New Mexico could be first state to force students to apply for college

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While I’m all for higher education, I believe it is 1) the job of the parents to decide this matter with their children and 2) dangerous to have the government tell you what your children must do. Stay out of our lives!

From NY Post: New Mexico’s high school juniors would have to apply to at least one college or commit to other post-high school plans as part of a proposed graduation requirement that would be the first statewide push of its kind in the US.

The proposal is scheduled for its first legislative hearing on Thursday. If it eventually becomes law, New Mexico would be the first state to require post-high school plans of students, said Jennifer Zinth, who is the director of high school and STEM research at the Education Commission of the States, a Denver-based group that tracks education policy.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry, a Republican, and Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, a Democrat, would make it mandatory for public school juniors to apply to at least one two- or four-year college. Exceptions would be made for students who can prove they have committed to military service, a vocational program, or work upon graduation in an apprenticeship or internship. Parents and school guidance counselors would have to approve of the students’ plans.

The measure was drafted with the aim of reversing declines in college enrollment across the state, which fell nearly 14 percent from 155,065 enrolled students in 2010 to 133,830 in 2016.

Ivey-Soto, an attorney and former educator, said it also could encourage prospective first-generation college students to seriously consider getting into a higher education institution. “There’s a reason we call graduation commencement because it’s the beginning of their future,” Ivey-Soto said. “Let’s take that seriously.”

The New Mexico bill is modeled after a similar requirement that Gentry said was put in place for high school students in San Marcos, Texas, more than a decade ago. And last year in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel made post-high school plans a graduation requirement — saying students had to either have plans to enter the military, take part in a “gap year” program, get a job offer or apprenticeship, or have an acceptance letter from a college.

The New Mexico proposal has received a mixed response from educators, with some questioning whether the bill that asks for no extra funding will further strain schools without enough counselors to give students the attention they need to develop post-graduation plans.

“We just need to make sure that the schools are funded well enough that there is a counselor or a person who can help each student,” said Betty Patterson, president of the National Education Association-New Mexico union representing more than 8,500 school employees.

The bill seeks to boost the state’s college enrollment rate in the hopes the state would have a better-educated workforce. That could attract more companies to New Mexico, where the unemployment rate is 6.5 percent, the second-highest in the US and more than two percentage points higher than the national rate.

While students would not be required to attend college, Gentry thinks requiring them to fill out applications will make them more likely to do so. Applying to the flagship University of New Mexico costs $25. Many of the state’s community colleges don’t charge application fees and applying online can take as little as 20 minutes.

At the Academy for Technology and the Classics charter school in Santa Fe, principal Susan Lumley said she was wary of the bill if it didn’t come with extensive support for helping students apply to college.

The school in Santa Fe graduated 43 students last year and all but one enrolled in college. The only one who did not enroll in college went to a vocational school for tattoo artists.

“You’ve got to provide the support to make that happen,” Lumley said. “First-generation kids, for a lot of them, the reason they don’t go to college is they have no idea how to even start that process.”


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  1. well… pretty obvious what the goal was when BO insisted that all kids should attend college and the government should pay for it. Our indoctrination system (school system) is expert at brain-washing and keeping our children ignorant of their history and their unique American heritage. How about a nation of ‘snowflakes’ in twenty years, no exceptions? Just one step away from communism.

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  2. Kids DO belong to their families. When they’re no longer kids they have their own free will. This is so preposterous I hardly have words. Go to college against your will? WTF?

    This is right out of the Moonbeam playbook. How about some decent paying jobs? Not everyone needs or has the aptitude for college. We need shoe shiners just like we need surgeons.

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    • lophatt . . . . Amen to that!

      This makes me wonder, with all these “bogus applications,” from students who are forced to at least send in applications. How in the dickens will the Community Colleges have any idea of enrollment of students for the next year?

      I did not know that governmental bodies held this much sway in the arena of furthering education. Many, many students are not fit for going to college. So should they be forced into borrowing monies for student loans? There are actually many a student who would benefit, as would society, if they chose to attend a trade school, or enter into an apprenticeship.

      In today’s world, we can often see plumbers, electricians, etc. who bring home higher wages that students who have gotten a mediocre degree from a four year college.

      It is rather depressing that some folks just think they should be runnin’ the world!

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      • How very communistic of NM. Not every person is equipped to handle college. We have so many other careers that do not need college to fill the bill or workers. I hope the people push back or will will only escalate.

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  3. Ah yes, I can see the reason, due to low enrollment (college is NOT like it used to be) the state universities see their money train (and state funding)pulling out of the station, so by God they’re going to put the brakes on.

