NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance to Comply With New Gender Guidelines

Party poopers:

From Fox News: A Staten Island elementary school cancelled its traditional father-daughter dance because of the Department of Education’s (DOE) new gender guidelines.

PS 65 had the event scheduled for Friday, February 9, until the school’s parent-teacher association realized it would not comply with the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines, which went into effect in March 2017.

The school’s PTA will reschedule a dance for kids and caregivers of any gender on March 2, according to the DOE.

“Father-daughter dances inherently leave people out. Not just because of transgender status, just life in general,” said Jared Fox, the DOE’s LGBT community liaison. “These can be really uncomfortable and triggering events.”

Some parents are outraged at the move.

“They’re trying to take away everything that everybody grew up on and has come to know, and I don’t think it’s fair or right,” Matthew West, a father of two daughters at the school, told The New York Post. “They should leave it the way it was — father-daughter, mother-son.”

“It’s not fair at all,” said Jose Garcia, who’s gone to past dances with his daughter. “I have nothing against no one, but I don’t think that it should affect the school, or the kids for that matter.”

“All this gender crap needs to just stop,” said mom Akaia Cameron, adding her third-grader had a “great time” with dad last year.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted on Twitter, writing, “This nonsense really needs to stop.”


23 responses to “NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance to Comply With New Gender Guidelines

  1. Our Founding Fathers feared a “tyranny of the majority,” and created the U.S. Senate (2 senators for each state, no matter how large or small the state’s population) and the Electoral College to guard against that tyranny.

    Now we have a Tyranny of the Minority — a small sliver of the population, totaling no more than 2-3% (of LGBTs), who are allowed to hold our country and schools like PS65 hostage.

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  2. The 3% controlling the mainstream media and most sectors of
    American society are responsible for this perverted upheaval.
    Their idea of inclusivity is anything that does NOT include
    the traditional majority. LGBTs on their own would not
    have the clout to close down events like the father-daughter

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  3. This agenda is not about sexuality it is about Christianity. It is an all out assault on Christianity.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    transgender or lgbt conformity is has no constructive value of any form. What it is, is a social and civil embarrassment.

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  5. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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  6. This is taking it to the limit, why not have a Father-Daughter Dance elsewhere, just for girls and their dads! The

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  7. Just more manipulation to destroy the culture. They want to ruin it from the inside out.

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  8. This cr@p has to stop. It’s beyond non-sense. It’s insanity.

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  9. The reaction that they’re after is for everyone to feel “ashamed” at normal life. If you’re straight and white you’re supposed to feel ashamed. If you’re in a traditional relationship, you’re supposed to feel strange about that as well.

    Daughters are not supposed to bond with their fathers. That way it makes it easier to introduce perverse stuff later.

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  11. This is probably not wise of me, but I feel I must share this story with likeminded people to keep myself sane. This Alphabet group ideology is spreading, along with Feminism (just add F to LGBTQ?), mostly because I firmly believe many of them in positions of power are demonically possessed or directly influenced. We all know they move in lockstep and have a double-standard. Here’s an example of my recent experience:

    My writing is not tolerated by most. I LOVE purple prose and believe firmly the determined goal to destroy it by editors and teachers alike is another NWO method to render us less intelligent. Modern English literally cannot work without the use of profanities, and books are told not to tell (which they must, but to describe). That said…

    There’s another problem, apparently, writers must now watch for. White Male Characters. Apparently, fiction editors no longer want white men or boys, or boys in general for that matter, as main characters in books. They ask to not even bother submitting the story because it will go specifically ignored. “It’s been done to much,” they supposedly say.

    Critics blasted my work for not having any female characters in places of authority. In the first couple pages of the first chapter/prologue. I’d stepped into a community by accident that was basically a LGBTQFeminism coven. They were obsessed with the need for a female lead, or females in immediate important positions or reference. There was even the question of “why should we care” about my Main Character, and that he’s self-pitying for crying over his dead brothers and father. Really?

