Former manager of Obama Foundation claims Obama is a Luciferian

Isaac Green has a channel on YouTube called “Anti School“. His Anti School is also carried on The Washington Pundit blog, as you can see in the blog’s banner (click to enlarge):

In a recent Anti School video, Green interviews a man who claims Obama is a Luciferian. The man’s visage is concealed from the camera for fear of his life, and is identified as the co-founder of Washington Pundit and a “former manager” of the “Barack Obama Foundation”. (H/t Voat)

Note: The Washington Pundit does not identify its founders or even its posts’ authors by name. The blog’s “About” page is a blank.

There are two Barack Obama Foundations:

(1) The non-profit Barack Obama Foundation in Chicago was created in January 2014 to oversee the creation of the Barack Obama Presidential Center (or library) and the construction of its campus, in partnership with the University of Chicago. Curiously, the center will not be part of the presidential library network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

The Foundation’s “leadership teammakes no mention of a “manager”. The team consists of:

  • David Simas, CEO
  • Robbin Cohen, Executive Director
  • Jordan Kaplan, Chief Development Officer
  • Michael Strautmanis, Vice-President of Public Engagement

The members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors are:

  • Marty Nesbitt, Board chairman and a longtime friend of Obama rumored to be the actual biological father of Obama’s daughters.
  • John Doerr, venture capital financier.
  • Thelma Golden, director and chief curator of Studio Museum in Harlem.
  • Mahalia Hines, board president of non-profit Common Ground Foundation and a former high school principal.
  • Glenn Hutchins, director of AT&T and of Federal Bank of New York.
  • Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts.
  • David Plouffe, Democrat Party operative and Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign manager.
  • Penny Pritzker, Democrat Party donor; former Obama Administration Secretary of Commerce; founder/chairman of global investment firm PSP Capital and Pritzker Realty Group.
  • J. Kevin Poorman, president and CEO of PSP Capital Partners.
  • John Rogers, investment managers.
  • Michael Sacks, investment manager.
  • Juan Salgado, chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago.
  • Juliana Smoot, Democrat Party fundraiser and former White House staffer.
  • Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama’s half-sister.
  • Robert Wolf, founder/CEO of 32 Advisors.

(2) The non-profit Barack H. Obama Foundation in Virginia, which is about charity work for Kenya and unconnected to the construction of the Obama Presidential Center:

Malik Obama

  • The founder of this foundation is Obama’s older half-brother, Abon’go Malik Obama. The two men share the same father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., but have different mothers; Malik’s mother was Obama Sr.’s first wife, Kezia. In the 2016 presidential election, Malik supported Donald Trump and attended the third Trump-Hillary debate as Trump’s guest. On March 9, 2017, Malik tweeted an image of Barack’s Kenya birth certificate.
  • The Barack H. Obama Foundation website makes no mention of a “manager”.

Here’s Isaac Green’s video:

Green begins by saying that the Barack Obama Foundation is “a money laundering front” for “criminal activities”. This is what the interviewee (let’s call him Mr. X) said:

  • “I was the manager of the Barack H. Obama Foundation,” which was named after the father of Barack and Malik.
  • As manager of the foundation, Mr. X had worked with and was friends with Malik Obama who provided him with “all the intel” on former President Obama (henceforth, we’ll refer to him as “Barry”).
  • Malik “does not know” if Barry was born in the U.S. “Others” say Barry was born in Indonesia, and came to the U.S. on foreign exchange as “Barry Soetoro”. (Soetoro was the name of Barry’s Indonesia step-father, the supposed second husband of Barry’s mom.)
  • Malik said he’s “technically” Barry’s half-brother, but the two men actually have different fathers. In other words, according to Malik, Barry’s bio dad is not the Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.
  • Barry’s maternal family, the Dunhams, “is CIA” — his grandfather Stanley Dunham was in the U.S. military but worked as “an informant for the CIA”; Barry’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a CIA “operative”; Barry’s real father was Frank Marshall Davis, “a Soviet spy who worked for the CIA”. (Note: Davis was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.)

Who is Obama’s real dad?

who is Obama's real dad

  • Barry himself is “in reality, a CIA operative through and through”. His real name is Barry Soetoro. (Note: Barry had registered at Occidental College as “Barry Soetoro”. It is rumored that his name at Columbia University was also “Barry Soetoro”.)
  • The CIA “forged” Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate.

Note: According to InfoWars, Dec. 12, 2017, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators discovered “bombshell” evidence that the CIA and/or other government entities had illegally hacked into Hawaii Department of Health records searching for birth records on Barack Obama.

