It must be racism! Walmart puts Tide Pods in locked cabinets

Walmart is being sued by a woman who claims racism because some Walmart stores have “beauty products” for black people, like hair dye, under lock and key.

See DCG’s post “Woman sues Walmart for “segregated” beauty products“.

The reason why stores keep certain items in locked cabinets is not because of racism, but because the items are most targeted by thieves. As an example, a CVS drug store in my neighborhood now keeps electric toothbrushes and replacement brushes in a locked cabinet.

Another reason is safety.

ABC12 WJRT reports, Jan. 31, 2018, that some Walmart stores, like those in Californian cities Modesto and Stockton, are locking up Tide Laundry Pods because more and more people have been stealing them.

Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson gave this statement:

“No retailer is immune to the challenge of crime and Walmart is no exception. The decision about which items are subject to additional in-store security is made on data gathered at the store level and often at the discretion of the store manager.”

While Walmart would not say if the moronic Tide Pod “ForbiddenFruit” Challenge affected the decision to lock up the pods, some believe the viral trend may have had an impact.

The Tide Pod challenge is a new fad that dares people to bite into the soap pod on camera. According to the Poison Control Center, in the month of January, more than 130 teenagers have purposefully bitten into the pods compared with just 53 people last year. Dr. Mai Le with Dignity Health Medical Group in Stockton, warns that ingesting the detergent pods is very dangerous, and can lead to pulmonary edema and death.

Here’s a video on what happened to a boy who popped 3 Tide Pods into his mouth:

Poison Control says if you accidentally or intentionally ingest the pods, call their hotline number right away at 1-800-222-1222 or text POISON to 79797.


42 responses to “It must be racism! Walmart puts Tide Pods in locked cabinets

  1. hard to believe ,but stupidity has no age

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  2. I can’t imagine how can there be and exist so many stupid people in this world they can’t see further than their noses. They are so plain and ordinary they don’t advance, they stay behind thus so easy to be manipulated and controlled, no common sense 🤫 that’s the making of a DemoCrap.

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    • Alma . . . . My heart grieves for the very young children who are fooled into trying these “colorful candy” substitutes. I believe that Tide is changing this so that they are not so colorful.

      As far as teenagers being so stupid as to pull this stunt . . . . perhaps the gene pool in our country could just as well do without their addition to is. There is NO EXCUSE for anyone 11 years of older attempting to ingest this poison.

      Since parent(s) must be aware of this fade . . . . why are they still bringing this garbage home to use in washing their clothes? In these instances, there may well be some major stupidity both on the part of the “child” and on the part of the “parent(s).” You just cannot keep some of God’s children from acting out in blatantly stupid ways. I guess this may well be one of them.

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  3. Darwin Award contestants…

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    • EXACTLY Anonymous! Natural Selection at work! Huzzah! Who knew that laundry detergent would figure into the “Darwin Award” this, or any other, evolutionary year? Do you think TIDE will be surprised by receiving this coveted award?

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  4. Whether those pods get locked up in stores it is what happens at that matters. All parents and adults should see this video!!!

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    • It is what matters at home. Neglect on my part, sorry.

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      • weezy . . . . Congratulations! You have pointed out the most important aspect of this story . . . where are the parents when all this ingesting of poisonous substances is going on? If parent’s are that dis-engaged with what is going on right under their noses . . . it is absolutely “Neglect” on their part.

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  6. Hadenoughalready

    I’ve had quite enough of protecting stupid people.
    My suggestion is to remove all warning labels and allow nature to take its course.
    Seems cruel but who the HELL eats a known detergent “Tide Pod”? I mean REALLY!?!