    Browsing other reviews, I also noticed them insisting that men are inherently uninteresting and no one likes to read about us or our stories. Transgender men or women masquerading as men in wartime/men masquerading as women, are inherently more interesting and make better stories. They even questioned, if I recall right, why ALL the characters aren’t women. Because men are boring and we don’t like reading about ourselves.

    The latest Star Wars film, too, had this subtext if you notice. The males are either broken, stupid, insubordinate, decapitated, or evil. While the women can fly in space or break the laws of established SW physics, or are perfect Jedi from birth.

    I believe this is going to be the next major push for the Alphabets. Lord knows they always seem to get exactly what they want. Even simple events like Father/Daughter date nights are gone. But guess what, if it were a Mother/Daughter empowerment dance, NOBODY would have put a stop to it, no siree. Even though such a dance would be extremely exclusive.

    I ask an honest question: should I have been offended from such a critique? In my mind, yes. Because double-standard.

    How far over the event horizon we have fallen. It just cannot be much longer, now, before we are finally free of responsibility for the souls of this world. They are FAST rejecting all truth, even if they haven’t heard the message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus the True Messiah, they inherently by their very natures reject it. Just as it’s said in… I think Hebrews and even another NT book. It literally says to have nothing to do with them because it’s a lost cause! They don’t WANT to change, and the Holy Spirit knows it, and, tragically for their souls, respected it from the time before the world was made. Imagine our Lord’s sorrow of knowing he would make souls who would never turn back to him? Best not to think on it too long. It could destroy a sympathetic heart.

    My apologies for this. But I felt it was worth at least warning viewers here. Don’t be surprised if white male characters (Even gay ones, in all likelihood) become awful scares. Homosexuals aren’t mentally or physically damaged or twisted enough. Transgenderism is in. And all men are out, so I guess we men should all be glad we have a way out. XD (Sarcasm)

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    • What you say about the direction of fiction writing is also apparently controlling content on network and cable television and in the movies…

      Witness the new Marvel superhero show on CBS, “Black Lightning”. The star is a middle-aged black school principle who was an Olympic-level track star years ago. His butch-cut wife, who wants to divorce him, is a prestigious medical doctor. One of their daughters is a bratty high-school debutante. Her older sister is a teacher at the father’s school and a lesbian who just broke up with her black girlfriend to pursue an asian bartender chick she just met at the library. They all live together. You can’t make this up.

      On “The Orville” (Fox) there is an alien couple of two big black dudes. They got pregnant, one laid an egg, and they hatched a daughter. It gets weirder… they then fought over “converting” their daughter to a male, as they come from an all-male society (hence the gay pairing). But one admits he was ALSO born a female, and has regretted being “turned” male all this time, so they allowed their daughter to remain female. OMG.

      You literally can’t watch a typical “drama” on network t.v. without being smacked in the face with the overt sexual overtones; on any given show, the guys and gals will be mixing it up to see who sleeps with whom each week, week-by-week, including the “serious” medical, legal, police, and rescue dramas. I can’t stand watching any of them. I can’t imagine having any of their doctors coming anywhere near me in an emergency – surgical situation.

      On typical network comedies, besides the ubiquitous sexual overtones, you also have the portrayal of all men, parents, and authority figures as drunks, bozos, and generally inept, clueless buffoons. Then there’s the cursing and gratuitous nudity and/or sex. They’re obviously trying to see how much they can get away with, and even testing the censors, networks, and advertisers to see if they’ll actually get fined or canned for breaking the rules.
      It’s truly gotten pathetic.

      On network and for a while now even on PBS news shows, forget any semblance of moderated discussion or a presentation of facts (or news). It’s all one-sided “progressivism”, anti-Christian bias, and Trump hatred. And it’s presented as not opinion or spin, but as “fact”, most of which is taken straight from the AP news service, most of which is not taken straight from the original sources, but taken out of context, spun, or reported falsely (LIED about), even when the original actual sources can be seen live and recorded from independent news sources like CSpan. It’s sad.

      Control the news: re-write the past, conduct the present, direct the future.

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  12. Communists destroyed people by making them buy into lies and falsehoods. Those who spoke up wound up in the gulag or insane aslyums. The same thing is happening here to placate a bunch of faggots, deviants, and mentally unstable people.

