covenant” were central to their intended message.


            • Good comparison Dr. Eowyn. I think we could add many other comparison charts as well. For one Think about six million (which we know know has been severely overinflated) to the overall death toll of Gentiles in WWII, some 60 million, and some 15 million Germans who died AFTER the war.

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          • I think I already mentioned this awhile back here on this site, but I had the same thing happen to me more than once. A Jewish acquaintance I had would often talk political. As I became more aware about real events, and history I tried to leak out a few things to her. One was about the transfer agreement which I am sure most here are aware of by now. She screamed at me that “that was anti Semitic”! We had the same go round with the Yinon Plan. How it is anti Semitic to verifiably point out that many Jews were let out of the country with their own money, and allowed to go to Palestine where they were helped to set up a country by the German gov. is beyond comprehension; unless as I have come to believe, they as a whole are mentally disturbed people….Silverman is just one more example of the mental sickness. Oh they loves they victim status!

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            • Yes, I keep encouraging people to read Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion”. It’s free on line. He was there and reported for a London paper on the war.

              It is also good to know that they claimed “six million dead” during WWI as well. In fact, they’ve done this many times. The “six million” is a theological construct, not an actual number.

              It is hard to understand the mindset unless you study it. It isn’t hard intellectually, it is just hard to work within. For them anyone outside of Judah is in diaspora. If you are in diaspora, you are “captive”. Even if you are free to go, you are still captive.

              You are not part of the country where you live. The Goyim there are your captors. Even if they like you and treat you well, they are your captors and are there to punish you for non-observance. Once you are sufficiently observant, and living in Judah, your “captors” will be punished (whether they deserve it or not).

              So this creates an atmosphere of hatred for the host country, and the people within it. Their duty is to “pull down and destroy”.

              So, Germany would have been happy to let them go. Their own Zionist organization played games in order to ensure that the outcome would benefit them. The whole world is their pawn. It routinely shifts from demands to whining. Whatever works is OK with them.

              So there was this idea of a “final solution”, meaning, what do we do with the trouble-making Jews? They were not planning to annihilate them. If they were, they’d be gone. What they wanted was for the trouble-making ones to go, anywhere. A lot of countries didn’t want them.

              The ones that created trouble got sent to labor camps. The rest is history distorted.

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              • “they claimed “six million dead” during WWI as well. In fact, they’ve done this many times. The “six million” is a theological construct, not an actual number.”

                In “The Six Million Dead Jews of World War One,” The American Hebrew (October 31, 1919), the author — former governor of New York Martin Glynn — claimed six million Jews died in World War One.

                Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” and in “burning ovens” before the state of Israel can be formed: “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Robert B. Goldmann writes: “without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.”

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                • I’ll look for a copy of one I have from the 19th Century as well. Same thing. They were claiming “six million killed” by Europeans.

                  Douglas Reed is a good source too. The name “Israel” is a contrivance as well. “Israel” as a country, had long bee integrated with the surrounding Canaanite peoples. Little Judah (from whence “Jew” comes) was a small Southern remnant consisting of the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.

                  Scriptural references to ‘Israel” are to the “People of God” not a physical place. By naming their Zionist acquisition “Israel” they could use Scripture to justify their actions and pervert the meaning of holy revelation.

                  At any rate, there is a huge body of study on this subject. The pendant tenets of Zionism are easy to understand although inconsistent with the alleged source material.

                  In short, it is a political alliance, not a religion. It is only a religion when someone complains about it. Those Pharisees were the first spin doctors.

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        • Read “The Holocaust Industry” by Norm Finklestein. Any time he tries to have a talk about the real numbers of ‘victims’, the Jews buy out all the tickets and just lambast him.
          Read Eustace Mullin’s works too. The freemasonry Jews are the ones who don’t mind sacrificing the other Jews for their own ends. Not all Jews follow the Caballah or the Talmud, but those who do are following satan.

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      • lophatt . . . . God Bless you for your post above. Those are the most truth laden paragraphs! I am sure that most can agree . . . “No matter what one thinks about them, it is undeniable that they are a destructive force anywhere you put them. Their hope and ours depends on their conversion.” I do not doubt in the least degree that there will come a day when even the Jewish people will bend their knees to acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of mankind. Until that time comes, I think they will be walking a rocky road.

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  9. Hadenoughalready

    So we’ve progressed so far that we’ve come full circle to cannibalism? WTF is wrong with these “humanoids”? (rhetorical)
    It’s no wonder the Almighty is destroying California… He must be PISSED! I know I am.