    What a JOKE. So is the whole “get an education and get a good job” HA HA HA. My DH just went into a local auto parts store. The kid behind the counter (who was working minimum wage) eventually told my DH that he graduated from Penn State with a (snort) BUSINESS DEGREE. WAHAHAHAHAHA!
    In my many jobs after college (four year degree….BS!) I have seen many many MANY people that got their degrees (and a huge debt) and ended up working in low wage jobs and never used their degrees. Not only myself and my DH (who got a double major, one in anthropology and one in biology) had to volunteer for 8 months in a genetics lab for no pay before he could even get a job as a research 1 assistant). I also worked with some guy with an MBA who ended up as a DOOR greeter in Walmart. And, 5 years later he’s still there (I had to go use their bathroom and I saw him). And, the same school hired a janitor supervisor for 1000 MORE A MONTH IN PAY- more than a Research 4 assistant with either 5 years experience/masters degree. And this is from their own college! A guy I went to high school with went to Penn State for Psychology, he ended up working at a MH MR group home for 5 years, and they employ you with just a regular high school diploma. Last I heard he was working as a hotel concierge. Many degree programs are totally worthless, even to the universities that issue them.
    Most real world learning happens when you do it yourself- in a library!

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    • Good point. What’s the difference between a stickup and this? They put your young moron in school and make you pay for keeping the little darling? Junior has an IQ of a Planeria and they give him a diploma anyway?

      I think you’ve got this about right.

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      • I wish it wasn’t like that though. Actually I tried to get an entry level in my field at the university I worked for (as a secretary 1 and then sec’y 2), I went to many many interviews for even a research 1 position. The university I was working at had this little “rule” that even if they knew who they wanted to hire, they still had to interview at least 3 other people. So I wasted lots of lunch hours going on interviews where I was just “filler”. The reason I even got in as a secretary 1 was I temped a lot in their in house temp service.

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    • chemtrailssuck . . . . Bravo! The instances you cite I am sure could be found many times over. So many young people are seduced by the idea of “getting an education,” and what they get stuck with is a “debt package” that is like a 500 lb gorilla around their necks. Somebody needs to think about this. It is not appropriate that state legislatures venture into the idea that they know so much that they should be in the position of telling other people what to do . . . that is unless they want to finance these college educations, out of their own pockets.

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    • Right. I probably would have been fine being support staff for nursing homes. ANd in MY day (,makes me sound old, but in the 1980’s) we were trained as CNA’s on the job. NOW they are legislated to go to college first and then pay $150 for their test somewhere pretty far away from their town. In MY day, we did all our classroom work at the hospital and the hospital paid for our classes and testing, and we still were there working and learning On The Job. There were still some hospitals allowing CNA’s to learn On The Job from RN’s and LVN’s.
      But now, LPN /LVN’s and RN’s have to do all their classwork away at school and they have to take a special transitioning class about the “first year” because they did NOT get On The Job training and so it takes them a year to acclimate to the job. So you have New RN’s out of school afraid to touch patients and afraid to do the things they need to do because they haven’t gotten used to the idea. AND the nursing industry, which has always had a high turnover rate, because it’s hard work, has an even higher turnover rate. The median age of nurses has been in the mid 40’s for decades because let’s face it, it takes some life and years to get jaded enough to handle hard things. So the younger ones drop out.
      I am good at school. I love to read and I love to learn. And an RN mentor loaned me his RNCLEX book with practice CD/DVD in it , and I got 70% right out of the gate. And honestly, the questions were NO DIFFERENT than the questions I took for my LPN test. All I need to do is a little brush up. But I can’t just go take the test. I have to enroll in a college and get into an LPN to RN bridge program to get my RN. And what a pill that will be, most of the colleges I have talked to will not recognize my credits from my LPN/LVN even though they are from an accredited college. I will have to wait for my main JC to open up an RN upgrade to even use my units because they are their units. (I have 171 units and a 3.97 GPA) . What kind of crap is that?

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      • whisperingsage1 . . . . Thank you for your voice of reason. What a travesty that a state legislature had to but into a program that was working wonderfully! Students were ready to hit the floor running under this program. . . . now because of the greed of the State legislature who wanted to get their hands on the $150.00 certificate fee . . . now those who might otherwise go into this profession are mandated to run through hoops in order to accomplish it.

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      • That is friggin’ nuts! It’s almost like they want to scare away grads….
        Also it sounds like someone was paying some lobbyists to change the rules so certain people can line their pockets.

