Gavin Newsom addresses his affair in context of #MeToo era

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One little detail Newsom didn’t mention in his “#MeToo” moment: The woman Newsom had an affair with, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, was the wife of his friend and campaign manager, Alex Tourk.

From SF Gate: In the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, when several politicians have been routed from office for sexually inappropriate behavior from years ago, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom offered an answer for voters who might be hesitant to support him for governor because of a 2007 affair he had with a subordinate while he was mayor of San Francisco.

“I would say the same thing that I said (then) to the voters in San Francisco: that I acknowledged it. I apologized for it. I learned an enormous amount from it,” Newsom said Monday during an onstage interview at the University of San Francisco. “And I am every day trying to be a champion and a model — not just for women and girls — but to deal with the issue that we need to focus on, which is the crisis with men and boys in this state and in this country.” He described a culture of “toxic masculinity” where men are responsible for much of the violence in the nation.

In 2007, Newsom — who was then separated from his first wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle — publicly apologized for having a consensual affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, who was then his commission appointments secretary.

A subsequent City Attorney’s Office report into whether it was proper for Rippey-Tourk to receive $10,154 in “catastrophic illness pay” from the city after she left her job after the affair, uncovered nothing illegal, but raised questions about whether she should have been eligible for the payments. According to the report, the pay was based on her acceptance into the city’s Catastrophic Illness Program, or CIP.

The report said it is supposed to be offered to employees with “a life-threatening illness or injury, as determined by the Department of Public Health” to “reduce hardship and suffering of catastrophically ill city employees.” The report questioned whether Rippey-Tourk, who took leave from City Hall in May 2006 to enter a substance abuse program, should have been eligible for that program.

Newsom was speaking Thursday at the University of San Francisco as part of the university’s series of one-on-one interviews with the top gubernatorial candidates co-sponsored by Politico and the school’s Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good.

Asked by Politico’s Carla Marinucci, who conducted the interview, whether he had any similar transgressions since that time, Newsom said, “Of course not.”

He applauded the courage of the women who have publicly called out inappropriate sexual behavior in Sacramento.

Last week, the state Senate and Assembly released documents revealing 20 substantiated complaints of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior against lawmakers or high-level legislative staffers over the past 12 years. They included cases against six current and former elected officials, including one of Newsom’s gubernatorial candidate rivals — Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach (Orange County). Allen was found to have routinely gotten “unnecessarily close” to one female staffer in 2013, including sitting close to her while sliding his foot to touch hers.

In a statement, Allen said, “There has never been anything in any of my actions that has been inappropriate, and nor will there ever be.”

On policy, Newsom said Monday that he would make addressing homelessness a focus of his governorship and outlined several ways he would address the problem, including appointing a statewide homeless czar (Hey Newsom: See Seattle and how well that idea has worked for them).

That leadership has been lacking for decades in California,” Newsom said. “There has been no intentionality supporting local and regional efforts to address the issue of homelessness emanating from Sacramento. None. There are no statewide goals to end homelessness. There is no vision to end homelessness in the state of California.

“I’m going to step up significantly on this issue,” he said.

With $19.5 million in the bank, Newsom has a vast fundraising lead over his opponents and is the early poll leader, too. Newsom was the top choice of 26 percent of the likely voters responding to a December 2017 Berkeley IGS Poll, with Villaraigosa at 17 percent. Two Republicans — Rancho Santa Fe businessman John Cox and Allen, R-Huntington Beach — each grabbed 9 percent, with Chiang and former Superintendent of Public Instruction Eastin each getting 5 percent. Another candidate, former Sacramento-area GOP Rep. Doug Ose, entered the race in January and was not included in the polling.


9 responses to “Gavin Newsom addresses his affair in context of #MeToo era

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Once a cheater always a cheater.


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    • Jane, how true; men with careers, looks and money are a magnet, and given the opportunity they don’t hesitate to make a move and when caught they realize their mistake, in time they learn and the “next” is done in a very surreptitious way, women are always the loosers, looking for something new they ruin another woman’s life and their own too.

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  2. Meanwhile, California’s Republican Party continues to do nothing.

    For those who think California politics is on the far-left fringe of the national spectrum, stand by. The next election season, already well underway here, will showcase a younger generation of Democrats that are more liberal and personally invested against President Trump than those leaving office.

    Bill Whalen, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, said: “What also is certain is that the next governor is going to be more progressive than Jerry Brown.”

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    • I’m having a hard time again with their deliberate use of language. Terms like “more liberal” or “even more progressive” certainly imply that there is no limit to how weird one can be. It implies that there are no standards at all, and this imaginary spectrum is just between those who are “conservative”, i.e. dumb and repressive, and “liberal” which means “if I want to be a kangaroo I can”.

      Now I understand the reasons for this. I merely point out the labels they have assigned are really lines in the sand. As they shift them ever more toward chaos, we are invited to step across or be “regressive”.

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      • You’ve nailed it with your description of the parties. But beyond descriptions, we know what this means…..the only further left you can get is out and out socialism/communism, which is where I expect the new left will push things. Sweden here we come. I might have to flee the state.

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        • Yeah, but I don’t think they would stop then. They might ask for Whitey to commit suicide or kill their children, who knows? Right now they are SO outrageous I’m having a hard time believing what I’m seeing.

          I mean, just as one example of many, who in their right mind would want to import savages? How did that turn into a necessity all of a sudden? How did resistance to this idiotic idea become “hatred”?

          It’s done through mind-control and the use of language. That’s why we must always keep an analytical detachment from anything they are trying to sell. The safe thing is to say, if I don’t have it and I don’t know about it, I probably don’t need it anyway.

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  3. Hey, Bill Clinton’s doing it!

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  4. Not unusually where men and women work side by side there are always some sexual activity on the side. Affairs then may break up a marriage if the couple are not too discreet. Women are likely to pursue sexual in the office with Politicians, managers, the office boss, Union reps and Supervisors…some just want to sleep with them while other seek some sort of benefit.


  5. I expect no redeeming behavior from this man who seems to think it it okay to allow people to defacate in the streets and nothing is done. He most likely runs the rest of his life and work the same way.
    It is a shame deserving people aren’t elected because someone else’s name is more known, or has more money, regardless of their ethics.

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