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  10. I pray for all the young girls and women who are following these evil ones telling them abortion is their right and there’s nothing wrong with it. Planned Parenthood and evil ones like Sarah Silverman and Liz Winstead are Satan’s pawns, and I’ll bet they have already eaten an aborted baby! They must not care that there’s a disease we get when we are cannibals. In addition to committing murder (which women most certainly do not have a right to do), Satan and his emissaries are determined to take as many of us as they can with them into hell and their death. God will not tolerate this Satanic injustice with His precious creation!

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  11. Denile Riverafter

    I wish i could unwatch everything I ever saw her in!! What a pathetic piece of crap!! Too bad HER mother didn’t have an abortion. Save us all a lot of sorrow! Sick, sick, sick! There is a special place set aside in Hell for her.

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  12. I hope you monster soon join your horned master. And on the way down the stench of your burning flesh permeates Hell.

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  13. Romans 1:22. The godless should never shock us. Their revolt is against God, Himself, and that’s why they lose the best traits man can possess and are filled with only the dregs. A reprobate mind should be a thing of horror and repulsion. That is the point when God no longer strives with a person, they have reached the point of no return, and He abandons them to themselves. 70 plus years on earth is a mere blink of an eye compared to eternity but the reprobate mind seizes it as their entire domain. Politics becomes religion, social matters their sacraments and their evangelism is to convert the world to their dreary, hopeless condition.

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  14. Wow! Sarah Silverman came as no surprise. But Mark Hamill?
    No wonder his movie tanked, and the director all but wrote him out of future Star Wars episodes. When you insult God so openly, you can bank on being hit by disaster.

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  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    How disgraceful – what in God’s name would she accomplish in doing this? It probably would choke her. Disgusting coming from a woman – is she that blood thirsty? If so, go down to Planned Parenthood and buy a pint of blood and take a swig. They would love to make that money.

    And she claims to be an American?


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  17. We pro-lifers are always corrected when we refer to abortion as killing babies: “No, idiot, it’s just removing tissue!”

    And yet, “Kill the baby!” cries out the pro-abortion worker.

    Just like in every Leftist issue, what they argue is a lie compared to what they believe.

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    • They appear to be the sort of people that can’t wait to “me too” somebody else’ idea. They have a tremendous urge to belong. That usually indicates a lack of self assurance.

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      • If one knows he’s a sinner but doesn’t want to embrace his Savior, that one will seek the approval of anything else.

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        • Yeah, that’s true. His burden is pretty light but some are too lazy to bear it. I suppose some just want to diddle little kids and each other and have zero responsibilities. That’s because “their special”.


  18. Kevin J Lankford

    So, abortion clinics are little different from the local abatoir in her eyes.

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  19. roseanne banana danna

    Yes, He doesn’t tolerate those who call HIM Yahweh, either.
    According to the Christian section of the Talmud, Yahweh is a sarcastic name for God and a known and admitted insult to God, according to the Talmud, and used by jews everywhere). The jews (B’nai Brith) infused it into the once Catholic Church within the last 25 years or so.


    • roseanne banana danna

      “Freemasonry also defines their god as the aforementioned Great Architect, aka Yahweh/Jehovah, aka Satan/Devil”

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      • what a crazy mix of fact and speculation regarding Freemasons. That they identify God as the Grand Arcitect is true. But it is bacause Freemasony IS NOT a religon, but instead uses the term because of the belief that your choice of who to worship is your own along with the benefits or consequences associated with it. Grand Arcitect is used because God designed and created the heavens and earth. And the Term removes reference to the name of a particular God. Feemasonry requires a belief in a higher power. Generally, nomatter where Freemasons meet, the book of the prevelent religon of the area is used. Religon is not discussed in Masonic Lodges. Nor are politics. Freemasonry exsists to bring people togther and religon and politics are a sure way to start a fight.

        But thanks for the post. I like to be educated on both sides of a subject.


  20. It doesn’t matter how tightly one covers one’s ears or how firmly one shields their eyes, their agenda is obvious. Now they are openly and forcefully dividing the world into Satanists and “others”. They are “requiring” a show of commitment from their captives.

    And what better spokesperson could there be than the obnoxious Jewess herself? We are no longer a country with a common set of goals. We are no longer a Christian-informed world. We are a people in chaos, broken by the forces of evil.

    Whether its national politics or world globalism, the goal is to wreak havoc on Western morals and order. They are in our schools working on our children. They are making ignorant the “millennials”, and waiting for us geezers to die.

    Silverman represents a truly vicious and hateful type of Jew. I’ve encountered her type before. Underneath a very thin veil of “humor” there is a deep, seething contempt. Even though they regard us as cattle, most farmers don’t hate their livestock.