        Not sure if this is still true, but I know BSN programs made the students do a lot of clinical rotations, though that is with BSN not RN or LPN.
        Nursing is a heck of a hard job without not being trained! I see ads all the time saying “get your RN in one year”! That is truly scary, I mean how can one be trained for an RN degree in a single year?
        Then nurses have to worry about everything else, med errors, physical injuries, insane patients, needle sticks, etc.

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  4. “Totalitarian states use propaganda to orchestrate historical amnesia, a state-induced stupidity. The object is to make sure the populace does not remember what it means to be free. And once a population does not remember what it means to be free, it does not react when freedom is stripped from it.”
    ― Chris Hedges, Wages of Rebellion

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  5. I don’t believe “forcing” anything but, leave it to the DEMOCRAPS whom will use this new crutch as nazism. Technology is changing rapidly and the older generation -the baby boomers need retraining and adapt to the changes and not be dependent of the decaying social security, the young generation needs parent support and step up, regardless of their chosen career paths so as NOT BECOME A BURDEN. Robots will replace humans and humans need to make the robots work, if the opportunity is offered, parents should take the lead and prepare their children for the changing world.

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    • Problem is, the world is changing so fast everything becomes outdated or obsolete within weeks sometimes.
      I think it’s good to teach kids critical thinking, creative problem solving and let them decide on a vocation or do their own business and work for themselves if they have the drive.

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  6. I wouldn’t send any young person to one of these institutions of higher brainwashing and propaganda. The majority of the professors are lefty commies, unfit to be anywhere near young people. College is not justified for everyone; the majority of HS graduates would be better off going to a vocational school learning how to be useful. Keep your kids away from college, let them work a couple years, and allow them to realize the true value of a higher education.

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  7. A good idea, in theory. However, sending kids off to college, simply bc, “they should,” could financially be disastrous. Iregardless of whether or not the uni is paid for w loans, or a 529 fund, if they go too soon, fail, drop out, it sucks.

    I went to uni in my 30’s, and loved it. I’m up to my eyebrows in fed loan debt, though am still considering strongly, continuing on for more credentials. My kids, on the other hand, HAD the funds, and have wasted them, completely. Imo, they should’ve lived a little first, to decide what it is they wanted to do, and then gone, when they could’ve appreciated school.

    PS my major was CJ. My professors for criminal justice classes were definitely not lefties.

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  8. Higher education is wildly profitable (for the schools, students not so much)

    Didn’t look, but I’ll bet both bill sponsors receive huge endorsements (and teachers unions votes) along with “campaign contributions” for their selfless efforts. Pro-indoctrination political groups will also “help” these politicians get reelected, at least until the next favor is needed.

    Term limits. It’s not just for national offices anymore.

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  9. My word, what BS! NM already has free community college for its high school grads. Even then, the college had a 9%…yes, NINE percent graduation rate in its 2-year Associate’s degree programs.

    There nothing “new” about “New Mexico”.

    Oops, almost forgot, NM is the only state NOT in the deep south whose IQ test average scores are as low as they are in LA, MS, and AL. It’s also a majority Hispanic state. Nothing about it is not cursed. Give it back to Mexico and save the rest of us the burden, I say.

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  10. Why does the state have the power to require anything? What next that you must take hair braiding courses or donut making?

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  11. Oddly, hair braiding places are everywhere. Far more than one would expect the marketplace to support. Some say they are used for drug distribution…

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  13. This is to hide the fact that our children are getting out of 12th grade dumber than a bag of rocks.

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  14. They want all children to go to college and be brainwashed by globalist liberals.

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  15. I’m ok with having them think about what to do after high school. Even apply to a college or two, as that gets them thinking that it’s a possibility maybe they hadn’t previously considered.

    But be realistic with them — that’s it’s incredibly expensive (including putting their earning years on hold), they may not learn a lot (and if they do, it will take a TON of personal effort), it will short-circuit their current social lives (for me, that lasted, well, it’s on-going), and that even if they succeed and get that degree, it’s no guarantee of a job, or a good salary, or a life-long career, a pension, etc. And that a LOT of kids see college as a four-year trip to Summer Camp. Just as many professors see themselves as Camp Counselors.

    So long as they’re not then held to such “plans”, even if they get accepted, and perhaps even with financial resources to pay for it, I’m ok with it.

    IMHO, though, it’s being done by the state to increase its standing with the census-type people, which will get them more federal funding based on high school grads qualifying for and/or starting college afterwards.