  • As a “community organizer” in Chicago, Barry actually was “in charge of the Chicago mafia”. After Barry became POTUS, Rahm Emmanuel, the mayor Chicago, took over as head of the mob.
  • Both Obama Foundations are fronts for money laundering — the Barack Obama Foundation (that oversees construction of the Obama Presidential Center) and Malik’s Barack H. Obama Foundation, of which Mr. X claims to be a former manager.
  • Mr. X says Malik is a “good person” but not “on the good side” and that the foundation gets only $200 in donations a day. Malik has dual U.S.-Kenyan citizenship and lives in a Section 8 (government subsidized) apartment in Alexandria, VA. The enmity between Malik and Barry, and why Malik supported Trump, stems from Barry’s refusal to support, but actually “blocking,” Malik’s Barack H. Obama Foundation.
  • According to Malik, Barry is “completely different” and “the opposite” of his benign on-camera public persona.
  • Although he was raised a Muslim by his mother, Barry, i.e., former President Barack Obama, is not a Muslim. “He is a Luciferian,” i.e., a satanist — “he sacrifices children” and “does all the spirit cooking stuff you hear about in the Podesta emails”. Obama had “children brought to the White House all the time. The White House under Obama was an epicenter for child sacrifice.”

See “Spirit Cooking cannibalism and Obama’s bandaged middle finger

  • The $65,000 to fly “hotdogs” and “pizzas” from Chicago to the White House was “not food” because no outside food is allowed in the Obama White House because of his fear of being poisoned. But Mr. X said the $65,000 “hotdogs” and “pizzas” were “not children”.

See “Obama spent $65,000 to fly ‘pizzas’ & ‘hotdogs’ from Chicago

  • Obama took out Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi because Gaddafi wanted to create his own currency and refused to buckle to the West. Post-Gaddafi Libya is chaotic and has become a major venue of child and slave trafficking.
  • The Obama Administration “instigated” the Libyan, Egyptian and Syrian uprisings, of which only the uprising in Syria failed because of Syrian President Assad.
  • The CIA, “Obama’s handlers,” trained ISIS and the Taliban. Although Obama had not “founded” or created ISIS, he built them up with financing and weapons.

Note: The Obama Administration’s role in supplying weapons to ISIS is confirmed in the December 2017 report, Weapons of the Islamic State, the product of a 3-year investigation in Iraq and Syria.

  • On whether Michelle Obama is really a man, Mr. X thinks it’s “just a joke,” but the daughters Malia and Sacha are “actors”. Mr. X admits “I don’t have proof on that”.

See “Michelle Obama is a man: See the junk moving in his pants” and “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

See also:


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  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information. Obama is a fake.


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  2. Democrats…

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  3. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.

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    • Bone Fish . . . . Congratulations! You have stated a fact that no one should deny. It has become more evident as the years roll by, and the polling of American’s that support the very idea that we as a people have more and more citizens who acknowledge that “there is NO SATAN.”

      This is such a preposterous idea . . . . in order to test the spirit children of God the Father, there must be the situation where people are spiritually persuaded by the Holy Ghost to do good continually, believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World . . . . . or, persuaded by Satan and his minions, that he does not exist, and that participating in evil is just a big nothing. We have so many individuals who when seeing how they are willing to live their lives have indeed surrendered to the enticing’s of that wicked Father of Lies.

      Satan is the Father of Lies . . . he even lies in the very fact that he persuades the spirit children of God the Father to deny the real existence of Satan.

      I personally do not have much of a problem in believing that Barry is a Luciferian. If you look at the enormous amount of evidence which surrounds him, so much of it is based on “L-I-E-S!” He follows the dictates of him who he serves.

      Probably the one question that is uppermost in my mind . . . if the “$65,000 ‘hot dogs’ and ‘pizzas’ which were flown from Chicago to the White House WERE NOT CHILDREN” as Mr X suggests what was he actually referring to? I know I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the answer!

      Dr Eowyn . . . . Fabulous Post! Thank you, and keep up the exceptionally good work!

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    • Sorry, had to do it!

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  6. Patrick Cornell

    Tell me something I don’t already know! Of course Obama is Satanic and always has been! For crying out loud his “wife” has 10 lbs. of Mississippi brown snake dangling from “her” crotch. He’s all things to all people and morphs like a changeling whenever he needs to depending on who his audience is. As much as I dislike him I have no choice but to credit him for his skill for Oration which is masterful when he’s not soaring high on cocaine with the powder caked around the rim of his nostrils. There was one speech shortly after he became President in which he was clocked tweaking his nostrils 40 times! I have no doubt he is a demonic entity of some form with a serious cocaine habit.