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    • Hadenoughalaready . . . That is a point well taken!!! Just call me old fashioned, but I would not purchase something like “Tide Pod’s.” If you asked me why that might be, I would tell you . . . my personal opinion is that there has been a whole lot of labor put into the manufacture of these Pods, combining the various liquids which have been brightly colored, but separating them from the other brightly colored agents all in a gelatinous substance, that magically melts away–releasing all the brightly colored liquids. Just give me a jug of Whisk . . . I don’t want to pay for all the intensive labor that goes into the manufacture of Tide Pods. You may think me demented after reading that, but . . . this is just my two cents worth!!! You won’t be finding any Tide Pods anytime soon in my laundry room.

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  7. They probably give you these if you ask for a plastic straw in California.

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  8. There used to be a time when we didn’t HAVE Government agencies and Do-Gooders to protect us from our own stupidity. Back then,people evolved and developed Logic,and Common Sense,which naturally PROTECTED most of us from doing things like–THIS. As a byproduct of this,if one was overly stupid,he/she would soon do something stupid enough to remove him/herself from the “Gene Pool”,thus improving the average intelligence of Humanity. Thanks,largely,to the Liberals’ inherent “Nanny-ness” though,that no longer happens,leaving us with–THIS.

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    • truck . . . . I do believe that you are right. The people of this nation have been dumbed down to the fact that many could almost cry at the blatant stupidly that has been bred into today’s people.

      How is it that you and I escaped the “stupidity of the 1950’s and 1960’s” and are still around to tell the story? My guess is that it was only by the Grace of God.

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  9. Hard to feel sorry for Walmart, they come in, get a typical 20 YEAR moratorium on their property tax, lower their prices so they drive all the local and other stores out of business, impoverish the community and then the dummies who forsook all the other shops to go to Wallyworld are so poor that they’re forced to steal noxious smelling Tide to clean their clothes. Those Tide detergents make me want to vomit, their toxic “fragrance” is more like eau de urinal cake. You can make your own less toxic detergents, Lehman’s sells the ingredients, or you can buy some of it yourself. A lot of people are getting allergic to those noxious fumes in laundry detergent and other ‘fragrances’ in products like garbage bags, tampons and pads, ‘air freshners’ (gag) and other things that stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!

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    • chemtrailssuck . . . . God Bless you for bringing up this very fact! There is NO DOUBT that as a people, we are becoming more and more allergic to those substances found around us . . . petrochemical building materials, foods . . . just look at the instances of “peanut allergy,” with schools refusing to even allow those children who are not allergic to peanuts to bring anything containing peanut onto the school grounds. We hear of people who have built new homes, and the outgassing from building material, and especially that horrible smell from the outgassing of carpeting–is so toxic that some people end up having to move from the offending site.

      As a child we never heard of these kinds of “deadly allergies” in students.

      I must confess I do purchase tall garbage can liners from Glad, and when you first put them in the receptacle–it almost knocks you for a loop! Then in a day or so, the smell is barely noticeable.

      Even the prolific instance of “asthma,” as a young person I had never heard of anyone who had this. Now, it is rather common place. Having to purchase pharmaceutical inhalers to combat the asthma is something we often see in those around us . . . even among those of our elderly.

      I have no doubt that all these “manufactured substances” have played a roll in causing us to be more sickly, and prone to allergic reactions to the things we find in every day life today . . . whereas 50 years ago, everything was rather benign, we had substances around us that are not as potent as what we have today.

      So much for progress!!!

