To “support” women, Hillary reads from a book at the Grammy Awards…and it wasn’t Juanita’s book

broaddrick tweet

The Grammy Awards last night was, as expected, a full-on display of Trump Derangement Syndrome. See Twitchy’s report here.

Hillary even made an appearance to read an excerpt from the fictional work of Michael Wolff (via HuffPo):

“In a sketch during the award show, host James Corden gathered music greats Cher, John Legend, DJ Khaled, Cardi B and Snoop Dogg to audition to narrate Michael Wolff’s best-selling account of President Donald Trump’s White House, Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House, in an effort to get nominated for the Best Spoken Word Album category. But there was one not-so-musically inclined reader in the mix too: Hillary Clinton”

See the video at the HuffPo link above as I’m not inclined to put it on this post.

At the award show, many of the attendees wore white roses as a “gesture” of the Time’s Up campaign to support women. From ABC News:

“When music’s biggest stars walked the red carpet Sunday night as they headed into the Grammy Awards, many were spotted either wearing a white rose or holding a single white rose in their hands.

The gesture is in honor of Time’s Up, which aims to spark conversation around “equality and safety in the workplace,” music executive Karen Rait said ahead of the ceremony.

Kelly Clarkson, who held her white rose, said on “E! Live from the Red Carpet” that after looking into what the white rose represented she decided to join the movement. “It represents hope and peace and sympathy and resistance,” she said. “Those are lovely things for every human to encompass.”

Funny how their support of equality didn’t translate into reality as only one woman won a main award at the show last night.

So I wonder why the host of this year’s Grammy Awards show, or any others in the past years, didn’t have any celebrities read from Juanita Broaddrick’s book “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton?”

Doesn’t every survivor of sexual assault deserve to be heard, believed, and supported?

And why did the proggies celebrate Hillary reading this when it was reported, just days before, that she fired a male aide accused of sexually harassing a female? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Hillary Clinton and her Hollyweird sycophants can stuff their moral virtue signaling where the sun doesn’t shine. Their sympathy and concern for the safety of women only revolves around their own ideological views, not the REAL victims of sexual assault.



46 responses to “To “support” women, Hillary reads from a book at the Grammy Awards…and it wasn’t Juanita’s book

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Isn’t it strange that the Grammy’s would use Hillary as a PROP when she was an enabler for Bill Clinton. Why would she stick with Bill after his “womanizing” – because she knew if she divorced him – her ticket in politics would have no value – plain and simple.

    And why would the blacks continue using Hillary as a prop with the Democratic muslim/communists. The reason – they know they couldn’t get away with the lying, cheating, and stealing that goes on in the Repub Party. As was just proven with Weinstein – none of these people have morals. The women who claimed assault and rape went into these dungeons with Weinstein knowing they had a future and if they didn’t they would not – they used Weinstein and he used them and now they claim assault and rape to be rewarded with cash – just part of the woman game.

    As Mama taught us – it is the right of a man to ask and a woman’s right to refuse or say no. But then if you said no – you would still be holding the short end of the stick.

    And too, the blacks like to be abused by the Dem’s – just part of their life. Most Blacks are never taught “how to be nice – cause it doesn’t work for them.”


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  2. DCG . . . . Great article!

    Although I always previously like James Cordon when I would see him on British tv shows. I find that I am “not amused” by having a Brit heading up this kind of a “sh*t show” defaming our President.

    In fact I will never watch Cordon again. You must admit, it is the height of arrogance when someone from England comes over here, and all of a sudden they are quintessentially the wise and all-knowing arbiter of American government and politics. Cordon now reminds me of that other vile Brit–Piers Morgan,who managed to get work as a commentator on American government issues. I think that Cordon should definitely return to England and not darken our doorstep another day.

    Why is it that Great Britain exports such discussing examples of their citizens? There are some Brits, who make a tremendous amount of sense, but then they are conservatives!

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    • Amen, Auntie!
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the dems gave america a POTUS candidate who claimed to be born in usa because he has a birth certificate, but had a british accent…and last name rothschild.
      that “candidate” would have no problem telling americans what to do and think as well as creating new evil ways to take property and rights from americans….it worked for obama.

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  3. Nikki Haley on Twitter: “I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it. Don’t ruin great music with trash. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it.”

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  4. Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter: “Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency. #GrammyAwards”

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  5. the #metoo hashtag feminist bowel movement is just another dividing rod between the sexes…males are being taught to stay away from females and, instead, consider relations with other males or with other males who are eunuchs and wear dresses with implants shoved into their chests.
    satan has his mark all over this and all over sour grapes killary

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  6. Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury had admitted many of the accounts in the book are untrue, but Hillary read from it. And Grammy’s low-information useful idiots applauded her! Do we need any more evidence that Democrats are stupid as well as mentally ill?

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  7. I can’t wait till Killary is out of sight and mind.

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    • Well, she’s been out of HER mind for a long time. I just want her out of MINE.