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  16. I have an older brother who was an all American in high school football. He had several schools after him, but he wanted to stay close to home, and his girlfriend, and so ended up going to a private college in michigan. The tuition and costs was about the cost of a new car every year for 4 years. He got some grants, and such, but not much, and he also worked in the summer at my parents restaurant. The rest, my parents paid for. It was an incredible hardship. He graduated from Olivet college the same year I graduated from high school. My parents told me that they would help me with college, also. After seeing the struggle that they went through, there was no way that I would burden them with that. I did have quite a few partial scholarships, for both academics and, in my case, I was a high school all American in music. But not enough to cover everything. So I enlisted in the military Delayed Entry Program.

    About a month later, I was contacted by a college in Ohio offering me a full tuition scholarship to play football for them. Of course, it was too late, by that point.
    Long story short, I went to ship out, and was given a permanent medical refusal, based upon an issue with my inner ears that they missed at my first physical. 3 days later I could have reported for training camp at Oberlin college for football. Instead, I went home, worked at my parents restaurant, and looked for fulltime work. I interviewed at a steel making foundry. I called them every week for 6 weeks, until the personnel lady, we didn’t call them human resources back then, must have gotten sick of me. She told me to go down for a physical, and I was hired as a foundry rat, a job that I spent the next 35 years at.

    Since I am telling a story, I will say that I was saved at a young age, maybe 8 or 10. I know I was saved, I felt the Spirit in my soul convicting me of my sin, and the tears flowed, which as a young boy is saying something, because they don’t do things like that. The problem is, I didn’t know that there was anything further to it. But God did. I can look back at my life in those early years and see His protective hand, keeping me from falling into the traps that entangled many of my friends, including my twin brother, who was a party goer, and a pothead. He also got a young lady pregnant in high school, and I tried to counsel my parents on how to handle it. I was kind of mature for my age. With many of my friends falling into Satan’s snares, I was always what we called the square. Never in trouble, my teachers liked me, I was voted the top athlete in high school my senior year, which when I was given the award, it was noted that it was mostly based upon character, not to take away from my athletic ability.

    As I said, I didn’t know that there was any more to salvation. But I got into a horrible car wreck. I had a young wife and a 9 month old daughter. We got hit broadside by a car doing about 55 mph. I was driving a 4 door Ford LTD, which if you remember, back in the 1970’s, were built like tanks. It picked the car up, and tossed it around backwards and into a ditch. The first man on scene could not find the keys to turn the car off, which were on the steering wheel. It was, to put it mildly, a wreck that nobody should have walked away from. My ex wife had a mild concussion, my daughter, who is now 35, had a single tiny bruise on the middle of her forehead, where I had put my hand to hold her from flying out of her mom’s lap. I was broken from head to toe. Back, pelvis, arm, cuts and scrapes, scalp. In short, I was nearly killed. And I knew, then, waiting for the ambulance, that God was real, and that He was talking to me. He was saying to me it is time to wake up.

    After healing, we started to attend church, and it quickly became apparent that I was a quick study for the Bible. I not only could soak it up, but I could understand it and apply it to modern day events. I felt that God was asking me to do more. The problem was that I was in a church that had a young pastor. If the pastor had been older and more experienced, he might have slowed me down, but in this case, the pastor encouraged me to attend Bible college, which I don’t regret, as I felt called to ministry. But what I do regret is that it ultimately led to the destruction of my marriage. Not blaming my divorce on anything but my and my ex wife’s own sinfulness, mind you. I just am saying that at a time when as young people just learning in the church, we should have been encouraged to wait at least 5 years until we had ourselves grounded solidly. I even asked the pastor about the passage that talks about a pastor not being a novice, and he told me that after my schooling, I would not be a novice. That is not what the passage meant at all. It actually meant that a pastor should have been dragged though enough knotholes to have rounded off some of the rough edges of his pridefulness, and any other human issues that could have hindered his ministry. Now days, I tell people to never trust a pastor without a limp. Meaning pretty much the same thing.

    I know, many are probably so bore that you are getting sleepy. I don’t blame you, I tend to be boring. But wait, there’s more. After a number of years of marriage, 11 to be exact, my ex wife told me, I don’t love you, I think I hate you, and I want a divorce. But if you want, we can try to work it out. Now it is at this point that I need to tell you that my ex wife and I didn’t follow the traditional route to marriage. And what I am sharing with you is not for you to point your finger at me and say, well there is your problem. I have worked through my problems, and have assurance that I am forgiven of the sin of which I am guilty. So there is no need to throw stones.