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      • One of the main things that have changed (besides the increase in noxious synthetic chemicals) from the “old days” is peoples diets. The whole ‘eat lots of grains and fruits and not much meat or animal fats’ USDA ploy is doing a number on peoples’ immune systems. GMO’s and glyphosate-sprayed grains like wheat and soy were not in existence in Ye Good Olde Days. Not that they didn’t have DDT or PCB’s and all that, but people ate way more ‘good’ food than nowadays. Look at any cookbooks from the 50’s and even 60’s- you’ll see recipes for tripe, ‘variety meats’ like brains, kidneys, liver, etc. And, lots of uses for lard and tallow. Now you can’t even find a single mention for any of these traditional foods. Good animal fats (not from confined animal feeding of course) protect cellular integrity and the vitamins and nutrients in organic liver and other organs helps build the body and protect it.
        Some people can take that sort of perfumey stuff for years, but usually they either start getting sick or they get sick. 😉 Best to avoid exposure at all costs. Even cosmetics and lotions usually have loads of toxins in them. I use baking soda, vinegar and elbow grease to clean most of my surfaces at home. 🙂 Regarding the peanut allergies, that also may be due to over consumption of soy in it’s many guises, there’s like 100 names for soy (TVP- textured veg. protein, lecithin, natural flavor to name a few), and sometimes kids with peanut allergies are allergic to soy and vice versa. When I was growing up kids didn’t have allergies to anything either. I only remember a single incidence of a girl with cancer during my entire schooling, and everyone made a big deal about it because it was so rare. I had asked my parents if they knew kids with cancer back then and none of them ever did. People gotta go back to eating how their grandparents or great great grandparents did. When I eat a lot of meat, I feel so much better, the more fat on it the better. 🙂


  10. Excellent video. Maybe we should take the pods off the market. Or maybe start telling kids apples are forbidden instead.
    Whatever the reason, we have reached a dangerous level here. Parents have to start talking to their children more and stress the dangers.

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  11. Maybe we should send a few buckets of the Pods to the DNC. They’re very attractive. Maybe they’d put them out in the candy dishes.

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  12. How is it that a “17” year old young man would participate in this kind of activity–even on a dare? Is he stupid? Is he mentally ill? Has he had not “fetching up” as my Father used to say?

    Looking back in history, we found that during WWII, there were young men in uniform fighting for this country, I should imagine that the same was true for WWI. If we look even farther back, say to the American Civil War, and the Revolutionary War, we had, what I can only call older children, who were out their with their lives on the line.

    What has happened that has prevented a young man, nearly 18 years old, that has rendered him so stupid that he would put his very life on the line to carry out this kind of dare? Perhaps we need to ferret out those young people who pass on the information about these “dares” to others, have them indicted for criminal activity, and sentence them to juvie? I mean something is so horribly amiss in today’s young people. Frankly, I was not that stupid as a 17 year old, nor was I that careless, or that much of a daredevil.

    What about the fact that the cost of medical intervention for these young people is forcing you and I to pay increased fees to cover this kind of totally preventable instances. Perhaps the guidelines that cover eligibility for medical services needs to be changed to read . . . “anyone who is younger than 12 years old, will not be covered for deliberate, wanton activity that renders them subject to having poisoned themselves. Parents will be 100% liable for any medical bills incurred in these types of instances. I would imagine that if parents thought that they would become personally liable for any and all of the expenses due to these haphazard activities—I would imagine that all of a sudden the “folks would become a whole lot more cognizant of what was going on in their homes,” and the rest of us would be spared spending monies on other people’s children who have not had a proper education in their homes. (I will just bet that there will be any number of folks who will feel hot under the collar when reading this.)

    As a society, we have become less inclined to hold individual’s responsible for their own actions, and just making the whole of society monetarily responsible for making individuals whole once again when acts of stupidity bit them in the butt.

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    • “Perhaps the guidelines that cover eligibility for medical services needs to be changed to read . . . “anyone who is younger than 12 years old, will not be covered for deliberate, wanton activity that renders them subject to having poisoned themselves.”
      Auntie-that little tiny spot in my mind that tells me what an Attorney would say is telling me that we’d have to list by name and description every substance the law could possibly consider “poison”,or the Attorneys would be arguing,”The substance Miss Idiot ingested was NOT listed as a poisonous material,she believed that to mean it was “safe”,therefore we ask her Insurance to cover her treatment.” One thing that’s become crystal clear to me is that when dealing with Attorneys,it’s impossible to be TOO explicit in details-Details are where they build their cases.

