New “Gerber Baby” is the first one with Down syndrome

gerber baby lucas

Thank God Lucas’ family doesn’t live in Iceland.

Lucas is WAY TOO CUTE!

From People Magazine: Gerber has found their 2018 Spokesbaby — and he’s breaking the mold.

After an exhaustive photo search that garnered more than 140,000 entries, 1-year-old Lucas Warren of Dalton, Georgia, has been named this year’s Gerber Baby, it was announced Wednesday on Today. And this year is extra noteworthy: Lucas is the first child with Down syndrome to win the title since the contest began in 2010.

“We’re hoping this will impact everyone — that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited,” said dad Jason Warren. “They have the potential to change the world, just like everybody else.”

Mom Cortney Warren shared that she entered the Gerber contest, which has been held online for the past eight years, without much thought, tagging an adorable photo of Lucas showing off his smile while donning a mint green shirt and bow tie. That happy face completely reflects Lucas’ personality.

“He’s very outgoing and never meets a stranger,” Cortney told Today Parents. “He loves to play, loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh.”

CEO and president of Gerber Bill Partyka said Lucas’ contagious smile won over the team. “Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s longstanding heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby,” he explained. “This year, Lucas is the perfect fit.”

Aside from scoring the coveted Gerber Baby title, the Warrens were awarded a $50,000 cash prize, which they say will go toward Lucas’ education, and the baby’s year will also be documented on Gerber’s social media platforms.

“He may have Down syndrome, but he’s always Lucas first,” said Cortney. “He’s got an awesome personality and he goes through the milestones of every child … we’re hoping when he grows up and looks back on this, he’ll be proud of himself and not ashamed of his disability.”


15 responses to “New “Gerber Baby” is the first one with Down syndrome

  1. Lucas Warren is a cutie! What a joyful baby.

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  2. Hi 5, Gerber, all born with the Down Syndrome are very intelligent, witty, funny, they grow very independent and don’t like to be pitied. Sometimes parents try very hard to shield them and don’t realize they are causing more harm than good. I applaud Gerber’s actions by recognizing the DS baby, and, isn’t He a happy bundle of joy? Lovely.

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  3. Lucas is a gorgeous baby!

    I found this video several years ago. It’s the Ball Brothers singing “It’s About the Cross”. Starting at 2:26, there’s a little girl who has Down’s Syndrome, and she is doing sign language to the words of the song. When I first watched it, I cried (and watched it over and over and cried each time) just knowing how many babies like her have been killed. Yet they are so precious to God, and they even minister for Him. Every life is precious to God.

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  4. A face that everyone will love. Love these kinda stories thanks.

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  6. I am no especial fan of Sarah Palin, but she demonstrated courage and truth in having Trig, her Down’s Syndrome son. She wrote that “we need more people like Trig, not less.”

    So I am very happy for Lucas, and I hope he lives a long life. I cannot fathom the cross of Down’s Syndrome. Neither can anyone who carries this cross.

    This being said, Let Us be on our Guard: The eugenic side, with its extinction protocols, like the baby-killers in Iceland, are chomping at the bit here: YES, they will exploit this to their own twisted, perverted and sinful ends. They already have. THE DR. MENGELE’S ARE EVERYWHERE, just watching and waiting with their twisted curiosity, looking for ways to use innocent human life for their own evil ends.
    God is keeping score in watching what these Dr. Mengele’s do. But He is also watching to see what WE do when they move in and do their Deeds: Did WE speak up? Did WE pray about it? Did WE talk to people about it? This is important because, Just as Jesus Christ endured His Trial at the hands of the Sanhedrin, so are innocent human beings! We cannot pretend to be “neutral” like Pontius Pilate! Either we are on Our Lord’s Side, or we are on Judas Iscariot’s side: There is no third side!

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    • steven . . . . Thank you for your words of wisdom!

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    • One of my very treasured friends told me she was expecting when we were both in our 40’s. I asked her if she was going to have an amniocentesis to see if the baby was “OK” or had Down’s Syndrome….and she and her husband told us “NO.” They would not abort anyway, so why bother? This was their baby……the one who was sent to them from God, and so, everything was “OK” no matter what the outcome. They taught me a lot about humanity in that moment. And then, I had to remember that my own beloved grandmother delivered her last baby, my aunt (5 years younger than me, as I am the child of her firstborn…of 28 years prior.) when she was 49 (way before amnio was available or abortion was legal). Everyone in the family was up in arms about this pregnancy/baby except my grandparents and their doctor. Everyone was healthy, including the resultant baby, who is my aunt, and who lived down the street from my grandparents in their elder years, driving them to see me in another state when they could no longer drive, advocating for them when they required it….and, so much more…..We ALL in the family have been eternally thankful and humbled, grateful for this “menopause baby” who was allowed to come into our lives, and whom we love and cherish unto this day, though our grandparents (her parents) are long-passed from our mortal lives.

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  7. Little Lucas is a child of God. He is a precious little boy. I would guess a lot of liberals are hating this.

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  8. Let’s take pride in damaging our babies with poor maternal nutrition, because that’s what it is . Weston Price did a world-wide study for 9 years funded by himself, no grants in the 1930’s and chronicled the dietary and life habits of the healthiest people on Earth at the time. And compared them to their neighbors . He lived during a unique time right during and after the industrial revolution refined fours and sugar and it took obvious toll, he could see the changes in the development and health of his patients and he wanted to know why. And yes Downs was a thing then, but not called that yet. He called it “maternal exhaustion”. For the healthy groups that made sure they had plenty of dense nutrient foods, it was a non issue. For those who incorporated adulterated and canned and refined foods into their diets, this wasn’t the only symptom. Nutrient deficiencies cause club feet, cleft palate, eye defects bone defects, pretty much all defects. Though it wasnt an issue at the time for the people he studied, later alcohol use in pregnancy was also found to cause a myriad of developmental issues. Even Tylenol damages baby livers in pregnancy. So, when I see these special kids, I see it’s our fault. Why be proud of causing damage?


  9. I like this. This is what progressive should mean.

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