Wednesday funnies!


17 responses to “Wednesday funnies!

  1. very funny,also very touchy,Gods creatures so wonderful!

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    What a hoot! So true.


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  3. Everyone is a gem!

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  4. and they attack only when they are cornered or threatened. They are God’s creatures.

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  5. Lena Denham’s future:

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  6. I think the last one best applies to me and our family!

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    • Deleonpatriot . . . . I suspect that applied to many of our households!

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    • One of my fondest memories in my lifetime—not to demote the memory of my marriage vows or the birth of my kids :)…..was falling asleep with a heavy heart on election night resigned to the “fact” (according to lame-stream media) that Hillary Clinton would be our next POTUS, but my husband DARING (believe me…a very brave deed) to AWAKEN me when Trump was “called” as our next POTUS. He still often reminds me about how I jumped and cried and clapped……so, it must be a fond memory for him, TOO!

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    It’s all fun!

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