Woman sues Walmart for “segregated” beauty products

gloria allred

Here’s a thought: Maybe stores keeps products locked up based on statistical data of items that are most frequently stolen. And maybe the woman should be more upset with the people that are stealing the products.

From Yahoo: A southern California woman filed a lawsuit against Walmart on Friday, alleging racial discrimination after she found that her local store was keeping beauty products marketed toward black shoppers in locked cases, separated from other products.

Essie Grundy, who is represented by women’s rights lawyer faux feminist Gloria Allred, said that she was told the policy of “segregated” beauty products at the Perris, California location was a directive from corporate headquarters. In a press conference, Allred said that store employees told Grundy that she would need to be “escorted” to the cash register with the products to pay for them.

“It perpetuates a racial stereotype that African Americans are thieves,” said Allred.

Grundy, a mother of five, said that she was not allowed to touch the lotion she picked out until she had purchased it, making her feel like a “criminal.” She said she was buying a comb that cost $0.48, and didn’t understand why that item was locked away while other non-African American products that were more expensive were not.

Allred did not specify the damages that Grundy is seeking, but the lawsuit demands that the practice be stopped immediately.

Grundy said that she visited two other nearby locations and found varying, but similar circumstances. Cosmetics for black shoppers were under additional surveillance with security cameras, while products marketed towards other ethnicities were not, she recalled. Videos and pictures circulated on social media after the news conference show that the locked boxes are a feature in many locations across the country.

Walmart responded to the allegations, saying that the company does not accept racial discrimination of any kind.

“We’re sensitive to this situation and also understand, like other retailers, that some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products are subject to additional security,” said the company in a statement. “Those determinations are made on a store-by-store basis using data supporting the need for the heightened measures. While we’ve yet to review a complaint, we take this situation seriously and look forward to addressing it with the court.”


35 responses to “Woman sues Walmart for “segregated” beauty products

  1. Remember folks our needs are your responsibility. If we’re thieves that is because your white! That we’re welfare receiving, drug pushing, low I,Q, having, lazy, lawless thugs is because your not! We jus doin what yo made us do cuz yo white!

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  2. WalMart locks up its ammo– how discriminatory! 😉

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  3. Locks are based on theft rate not race. Case closed.

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    • Exactly, I have seen cigarettes, expensive liquor, and birth control and pregnancy tests all locked up. The store I worked in that did this had very few black customers. It was all about the shop lifting. The undercover knew to stake out the make up counter.

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  4. Give me a break!

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  5. all that stuff including make up is locked up in almost every store in tucson. some stores are closing down due to shoplifting.

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    • There used to be a wonderful self-serve discount shoe store in Norwalk, CT that disappeared because the cops didn’t have the resources, so the manager told me at the going-out-of-business sale, to respond to blacks walking in off the street, putting on a new pair of shoes, and walking out the door.

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  6. Stores are in business to provide a product(s) or service(s) that they can charge customers for, thus making a profit.

    When a large number of a group indulges themselves of getting “five finger discounts,” it is very bad for everyone. Case in point, here in Portland there used to be a Fred Meyer Store (now Kroger owned) it had food, pharmacy, and clothing. The name of the store was Walnut Park, and it was located right smack dab in the middle of where the majority of African American citizens lived (Now due to gentrification, that concentration is much less.) Fred Meyer Corp decided to close the Walnut Park store because the incidence of shoplifting was so great that this particular could not make a profit. This was due to all the merchandise walking out of the store–unpaid for. Once that store closed, those who lived in the Walnut Park area had to travel a very large distance to shop for their necessities.. Even to this day that particular area is virtually a wasteland. Fred Meyer sold off the property and there are various small shops, and the City of Portland Police have a community policing station there.

    i must admit, I have often lamented the plight of the elderly, and the honest citizens who live in this area–they have done nothing wrong, yet they suffer because of the actions of the few. When I see elderly African American men and women with their wheeled grocery carts, waiting at the bus stop to take them to distant areas so that they can shop for groceries–I feel a very real sorrow! All because of the actions of some of the residents of this area. As far as am concerned–it would be better if the perpetrator’s of these thefts be put at the whipping post, and that they shoulder the responsibility of their own actions–than that elderly people would have to be inconvenienced by having to travel miles out of their way to make necessary purchases!

    I don’t pretend to know the mindset of this particular woman who is binging this suit . . . . but she should be blaming those of her community who have engaged in thievery to provide for themselves, rather than blaming Walmart for protecting that with which they conduct legitimate business.

    Gloria Allred is nothing short of being a pimp for all these goofballs who come up with there scams to bilk honest people out of money. I will be glad when she goes to the great beyond–she is a blight on the landscape.