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    • According to Wayne Madsen who also did some excellent articles on Barry’s CIA lineage, Barry was also taken by the CIA and mind controlled and taught NLP ( neurolinguistic programming) which would explain his ability to become such a good speaker, and indeed if the teleprompter in chief didn’t have a script in front of him, he stumbled and paused incessantly in his speech. If you listen to some of his speeches they are overflowing with NLP which is used in hypnosis to embed ideas and beliefs into a person.So the guy is not a gifted anything. He is a manufactured fraud.

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      • Lana . . . . the site you have provided is truly stellar. I certainly do agree . . . “this guy is not a gifted anything. He is a manufactured fraud.”

        I just wish that this whole scandal which perpetrated the greatest hoax in the history of this nation, would come to light.

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        • Thank you Auntie. When you stated,
          “I just wish that this whole scandal which perpetrated the greatest hoax in the history of this nation, would come to light.”
          I know how you feel. I too used to wish for that Auntie, but I arrived at a point where I understood that even wishing for that was a waste of energy. My experience with liberals is they do not value the truth. There is no interest in any fact no matter how true because it threatens to dissolve their idealistic fantasies of a heroic political figure or belief system.

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        • YES. is a GOLDMINE of esoteric and arcane information on all things New World Order. Bookmark it, read it. Shout it from the rooftops! It contains over 8,000 pages of crucial info!

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      • I would like to hear more about this, the idea that via speech he can hypnotize the audience-his monotone style irritates me personally

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        • Obama DOES NOT hypnotize me! I find his voice to be just as annoying, just as grating, as Nancy Pelosi’s! And his grating monotone is the monotone of a churlish schoolmarm who thinks she’s a man trapped in a woman’s body! And I DETEST how he chides his listeners, as if they were mentally retarded five year olds.
          I suffer from Minere’s Disease, a genetically inherited hearing disorder. (It’s not debilitating but annoying, at this point). I believe I am the perfect candidate for this hearing disorder for a Good Reason: It forces me to notice and be on the lookout for the peculiarities of people’s speech (even when I cannot hear them clearly on first listen). Take it from me: Barack Obama is a TERRIBLE speaker. And it’s not only his attitude that makes him so: He does not understand, he has not mastered, the fine points—or the basics—of RHETORIC. Makes perfect sense for a Manchurian President: Why master rhetoric when you can hypnotize?

          Has anyone ever noticed that Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were the only truly good speakers we’ve had in the White House since FDR??? (Hopefully, Mr. Trump will make # 3—seems promising, so far.)

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        • I think I first saw this on before Obama was elected the first time. My mother dabbled in hypnotism and hypnotized me as a child to poick the winning horses in the races. She did “parlor games” with me. I was good at it. However, when I grew up and understood the occult and NLP which my mother also go t into, and Dick Sutphen who explained the Alpha state and made cassettes with positive subliminal messages on them. that was a s far as I knew, until I learned about MK Ultra and the tryuly evil side of NLP. ( Normally it is used to comfort each other for example. the power of touch can be apowerful to heal , to comfort and to bond. These elites abuse these normal good things and can supercharge the memory and fracture the personality, through torture, which is what happened to Cathy O Brien and Sue Ford. From the time they were 6 months old, very very horrible stuff. An article here on FOTM pointed out CIA testing of Obama’s DNA (from a glass) and found he was NOT even related to the Dunhams, so Stanley Ann must not be his mother, unless she was not really a Dunham herself. There has been evidence that Stanley Ann was MK Ultra’d via the Playboy Monarch program. So I suppose it is possible she was adopted by the Dunhams, perhaps she herself was sold into the Ring, and bought by the Dunhams. Yes, sex slavery is ongoing. This is the Swamp Trump is trying to drain. And this is generational. That’s why it’s so hard to break. When they fracture a personality, they in essence cause a memory loss in the most promising individuals. They compartmentalize the brain, this is where the multiple personalities come from, and they caN funnel certain aspects of their (the Elites) purposes into the different compartments of that person’s brain and use key words to shut down areas and use key words to bring up certain areas at will. This may be why for example, Bill Cosby shut down and acted confused. He’s just another tool, he did NOT act alone. He had a job there. I first embarked on this study because of the Bill Cosby scandal. I found out a bunch on the mindcontrolblackassassins website. I could not accept that Cosby was doing these things in the PLAYBOY MANSION and that these girls were simply innocent and that he acted alone. Nobody with half a brain is going to go work for the PLAYBOY MANSION and expect there to be church behavioral rules.