    I was 19 and my ex wife was 16 when we got married. And for those of you that need me to spell it out, yes, she was pregnant, and even though we were in love and had planned to marry when she was out of school, this was not the way that we had planned. As a very young woman, and a wife and mother, it was important to not only both of her parents, but to both of us, that she finish her schooling. So I worked nights, and watched my daughter during the day when she was at school. And she did finish high school. However, she also came from a home with a father who was the type who never treated his 6 daughters with kindness. He was that stereotype, that you are all familiar with. And so, my ex had a lot of self esteem issues, that I dealt with and tried to help her get over for the entire time of our marriage. It actually was not until she and I were separated and she was working her first job at a small store in the bakery dept. that she started to improve, and to gain some self esteem, and to get over her lifelong depression. So when she said, I want a divorce, but I will work on it if you want, the only thought in my mind was, here is the woman that I had thought I was going to grow old with, the only woman I had ever kissed, or anything else, who has until now been miserable, and now I see her doing so much better, yet she is without me. Do I want to make her take me back, even though it probably will cause her to draw right back into the same shell and sorrowful person that she was? I know, some of the more spiritual among us would say, that I should have fought for the marriage. Well, I didn’t. It broke my heart, worse than you could imagine, but I agreed to divorce.

    You want to know the saddest part of this? It is true that Christians are the only group to shoot their wounded. My ex kept our friends, who came out of the woodwork to help her in any way that they could. I would stand behind someone from our old church in the grocery store, say hi, they would turn around, see it was me, and turn their back on me. And yet we are perplexed as to why so many people are leaving the churches. My thought during this time was, where is the love? Where is the love that should have sought to try to love the two of us back together, in spite of ourselves? Or at the very least, where is the love that allows each of us to continue on living for Christ, broken, but forgiven, and restored, and an example of how when we fall, we can be picked up, by a loving God, helped by His loving church?

    I told you that I was a musician. It was at this time I heard of a band that was looking for a horn player. I play pretty much most instruments, and so I started playing sax in this rock and roll band. And you want to know the most obscene thing that I found about playing with them? It was that I was treated with more love and respect than I felt from the church, the Body of Christ. The day that I had to go to court for my divorce, when I got to band practice that night, one of the female singers, a married woman, hugged me and told me how sorry she was for me. She was the only one who ever told me that in the entire experience of what I went through. As an aside, we were a rock and roll band, but with the saxophone, we played a lot of the stuff from the 50’s, etc. We were called Tradewinds. I tell you this just to make sure that you understand that I was not playing with a bunch of Devil worshippers, or heavy metal stuff. We were all family people, with everyone the age of around 30 -40, and with children, etc.

    Even worse, I had people who would not even acknowledge me from the church, but if we played in a bar, I had people come up to me and seek me out to talk with me on breaks, to find out more about me, and my ” story” as it were. I met people in bars who were Christians, which many find impossible to believe, but trust me, some Christians actually don’t think it is wrong to have a beer, or to dance to a dance band. And I got into more than one deep discussion about religion. I met the occasional jerk, of course, just like you find in the church, just like you find on the street corner. I just found it reinforced what I had preached once, since yes, I did preach from a real pulpit on occasion. I said that if Jesus were to appear on earth today, not to fulfill the rest of prophesy, but to continue with His work, you would not find Him in the churches, or on the talk shows with the other television preachers. You would want to look for Him in the bars, or on the street corner where the ladies of the evening congregate. Or perhaps you might find him serving in a soup kitchen, not as it’s leader, or in charge, but possibly sweeping floors, or washing dishes, or taking out the trash. Because in that way, He could talk to people one on one, which is how He did some of His most important ministry.

    If you have made it this far, hold tight, I am fading fast, and almost to the main point. It was during this time, while I was playing music, as a second job, that I began to date my present wife. She was the traffic coordinator at my work, and I by then was a shipping clerk. I tended to do a lot of different jobs. By the time I left, I had done everything from run all of the furnaces, to all of the equipment that finished the molten steel, also was in the lab, and I even ran a vacuum furnace that made steel for the jet engine industry. We dated, but since the employer was kind of iffy on employee dating, especially one from the office and one from the melt shop, we kept it on the down low. We drove to Grand Rapids for any of our dates, whether to dinner or a movie. It was about an hours drive. Eventually, we ended up falling in love and getting married. That was 25 years ago last September. Now the kicker and the plea.