    I refuse to acknowledge that such critters are normal nor do I have to tolerate such lepers. No one has to facilitate the insane.

    Resist the hive mind.

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  13. I agree with President Trump that “this nonsense needs to stop.” Yes. And the best way to make that stop is to END public education on the primary and secondary levels.
    Public education is the “Holy Mother Church” of the State: In this education, the State indoctrinates its captive students AGAINST the precepts of the Natural Law and turns them into sexual and intellectual deviants.
    And public education is the biggest financial scam going. (At least until Obamacare came along). One goes to public school for up to 12 years, and then pays property taxes via rent or home ownership for the rest of their lives.
    The State uses public education to control the population, encourage mediocrity and failure and to guarantee a small leftist and effeminate minority lifetime employment, and all the while while providing its “services,” produces no saleable goods—all the while while results, outside of state-designed tests, are next to impossible to measure.

    In brief, the Church and the State are in a death battle. The State is FORCE, said George Washington. Yet the State, for whatever good it can produce, CANNOT deliver education, hospital and welfare services that the various churches were once able to provide. The State wants a MONOPOLY on human life.

    Yes, it is time for this EVIL NONSENSE to stop. I’m not holding my breath.

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    • “I agree with President Trump that “this nonsense needs to stop.” Yes. And the best way to make that stop is to END public education on the primary and secondary levels.
      Public education is the “Holy Mother Church” of the State: In this education, the State indoctrinates its captive students AGAINST the precepts of the Natural Law and turns them into sexual and intellectual deviants.
      And public education is the biggest financial scam going.”
      Okay-what would be YOUR cure,keeping in mind in solving the problems of Public Education,we’d have to avoid ALL that is WRONG with Public Education?
      In MY case,I believe Public Education did a pretty good job,but I’m sure others have had better or worse results. I believe,with some work,to correct some of the more recent flaws that have been introduced (all the gender BS,Liberal/Socialist Indoctrination,Common Core and its variants,the straying far from the “Reading,Writing,Arithmetic” basic curriculum,classes that just have NO place in the education of kids–some of the Sex-Ed. classes mentioned on this Forum come to mind,etc.), and some that are older,(Sloppy accounting and financial abuse,Teacher accreditation follow up,Teacher Pay,lack of accountability for spending in specific.) This ALL would need to be looked at,tweaked,changed or replaced. Using taxes to pay for Education is as fair as any way of paying,but the COSTS need to be closely controlled to keep the System’s NEEDS affordable. For TOO long,the schools have complained they can’t function on the money they get,called for more money,and the people get ANOTHER tax increase to pay for the schools,never being told that their money pays PREMIUM prices for necessary materials and is frittered away on things the schools can do very well without.
      Public Education can still be the best all-around way to educate the young in America. It’s just been allowed to write its own rules for too long,with little if any responsible oversight..

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      • I think we need to get rid of the DOE and let the states handle education, and that includes allowing school choice/vouchers (which the unions fight all the way). And that includes removing the unions, at least their bias (impossible, I know).

        And the only way to control costs, IMO, is to privatize. Government does not exist to control costs, only to expand their power.

        I don’t know what the answer is…public vs. private. It’s gotten to big to control and to powerful to reign in. Ugh…

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      • I would encourage home-schooling, and I would have a Constitutional amendment to guarantee that.
        In the meantime, I would push internet education, allowing pupils and students to avoid the brick-and-mortar school building. To those who cannot make this arrangement, I would offer those students trapped in school buildings teachers who cannot indoctrinate: I would limit “academic freedom” to teach what is in the curriculum, and I would forbid teachers to compel their students to comply with their opinions and political views.

        Now you say that “It’s just been allowed to write its own rules for too long, with little if any responsible oversight.” This is PRECISELY WHY it must be abolished.
        In other words, I would like to keep judicial decisions out of it, for one thing. I would get rid of Brown vs. Board of Education, I would severely restrict Title IX. In other words, what I am calling for is precisely what George W. Bush and Barack Obama (and the Military-Industrial Complex) made impossible: I would SHRINK the size of the Federal Government to about 30% of the size it is now. Two people with good ideas to achieve this are Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele.

