Dow Crashes 666 Points When Trump Releases FISA Memo

And let’s not forget the BITCOIN crash, and while we’re on the subject all the train crashes

The people at SGTreport have done some leg work to tie together these events, plus the statements by Q, to give us an interesting view into the house of mirrors:

If you have a 7:29 minutes to spare, they are pretty interesting.

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” – Like 8:17

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

19 responses to “Dow Crashes 666 Points When Trump Releases FISA Memo

  1. Lock and load. It’s coming.

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  3. I try to keep that verse re the hidden being revealed in mind so as to keep my relationship with God on track

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  4. What goes up must go down and up again, as the world rotates in its axis.

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  5. I greatly disagree with the reason the Stock Market crashed that much, then dived further the next day. No, it wasn’t because of the memo involving the FISA Memo. The reason the Stock Market tanked was because Janet Yellin, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, just before stepping down said the price of stocks are overinflated and need to be fixed. She did this intentionally because she was part of the Deep State Elites, originally hired by Obama, & she’s part of the swamp that wants Trump to look bad because the Elites didn’t go after Trump’s weaknesses, but his main strength, which is a growing economy. This all makes more sense than what the article claims.

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  6. It was to be expected whenever there is a record high. The market will turn down, to the degree that it will go down is another matter but as long as the market is not in a depression then the market will go back to it’s peak……


  7. And yet another Amtrak mishap today!

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    • Amtrak was not at fault for a garbage truck driver going around operating crossing protection gates (VA). Likewise, Amtrak was not responsible for a CSX crew being criminally negligent in leaving a mainline switch lined to the siding where they had tied down their train. PTC (big pork) would not have prevented either incident. In the latter, the signal system was under repair by CSX and signals (and thus PTC) were inoperative. CSX safety procedures were gutted by recently deceased Hunter Harrison and his Vampire Capitalist asset stripper patron. That railroad has been destroyed in under a year by Wall Street sell it all and leave in the night parasites.

      The Acela uncoupling problem is open. Will update when I find more info.

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  8. Our Lady of Light to the People of the United States of America 2/2/18

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  9. I saw this last night. I wanted to know why the Rotchilds would sell a property that has been in their family portfolio so long. This led me to a group I never heard of called The Ninth Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult Network. This group includes Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger, Anglican United Church of Canada, Catholic church officials including cardinals; Members of Euro parlimentary; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK, and US Military govt.’s including the CIA, and prominemt government judges, politicians and businessmen from the UK Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK.

    I have never heard of this group, however, it makes sense to me when you put all the puzzle pieces together. I have no personal knowledge of this group, as I did with the Franklin Credit Pedo Scandal. Snopes says this is a fabricated group, a fabricated scandal; however the Mouthpieces said that about the Franklin Credit victims too.

    For what its worth…Trumps EO of Wealth Confiscation could play a part in that rather cheap sale of the Black Forest.


    • Very intriguing! I heard years ago that the “Illuminati Satanists” hold their creepy “worship” services in the Black Forest. And now that pedogate is wide open/exposed, there are probably a lot of bodies buried out there, too.

      Good thinking that the Trump EO might have something to do with the Ratschilds dumping their property. Interesting!

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  10. Hopefully this was just a correction that happens. But, I would not put it past the deep state to use the SM between now and Nov. to destroy our President. They are that evil.

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  11. Steve Mnuchin is Skull & Bones (?!) Yowza. See below.

    I never think it is “coincidence” when a major (((non-govt))) entity like The Fed flashes the 666 number. If I remember correctly, they did the same thing sometime during the Fall 2008 “collapse.”

    Below are a few quotes I grabbed from Henry’s site. He has 2 recent articles re the latest financial speculations by a gent who has posted re the gold market at Henry’s site for several years (used his pen name in those days but since then has created a site & podcasts under his real name, Chris Pirnak). He’s an “experienced investor” who is awake to the NWO so he “reads between the market lines” (or market lies) with that in mind.

    At the bottom of this article Henry includes 2 links to Chris’ other articles:
    –“I told my listeners that when it came time, the talking heads in positions of power and influence would start to talk down the markets.”

    –“We have [[[three]]] senior-level puppets now talking the market down. At the same time, the US fed is destroying the dollar…”
    1_”…Skull & Bonesman and US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, talking the dollar lower…”
    2_”…Alan Greenspan … last week … exclaim about stock and bond bubbles…”
    3_”…outgoing Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, … Sunday … talk down the stock and real estate markets…”

    –“Powell is the first Gentile to take over the Fed in a long time if ever. A … white northern European Christian man would get the blame.”

    –“Trump … is being set up after all. He will be the strong man that everyone will attack. He had nothing to do with it though.”

    Chris’ website is KnowYourAdversary [dot] com.

    FWIW, Henry isn’t “feeling” the dire warnings that Chris is calculating. Chris thinks a “financial bloodbath” is coming. HM thinks it’s just a market “correction,” but due to their hatred of Trump, he’s open to the fact anything can happen.

    Me, I’ve heard the “financial collapse” warnings so many times for too many years, so I stick with what I learned from CuttingEdge [dot] org in the early 2000’s which has proved true > so far! > There will be NO horrendous financial collapse UNTIL ‘they’ are ready to implement WW3. Then EVERYTHING will happen at ONCE (“terror attacks” in major cities across the world at the same time, worldwide financial collapse, WW3, etc.).

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  12. Actually the Dow dropped close to 1200 points by the end of the trading day. This article is speculation and not accurate. Just saying!


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