Alabama teacher argues that it’s unconstitutional to prohibit her having sex with students

charlie jones parker

Convict Charli Jones Parker: Likes her boys really young.

Her and her husband have a thing for their students. Sickos.

From NY Post: A former teacher in Alabama is fighting for her right to have sex with students.

Charli Jones Parker, 31, was convicted of having intercourse with two male 16-year-old students while she was a teacher at Pickens Academy. Now she wants her case overturned, claiming that a law prohibiting sex with students is unconstitutional, according to Tuscaloosa News.

Her appeal comes after a Morgan County Circuit Court judge ruled in August that the law violated an equal protection clause which affords teachers the same treatment in court as other professions. Parker’s attorney argued in a brief filed Tuesday that her conviction should be appealed on the same grounds.

The law in question prohibits school employees from having sex with students under the age of 19, regardless of where the student is enrolled.

“Alabama law does not make it a crime for members of other occupations to have consensual sex with 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds, even when there is a position of trust or authority,” said attorney Virginia Buck, according to the newspaper.

In court filings, Buck gave a hypothetical example in which a school janitor could go on spring break and have sex with a teen girl who was 16, and he would be violating the law. On the other hand, “a 65-year-old doctor, minister, therapist, or attorney is not subject to criminal liability in Alabama for having consensual sex with a 16-year-old,” she said.

The age of consent in Alabama is 16.

“School employees have been unfairly singled out and are being sent to prison for something that, at most, might cost people their job or their license in any other profession,” Buck said.

Parker pleaded guilty in August to having sex with the teens, including more than a dozen times with one boy between October 2014 and March 2016. She was sentenced to three years in prison.

If her conviction is overturned, the ruling could possibly benefit her husband, James Franklin Parker III. The 33-year-old also pleaded guilty to sexual contact with a former student and is set to be sentenced in June. He has not appealed his case.


23 responses to “Alabama teacher argues that it’s unconstitutional to prohibit her having sex with students

  1. Glenn Thompson is the Morgan County Circuit Court judge who, in August 2017, declared unconstitutional an Alabama law prohibiting school employees from engaging in sexual relations with students below the age of 19. Any violation of the law is a Class B felony accompanied by a prison sentence of up to 20 years and registration as a sex offender. The law also states that consent cannot be used as a defense despite the fact that Alabama’s age of consent is 16.

    After ruling the Alabama law unconstitutional, Thompson dismissed charges against two school employees:
    (1) 44-year-old Carrie Witt, a former teacher at Decatur High School, accused of having sex with two male students, 17 and 18.
    (2) 27-year-old David Solomon, a former aide at Falkville High School, accused of sexual contact with a 17-year-old student.

    Not surprisingly, Glenn Thompson, 65, is a Democrat. He announced in September 2017 that he would not seek re-election in 2018.

    Thompson’s phone #: (256) 351-4785

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  2. Sick perverts. Sick. Sick. Sick. What else can one say?

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  3. I wonder how they would feel if two teachers were trying to have sex with their young daughter?
    After looking at this person, I have to question any male that wants to have sex with her. She looks like a bull dike.

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  4. What next? Oh, a lesson in sex,, “Johnny, hop on the desk so the class can see how it is done!”

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  5. By any chance does she teach at the ” Alabama School for the Blind ” ?
    She ( ? ) looks like something in transition . These Democrap judges have a knack for pulling rulings out of their nether regions .
    Does anybody find it odd ; that after he came up with this ruling , a month later he decides not to seek re-election ? Coincidence ? …don’t think so . Just another libtard pushing the lowering the threshold of good behavior down another notch or two .

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    • Ha, ha, good one. More like “Alabama School for the Desperate”. I suppose it would be reassuring to know that your doctor or dentist isn’t pleasuring himself at your expense when you’re incapacitated. This is why we see pedophiles everywhere. They GO where the kids are.

      If he or she wants to teach, it should be understood that school isn’t a hunting ground. In her case she looks like she’d be more at home at a Janet Reno memorial parade.

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    • japoa . . . . Right on! Very good points.

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  6. Wow! By the look of her, one wonders if that sex was even consensual on the boys’ part.

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  7. Alabama rednecks have sex with their sister, mother, cousins but arrest the Teacher for having sex….LOL


  8. What is it that has changed . . . Now we see willy-nilly all kinds of teachers, particularly female teachers, involving young boys in servicing them. It is certainly difficult why a female teacher who has a husband, would have to resort to such drastic measures. I just do not understand what has happened to the common sense of today’s teachers. Parent’s ought to be able to send their children, male and female to school without the worry of lecherous teachers praying on them.

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  9. The “slippery slope” already started when the Supremes declared that “you can not legislate love” b/c it was a CIVIL RIGHT, and so, same-sexed “marriage/sexual congress” is a Civil Right—which holds at its base that the “marriage partners” will participate in consensual sexual acts as legally recognized by the Supremes……. What did we say back then? —-Oh…so, maybe someday (soon…like NOW) someone would claim that it was their “Civil Right” to have sex with (name your poison: ) same-sexed partners, multiple “marriage partners,” under-aged children, your own children, your underaged students while you are a teacher, farm animals, your pets, relatives of any age or sex, the mentally disabled or compromised, infants…your neighbor’s car or tree or deck chair……I’m sure I haven’t thought of it all…as the Supreme Court decision on this let the door wide open. And, with this sicko teacher’s case, we see it coming to fruition——-and, she really DOES have a vallid case in light of the Supreme Court rulings on this during the Obama Admin./Court.

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    • CalGirl . . . . As hard as it is to contemplate, what you have written is truly indicative of the slippery slope we have stared to travel down as a nation. Frankly, it does not bode well for us.

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    • That was very good! You left out water fowl and dog bowls but you covered most of it. I think at least part of this started when we began seeing “marriage” as a civil state. Instead of seeing it as a Sacrament, governed by The Church, it became an authorized tax write off governed by the State.

      Part of this is another example of language used in as a weapon. The State does not define marriage (at least in my view). I can see some sort of State-defined living arrangement for legal business purposes. It would have no bearing on whether or not something was sinful.

      In a way its like Roe v Wade. The State can “say” anything they like, but they can’t make infanticide not a sin. So for these Brave New Millennials that are accustomed to running to The State for permission or absolution, this makes sense.

      This way The State becomes their master and their religion.

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  10. I did have a friend at school who married our chemistry teacher. At first it was weird but they did have a proper christian white wedding & he was only a young man himself.

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    • Sometimes that works. When I was in high school we had a teacher marry his prior student. It was quite a scandal. He almost lost his job and he got so much flack from it that he became a community college teacher.

      The stayed married. And like your example, he was very young himself.


  11. Lets face it… the world has changed and sexual promiscuity is much more prevalent than in the past. If they want to solve the problem then move the age of consent up to 18 or 19 rather than 16 and make it a Stat Rape case. It seems the issue here is that there is a law that singles out “school employees”… Which, is indeed unconstitutional. So if the “teacher” worked as say… a Judge, Cop, Lawyer, Walmart greater or Burger flipper… and did the same exact thing… well, there is no charge. :/ Not saying it is “right”…and yes…she should lose her job, but if it isn’t rape and it is consensual…then, what are we talking about here? I believe this to be an issue of employment rather than illegal activity.

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