          Furthermore, except for certain powerful women like Hitlery, and Marina Abromovic, most of the wives of these men, (presidents, senators, congressmen, Pastors, police, the list is long and scary) are for all practical purposes kept in the dark, some are used and fractured, some are kept as Stepford wives. There was a reason Priness Di left, she didn’t want to be a Stepford wife and what she witnessed scared her. They wanted her for her bloodline. Nothing more.


      • Sure, its just an expansion on Bernays’ marketing gimmicks. One interesting aspect of these subliminal ploys is that they don’t work once one is aware of them.

        This is like the “Delphi Method”. It can be taught to anyone. Not all people are equally good at it. Barry had a deep, resonate voice that is well-suited to this (it is a form of hypnosis).

        They aren’t going to spend all those shekels on turning a gay Mac-Daddy into a “president” without putting in all the options.

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    • Patrick . . . . I wish I had actually seen that clip. I have no doubt that Barry was and has been the most notoriously drug user to ever become POTUS!

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  7. WOW! This makes total sense. Half of (or more) of Hollywood are Satanists, and Barry is part of that club. Seems like their is a disproportionate number of Satanists in charge. I just went to Barry’s wikipedia page to get a better understanding of his maternal/paternal lineage, and I had a hard time following it. It seems from that page, Barry has quite a few half brothers and sisters that live in the states. – lots of relatives in Kenya and Indonesia. I am wondering why we never hear from them?

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  8. Yeah, I saw this a while back. I think he gets most of it right. He has the same problem that most do with the information. If he believes his own information he needs to stop talking as if Obongo has any authority on his own. He doesn’t and he never did.

    Also, I’m not sure about being born in Indonesia. I rather doubt that. We know that they had the goatherd sign the alleged birth certificate. That was Frank Sr’s ploy to explain Frank Marshall Davis’ baby.

    He has it correctly about “Stanley Ann” and her “mother” too. It’s the CIA version of “Father Knows Best”. Frank Sr. started with the OSS during WWII.

    Luciferian vs Satanist is a whole different discussion. At least superficially, Obongo had to be Muslim or he would not have been allowed to attend school in Indonesia. This whole manufactured history is deliberately cloudy in places.

    The so-called “pastor” of that “church” he attended is highly suspect. Apparently the whole congregation was gay and/or trans. There are the reported murders of a couple of choir members, both gay. Could this have a bearing on Mooch?

    What we DO know is that everything about this “character” is manufactured. You cannot believe ANY of it because it isn’t real. Even in this article there is the disconnect between the alleged “brother” and Soetoro. If he belongs to Soetoro, he isn’t related to Malik.

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    • I am not a believer that Barry’s dad was Frank Marshall Davis. I think his bio dad was the Indonesian Cult Leader. This video is just too compelling for me. Just my opinion. And I agree, Barry’s history is purposely clouded. The lineage (on his wikipedia page) is too hard to follow (for me) without getting out a pen and paper and grafting it! (Silly me – I just discovered there are a few you-tube videos of his half-sisters/brother speaking out – my bad)!

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      • You are obviously entitled to your opinions. I personally think that Frank Marshal Davis is the most likely candidate, all things considered. I also don’t particularly care. What’s important is that this “character” is a fraud.

        Many of us spend time thinking about how serious it is to defraud the public with “The 9-11 Movie”, SHES, BMB, and a host of others. This is just more of the same. Some didn’t understand the significance of Karl Rove’s snide remarks about “manufacturing reality”.

        We have a phony government run by contrived characters. In order to rule without much opposition they construct and perform hoax operations. So what’s the common denominator? None of it is real.

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        • Did you see the video??????? The resemblence of Obama to the leader of the Subud cult is undeniable. Really, I attributed his narrowness and total lack of resemblence to Obama OR Frank Marshall Davis as simply being undernourshed as a child and having an undernourished white mother, (and that still could well be) BUT look at the facial resemblence. It’s too close.


    • I’m confused. By “Frank Sr.” Don’t you mean Stanley Dunham, Obama’s maternal grandfather?

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      • Yes, sorry. I got my “Stanley” confused with my “Frank”. Good Ol’ Stan was your friendly furniture salesman, communist spy-CIA agent. They’re as common as female-impersonating First Ladies.

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    • “There are the reported murders of a couple of choir members, both gay.”

      Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer were openly “gay” men in Rev. Wright’s church. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . I think that the “deaths” of three men from the same congregation cannot possibly be due to normal circumstance. “Donald Young, Larry Bland, and Nate Spencer” were a “severe problem” or liability to the meteoritic rise of Barry Obama . . . so they had to be disposed of. I just cannot see it any other way.

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      • I understand that the two deaths were, as you say, “openly gay”. The issue seems to be that they were VERY friendly with Little Barry.

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        • Sadly, it looks like a LOT of people were too friendly with poor little Barry. Even knowing what he has grown into, it still breaks my heart when adult men stick their naughty bits into poor little children, it damages them forever, and that has occurred. And the Ring he was probably a part of very young, has made him the Part of the Problem he is now. It’s a horrible cycle and we need to focus more prayer on it. It’s destroying our world. I know these people grow up narcissistic and close themselves off for protection, we can’t reach them through normal channels. Our only hope is the love of God (prayer) and the Holy Spirit reaching their hearts (more prayer). It may not reach very many but Cathy O Brien, Sue Ford, William Schnoebelen are examples of those that got out. Paul the Apostle is kind of another example, he was a Christian killer as Saul, but the prayers of Stephen the Martyr as he was being stoned got to him and God Himself spoke to Saul and he bacame Paul. I think our prayers are what got Trump to focus on the Swamp, but he needs more prayer and more protection. And if we pray for those IN the Swamp, who knows what we can do?

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    • lophatt . . . . very well said!!!!

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  9. After reading this article and other related articles from the past, I think this article from Daily Mail might be interesting.

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    • That is horrible, evil, just evil. I suspect that’s “Planned Parenthood’s” income stream too. Let’s not forget all the recent allusions to cannibalism. It’s now considered “hip”.

      I’ve been saying they are out to destroy all established Western values. They’re well on their way.

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    • Oh man, that is awful. One commenter said “I am going to vomit now”! No words…except no wonder Hollyweird is trying to make it COOL to eat your own babies placenta……ahhhh…I want off this planet! Get me off now!!!!

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      • Thank you for that post. You really have some great articles. I need to go back and research them all.

        This is just beyond words. This will make me think twice about checking to see if my vitamin supplements are from China or not. I have learned a lot of the supplement companies do get their loose products from China, and I refuse to buy from them.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . after seeing that huge cache of pills made of aborted baby, and stillborn baby’s bodies . . . . I don’t see how anyone could not feel the most profound sense of loss, and horror. My stars! It is gross to think that there are people living on this Earth who would make money off the loss of these lives, and those who would know what these pills contain are certifiably off their rockers. I see this in the very same light as looking at the pictures taken of the emaciated prisoner’s found in the German prisoner of war camps–it is just grievous to behold!

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  11. They say we only get the government we deserve; The question is, Can we survive it? Barack Obama was not the first “magician” we’ve had as President; He is not the first to dazzle an audience, pointing to the exact wrong place to look at the exact right time.
    George H.W. Bush opened doors and greased skids for both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Poppy Bush is a Bonesman, a member of Skull & Bones. This is what I think is crucial: From a legal standpoint, the United States is really a vassal state of Great Britain: Our foreign policy does its bidding. The S & B connection is to see to it that the right “puppet Presidents” are put in place. This, after the British agent Harry S Truman, founded the CIA, whose founding charter specifically states it exists “to protect the interests of the British Crown,” and NOT the sovereignty of the United States.
    George H.W. Bush also did pivotal work in streamlining the policy work of the United Nations and openly pushed, as President, for a “New World Order.”
    So let us see what Bush the Elder, Clinton and Obama have in common. All three were impostors of one sort or another: Bush the Elder successfully impersonated a conservative, Clinton successfully impersonated a “new Democrat” and Obama successfully impersonated being an American citizen!
    But there is something “entrepreneurial” going on: Bush the Elder used the CIA as his own drug-running corporation; Investigative journalists have shown that the Bush Family made over one billion dollars on it. The Clinton Foundation made millions laundering money, selling our uranium to Russia and robbing charity money raised for Haiti (as well as human trafficking in that country). Now the Obama Foundation has been said to be laundering money.
    It is clearly evident to me that these Presidents are Nietzschean supermen: Each has rejected the prevalent morality of Civilization and established his own moral code. In other words, all three men are lawbreakers—but it’s all A-O.K., because they did so surreptitiously, outside of the public eye, and without being identified. Until now.

    This is precisely why they fear and loathe Donald Trump. Because he represents an existential threat to them in real time.