    No one should blame ANY STORE for protecting that merchandise that they have on site for the sole purpose of selling to customers, and thus making a profit.

    I am sorry, but unfortunately, the propensity among young African Americans to get their “five finger discounts” is rampant, Walmart knows that and they enlist measures to counter that culture. Gosh! I hope that if this goes to trial, that there will be a jury of intelligent law abiding jurors to judge this. No one wins when there is “inventory shrink” because the cost is passed on to other customers.

    When I am shopping at my local Fred Meyer Store, or Safeway and I see someone doing their “five finger discount” crap–I immediately go and alert someone in management. I DO NOT WISH TO PAY HIGHER PRICES FOR THE MERCHANDISE THAT I WANT DUE TO OTHER’S WALKING OUT THE DOOR WITH UNPAID FOR MERCHANDISE! This should be something that everyone should be concerned about. No one wants to purchase other people’s wants or needs, by virtue of having the prices on what they themselves are buying at inflated prices which cover “shrinkage.”

    Wow! This is really a subject that pushes my buttons!

    DCG . . . . Fabulous article! Thank you.

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    • Great comments and all true. The same goes for all the carts people steal to take home or to the bus stop. It cost us, the customers plenty.
      The profit margin in stores is slim as it is. I once was in Walmart and saw a man sitting in an aisle changing out expensive picture frames for cheaper ones with the cheaper price tag on the glass.I marched right in to the manager and told him.

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      • Glenn47 . . . .Thank you, and bravo for bringing up another one of my pet peeves . . . the theft of grocery baskarts! In early 2017 our local Fred Meyer store took delivery of 125 new small grocery baskarts, in about October I asked the Manager why there were so few small karts. His reply was that out of the 125 that they took possession at the first of the year–there were only 17 left. All the other’s had left the premises, and were gone for good.

        Grocery stores pay a huge amount for each and every one of the baskarts they invest in. According to this same Store Manager, the State of Oregon has passed laws that if one of their baskarts is left, let’s say on someone’s property in excess of 48 hours, there is a very hefty fine on them.

        I for one am sick and tired of all the transient’s, rolling all their belongings down the street in the grocery carts that you and I have probably paid for time and time again, by increases in the cost of goods to cover the shrink of grocery carts

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        • You are welcome Auntie. 20 years ago or so, the store told us the carts were over $165 each. Quite an investment rolling down our streets. Sometimes you see one person with 4 or more.

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          • Glenn47 … .I would say the price for a grocery baskart is right in line. We have a real problem with transients and “their” carts” in my neighborhood’ last summer there were 17 of these carts parked next to a business up two blocks on the main business street. They were parked all in a line like a long train. Two days later they were all gone.

            Frankly, I don’t know what the answer to either the theft of grocery karts is, the local FM Manager said within a year, they will be installing a new kind of cart with some sort of anti-theft gadget on it. All I can say is . . . bring it on! Decent hard working people should not have to pay higher grocery bills because we have low lives that steal them!

            Again, perhaps the answer is “restore the whipping post, and anyone who is caught in possession of a grocery cart that they cannot prove that they paid for . . . get’s their turn at the post! Some how, the liberals really think that the better plan is for you and I, and all the other law abiding folks to continue to pay higher and higher grocery costs to continue the replacement of those grocery baskarts which have been appropriated by the bums! There must be a better way!

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  7. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The Hollyweeds’ lawyers are really dipping low when they have to resort to sue Walmart’s who has always been a democrat supporter.

    I guess I will have to sue Walmart’s because they keep my perfume locked up.


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  8. Firstly, thieves are of all races and genders, and no store wants to lose money due to theft. If this lady feels offended by the beauty products being locked up and being escorted to the counter etc, don’t go to Walmart stupid.We have several beauty supply stores in my neighborhood, which is majority black. Most, if not all of the products are on shelves and are not locked up. Simply put, go to another store and shut up. Or, if you are so concerned with discrimination,open up your own beauty supply store.

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    • Yes, but if you think for one moment that Whites, Asians, Indians, or Hispanics steal even a fraction of what blacks do, then you are delusional…

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    • Lavelle . . . . Bravo to you! That was the very best comeback to this situation. I have been in several beauty supply stores that cater to the African American clientele, and I must admit–their merchandise was not locked up. I love the sentence you wrote . . . . “Or, if you are so concerned with discrimination, open up your own beauty supply store.” That is short and sweet and just about says it all!