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    • I can’t wait till she’s in jail. Lock her up!

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      • Dr. Eowyn, time does pass and by the Rotten Clinton’s turn she, Killary will be older and most likely in very ill health, she’ll be pardoned, will go in seclusion and be put to shame in the history books as the most crooked Politician, oh, but what a smart move, President Trump holds the trump card, Crooked Hillary, the woman who tried so bad to crush him, he shows compassion, and President Trump will somehow win the trust of the women, after all this his term is all about women, abuse, scandals, and just like he said, “I’m here to win”.

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        • As an aside, I saw today that another major-player libtard/fem is also in “very ill health,” per DC Whispers, & wouldn’t this be grand, if true > > >

          “Justice Sotomayor, though, despite being among the Court’s younger members, is said to be struggling greatly with her workload as she deals with a worsening diabetes condition. Court watchers have noted a visible decline in just the last year where she appears to have aged ten years. Rumors are also swirling regarding staff having to take up an increasing workload for the ailing Sotomayor who is said to have difficulty maintaining her train of thought for more than short periods of time. And like Ginsberg, Sotomayor’s staff is working hard to orchestrate a media-driven narrative to counter rumors of her decline”:

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          • Is she gonna take Ginsburg with her? I think both her and Keith Richards died years ago and just forgot to lie down.

            Maybe they’re having a “twofer” on commies this year.

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            • A twofer would be the ultimate, especially if it occurred in the same year, like THIS year! That same DC Whispers article had a few paragraphs re Ginsberg as well, saying she is dragging butt (health wise) but insists she is not resigning & has hired court clerks through 2020. DCW thinks Ginsberg wants to stick around at least through the 2020 Pres Election just to spite Trump.

              I just had a thought which is what brought me back to the “rotting political corpse” Killary (as a commenter elsewhere referred to her, lol):

              If anyone watched the “GraNNy Awards,” did Hillary still have the BIG BOOTIE on her foot? Or did they even show her full body so you could see her feet?

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              • “did Hillary still have the BIG BOOTIE on her foot? ”

                I was wondering about the same thing. So I did some looking around on the net. Hillary’s appearance was part of a pre-recorded video, including other “celebrities” reading from Wolff’s FAKE NEWS book. She wasn’t on live. And the video only shows her head and torso.

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                • Thank you, Dr. E, for checking up on the HRC bootie question! No proof is good proof, meaning, it IS possible she is still wearing it. 😀

                  McCain seems to have been quiet lately. I wonder how his bootie-foot is doing. 😉

                  Knowing how Trump likes to troll the Dems, it would be a hoot if he walked out on stage for his SOTU with booties on each foot, lol.

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                  • It would be even better if he switched feet, mid-speech.

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                  • “Knowing how Trump likes to troll the Dems, it would be a hoot if he walked out on stage for his SOTU with booties on each foot, lol.”

                    That’s brilliant!

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                    • Haha, love those tiny laughing emojis! 😀

                      Welllll, Trump didn’t wear the boots but this photo is almost as good … today’s the big day…

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                    • On the subject of Crooked Clintons, two heads-up:

                      1_Mitchell’s radio show has a new weekly-guest (Weds. I think), who was in the military during the Bill Clinton years & he was “hired” by the Clinton Admin to be the carrier of the “nuke football.” His name is Buzz Patterson & his first appearance was this past Wed. (I think it was) & he told his story & how they contacted him, etc. Very interesting. He says he knows quite a bit re the Clinton shenanigans:

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                    • 2_The 2nd person to watch if you haven’t already heard of him (& who I just watched this morning, a 15-min. interview) is Charles Ortel. He’s an investor but says he knows all about the proper paperwork for all sorts of non-profits, foundations, etc., & he’s been investigating all the Clinton Foundation paperwork for years. He says Comey & Rosenstein are guilty for sure all the way back to 2004 for covering up all the illegalties. He has a twitter & a website both using his full name.

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          • Curious to know if she is making the decisions or someone else. If she is that easily distracted it must be horrible to stay on track. She should recuse herself and leave. I wish her no ill will, diabetes is a horrible disease.

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            • I wondered about that as well. Trying to work & think when you do not feel good is miserable. If what the “court watchers” say is true, Sotomayor should definitely resign.

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      • Wouldn’t THAT be a cause for a celebration? We could make videos of us singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” and send them to her in prison.

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  9. Didn’t watch. I went out to the garage and watched a shovel rust instead.

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  10. Watching those folks is, to me, about as enticing as watching projectile vomiting, or perhaps explosive diarrhea, at a political convention.

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  11. We refused to turn to the program last night. We knew it would be a bashing, but to bring Clinton on is a new low. Desperation indeed. What has she got to do with the Grammys except for the song she has been singing us for years about being a feminist and caring for the people.

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  12. Paul Joseph Watson: Annoying Celebrity Hypocrites [Warning colorful language]

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