    While I preach moderation and degrees and shades of meaning, some things are clearly “black or white”. Choosing good or evil is the primary choice any of us MUST make. You can’t be a little pregnant and you can’t flirt with evil.

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  21. FOTM has posted Silverman’s rant before, and it bears repeating: We have to keep in mind that there are people out there who hate Jesus Christ, who hate innocent human life, and who hate other people, and who hate themselves.
    I would like to remind people that I have met many wonderful Jews, having lived here in New York for my entire life. Not many of them are as full of hatred as is Silverman (or Hamill, for that matter). But again, I state my belief, based upon my reading and talking with people, that this hatred either comes straight out of the Talmud, the Cabbala and the Zohar, or it is encouraged by certain people who justify their (sublimated) race hatred. (These books are, by their own admissions, anti-Christ documents).
    Again, it seems to me that Silverman has opened up a portal to the demonic (because this is what the abortion business does), and that she is, in all truth, demonically possessed. She has never gotten ONE CENT of my money, and she never will (ditto Star Wars, even though I like “The Imperial March.”)

    Satanists have admitted they actually conduct their rituals inside some abortuaries, on occasion, using the remains of aborted fetuses, aborted human beings.
    And Silverman IGNORES the incontrovertible scientific observation that human life (or the life of any animal) begins at conception.

    And let us not forget that there are certain commercial brands (e.g., Pepsi) that use aborted fetal tissue or stem cells for flavoring.
    And let us also recall that doctors, nurses and other medical personnel were doing precisely what Silverman said she would like to do over 20 years ago: It was reported in the 1990’s that some medical personnel in China were actually cooking and eating aborted fetuses.
    So let me state that I understand neither the Patience nor the Vengeance of the one and only Living God Who, By Rights, has every right to END HUMAN HISTORY RIGHT NOW OVER THIS OR ANY OTHER OUTRAGE.

    President Trump recently signed an Executive Order allowing DOJ (or Treasury or the proper Federal agency) to seize the financial assets of those who engage in human trafficking. IF ABORTION IS NOT HUMAN TRAFFICKING (albeit to the Altar of Garbage!) I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. I wish President Trump would use the Patriot Act and every other Federal statute to declare Planned Parenthood the human trafficking agency that it is, seize all their financial assets and move in and close every one of their abortuaries. It would be a tall order, but I maintain that it can be done, despite the howling of the Satanists.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: America, the Nation and the Society, are under Divine Judgment, as is every nation and society that engages in this grotesque and demonic evil!

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    • Silverman’s rant is not just about abortion. She rants about ANYTHING even remotely associated with Christianity. She HATES Christians. She isn’t even a “religious” Jew. But she absorbed the central tenets, “to root out, tear down and destroy”.

      I too have known many Jews. I have certainly had different experiences depending on individuals. I can honestly say, however, that ALL of them identified themselves as “Jews” (usually within five minutes of meeting them), whether they practiced or not.

      ALL of them had a deep belief that they were superior, and therefore entitled, to take advantage of any situation. I am describing the “likable” end of the spectrum. The other end is dripping pure evil.

      The librarian I mentioned in Germany, above, became quite a good friend. I wouldn’t “trust” him in certain situations, but I could talk with him. It should be noted that he wasn’t a particularly “religious” Jew either. I have met some of those, and worked with them. In fact, those types would not associate at all with a Goy but for it being required by work.

      If they have a chance to stab you in the back, they will, and laugh about it. I keep repeating this statistic because I think it is VERY important that people keep this in the back of their minds. There are roughly 3% of the population of the US who identify as Jewish. Worldwide that is .4% (four-tenths of one percent).

      Now, realizing that they have managed to seize control of the controls of power, we should never forget how minuscule a segment this actually is. It is like the little man in “OZ”, behind the curtain. They depend on people being afraid of them.

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      • I regrettably must agree, insofar as you go, Lophatt, and it reminds me of what my classmates and I used to say over 50 years ago in the neighborhood, namely, that “Jews make the best Nazis.” Caricaturical and sardonic, acerbic and mordant, the comment appears to be functionally and phenomenologically true: Nazism is all about “racial” purity—whatever that can be said to mean. Ditto the Talmud, which is plain and bald about it.
        Rest assured they will “raise a little Cain, if they are ‘able’.”

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        • Yes, Steven, I don’t have to tell you anything about this. Not everyone has had the exposure, however. I too have had many “friends” over the year who were Jews. Some of them were hilariously funny. They certainly were not “religious”.

          That said, Zionists (especially the ‘religious’ ones) are an evil and mean-spirited breed. It is impossible to separate them in the end, however, because they will always support each other.