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  9. Several months ago, the CVS in my neighborhood started putting electric toothbrushes and teeth whiteners in a locked cabinet. That’s obviously discriminatory against me and all who care about dental health. /sarc

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . You certainly do have a point there. I much say, at my local Fred Meyer store, they also have the electric toothbrushes in small locked cages . . . . who would have thought that electric toothbrushes were at the top of the most wanted list by those who practice “five finger discounts?” I guess it’s good that these folks have such an affinity for keeping their teeth clean, and promoting gum health.

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  10. I am going to sue Walmart. They have locked up all the shotguns and ammo. Damn you Sam Walton, damn you to hell for discriminating against me, a middle aged, white male.

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  11. Hey, when they go for the “Dixie Peach” and blue rubber bands I’m calling’ the EEO.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    I believe if walmart truly meant to make a racist statement, they would place all their mop heads and dyes under lock and key. Wearing dyed mops tied in their head seems to be their favorite beauty secret that really stand out to me.

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  13. “Allred did not specify the damages that Grundy is seeking, but the lawsuit demands that the practice be stopped immediately.”
    Of course,that’ll allow more theft,that loss will have to be covered somewhere,so the prices will go up markedly for those particular items,and you can ALL thank Essie Grundy for that!

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    • truck . . . . You just hit the bulls eye! I guess they think the rest of us have too much cash to handle–we can just make up for shrinkage by paying more for what we purchase!

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  14. Gloria Allred is, in the words of then-Candidate Donald Trump, “a very nasty lady,” and I urge all who read my reply here to go on You Tube and listen to what Liz Crokin has to say about her.
    Forget about Gloria Steinem (actually, no, but…) Seriously: All who have read my responses here on FOTM should be familiar with what I have said about demonic activity. I seriously believe that Allred is demonically possessed, in the Traditional Catholic sense of the term. And, like Oprah Winfrey (who said that “all these old white people just need to die!”) she has made a fortune on demonizing MEN.

    Like J. Edgar Hoover, you won’t read any real criticism about this harridan until two days after she’s dead. (Which cannot happen soon enough for me.)

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  15. I worked at a pharmacy when I was younger. They didn’t lock the hair care products up, but that was one of the items that were frequently stolen. Top of the list of most of the stolen items were actually OTC pain medications.

    If Walmart had them locked up, it was because they were being STOLEN on a frequent basis. I worked for Walmart once as well (hellish experience- read the ultimate in hilarity Joe Peacock’s “Mentally Incontinent” chapter entitled “The Walmart Story”), and they tell you in their training video how to STEAL FROM THE STORE. It’s easy. You go into the bathroom and take the stolen merchandise there. Once you’re there, they have ‘lost line of sight’ and can’t bust you. This policy originated after some low quality people (most of which seem to shop at walmart sometimes) would make sure an employee saw them grab some merchandise and then would go to the bathroom stall. They’d take the merchandise and leave it in the bathroom, walk out of the store and BINGO they’d get arrested. Then they’d sue walmart for false arrest and get $$$. From the training video I also learned that walmart routinely settles out of court for like 8 grand.

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  16. RaJ, you are delusional and not in touch with the real world if you really believe that they don’t. %13 of the population, as blacks are, i don’t think so.


    • Lavelle . . . . You are absolutely correct here. There are among particularly our young people, white, black, Hispanic, you name it, those who have adopted “the five finger” discount as a way of life. They just do not understand the harm it does to others.

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  17. Auntie Lulu, Sometimes you gotta change the situation yourself instead of waiting on and blaming other people for all of your problems and inconveniences. You are always so right on with your comments. Keep on keeping on.

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    • Lavelle . . . . God Bless you, thank you for the wonderful compliment. I must say that I too regard your additions to these discussions as very choice and beneficial to all the FOTM family.

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  18. These products are locked up because they are products that are commonly stolen. Believe me they don’t want the further expense of locking up products but until people stop stealing there will be items that will be locked up. Maybe she should be bitching to her people about stealing instead of blaming Walmart for protecting their inventory in order to keep prices low for everyone.

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  19. How I be stealz dem combas if deyz be lock-upped?

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  20. I am glad, that, apparently, Walmart is not going to cave on this matter
    And I have another story, along the same lines,..

    In a biig city, back east, I forget which one,,A light skinned ‘ho’ with a blond weave, who was on the city council, introduce a bill that would ban stores owners from putting up those bulletproof glass safety barriors that the have, as a safety measure to keep from getting shpt,.. Because,..such safety barriors are,..’offensive’ to her constituants,, since they only have then in ,..’certain’,.. neighborhoods…

    Gee,..I wonder what kuiind of neighborhood that that might,..

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