    This is not “democracy,” nor is it the representative government of a republic. This is nothing but criminal activity by criminals, in suits and ties, operating out of offices with public addresses. This is Crony Capitalism, and capitalism is meant by them for them, while they sell socialism for us. And they have all played major roles in building an Orwellian Police State. And they have other politicians, foundations and corporations and the media on their side. It really has been like “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”—“Sleeeeep….. Sleeeeep…. Sleeeeep….”

    This is why they are after the internet and free speech. They fear EXPOSURE, moral cockroaches that they are. So the real fight is on: There is a conflict between the sides here, and it is going to get desperate. And I suspect that the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas will SKATE in this life. But as they say, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

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    • I agree but I think Little Barry is the “most complete” fabrication we’ve seen. He is wholly and completely manufactured out of thin air.

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    • Steven . . . . you have brought up such relevant points . . . Bravo to you!

      Until more recent times, I was unaware of just how evil the Bush family truly is. I always knew Clinton was evil due to the rising numbers of deaths that surrounded him. To actually see on paper how the citizens of this country have been duped by numerous, on-going Presidential terms, is just mind boggling.

      I always enjoy when you wade in, you have such a stellar mind and a keen intellect for the history behind so much of the anti-American nonsense that has gone on. Thank you.

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    • I would have liked to see you explain that the British Crown is NOT the occupant of Buckingham Palace but rather the CROWN CORPORATION of THE CITY OF LONDON, (aka The Square Mile= one of the heads of the modern Cereberus i.e independent city-states, the other 2 are DC and the Vatican.). Even Queen Liz had to get permission from Lord Rothschild to enter THE CITY. By the way the CROWN still owns US as well as CANADA, UK, NZ, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, etc – in fact thru the IMF and central banks in each “nation” pretty much the whole world,You can find the info on YouTube by searching “you own a bond – the crown corporation”. No surprise Barry is Luciferian – Jesus showed that to one of his prophets by taking him in the spirit in a vision to the WH when Barry was there and enabling him to see Barry as Jesus saw him – inside.

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    • A very nice Summary of the Cabal’s more recent machinations, albeit very far from a complete list, according to what I see on the Internet. This mess just keeps growing, an overwhelming cancer on the body politic….

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    • Sadly it was happeingin under Reagan too, look up Cathy O Brian’s Bio TRANCEformation of America AND Sue Ford’s Thanks for the Memories, under Bryce Taylor, they both serviced Reagan- I think the assassination attempt was a clue to him to give in to the Swamp. Surprisingly, we recently found out (partly through Sue Ford’s bio) that Jimmy Carter refused to partake in the sexual ring, and that may be why he was never allowed to accomplish much. JFK was unique in not being mean (I am shocked at how mean all these men were/are to the slaves), and of course he wasn’t the head of the mess, but if you would read or listen to the full Secret Societies speech, he was trying to do something about it. ANd we know where that got him. Most of the presidents were puppets but from the time of JFK, Bush Sr was singularly an important actor in the Ring and killing off those or threatening those that would try to do something about it.


  12. Stephen T. McCarthy

    For awhile, after seeing Joel Gilbert’s ‘DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER’, I was fairly convinced that Frank Marshall Davis was Odumbo’s real dad. But then one day I just stumbled upon THIS…
    …and suddenly all the pieces fit together like a perfectly completed jigsaw puzzle. That is the most convincing research pertaining to Barack’s background that I have read. Before you even read the full article, just scroll down to the black & white photo of SUBUD cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia on the right edge of the page. The first time I saw that photo, for a couple of seconds I actually thought I was looking at a picture of Barack Odumbo. That’s how uncanny the resemblance is.
    I am now convinced that Odumbo’s entire background is tied into SUBUD / CIA deceptions.
    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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    • Yeah, I’ve seen this too. It’s possible. I think it is undeniable (or close to it) that Frank Marshall Davis was a “family friend” (if The Company has family). We have the naked pictures of “mom”. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that “mom” would screw anything she found to be “hip” in some way.

      This story hangs together rather well, at least as well as the “official” one. There is a resemblance.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Lophatt, I totally agree about Frank Marshall Davis. There’s plenty good reasons to strongly suspect / believe that he was the “Frank” (surname left out) mentioned in Odumbo’s pseudo-autobiography. Birds of a feather…
        And the Communist, Davis, was probably the primary mentor to Barry. But there are just way too many connections related to the SUBUD cult that piece the story together so well.
        We’ll probably never know the ENTIRE truth, but I feel I’ve got a handle on more than enough to satisfy my curiosity and justify my judgment of Odumbo — whom I was never once for a second fooled by.
        ~ D-FensDogG
        ‘Loyal American Underground’

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        • Thanks Stephen, I appreciate the link and the comments. There is another mention that I posted some time ago from a person who was traveling in Russia after the fall of the USSR and got a lecture from the wife of a Russian colleague about the “new American president being black”.

