Hollyweird still believes we care about them: Stars launch “Glam Up the Midterms” to get millennials to vote

Because apparently this process – when election day is, how to register to vote, and who the candidates are – is too complicated for some people to figure out. Shouldn’t the public education system have taught millennials how this whole election thing works?

Hint: If millennials can’t access the internet to figure out the election process, maybe they shouldn’t be voting.

From Hollyweird Reporter: Funny or Die has commissioned Billy Eichner and other big-name comedians to encourage millennials to vote during the Nov. 6 midterm elections with the launch of the “Glam Up the Midterms” campaign. 

“I had a dream last night that several small town Americans called me and were begging me to have more TV and film personalities lecture them about politics,“ Eichner said of the campaign. “So I’m here to answer their prayers!

According to an NBC news poll, only 12 percent of millennials voted in the last midterm election, something that Eichner wants to change by bringing various stars to districts across the country. Comedians participating in the campaign include James Corden, Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, John Oliver, Robin Thede, Andy Cohen and Chelsea Handler.

In all seriousness, I have certainly skipped more than a few midterm elections in my day — and now I deeply regret it,” the Emmy-winning actor said. “So, after years of shouting at people on Billy on the Street, I’ve decided it’s time to use my voice to do some good and to encourage young people all across the country not to make the same mistakes I did. Say what you will about me, I have a lot of energy and I can’t wait to use it to help get out the vote and help ‘Glam Up The Midterms’ on Nov 6th!”

During former president Barack Obama’s term, Funny or Die helped raise awareness about Obamacare with the president’s appearance on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns. Funny or Die indicated that Trump wasn’t as game as Obama or even former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who sat for a Between Two Ferns interview.

“Sadly, the former host of Celebrity Apprentice won’t return our phone calls,” Funny or Die DC’s head writer David Litt joked of Trump. “But we’ll be working with artists across the country to increase the number of Americans – especially young people – who vote in 2018.”

The campaign will work to convince voters under the age of 40 to fight for democracy and take the time to vote in November. 

The “Glam Up the Midterms” portion starts at the 2:41 mark in the above video.


44 responses to “Hollyweird still believes we care about them: Stars launch “Glam Up the Midterms” to get millennials to vote

  1. Make America Glam Again? Wasn’t that part of our problem?

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    • yeah, marble—–looks like the left and the “glamorous ones” are STILL having trouble accepting that a bunch of deplorables, who cling to their guns and Bibles, were able to get it together enought to elect a Trump to run them (and their “values”) out of town. We are met with resistance every step and with every breath….so, don’t know how it will turn out….but the thing I love best is that THOSE PEOPLE who try to pin labels of “craziness” and ineffectiveness on Trump—are the very people whom TRUMP drives into frenzies of craziness and ineffectiveness!!!!! Nancy Pelosi and her INSANE, head-bobbing public statements are, as always, very entertaining… WAY MORESO than reality TV shows. Maxine Watters is the clown at the 3-Ring Circus…she’s sort of the Black George Wallace of today, with her equal & opposite crazy beliefs, projections, announcements. Chuck Schumer is not quite up to the level of Harry Reid yet…but, evenso, he delivers the finger-wagging of the senile, living-in the old-world, professor who is tolerated b/c you know he’s got to go away some day anyway….. Thanks President Trump! Love it Love it Love it!

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    • lophatt . . . . Since they are such bleeding hearts . . . why don’t they agree to house and fed the illegal aliens.

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      • Whining is cheap, feeding is not.

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      • What if it was made Federal Law that ANYONE who migrates to the US would HAVE to have an AMERICAN CITIZEN sponsor him/her? This sponsor would be LEGALLY fully responsible for the Migrant for the entire time until the Migrant takes and passes all the tests etc. and becomes a fully vetted American Citizen. I think this is something like how Canada does it…Am I right Joseph?)

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        • Hey, that could work. That way, if Barbra’s poor immigrant rapes a fourteen year-old, she can do time too and get deported right along with him. I like it.

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        • Legal immigrants to the U.S. must have an American sponsor, the idea is that this would ensure the immigrant doesn’t become an economic burden on the U.S.. But I doubt if anyone actually checks up on it.

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          • It’s time then. If someone “slips through the cracks” and isn’t where they were supposed to be,a Warrant is issued for the arrest of the immigrant AND his/her sponsor,followed by a large Fine for the sponsor and a Deportation for the evasive Immigrant. That’d be a good way to improve the Unemployment figures even MORE-an “Immigration Follow Up Division” of the DHS,once the new-hires are properly and fully vetted to make sure their “priorities” are in the right place.

