Thursday Animals: Sleepy little critters!

Baby duckling dozes off:

What do hamsters dream?

Kittens! We have sleeping kittens!

And a baby hedgehog yawns!


16 responses to “Thursday Animals: Sleepy little critters!

  1. Dr. Eowyn, thank You. When it comes to all critters, whether young or oId, I can’t help this good feeling inside -it’s happy, tender, sweet, they are soooo beautiful. 😀

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  2. yes,so beautiful

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  3. I wonder what cats dream about….

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  4. Richard Raymond

    I can’t watch to long i’ll get jealous!

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  6. I bought those hamsters for my daughter, and I didnt know I had a female and a male. They had the cutest babies, and when the babies were brand new, the dad would go to the nest, put a baby in his cheeks and go for a run on the wheel. When I first saw him do it, I freaked out and thought he was eating them! He would return one baby and get another, until they all (5) had their run with dad on the wheel! He continued to do that until they got to big for his pouch. I never saw anything like that before…he was a great dad to those babies. He could teach a thing or two, to some human dads I know!!!!

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  7. Hey, speaking of crazy pictures, who won the caption contest?


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