Washington state senate approves bill mandating abortion coverage


Demorats: Making sure somebody pays for (my body) my choice.

From MyNorthwest.com: The Washington State Senate approved a bill that would require health insurers covering maternity care to also cover abortions.

“Washington has long led the way on this issue, and passing the Reproductive Parity Act (RPA) will be yet another example of that,” said state Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens), who introduced the bill this legislative session in Olympia. “It should pass, and we should move quickly on it because these days it’s really anybody’s guess as to what the Trump administration will or won’t do next.”

Hobbs, along with Rep. Eileen Cody (D-Seattle), in the House, have introduced this bill in the upper chamber for years, but it hasn’t passed despite some bi-partisan support. When it was first discussed in 2012, it failed 26-23. With Democrats recently taking control of the Washington state Senate, Hobbs believes that the shift in power will lead to swift passage.

Washington state already has laws in places that protects reproductive health rights; voters passed an initiative in 1991 that would keep protections in place for women in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. What SB 6219 focuses on is affordability of coverage.

The average cost for an abortion is around $650, and the monthly income of a full-time, low-wage worker in the Puget Sound region is $1,400, according to The Northwest Abortion Access Fund – an organization that helps women pay for care.

Activists say that this bill is a step forward to help alleviate the cost of an abortion for many women so they don’t have to seek additional financial help. It would also set up a type of reimbursement program for women — including non-citizens — without insurance or who are on Medicaid.

But some families will still be left with high deductibles. Also, when a woman passes a certain point age of pregnancy, the cost increases.

But right now, Rogers (I don’t know who this Rogers person is; not previously identified in this article) says with facing potentially harmful federal restrictions under the Trump administration on funding for legal abortion, the RPA would make sure that state law applies as broadly as possible without violating those restrictions.

Some believe taxpayers aren’t responsible for funding this

Human Life of Washington — a right to life group — strongly opposes RPA. Its government relations expert Sarah Davenport-Smith says it forces taxpayers who are against contraception and abortion to pay for something they don’t support.

According to Davenport-Smith, while abortions and abortifacient drugs are legal, there is no requirement for taxpayers to fund them.

Why supporters think this needs to pass now

The political climate is also why the bill covers several rules for birth control access, said Executive Director Tiffany Hankins of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, a chapter of a national organization that supports women making personal decisions about their reproductive health.

Many of these rules ensuring contraceptive equity and affordability already exist through the Washington state insurance commissioner’s office. Under their rules, most health plans currently must cover Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods prescribed by their in-network medical provider, and this is without people having to deal with copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

But having these rules in a bill would strengthen those rules. People could see changes as soon as 2019 if the bill passes. It specifically applies to a health plan issued or renewed on Jan. 1, 2019.

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21 responses to “Washington state senate approves bill mandating abortion coverage

  1. What’s their mantra? “My body, my choice!,” right? So, let it also be added to that, “my money” so people who are against killing babies in the womb don’t contribute to the infanticide. No tax dollars should ever go into this; and on top of it, they want it to cover illegals also? No tax dollars should ever cover anything illegals want or need, not even the bus ticket to deport them, let alone abortions, incarceration, welfare, food stamps, schooling. These demonrats should all be packed together in CA, a wall built around it, and make it a “demhell” sanctuary city. Then build a wall around it and keep them from ruining this country.

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  2. I wonder if a Civil War could stop this.
    It might be worth the cost, comparatively.

    If there were Civil War, I’m not sure more than a handful of pro-choicers would actually fight, so it might be a fairly swift surrender.

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  3. With all the contraceptive available seems women are to lazy to take them. Just the thought of how abortions are done is disgusting. Shame, shame, shame on those women! Get your tubes tied or something to prevent murder of of an innocent baby. Better yet, keep you legs closed.

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    • weezy . . . . God Bless you! You have brought up the very quandary that everyone should be asking themselves . . . . why with “all the contraceptive available {it} seems women are to lazy to take them.” Abortion should never be used as a contraceptive method. This really is all about the “murder of an innocent baby,” and these immoral people want to force you and I into paying for these murderous acts! It is just beyond belief!

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  4. Reblogged this on WarOfTruthNews and commented:

    One of the latest battles in the War on Life. They want our money to fund abortions? Perhaps we should respond with a resounding, “Come and take it!”

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  5. These supposed pro choicers otherwise tolerate tyranny like mandatory vaccinations and being denied the right to carry the means to protect their own bodies against the robber, the rapist or the murderer.

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    • TheRon . . . . Bravo! You have brought up such a pertinent question: why innocent babies can be murdered at will . . . . Yet, peace loving people are “being denied the right to carry the means to protect their own bodies against the robber, the rapist or the murder.” Now that is quite a dichotomy.

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  6. Talk about perversion, the liberals taking control little by little in front of our noses and we don’t do anything about it? Let’s vote them out of office ABORTION IS MURDER, SAY NO TO ABORTION. if the bill passes it will be legalizing murder of an unborn child, and taxpayers whether like it or not will have to pay. Your conscience will rule.

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    • Alma . . . . God Bless You! In this instance, I think you are preaching to the choir. Particularly when we are talking about elections that are being conducted in the “left coast” (California, Oregon and Washington) the amount of libtards voters who have either moved into our states, or been homegrown via the indoctrination of our public schools–they out vote anyone who has a voice of reason.

      My grandparents moved here to Portland in June of 1918. I can assure you this was not the bastion of liberal thinking way back then — this crazy crap came in 1980’s and onward. All of their grandchildren live within one mile of their “homestead,” the place where I live. Our family has not been among those who are constantly on the move. I grieve over the fact that Progressive thinking has ruined a once idealic location.

      I hope I will pass on before I see much more of this crazy thinking take hold! It is an easy thought to “just vote them suckers out of office,” but like trying to clime a mountain made of sand — it just isn’t that easy!

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