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          • I was being facetious. The problem remains. It isn’t the ones that sign up, legally that normally become problems. It’s the ones that enter illegally to begin with.

            I have concern for my fellow humans no matter where they’re from. That’s not the point. They have countries too and their country is supposed to take care of their needs. Because someone is unfortunate enough to live in a “shithole” country does not make it incumbent upon me to take care of them.

            To make matters worse, many are criminals and disease ridden. Some actually hate our guts but expect to be treated like highly desirable guests.

            Slick Willy Clinton sign the NAFTA treaty with them. They have not upheld their end of the bargain. I see no pressure from anyone to get Mexico to clean up their act. Instead we are supposed to just watch them export manufacturing jobs South of the border and “import” vicious thugs.

            Silly as some seem to think it is, Trump’s idea of a wall is a good one. They are a dangerous menace, not some romantic cultural enrichment opportunity.

            Protecting the borders is one government job they are required to do. They do a lousy job. Part of the reason for that is that the Mexican government tries to help their escapees to get across. They don’t want to pay to fix the problem.

            This is not just a border problem. Thanks to eight years of Obongo we were left with them EVERYWHERE and no ammunition. If it were up to me I would load that POS up and deliver him to Mexico personally.

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            • I STILL believe we need to ask for volunteers in our returning Military troops from overseas to volunteer an extra two weeks to deploy all along the Border,before actually going home, to “prevent” illegals from entering by “mistaking ’em for rabbits” every time they see one in their telescopic gunsights trying to go over the wall/through the fence/across the riverbed/however else they choose to get from there to here WITHOUT going through the OFFICIAL Border Crossing. If the Military doesn’t choose to participate,I’m pretty sure all the Border State Militias (and probably other State Militias) would be glad to send volunteers to do a week or two in the service of the US. I hate to make it that cut-n-dried,but so far,NOTHING has stopped ’em,and it doesn’t look like “Diplomacy” is getting the point across. Maybe sending ’em back to the Mex-President’s office,stacked like cord-wood on pallets,once a week,with video to show that they have a 0% success rate for illegal crossings would get a conversation started.

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        • Truck, it has become a ($$$$$) lucrative business for legal immigrants to marry foreigners so that they can enter the US legally, and then get divorce and everybody go their own separate way. Is anything being done? I don’t think so!

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        • It used to be like that in Canada – I heard it from Hngarians who fled in 1956, from Brits who wanted to move here, etc but with too many Lib govts over the last 50 years, starting with the OTHER Trudeau, that’s gone by the wayside.

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        • truck—the USA USED to have this “sponsor policy,” too. I have my Great-grandfather’s immigration and naturalizatioin papers from c.1900, and he had to prove that he had money of his own in his pocket (back then, not much, just a few bucks, but then—it could have taken care of him for a month maybe), an address to stay from the get-go, and a sponsor who would be liable for his debts to American citizens if he should not financially provide for himself. I would like to see this re-instituted, and, not a bad idea to add the legal/liability piece to this sponsor’s responsibilities, in case his/her charge violates US laws….

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          • Okay-who among us has access to President Trump’s ear? I’m not sure how to go about this,but I imagine a letter with a comprehensive,detailed plan would be in order. I suspect it’ll be good to include EVERY conceivable “sticking point” and a proposed solution (or two…)

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  2. Millenials are airheads, they have no brains, no clue, they are walking organisms, abstracts, they are out of the norm of the intelligent millenials. These are experimental subjects trained at colleges and universities by liberal professors for future use in global dominance. These are the ones that cast a vote for the wrong candidates. Are they like father like son?

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    • Just try to take their Ipads or cellphones away from them. Good luck. Though that is true about adults. Remember what Eric Blair (George Orwell) said: Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.

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  3. America is an irreversibly divided nation. There is zero chance of going back. Cascading rent-a-riots and false flags will have Dems and millenials begging for a Soviet style police state at some point, and they’ll be granted their wish. Demographics, control of education and entertainment as the chief socializing forces, and the whole of the public forum are always conceded by the Republicans to the Democrats. This economic boom time is easily demonstrated to be unsustainable smoke and mirrors, directed by the same criminals at Goldman Sachs, and fueled by counterfeiting as opposed to actual deferred consumption. My guess is that those two faggots and the “comedians” in the video won’t have to exert themselves much since Ryan and McConnell will throw those districts to get rid of Trump and go back to NWO business as usual.

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  4. “I had a dream last night that several small town Americans called me and were begging me to have more TV and film personalities lecture them about politics,“ Eichner said of the campaign.

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  5. They want to be idols again. The Commandments forbids idols. These fallen stars want to be worshipped again as idols. I rarely went to movies and could care less about their silly political beliefs.

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