Sanctuary benefit: Oregon hospital denies illegal alien a liver transplant then terminates its “archaic” policy

lesama-santos illegal alien go fund me photo

Photo from GoFundMe

Wonder how many US citizens she gets to bypass for her new liver.

From Fox News: An Oregon hospital who denied an illegal immigrant a liver transplant due to her lack of citizenship later terminated the policy.

Silvia Lesama-Santos, 46, who’s said to be in “critical condition,” was denied a liver transplant on Monday from the Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, Fox 12 Oregon reported, citing a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon.

The hospital sent the stay-at-home mother of four a letter explaining that since she does not have a “lawful presence or immigration documentation” in the U.S., she could not receive the transplant as hospital policy “requires proof” for transplant operations.

Lesama-Santos, a resident of the Portland area for more than 30 years, has health insurance through her husband’s employer, according to a copy of the letter published by the ACLU.

The hospital stated that Lesama-Santos could restart the process for requesting a liver transplant “when your situation has changed and you meet the above requirements.”

On the same day the ACLU released its statement — and called for the hospital to change its rules — OHSU terminated its policy barring illegal immigrants from receiving transplants.

“It was brought to our attention this evening that an archaic transplant policy was preventing an undocumented individual illegal alien from being evaluated at OHSU,” a hospital statement read. “Upon learning of the policy, OHSU leaders acted immediately and terminated the policy. We deeply regret the pain this has caused the family.”

The hospital said that “all are welcome at OHSU, and this policy does not reflect our values.”

“The OHSU transplant team is informing the family of our change in policy… OHSU’s legal team has begun a system-wide audit to ensure no other such policies exist,” the statement read.

A GoFundMe account(seeking $10,000) created by Lesama-Santos’ oldest son said that his mother will start “the transplant process,” which an ACLU spokesperson confirmed to on Wednesday.

Lesama-Santos was reportedly accepted to undergo the transplant at a Seattle hospital, but the ACLU said it’s unclear whether she’s healthy enough to travel to Washington, or to even get the transplant in Portland.

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51 responses to “Sanctuary benefit: Oregon hospital denies illegal alien a liver transplant then terminates its “archaic” policy

  1. Will more illegals come scurrying out of her once they incise her? Inquiring minds want to know…

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  2. Eugenicists, doctors and scientists convened at Harvard University in 1968 to determine, to the best of human knowledge, when death could be said to occur. This meeting was held in order to green light the legal ability of medicine to harvest human organs for transplant.
    It is an established medical fact that organs can ONLY be taken from a LIVING DONOR: A kidney, liver, heart or lung taken from a cadaver—even from a cadaver seconds old—will not function. So in order to justify this organ harvesting, scientific personnel had to come up with a definition of “brain death” in order to pretend that their action was ethical and morally acceptable!
    The Traditional Catholic definition of death is actual, honest, real and scientifically verifiable: Death occurs when the soul leaves the body.
    It’s really that simple.
    Death happens when the soul leaves the body.

    “Brain death,” in and of itself, does not indicate that the soul has already left the body. Certainly “brain death” has already occurred in the cadaver that has been brought to the funeral home. Scientists would have us believe that “brain death” justifies the harvesting of organs for transplant. But any organs acceptable for transplant CANNOT be taken from a cadaver; That can only occur when a doctor or scientist declares, in his judgment, that “brain death” has occurred.
    But just because a doctor can judge that “brain death” has occurred, does not and cannot mean that the soul has left the body: If the soul has left the body, the organs cannot be used!

    My late father detested the phrase “hocus pocus” because he (rightly) believed that it was a play on the words of the Consecration, “hoc est mi corpus” (or whatever the precise wording is; I have forgotten). Call it what you will: The definition of “brain death” is verbal “hocus pocus” or MAGIC that is used to justify science and medicine to do whatever it wishes to do to reduce the human person to a commodity and promote a Benthamite utilitarian ethic.

    I will be as frank and honest as I can: ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION (except for kidneys and partial liver transplants, and perhaps corneas) IS CATEGORICALLY UNACCEPTABLE, because it requires medicine to KILL a human being. But I see the eugenic logic CLEARLY: Allow killing at ONE END of the human life cycle with abortion, and it becomes perfectly acceptable to kill human life at the OTHER END of the life cycle. YES, the Nazis and Dr. Mengele approved of the same. But let us remember the history clearly: British Eugenics declared this PERFECTLY MORALLY ACCEPTABLE before the Nazis did, because Jeremy Bentham and Charles Darwin and Francis Galton did.

    Sorry: NO ONE is entitled to a liver or heart or lung transplant, regardless of their legal status, according to Traditional Catholic theology. Transplantation is FRANKENSTEINIAN.

