So brave: Actress Kate Winslet says she “regrets” working with certain people

kate winslet and roman polanski

Kate Winslet with a certain person…

Apparently Kate didn’t have access to the internet before her or her agent signed her up to work with “certain people.”

Bet Kate is also regretting this: Kate Winslet praising Woody Allen to promote their dismal movie, Wonder Wheel.

From HuffPo: Kate Winslet cryptically spoke about the “bitter regrets” and “poor decisions” she made to work with individuals with whom she wishes she hadn’t.

Theactress has long been raving about “Wonder Wheel” director Woody Allen, who has been accused of molesting his daughter when she was young, calling Allen an “extraordinary writerand saying that the opportunity to work with him made her “feel terrified and also immensely privileged.”

However, in contrast to that message, Winslet shared her thoughts on supporting “vulnerable people” and spoke out against sexual abuse at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards Sunday night. After accepting a special award, the Oscar winner never named names but did mention “individuals” in power that she regrets working with.

“As women around the world and from all walks of life marched last weekend, once again joining together to speak out against harassment, exploitation and abuse, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to stand here this evening and keep to myself some bitter regrets that I have about poor decisions to work with individuals with whom I wish I had not,” Winslet said, according to the BBC.

It has become clear to me that by not saying anything, I might be adding to the anguish of many courageous women and men. Sexual abuse is a crime. While it rests with the rule of law to pass judgment, it lies with all of us to listen to the smallest of voices and to never stop listening. … I know we all stand together in hoping that this moment in history paves the way for a transformed future for generation upon generation to come.”

Winslet, who was honored with the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Film, has previously worked with Allen and with film executive Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by dozens of women.


31 responses to “So brave: Actress Kate Winslet says she “regrets” working with certain people

  1. The ongoing Hellywood Sexgate certainly is exposing the true faces of some men AND women like Winslet.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . You are absolutely correct on that score. Truly, I wonder if Ms Winslet is really pontificating as much as she has a need to keep her name and face in the news, as she is fast approaching that deadly 40th birthday. Sadly, all to many female stars who get to “40” are able to continue to have the opportunities that came their way when they were younger women–those choice rolls go to the fresh crop of young starlets.

      Isn’t it just strange, in movies, men such as Cruise, Affleck, and many other’s who are beginning to grow “long in the tooth,” are still considered young and sexy enough to play the leading roles . . . . but women of comparable age can usually only get “character bit parts,” as the younger woman snatch up the “starring roles.”

      Earlier today, I had the occasion of viewing a promotion piece for one of the Portland TV new stations. Here was Jeff Gianola, who definitely is looking the worse for wear. He’s been around for 25-30 years, . . . surrounded by a bevy of three very fresh young faces. It has not been that many years since Gianola was pared with a woman of comparable age. I am not able to recall her name, but I find it highly offensive that she has been replaced with all this new fresh female talent, but here sits this old man in his sacrosanct news anchor position.

      When we see this kind of blatant bigotry, it frankly just burn me, since I am definitely a woman over “40.”

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  2. I never did like Woody Allen or his movies. I think they are totally a waste of time. But I also do not like his nut case X wife (Mia Farrow) and I feel she has indoctrinated her children with lies and hatred toward her X husband who left her for a girl that was Mia’s adopted daughter. They still are together today. Not that I condone what he did but the fact that they are not blood related nor was he her adopted father and they are still together today says a lot more than some other Hollyweirds. I wouldn’t waste my time on either Mia Farrow or Woody Allen and this actress shouldn’t lose sleep over the fact that she made a movie with him.

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    • I know Woody isn’t blood related to Soon-Yi but they had some kind of father/daughter relationship which then turned into romantic…it creeps me out.

      And yes, Mia IS batshi*t crazy.

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        • Yes, this is completely consistent with the genre. This is what they do. Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman (and a host of others) get rich from poking fun at Christian morals and Western Culture. They are full of the blonde “shiksas” screwing the, “oh so clever Jew”. Then they invite the dumb Goy to laugh along.

          That is pretty much the basis of his films and his life. They are about being Jewish in a Goy world. He is always the neurotic, but somehow “saner” than the gentiles he’s surrounded by.

          In film and in life he is a self-absorbed predator. The very thought of chasing your own “daughter”, blood relative or not, is repulsive. With his money and connections he could have the hooker of his dreams. Why chose his “daughter”? He wants to flaunt that at us.

          These repulsive people do not deserve the attention they receive nor the critical acclaim they are often the focus of. They own the film and television industry and this is what they do with it.

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    • brakenkaren . . . . I am in perfect agreement with you. Even when pictures that featured Woody Allen, or Mia Farrow would be shown on TV . . . I just would not watch them. There was just something about both of these two individuals that just doesn’t sit right with me.