    We celebrated with a trip to the east coast, from Maine to NY, Pennsylvania, up and down, on a bus trip from our home town. My wife had to cancel a mammogram she had scheduled, but she set it up for the week we got back, since she has had 2 lumpectomies on benign tumors in one side. But she is also very intuitive, and she told me that she had a bad feeling, and couldn’t put it off any more than that. The doctors found a cancerous tumor in the other breast, and since she got back from vacation, starting in Oct. she has been undergoing chemotherapy. They actually put a port into her chest, which connected to her jugular vein, to make it easier to access her veins. But they have had nothing but trouble with the port. It hasn’t worked the right way since the beginning. So a week or so ago, she had a vascular surgeon, instead of just a general surgeon, take the old one out, and put a new one in. It worked like a charm, and tuesday, she had her first chemotherapy through that port. Wednesday, she was having horrible hip pain, and couldn’t take it and I had to get an ambulance to take her to the emergency room. They did about a million tests, and ended up admitting her. One thing I didn’t mention is that with the chemo, her immune system has been compromised, and she gets UTI’s all the time, and has been on one type of antibiotic after another for 2 months, to no avail. So they sent cultures out for that as well.

    I was up to see her tonight, and she has MRSA staph infection. The specialist suspects that it is from the new port that they just put in, and so they are doing surgery in the morning to remove it. Yes, on a Saturday, it is that critical. And then the hip pain, they think that it is caused by this same MRSA, so they are going to do an MRI on that. Plus, since she is on chemo, and her immune system is compromised, they are going to do a special test where they run a swab of some kind behind her heart internally, to see if she has any of the staph there. If so, that is of course, even more serious, and calls for yet another step up in treatment. But the gist of this whole thing is, after I started writing, I realized that I need help. Not financially, so put that out of your mind. I need prayer, and while it would seem that I should ask those closer to me, the truth is, my wife is my best and closest friend, and she is also a private person. She has told her brother and sister that she is sick, but I have not told my siblings. We are not close, and my wife doesn’t want a bunch of lofty platitudes from people who like to do the pretend Christian thing, wearing the phylactories on the sleeve, and that sort. And that is how my siblings tend to be. I thought, who can I call on that I know will hold my wife up in prayer, and will actually do so, and believe that it makes a difference. If you have stuck with this novel length mess this long, then you know how I feel and why I am asking that you simply ask God’s loving hand for my wife Laura.

    I should apologize for writing something this disjointed and this long. But I myself am feeling pretty disjointed. My wife also has a friend who lost her husband in Seattle, after a long fight with cancer, and I am pretty heartbroken for her as well. I am also sorry for not only the length and the fact that I took over your blog, and do so on too many occasions, but for posting this here, when it might not be appropriate. If so, please feel free to delete this entirely, since my goal is not to offend anyone.

             In Him,     Tim

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    • pigpen51 We will pray for you and your situations, but don’t be so quick to reject conventional Christians that don’t go to bars.
      How very sad about your first wife. Very sad indeed. And very sad about your church who should have been family but weren’t. First, I would recommend the Power of Praise by Merlin Carothers, and very sweet man, (now in heaven). Here is the first couple pages of his book the Power of praise and we have found this method to be about themost powerful and successful of any way of praying; When there really is No hope, and Christians are against you, this prayer is what you need. And second PLEASE listen to Dr Joel Wallach’s Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, and all his other free videos, one of his fans even set up Wallach’s Wisdom, encyclopedia, transcripted excerpts from his talks on various subjects; And third take the pulse test by Dr Coca; If you can clarify YOUR specific allergens and sensitivities, you can reduce your inflammatory load, anyone can. And that will help you (your wife) heal. I am a nurse that uses these concepts and principles and did in home care privately for a 70 yr old cancer pt who was down to 83 lbs and ready to die, using my own money to start her on a high dose vitamin program (all optimal doses, NOT RDA’s which are the minimum to keep a healthy person from dying. ). And she got well and came out of her chemo destruction of her immune system. The vitamins got her eating again , and hearing again (chemo damaged her hearing) and walking and then cleaning her house and then eventually driving again.

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    • Tim, you reached out because you needed support. If I have learned anything over the years, the people on this blog are so giving and will grant you your wish. I will pray for your wife and for you.
      The power of prayer is strong and may you see the results.

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    • I will keep you and Laura in my prayers pigpen.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tim,

      Since you first informed us in a comment months ago of your wife’s cancer, I have been praying for you and Laura every morning. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of your FOTM family are with you both this morning.

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    • Hi tim,

      Maybe we can agree that those who truly know, feel and believe that they are God’s children, made in God’s likeness, won’t poison themselves anymore (be it with whatever they understand poison to be). That said, Rev 22:2, “and the leaves of the tree healed all the nations.” From my understanding, herb is legal for your wife in michigan.