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    • stevenbroiles, do you have any pointers/sources to the fact that organs must be harvested while the individual is still alive and no transplants can be done with organs harvested after a person is dead? I would like to read those. Instinct, or belief, or the Holy Spirit, always made me refuse to be listed as an organ donor on my drivers license, because I always felt that the medical mafia would kill me to harvest my organs even if I wasn’t dead yet! I am starting to understand why I was so directed to do.

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  3. She has been here for THIRTY YEARS? Her hubby has her on his policy. Why doesn’t he or his policy pay for the “start” of the process? She is a “stay at home mom” with four kids. That’s fine, but they are not OUR kids.

    I’m amazed by stuff like this. I am assuming from the article that she does not have legal status. I can’t really tell. If she is really married to a citizen or a resident alien she should be able to get legal status, if not citizenship.

    But no, they are quite OK with being on the receiving end. You see, if you are a tax paying citizen, you probably couldn’t get on this list for YEARS. You would be cast among the other eaters with no “special status” at all. For you are a despicable White Person.

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    • Another thing, also: I think the facts as presented to the news media on this case are, of necessity, misleading: Medical insurance does not pay for the transplant itself, to the best of my knowledge (unless something changed recently). (I AM NOT saying that FOTM misrepresented the facts; I am alleging that the original news source for this story most likely did not get the entire story straight and clear, going on my gut instinct that the mainstream news media certainly ARE NOT “masters of subtlety.”)

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    • That is what I thought, here for 30 years and no paperwork for Citizenship?? Makes one believe she has no intention to ever assimilate. Who does she hold her allegiance to?

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      • Glenn47 . . . . If she is like the young DACA people in Southern California, judging from the fact that they reverence the Mexican flag, and spit on, and burn the American flag, I would judge from that fact, and from the fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars leave the US economy and are sent South of the boarder–never to return to be used in US businesses. This whole practice is a Big Fat Looser for American citizens.

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        • Auntie, My feelings on DACA is if they finish school or doing continuing education, filed proper papers for citizenship in a timely manner, never in a gang or protested, working, served in the military, never arrested, paying taxes and not on social services are the only ones to be considered.

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    • lophatt . . . . Bravo! I love the fact that you really nailed this. I also thought about the fact that she has been here “30” years, but has never made any move to get obtain citizenship (just like so many of the DACA.) I don’t know if this is because they are lazy, or they just see no reason to obey the laws of the United States of America. I suspect that the latter is true. I think your last paragraph says just about all there is to say.

      In looking at the GOFUND page, one guy submitted that he had contacted ICE, and cited the email address for ICE. I cannot say that I blame him. Why has this woman just done nothing for “30” years–I just don’t understand it, other than that they wish to scarf up as much benefits as possible.

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      • Well Lulu, to me it shows that we aren’t very serious about immigration law. Done properly, everyone has a “status”. They are either citizens, or resident aliens, or visitors or illegal.

        Those who are not citizens are either permanently here and are registered as such or here temporarily for some reason fort which they hold a visa. Once their visa expires, they should be gone.

        I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to how many are here with no active visa and no resident status. There is no logical reason for the politicians to feel so heart wrenchingly sorry for them either. Of course we all know it is because they know they can get them to vote illegally for them. Think about that a few moments.

        So we have marching in the streets demanding that the people breaking the law get a pass so that they can vote illegally for Maoists. I can remember a time when that idea probably wouldn’t have flown.

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        • P.S. I suppose if we were as twisted as the Maoists, we could offer them double food stamps and ask them to vote Republican twice.

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        • lophatt . . . . When news agencies cite the illegals here in our country as about 11.5 million . . . I think that is laughable. I believe that there are many, many more than that here, draining our resources, causing rent’s to rise because American’s have to compete against all these “extra guests” in our homeland. I am extremely angry with the whole situation.

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          • I’m with you. I think they have no idea. Of the ones who were at least once legal I wonder how many visas they check to see if they left?

            I think I like my idea above better than ever. Every time the Demo-craps start whining about “Dreamers” we’ll just say, we’re running a “Twofer”. Twice the food stamps and two voter registrations if they pledge to vote Repub. Then sit back and watch them do a slow burn.

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  4. Would be interesting to check forms IRS 1040’s as if the deduction of illegal person has been used when filing(30)yearly tax returns? All taxes paid?

    If they did claim a Illegal alien for tax deductions why? How? Can all USA citizens also claim deductions? Was all their income reported for the past thirty years including benefits paid out of benefits for American citizens?

    If you have been here thirty years and still a illegal alien and get the medical service needed, have you called the American citizen who will not get the service and thank them for giving up their needed surgery?

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    • Nicely put. That’s also my point. Either they are too lazy to apply, or they would rather just complain and put their hand out. They have options.

      They could move back to Mexico. She could apply for resident alien status. Why should someone race to her rescue because she is unwilling, for whatever reason, to simply follow the process?

      We could try a little experiment. Just go to Mexico, present yourself a hospital for a transplant. See what happens.