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  14. Tears: daughters in our lives “demoted” into a general designation, in a country that STILL isn’t so good at building gender parity in both academia and sports. And the sad thing is—this “father-daughter” thing through the years was meant to equally headline the importance of a FATHER playing an active role in a child’s life–EVEN IF SHE IS ONLY A GIRL. All the other banquets seemed to always end up with fathers and sons…all those sports banquets, wrestling suppers, and so on. These “father daughter” events were instituted to try to correct all that way back when. Now we’re back to square one again— Nobody ever has a “special day” to themselves anymore almost anywhere you go, b/c it is unfair to EVERYONE ELSE—so the theory goes. So now—EVERYONE has to share the date. It’s like my crazy brother years ago issuing an edict that, none of his children should receive a birthday present on their birthday without EVERYONE else getting one, too. I put the kebash on that one right away by NOT sending birthday presents and then picking an odd day of the year to send –by surprise–one “Happy Unbirthday” present to each. Done.

    Anyway—what ever happened to the actions at school that uphold the principle that “everyone can not receive the SAME care or education exactly—but EVERYONE DOES receive what they NEED—?”….so it’s different things to different people according to the divergence within the school culture. Here’s a “for instance:” next door to my classroom is a classroom of kids with severe medical and cognitive disabilities. They have one-on-one aides all day, some of them have nurses. None of MY kids do. They don’t need them. The kids next door have cooked lunches brought to them to eat in the room. My kids don’t. They can line up and take care of themselves eating the cold food cart Dominoes Pizza everyday proffered. The kids next door don’t have elective, stay in their own room all day, except for adaptive PE, and watch movies all day Fridays. My kids have electives, must eat (the disgusting) food wagon fare outside on picnic tables, and nearly NEVER see a movie in my room. My kids and the kids next door have different needs. They get a different education…but they are ALL getting an education that they require, need, and can take with them in their lives. It’s NOT equal because it can’t be, according to the needs of the stake-holders in this education thing. The differences don’t even have to be so far apart as this example—-geez… are all over the USA separated by ability in their math classes…’s so everyone GETS WHAT THEY NEED, and the classes are NOT equal in rigor and no one gives a rip if the kids are male or female or LGBT…..their math classes are determined by the measure of WHAT EACH NEEDS ……..

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  15. Here we go again, the minority is ruling the majority. Push back dang it. There is nothing more beautiful than a daddy dancing with his daughter or a mommy dancing with her son in a connection these perverts cannot break.
    Rent a building and have the dance off school property. Don’t deny your child this. It is something you will regret.
    Elect different members for the PTA. Fight this deranged DOE.
    Silence leads to consent. Don’t be shamed of being a straight person knowing who you are. Be comfortable. Don’t give these people a platform, and watch it die down when they don’t get their way.

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  16. It is simply the Maoists redefining familial and other established relationships to fit their model. No one (eve the lefties) is really asking for this. They will embrace it, because they are insecure morons, but they are not initially asking for this.

    It helps sometimes to go back to basics. We used to claim we had a “two party system”. Both were supposed to work with each other, for the good of the country. They had differences, but they knew that their motives were supposed to be pure.

    Look what we have now. We have a complete winner take all, and even when they don’t “win”, they redouble their efforts to steal power from the party that DID win.

    They are “Undemocratic Dems” (Maoists). There is only one way, whatever the Central Committee says. This part of the Plan is already accomplished. They’re here and operating. We either stop it or we suffer the consequences.

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  17. Vote for liberalism and you get loonyism.

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  19. There is a very simple solution to this garbage that is taking over our taxpayer funded schools. Parents simply need to REFUSE to stand for it! Petitions, phone calls, whatever it takes to get rid of this “politically correct” garbage that is attempting to take over our lives. WE are the parents and OUR voices deserve to get heard. And if for some reason the school district refuses to budge, no one attends the so-called non-gender event and the parents hold their own event. ENOUGH already!

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