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      • truck . . . .Wow! God Bless you for bringing to my attention, I mean that to read “those over the age of 12.” If I really meant that harsh treatment of those 12 and under . . . I really must be a hard a**.

        Yes, I do see what you mean. Okay, since that is not a do-able option. How about if children 12 and over participate in this kind of activity . . . the parent’s are assigned to numerous visits by Children’s Services, and they must complete 120 hours of “parenting classers,” since obviously they have not done such a good job of teaching their children who are approaching young adulthood.

        There has to be some pressure brought to bare on the parent’s whose children at such an advanced age are participating in what could very well be life threatening episode.

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    • It seems if you look at how things were back then versus now, childhood is pushed way beyond it’s usual term. Heck they even have coloring books for ADULTS, ha ha! Part of it is the horrible job market, in the old days, manufacturing jobs were way more plentiful and paid real money, even grocery stores and trucking paid way more than you get, and then of course think of inflation. The Rockefellers/freemasonry/satanists were responsible for this, they’ve been trying to destroy the USA since it’s inception. Once they sold us out to China thanks to Nixon and Kissinger and Rocky, then they got rid of the gold standard while pushing us towards a ‘service economy’, it was only a matter of time until the bottom dropped out.
      Then you had people sold on the whole myth that is still continued that ‘get an education and get a good job’, which is mostly not true anymore. So they go into debt to pay for college, then they get out, can’t get a real job usually (there’s always the exception of course), so they move in with mom and dad to save some cash and start paying off their monster student loans. Then look at how much college cost back in the 60’s and even 70’s, it wasn’t nearly as bloated as it is today.
      It’s a mishmash of a lot of factors, but the bottom line is they have destroyed our economy due to shipping manufacturing overseas and replacing it with dead end ‘service jobs’.


  13. I used to wonder why they had those decals on five-gallon pails the basically said “don’t stick your head in here when its full of water or you’ll drown”. Then I thought; “well, people don’t seem to have what we used to call common sense”.

    Now I think its nature’s way of culling the herd. Anyone stupid enough to do something like this should not be allowed to breed.

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  14. Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, owns a company which has equipment that can analyze the components of almost any substance. They analyzed the Tide pods. Even though Tide only admits to 14 substances on their packaging, there are over 800 toxic chemicals in a Tide pod. These evil companies have purposely formulated poisonous products to make us sick and die. Make your own laundry detergent or purchase chemical free products.

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    • Not just our health, as I dread to think what those 800+ toxic chemicals are doing to the environment, the water we drink, and wildlife.

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      • Yep. Every drop goes right into the sewer. All those phosphates and salts. As with most chemicals, the harmful effects vary greatly and are a factor of concentration and dosage.

        Thes “PODS” are almost technical grade. I suspect that’s their secret to success. It isn’t usually allowed to sell the public technical grade anything. By sealing it in a plastic material they are allowed to do this. How that compares to what the old-fashioned cup of powdered detergent produced is unknown, to me at least.

        I know from having toured a Proctor and Gamble plant once that the active ingredients in the old-fashioned detergent box were miniscule. Most of it was diatomaceous earth.

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        • lophatt . . . . I must admit, I wish that there were powdered dish washing soaps available. I have looked at the grocery store, but I find none available. In this day and age, we have gone high tech, and at the same time shot ourselves in the foot with all the pollutants we have on the market. I would rather have powdered soap in a box that will break down.

          How many of the FOTM family remember powdered dishwashing soap in a box . . . . with a free drinking glass inside? Wow! Those were the days!

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for the voice of reason. This really is a travesty that Proctor and Gamble is allowed to disseminate this toxic stuff on an unsuspecting public.

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    • And think of all the toxins babies are exposed to, plastic ‘fleece’ clothing, ‘flame resistant’ clothing and mattresses, toxic baby shampoo, plastic diapers, plastic baby bottles, aluminum and mercury and xenoviruses in vaccines, the list is almost endless.

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  15. Soon you will get sued for locking your home or vehicle.


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