          To me it is important to understand a few things. “The Russians”, especially as portrayed on the leftist media (for some underhanded reason) are not “communists”. There are, of course, some hold overs, but by and large, they want nothing to do with it.

          China, on the other hand, engages in trade but is communist. Communism, per se, is a Jewish phenomenon. There were Russian involved, but it was completely controlled by Jews. As long as there are Jews there will be communists, whether admitted or not.

          I don’t think there is a “Russian” concerted effort to spread communism. I think there is a “Jewish” effort to do so, and any other destructive ideology that serves their ends.

          It is not the same environment now as it was in Obongo’s handler’s days. They are infiltrated, for sure, but I doubt if anyone but MSNBC would call those infiltrators “communists”. They would call them “Russians” which they are not. They could be Russian, or Lithuanian, or anything else, for that matter but they would be Jews.

          I think a careful reading of your link would confirm this even back in the 1940’s. Frank Marshal Davis could easily have been Obongos baby-daddy. Stanley-Anne’s daddy could easily have been a communist working at OSS and later CIA. That fits perfectly with some of what we know about them (allegedly).

          So, just like always, I maintain that he was a Jewish agent installed and maintained to help destroy America. I think he’s still at it. There are thousands of them in the Government.

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      • If Mom was trained MK Ultra Monarch, then she had been trained from pretty young and her screwing had ultimate goals by her handlers. She did not act alone or on her own will. That’s becoming more obvious.


    • WOW….I never saw this. Thanks for posting. I am even more convinced that Barry is a SUBUD leader offspring. LOL….we do know – his mother was a “whore”, his caretaker a “transgender” – I mean: what more do we need to know!!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • LOL…..That’s a keeper!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dr Eowyn . . . . If one is judging paternity based on looks and physical features – – – Muhammed Subuh is the winner!

        Liked by 2 people

        • That is spooky true! Wow, I don’t recall ever having seen that Subuh guy before, shiver me timbers! BO is a spitting image of the guy, no doubt about it!

          There’s zero resemblance of BO to Davis & Obama, Sr., zilch! “Daddy” has got to be Subuh Dubba Dooo! (The only other prospect is the guy on the far right, that Debuh Devil Doo.)


          Thanks for the new intricacies in the Life & Slimes of BHO, Jr. What a tangled web. This satanic pedo pathological network is like a festering boil on the world, just waiting to be lanced. I would think it is very dangerous to mess with those guys, but I hope the “white hats” can make some big dents without being harmed themselves.

          Liked by 2 people

          • But what’s the attraction between “Subub buds” and Honky Women? Those two in the article are homely as a mud fence. Indonesia is a pretty weird place. They still periodically chase “witches” through the jungle with machetes.

            So, how did Barry the Beach Bum become “Mac-Daddy Barak, Jewish-communist destroyer of worlds”?

            Fact to ponder:

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?!”
        ~ D-FensDogG
        ‘Loyal American Underground’

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      • I am no admirer of Malcolm X, but he did say some things that were true. At least he has made me think. But, together with Teri’s comment, are you saying that Malcolm X was a member of the Subud?
        At any rate, we know one thing (in addition to the fact that Obama is a CIA creation (in part)): Communists and demons always (well, usually) go by a PSEUDONYM. (As in NYC’s own Horse’s Ass, Bill Deblasio, AKA, Warren Wilhelm—or as I call him, KAISER Wilhelm!)

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      • Why is Malcolm X even in that lineup? He was changing his whole viewpoint when he was assassinated. That was probably why he was assassinated. He did have his own thoughts, his autobiography is very telling.


  13. I listened to Dr. Jerome Corsi speak on a radio show this past Sun. or Mon. He emphasized how the tentacles of the FISA memo will make the connections to the rest of the acts of corruption in the obummer and Hillary administration and discussed the history of corruption going back decades. In reference to the pedophilia being practiced at high levels in our own government and by international globalists, Dr. Corsi stated that while much of the population is now aware of human trafficking and pedophilia in the US and world, they may not be able to emotionally and psychologically handle information revealing the connection of pedophilia to satanism, those involved and explicitly detailing the specific horrific acts they have perpetrated against the most innocent of all and God. Thousands of children are kidnapped each year globally and used in satanic rituals. This is the stuff of our worst nightmares and infinitely more. Dr. Corsi, through his government contacts, has been briefed on the details and feels he cannot speak of them yet, if at all. He was visibly disturbed just speaking in generalities. We have to pray for the souls and safety of the children who are still alive and let our legislators know we are cognizant of the satanic pedophilia connection and the dire need to find the children and get the demonic ones indicted and jailed.