      I know when my mom was dying of cancer, which come this Feb 9, it’ll be 20 years ago exactly, she said, “they are not in the business of healing you. They’re a “business,” and as such, look at PROFIT” (I was already anti western medicine by then. That only reinforced it). My mom’s dilema, she wanted to go to Sedona to try homeopathic healing, while continuing with rocket fuel injections, chemo and other western med trials. One cannot do both.

      Anyway, leaving here so young, was fate for her. Her head would’ve exploded with this world we’ve created (men in women’s bathrooms, kids choosing their genders, etc.).

      I pray you and your wife find can find peace. For no matter what, she’ll be entering the great abyss, and everything will be ok.


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      • Dearest Cara, Michigan is indeed a place where Medical Marijuana is legal, and it is something that my wife, a very strait laced person, has used to help her with some of the side effects of her chemo. I was up visiting with her today, and they took out the 2nd port that they put in, which they thought could possibly be the reason for the staph infection. I hope that I didn’t give you the impression that she is on her death bed. She is just a very sick lady. And they expect her to stay in the hospital for at least 2 weeks.

        For those of you that have been kind enough to write, and those of you who have not written, but are still praying for us, I wish to thank you.

        Whisperingsage, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I reject any Christian who doesn’t go to bars. While I am certain that the wine that Jesus turned water into at the first miracle He performed was indeed alcoholic wine, I can say with confidence that I have not actually seen alcohol do anything positive for anyone. And most Christians avoid bars and taverns because they wish to avoid all appearance of evil. I knew a pastor who would not allow a bottle of soda to sit on his kitchen table because he was afraid that someone would drive by, see it, and think that it was a bottle of beer, and thus be offended by him. That to me is legalism, and something that I find troubling.

        Again, I am sorry for spending so much time telling you the story of my life, in condensed version, and taking up so much of your time. I felt at the time that it might be helpful that people understand where I was coming from and where I had been. I am still only a sinner, saved by the loving grace of God, by the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. And I am prone to continue to mess up, on a near daily basis. The only thing different from me now, and from where I was 30 years ago, is that now, I don’t try to hide from my mistakes, but simply confess them, and move on.

        May all of you continue to find the love and peace within God, that you felt when you first met Him. I know that I find it every day, when I am touched by people like the ones that I meet here. Blessings to everyone, and my heartfelt thanks, from my wife and myself.

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        • Godbless you both!

          Just keep trying to make your wife and yourself happy. Joy, laughing when you can, etc. can help you overcome anything while here (on earth). Nothing scary about the next part, aka the otherside, the eternal abyss, anyway, right? Eternal life!

          And no worries about sharing. You needed to and it’s good for you.

          Have a good night!

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    • Dear Pigpen,
      I will definitely pray for you and your wife, may God protect her from those chemo drugs and infections and heal her cancer!

      Hey, I think that’s special you can reach out like that, a lot of guys keep their emotions inside until they freak out or spontaneously combust!
      I’m sorry to hear that some of the church members are rejecting you, they are NOT following what Jesus taught. Do you think your ex maybe lied to them about what happened? That is a possibility. I go to a Church of Christ, some people are really friendly, others keep more to themselves there.
      Not to get off topic, but I’ve always been an ‘outsider’, after so many decades I sort of got used to it.
      I pray that the Lord heals your loving wife and also heals you, emotionally, mentally and any other way you may need right now. Just try to take things easy if you can, I know right now it’s high stress time. If you can find it in the stores you may want to try using the Bach Flower rescue remedy. It really works for shock, stress and all that stuff.
      I’m so sorry you’re going through such a hard time.
      Don’t forget to ask the Lord Jesus to take you and your wife into His arms to comfort you both.

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      • I don’t know why people act the way that they do. While I have omitted parts of my life story, one thing that happened is that my ex wife had an emotional affair, with the husband of a friend of hers that passed away. She felt bad for him, and it led to them getting closer than was proper. I have no reason to think that there was any infidelity involved, but the fact is that they are married to each other, for almost as long as my present wife and I. But I think that it is normal, and especially has been in the past, for people to gather around the female in a failed marriage, and to blame the male. I am beyond harboring any ill will towards the people that acted that way, I only wish that they have learned better, since the church is in no way immune to couples that divorce, no matter how we wish it were so. I suspect that since my ex wife had been emotionally sufffering from depression for some time, that could also play a part. But the past is the past. My focus is now on my wife, my 3 children from my first marriage, and the 2 that my present wife and I adopted. Family is my main concern, and harm from the past only helped to make me who I am today. While I would not want to do any of it again, I would not change a thing, if it meant I lost the relationships that I have today. We are meant to learn in life, not live in sorrow due to the mistakes that we have made. Part of that means letting go of the possible wrongs that might have come our way. Because, trust me, more are waiting in the wings. It is how we handle them that is the sign of a mature Christian.