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  3. Amazing how many of these actor/actresses have a black hole between their ears.

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  4. sexual abuse yes is a crime,awful crime,but …honestly…you know that a woman have the most powerful weapon on earth,to whom she can seduce/destroy a man,so i think -apart many women been sexual abused -that many women accepted as a a bonus for been succesfully in their bussinesses…now,lets blame the WHITE ppl! seems to b the new trend for the cabal,im against sexual abuse against women,as im against pedophyle and against LGBTQWXTRDG and so on

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  5. It’s so funny how people regret saying things that may end up “hurting their pockets” and retract on their words but, afraid to come out in the open and name NAMES that may backlash in their future, Hollywood doesn’t forget, COWARDS! That’s Kate Winslet.

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  6. All you have to do to win fame and fortune in Hollywood is to learn how to dance with the devil.

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    • That’s very profound. Let’s say that you knew that by becoming a “hit man”, you could be very rich. Does that make the choice morally acceptable?

      These aspiring actors know that they can get filthy rich and famous by doing things for those who pull their strings. Then they come along and whine about their choices.

      Life contains many choices. Some of them are hard ones. No one said that life would be easy.

      All a person has is their dignity. In order to leave this life with one’s head held high one has to make certain that they live their life in accordance with their conscience. One must develop their conscience throughout life.

      Any sorrow or “buyer’s remorse” these people now have over what they elected to do to secure their wants is theirs, personally. We can’t bear their crosses for them, nor should we. In fact, the “law” is not the arbiter of this.

      If they have sorrow, confess their sins and ask for forgiveness they will receive it. If not they can continue to carry their burden of guilt through life and no one will relieve them of it.

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  7. every time I read about Woody Allen it’s in regards to allegations (which he claims Mia put their daughter up to) – I’ve seen no evidence of the truth of the allegations yet all these “actors” have already tried, convicted, and hung him so to speak.

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    • You refer to the infamous “Court of Public Opinion”,the most partisan,hateful,least fair Court in the Land. “Letter of the Law” has NOTHING to do with it.

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  8. Give me a break she could not of know about Woody Allen his stupidity is been out there for a long time so this is just a joke. Call jumping on board the blame train. Sorry but your a bit late by a few years I think.

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  9. I don’t disagree at all with the truths written above, but, why are so many from Hollywood suddenly making a 180 degree turn? To take our focus from Spirit Cooking, pizzagate, Satanic child sacrifices, … ?

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    • I’m not sure I understand your question. Watching these Hollywood types is like watching the fake “journalists” on TV. They do and say whatever their owners tell them to.

      Look at some of the epic idiots we examine here. Alec Baldwin? It is true that they have a lot of money, but if you think that is connected to talent that would be VERY hard do explain.

      Anything having to do with mainstream “entertainment” is distraction. Bread and circuses. “Sports” are the same. These monkeys portray “characters” that their owners wish us to aspire to become.

      They want us chaotic, irreligious, immoral and debased. We are powerful because of Our Lord. Without Him we are left to face Satan with nothing but our weak human natures. We have a duty to utterly reject Satan. If Hollyweird represents Satan, we must reject it and all that means.

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      • Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. I have the same regard for the industry you have, all I was trying to express is that this sudden expressed indignation and outrage as expressed by some is merely to divert attention from what Cory Feldman tells us along with what I wrote in the comment you read.

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        • I understand. I didn’t mean to imply that you had anything “wrong”. It’s just my old “curmudgeon” way of talking. Nothing to apologize for. I wasn’t sure exactly what you meant but now I do.

          It IS a distraction, for sure. I’m sure they haven’t developed a sense of morality all of a sudden. Good observation.

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  10. What’s with the fascination with these untalented Hollywood creeps? Any supermarket in the country will have cuter and more talented girls at the registers than the best of these starlets.

    With all the years of effort that went into normalizing Jewish socio-sexual dysfunction in the movies and relentlessly on TV, I can’t understand how this stuff is allowed to see the light of day, even as some roundabout, mocking strategy of using white American women to emasculate white American men, and so rendering the latter feckless bystanders in their own genocide.

    Possibly the key is found in Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, where Roth fantasizes about “shtupping” little Catholic school girls dressed in their little uniforms, not for the sex, as he says, but as a way of destroying the girls’ Christian fathers—a highly symbolic rite of genocide for which he was awarded this country’s most prestigious literary medal by Obama in 2010. Something doesn’t add up, so far at least.

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  11. I keep staring at that photo of Kate and wondering what she’s done to herself. I can’t morph that person into the Kate I remember from Titanic. Is she going for a Sharon Stone look or what?