    Liked by 5 people

    • greenworxx . . . . I could not agree more . . .”pray for the souls and safety of the children who are still alive and let our legislators know we are cognizant of the satanic pedophilia connection and the dire need to find the children and get the demonic ones indicted and jailed. {!!!}”

      If we do not do all that we can do in fighting against his atrocity, then we also are culpable in the matter.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, Greenworx, I heard the same podcast. And I see Dr. Corsi’s point, although I do not necessarily agree with it: I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH, to paraphrase Jack Nicolson in “A Few Good Men!”
      But again, I see his and your point: I have tried to talk to THOUSANDS of passengers over the years about 9/11: Very few takers, indeed. People have too much cognitive dissonance, and they’re not ready to be red-pilled yet.

      Can the public actually handle an (alleged) Hillary sex-tape with her (alleged) activity with minors? I can—without perversion.

      It is discouraging.

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  14. They said Trump and Bush jr were antichrists also…..


  15. Kudos on this story Dr. Eowyn

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  16. If it is ever PROVEN that this CIA puppet actually is guilty of these allegations there will not be a safe place on this planet for him and other monsters with him

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  17. OK, one more reason for me to say that Mustafa Obama is a
    B A S T A R D

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  18. Obama’s face looks similar with Muhammad Subuh. FYI, there’s a SUBUD complex in our town, they gave big donation for the general hospital and build an elite school near their complex.

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  20. I couple problems I have with the whistleblower comments. (1) ISIS was a CIA/Israeli creation of mercenaries. They did not magically pre-exist as resistance to be groomed by the CIA/Obama. (2) How could the he not know Obama was gay and Mixchelle is a Tranny? Credibility is always a problem with anonymous whistleblowers….they too frequently supply “ear candy”…the stuff you already heard but feel better about after hearing it again…no matter it’s anonymous and mostly unsourced.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. His credibility is greatly diminished in my estimation when he dismissed claims that Michelle Obama is really a man, ignoring overwhelming empirical evidence of “her” male genitalia.


  21. Yes lophatt the Jewish connection is there BUT remember Yeshua told John in Revelation that there are “Jews” who are of the synagogue of Satan who He said ARE NOT JEWS”. Thus the top of the Illuminati / cabal pyramid where sits the Rothschilds may have Jewish surname but are completely Satanic as Fritz Springmeier has documented in his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” where we learn that the Rothschild mansion in the CITY has an extra chair at the table for the unseen guest at every meal – it aint Jesus / Yeshua but rather it’s for Satan.

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  23. I don’t know what the difference is between worshipping allah, Lucifer or being a Marxist. They all are about Lucifer.

    This used to be in the Rules for Radicals and I think they have since taken it out.

    Rules for Radicals opens with a quote about Lucifer, written by Saul Alinsky: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

    Here is a short set of proofs that allah is also Satan…

    I. Who is the murderer?
    1. allah – a murderer – moslems should strike off the heads of unbelievers and massacre them. Koran47.4
    2. Satan – The devil was a murderer from the beginning.’ John 8:44
    3. YHWH/God – No murderer has eternal life’ 1 John 3:15

    II. Who is the liar (why would a god need to lie?)
    1. Allah is a liar – “Allah misleads whom it will’. Koran 13:27
    2. Satan – The devil is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44
    3. YHWH/God – God cannot lie. Titus 1:2, Hebrews 6:18

    III. Who is the deceiver or seducer or plotter? A plot is a ploy, or trick, to deceive people to get control.
    1. Allah – allah is a deceiver/seducer. ‘Allah is the best of plotters.’ Koran3:54, 8:30, 13:42
    2. Satan – Satan which deceives the whole world. Revelations 12:9
    Satan said, ‘I will seduce/deceive men on earth’. Koran 15:39
    3. YHWH/God – ‘God of truth’ Deuteronomy 32:4

    IV. Who loves the unbelievers?
    1. Allah – allah does not love unbelievers. Koran 30:45, 5:87
    2. Satan – ‘Jesus healed all that were oppressed of the devil’. Acts 10:38
    3. YHWH/God loves unbelievers. ‘God so loved the world’ John 3:16 (yeah, that means God loves moslems too even though they bow to a rock and Satan.

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