        Again, thank you all, and I bid you Peace.

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  17. I am praying for you both…. that you may find His peace, strength and courage. Remember, He is faithful.

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  18. Why is college enrollment dropping nationwide? The student loan scam trap.
    You borrow to pay for education costs that are increasing far beyond
    overall inflation. Very often the wonderful jobs promised do not materialize
    and graduates/ex-students are left with monstrous debt which
    can’t be bankrupted or paid off by entry level job salaries. Automation
    that destroys jobs makes more people each year redundant. For
    extensive explanation of the preceding, please read blogs by
    Professor Doom detailing the effects of the student loan scam.
    Only people getting rich on it are college administrators receiving
    bloated salaries for feathering their own nests.

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  19. My PhD, professionally trained husband in an adjunct medical field, is retiring from a 20-yr evening job( second to his “regular” job), of adjunct professor…..b/c……there is so much incompetence ahead of him…..his “evaluators” being fresh out of an MS degree and newly-hired at this community college (that once had a reputation equal to any 4-year or university in CA…but….NO MORE)….and no one in his dept. having worked “in the real world” with the experience in his field that he has, and is STILL TODAY full-tiime-employed in……but rather, coming right out of a BS degree…maybe an MS or EdD….right from “book-learning” into teaching from a book…….. ALSO, I might add, he was the ONLY veteran employee, either part time or full time….on campus, and this last 9/11 observance, a rabid, lesbian full professor (caught on film) ran around campus tearing down the commemorative posters that honored the victims of 9/ll and their families….ranting and raving all caught on tape. She was voted “professor of the year” by students. Even tho’ this job was his REAL LOVE….passing along skills and knowledge to those who were hungry for it (he’s mentored several into a PhD program) …We KNEW it was time to bail…..can make as much money in his little retirement in this position (still has his full time job) for this as he made after teaching part time, travel and prep times….etc….AND BESIDES….his LAST FULL CLASS at this college had maybe FIVE “American” names out of 40…..ALL THE REST were Middle Eastern……whom arrived (in their BMW’s) without books, played on their phones all during class….wouldn’t even bring a 50-cent “blue book” to exams……were dismissive, disrespectuful, disruptive, as tho’ in a middle school environment….and…add to that…this community college instituted a national AVID program (AVID is a program in middle and high school to see that kids whose families have never attended college…get the guidance and skills that they need in order to apply/get accepted to college……but NOW….AVID follows them even IN TO COLLEGE….WTF??????). Muscle up New Mexico…b/c if you don’t have all this already—-you’re going to get it…..Your colleges/universities will become the middle schools/high schools of our past….your community schools will hire an un-ending stream of minimally qualified “professors” whom studied out of a book, but have never participated in their field in the real world……NOTHING TO SHARE with their students…NO GUIDANCE to point them, too, into the “real world.” This is the DUMBING DOWN of American Education, which has progressed commensurate with our political “Progressive Agenda” out of Washington, D.C.

    Liked by 4 people

    • CalGirl . . . . Somehow, I never fail to be edified by reading your posts, and this one is no exception. I too grieve over the fact that those who teach in higher education, who are more recent additions . . . really are just a bunch of goofballs. I am sorry that your husband had to save himself, but sometimes that is the only option . . . just get the heck outta there! What really gets me is that those who are the heads of institutions think this is okay, but then I suppose they are only there for the money.

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      • Sigh, just so, Auntie. All is not for naught, though—-once he retires from this adjunct teaching position that he’s loved for so many years…..after 9 months, he can still work at other institutions if he wishes. The former president of this college has moved on (TOO—-he was pretty much forced out after he took the campus “Republican Club” with him to the Trump inaugural….) to a private religiously-based university and asked my husband to come work there in the graduate dept. as an adjunct when the time is right. He might still get to do what he loves best somewhere else…..maybe this time with staff that has their eye on the ball of our kids’ futures…our country’s future…..instead of Trump resistance and political beef-ology.

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  20. Communist indoctrination in the form of “higher education” is continuing uninterrupted, and idiot parents keep writing the tuition checks without reservation.

    Last time I checked, children still belonged to their parents, not the government.

    When are this nation’s parents going to wake up?

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