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  12. Deep breath everyone: we are hearing from, analyzing, discussing an “attention craving” subsect of our society—-even a subsect of our visual and performing artists—& this particular subsect of our artiste subsect—make their livings pretending to be someone else in order to earn a paycheck. The “someone else” roles change from day to day. It’s a darned wonder that we don’t hear every day about “multiple personality disorder” coming out of Hollyweird, let alone secrets kept while they were pretending to be something that they now claim they were not while trying to climb the role ladder in filmdom. (This is exhausting me to even try to describe). Everything they said in the past, say today…did in the past/do today, must be regarded in that light. Pretty sure some have legit claims against ogres and users and opportunists and grubby old men or women…….but the problem is—-they LIVE AND DWELL AND WORK IN A WORLD OF MAKE-BELIEVE….and they SIGN ON for it, trading their moral worth to do so….and then, they participate. CHOICES….oh, they are so hard, and they have consequences……

    AND—I do NOT take this lightly. I UNDERSTAND how certain people can have a bearing on your future & you MIGHT consider sacrficing your morality to participate and get into the “in” group. But I KNOW from experience…b/c I had a kid train in a highly competitive world sport where politics and sex abounded in achieving a national/international spot…….and when faced with debauchery and low morals financially or ethically—we took our checkbook, small as it was at the time…and drove away. Someone else, maybe not so well known…but trying to rise, just like you, somewhere is always eager to take a chance on a strong/talented performer…b/c….as JFK said…”a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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  13. All these women running around the country demanding rights, which they have had all along, and those in Hollywood cheering on the deranged and trying to make conservatives the villain are the very people that stood up and cheered and cried tears of joy for Roman Polanski when he won.
    None have any credibility for me.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . Any one who goes to Hollywood and truly believes that they will remain untainted from the debauchery are sadly mistaken. I particularly love your sentence . . . “those in Hollywood cheering on the deranged and trying to make conservatives the villain are the very people that stood up and cheered and cried tears of joy for Roman Polanski when he won.” That in a nutshell really tells the plight of conservatives and the conservative movement of today. Bravo!

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      • As an example, I can drive by a nude bar and not go in. I could go in if I liked. If I did I stand a good chance of placing myself in an occasion of sin.

        It’s the same for Hollywood. St. Paul said that “if we want to avoid sin we would have to leave the world”. That’s true. But there is a difference between encountering sin in daily life and deliberately going into the lion’s den because you think it will “benefit” you.

        Truly, I have no sympathy for those that do this. If they have a dream of becoming a “star” and it requires that they sell their soul to get it, is that justified? I don’t think so.

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        • lophatt . . . . You have no idea how refreshing it is to hear of yet another man who “chooses to stand in holy places” rather than answer the call of the nude bar.

          You are correct, we need to shun the idea that these experiences will some how “benefit” us. When we deliberately pass evil by we are but showing our devotion to Jesus Christ and his teachings. We are also keeping ourselves from the danger that these places of inherent evil may pose for us personally.

          For all those who have acquired an addiction to pornography . . . if they had not indulged in viewing that very first piece of pornographic material . . . they would not be waging their current battle. As surprising as it is, there are many people in our society who are consumed with viewing porno. This is a ravaging habit, personally, and for families.

          You have called it correctly, when we deliberately entertain sin, we have allowed that chink in the Armor of God to be created, but when we avoid sin to the extent possibly, we will remain hopefully free from the temptation that sin can exhort in our lives.

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          • There is something so compelling when we see such righteousness in men. It is the very best and most noble attribute of a real man.

            I remember during the very last days of my Father’s life, although we spent a great time watching reruns of “Little House on the Prairie,” “Bonanza” and the like. For some reason the cable TV station had inadvertently been set for a station that was presenting a movie where a whole “lot of grinding and moaning was going on; actually I was in the kitchen doing dishes . . . I heard Daddy yelling from the front room, not sure what the emergency was, but I came on the run. He was yelling to get the station turned off of that program, even as a very frail, elderly man he did not wish this type of influence to enter into his home. I hope that I can be as righteous a person as he was, and my Mother. When I think of my Mother, I really cannot recall instances of her indulging in sinful practices. She died at the age of 56 years, so I guess The Lord thought she was good enough to call back home. I know I have a long way to go to be as humble and meek as she was.

            It is for each of us to live our lives in this same manner if we really want to live in the presence of Our God. When the scriptures tell us “No unclean thing can enter into the present of Our Lord.” This scripture by way of admonition and advice is really telling us that if we possess an unclean spirit when we leave this life . . . we would feel utter despair if we were to present ourselves to that realm where God lives, all the while having a burning remembrance of those things that have made us unclean, and that which we have not repented of. We would choose to rather be placed somewhere away from the presence of Our Lord. By keeping ourselves as far away from evil as we possibly can, and repenting of that evil which we stumble into, we are preparing ourselves to live with Our God, without the least degree of shame for past sinful acts.

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      • 👏😀

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  14. …..after the checks cleared………..!

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