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    • litlbit2 . . . . Congratulations! I am behind your statements 100%. It is a travesty what illegal aliens get away with in this country. IF an American went to Mexico and pulled this garbage–they would no doubt be taken out and shot!

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  5. Oregon Health and Sciences University’s president is Joseph E. Robertson Jr., M.D. and a professor of ophthalmology.

    Ph: (503) 494-8311

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  6. So,..what’s new,.?

    I myself, being a 84 year old, Korea era Vet with a poverty level income am being denied the right to register a car in California, because, since I live in the eastern part of the state, near the Nevada border, some 175 miles from the nearest ,..”Smog Test’,.. station, I do not have the energy levels to drive those distances, & I do not have the funds to pay for the gas, which , locally cost $4.49.9 per gallon, & I do not have the $650, I will be required to pay for repairs, if my car fails the smog test.

    Although, I have requested a ,..’hardship’,.. waiver, based on my age, & my poverty level income, & the distances I would need to travel, the DMV insists that I drive those miles, from eastern California, across Death Valley, where the temps will be over 100 degrees, by the time I am required to make to make trip,..

    But you can bet your nannynooker, that,.. ‘IF’,..I were an illegal alien, instead of an old ,..WHITE’,.. guy, then the ACLU & La Raza, would be all over this matter, & the DMV would befalling all over it’self, making sure, that I got my vehicle registered, without delay,..

    Ya think,.?,

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  7. How can an illegal alien live in OREGON for thirty years, does she speak English at All?

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    • Believe it or not, there are a couple at my parish like that. My Spanish is terrible but, if I want to talk to them, that’s what I have to do. If I went to live in Mexico I’m reasonably sure I’d have to improve my Spanish. I guess not everyone sees things the way I do.

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      • I lived in Mexico for a year a long time ago (attended the University of Mexico). I remember my high school Spanish teacher told me the polite thing to do is to learn their language in order to communicate. It wasn’t hard at all and locals appreciate your efforts.

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        • I lived in Germany for two years. I tried to learn German. Most wanted to perfect their English. They did appreciate it if I started the conversation in German.

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          • Same in Mexico. Funny they want to learn English unless they move here…

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            • Ain’t that the truth? I went to the University of Geissen for a while. All the classes are taught in English. If you’re an English speaker it makes it pretty nice. Anybody with any college at all has to have some English. In fact, the professors often would ask for help with English words.

              I’m not very good with languages. I know that it is a mental issue. The trick is to “think” in the language you want to speak. If you try to translate everything you’ll never get anywhere.

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    • Alma . . . . Bless you for bringing up that question? Another question that plagues me , , , , she is “46” yet look at the picture of her holding a new baby, was that from a long time ago, or more recent? Or was this picture used to pull on the heart strings of possible donors to her Go Fund Me page?

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  8. Obviously if a person’s medical condition goes down to the point that they are number 1 on the organ transplant list it transcends legal status. They should not be denied. Even in war it is recognized people have unalienable rights of life, limb and sight……


    • One could argue there needs to be legal parameters for liver transplants for many reasons: the limited number of US liver transplant facilities, the costs, the geographic location of the patient, malpractice insurance and claims, etc.

      There should be a deterrent for illegal aliens from coming to the US to specifically seek organ transplants.

      We all have unalienable rights. Doesn’t mean a country (of which you are not a legal citizen), doctor or insurance company is responsible for guaranteeing them to you.

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      • Yeah, it’s a bit of a moral dilemma. I have a daughter that’s on the waiting list for a kidney. She’s been on it a long time.

        If organs were freely available it wouldn’t be such a problem. But they’re not. It shouldn’t mean anything what country someone’s from but that’s how the lists work. You can’t say go to Lithuania because you know there’s an organ you need there and someone there will just die to let you have it.

        If anything this just speaks more to why we need to take care of our own first. It’s a little disingenuous to come here, do nothing to gain legal status for 30 years, then face a medical emergency and demand treatment.

        The ugly truth is what makes her more important than the people who live here legally?

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      • In the world we are living in a Doctor or even an insurance company are one of the entities ensuring that the unalienable rights are exercised


        • God endowed us with our unalienable rights.

          In the world we are living in, if you want a doctor, insurance company or the government to be responsible for ensuring that your unalienable rights are exercised, you will need a legal process.

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  9. ENGLISH IS SPOKEN HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, if anyone coming contributes with culture, and a new language, that is a big plus, an advantage but, we don’t have to accommodate the new “neighbors” with their needs, help is welcome but we have no obligations, THEY CAME HERE,, they need to adapt or else return to their place of origin. I did, so did my not so young parents and the rest of my family.

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  10. My son was born in Pennsylvania of a 5 generation American, he is fully bilingual, speaks, writes and reads Spanish, even my Maltese BARNEY is bilingual, no kidding, woof woof, jau jau 🐶

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  11. Ask yourself who is going to pay for this transplant, the ACLU?

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