          They have been raised to believe that the Goy is out to get them. They hate us, even if they like us (that sounds funny, but its true). I have countless examples of this.

          So, yes, you can have a Jewish friend. My advice would be to not get too invested in that and to watch your back. They actually respect you more if you don’t let them push you around. They’ll try. Guaranteed.

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  23. Silverman is a typical secular jew. She worships evil, is one vast empty hollow thing just waiting to be filled with rage and hatred, except in her case this occurred long ago. She is typical of many secular jews. They have no religious beliefs but claim to be jewish. I do not understand how jews permit such a slander. Its like Pelosi claiming to be Catholic.

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    • Well, some of us view Judaism as “political” not religious. As to Pelosi, she is a Marano. That is a Jew who pretends to be Catholic.

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      • Yes, and it’s high time we called this anti-Christ system for what it is: NOT a “religion,” but a POLITICAL SYSTEM masquerading as a religion.
        A caller to the Michael Savage radio show (this was over ten years ago) said he was a “lifelong New York Jew,” and he said “60% of us don’t believe [religiously] in anything.” I can’t remember the entire context of the conversation, but that is what that man said.
        It’s funny: The U.S. Constitution declares that there “shall be no religious test” in running for elected (or appointed) political office. Fair enough: How about an IDEOLOGICAL test? For that is what our house’s new landlord (a very smart man) did to ME. (I sure didn’t appreciate it, either).

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        • Bravo Steven, well said. That’s what I see as well. It’s like belonging to a political group.

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        • Yeah, that is really at the heart of its use. Claiming a religious protection for unacceptable actions.

          I had a friend who died a few years ago. He was a Jew from NYC. He was in his late eighties and had been a lawyer all his life. He was a lawyer in NYC for over 45 years. I really liked him. He was brilliant and funny.

          He was also a classic. He used to wear suspenders and pulled his pants up to right under his armpits. He had a story for everything. They were all funny and entertaining.

          His specialty was jurisdictional law. He told me about a case he had in NYC in the forties. He said that the main post office had a brass line running through the floor to distinguish what part NYC owned and what part the feds owned. The building had been originally built by the city but had been expanded in later years.

          He said that a man was shot in one part of the building but crawled to another part and died. The city arrested the shooter and there were multiple witnesses. He got off, however, because the crime occurred on the federal side and NYC didn’t have jurisdiction. So the guy walked on a murder charge.

          Anyway, if all of them were as harmless and funny as Tom, we wouldn’t need to have this conversation.


    • You have a romanticized and completely erroneous view of religious Jews.

      The Talmud is worse than the Koran, full of the vilest characterizations of Jesus Christ (a fool, bastard, and trickster), His mother, Mary (a whore and bestialist), and Christians (subhuman, like animals). See “Truth About the Talmud“; Rev. I. B. Pranaitis, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,first published in St. Petersburg in 1892; Michael Hoffman, Judaism’s Strange Gods; and Martin Luther, On the Jews and Their Lies: His Classic Warning About the Jews and Their Hatred of Jesus.

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  24. Well,..After all, we should not forget, that Sara Silverman is Jewish & her fan base is largely Jewish,..So, what would you expect,.?


  25. Sarah Silverman and her ilk are not human beings, they are sagging skin sacks chock-full of pig feces! It would be fitting poetic and cosmic justice if her and her disgusting subhuman friends’ and brethren’ fates and eternal destinies would be in exact accord with the horrible Babylonian Occultic Jewish Talmud’s blasphemous lies about our Lord, Savior, and King Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah; to wit, that she and they boil in hell (actually the Lake of Fire) in their own excrement forever! Unfortunately, they will probably repent and bend the knee to the True Messiah and Eternal King at the last minute to avoid the perpetual punishment they so richly deserve.

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  26. Sick and soul-less womyn.

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  27. “Silverman said: “Fucking funerals for fucking aborted fetuses? I would like to speak at those funerals. He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.”

    The murdered baby might say the same about your brain function, Sarah.

    No wonder fellow libtard Jimmy Kimmel dumped you. You’re still bitter about that, aintcha?

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  28. You are one sick, twisted individual!!! I want to see you say these things to the Lord’s face when He returns!! You will quickly lose that cocky look on your face! The Lord will put you in your place and you will soooo deserve that spot…it has your name on it! Haha

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  29. Land Air Sea (Retired)

    This sick human will cause some other human to hunt for her.

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  30. time to cull the herd

    She’s a sick cunt.


  31. So in essence, Sarah has finally cracked.


  32. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Another consistent POS “entertainer” that will do and say anything to stay relevant! Not worth even paying attention to. Unfortunately the MSM press eats it up!

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