Clueless NYU students trash Trump for not-yet-delivered State of the Union speech

President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union speech TOMORROW.

But students at New York University (NYU) had already condemned the speech!

A week ago, Campus Reform went to NYU and asked students for their reactions to President Trump’s State of the Union address “last night”. The students interviewed said:

“I didn’t watch it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.”

“[The speech was] quite racist at the very least, if not up there with most resistance.”

“It’s offensive. It is crazy but I’m not shocked by it, by what he’s done in the past.”

“I believe what I’m hearing about his rough nature and the hate that he probably said.”

“It’s the behavior of someone who refuses to accept accountability for their failures.”

“The way he acts, you shouldn’t be acting like that if you’re the leader of the country, regardless of what party you’re in. So that frustrates me a lot.”

“I mean it doesn’t surprise me — the State of the Union address.”

“Hopefully, everything that he’s outlined can be overturned by the public opinion.”

“[The one thing that most people were upset about was] the immigration law, the whole DACA thing and him trying to build the wall.”

“The fact that he started a chant [on building the wall]. He’s big on those.”

“I think it reveals that he has the temperament of a three-year-old.”

That it’s legitimate to “shut it down” just because it’s Trump speaking: “I think there are enough progressive and intellectual people that really analyze what he’s saying.”

These are college students, presumably the future leaders of America!

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31 responses to “Clueless NYU students trash Trump for not-yet-delivered State of the Union speech

  1. If left to them we’ll soon have a country RULED by empty heads and deadbeats

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  2. Kids,

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  3. It’d be fun for “Campus Reform” to go back AFTER the State Of The Union Address and tell these “politically informed students” how they scored on their pre-delivery analysis of the Address. Leave it to College kids to speak authoritatively on information they haven’t even heard yet…..

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    • I was thinking the same thing, that he should go back to each student, maybe w/a short clip from the SOTU address after tomorrow, & ask them WHY they BS’d their way through their pre-SOTU answer? That would be a hoot, I bet! 😀 And it might teach them a good life lesson.

      There was a great comment under the above Campus Reform video at youtube:

      1st guy: “Objection, your honor. Leading the witness.”

      Two comments down someone else replied:

      “Overruled, we must get to the truth of leftist idiocy, I’ll allow it.”

      (haha on the 2nd guy’s reply, very clever!)


      There was a Jay Leno Jaywalking segment some years ago where he went to a college graduation which was held outside & asked them questions re the founding fathers & other American history. Their being dressed in cap & gown made it all the more striking. They basically all flunked every question & even Leno was flabbergasted. I couldn’t find that particular segment at youtube but here’s another where Leno asks official USA “Citizenship Test” questions. It’s quite funny (or pathetically sad, depending on your mood). It has a great ending.

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    • Anonymous . . . . After listening to the answers these young people gave relative to a State of the Union speech that did not take place . . . I could not agree more with “Stupid You Are . . . . and . . . . “Breed You Should Not!” All of these young people should relinquish their “rights” to add to the gene pool. They are indeed far and away to stupid to be having children. Not only are they stupid, but they are monumentally without morals. In that they would offer a response to the question posed, in order to come away seeming to be an intellectual giant (in their own eyes,) when no such State of the Union Speech ever took place. Yet, we see person after person, pontificate on their view of what was said or done during this “phantom speech.” This is just incredible. I wonder how many parents would be pleased to see that any monies they have put into education their child has been a MONUMENTAL WASTE! i would be heartsick if any one of those individuals were my child, and it turned out that the whole world could see that my kid was a lyin’ POS! Absolutely disgraceful. Even after viewing this it is rather difficult to believe that such a thing could really happen.

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      • I am severely out of position here . . . this should be after “”Anonymous!” Oh! Well, just leave it to me to get things goofed up. Sorry!

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      • Back in the sixties, when I was in college, a sociology professor at Berkley did an experiment and filmed it. They had one of the janitors give a speech in “People’s Park”. They gave us the written text. It was complete gibberish. The janitor was told to use a lot of theatrics (and he did). The crowd went wild.

        Later, they interviewed individual students as to what they thought of the speech. The results were largely what they are here.

        These kids go to these things because they make them feel like they belong. They don’t know what they mean, they don’t care. They like the emotion of it. You could give a speech about murdering babies and barbecuing them and they’d cheer.

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  5. was there even ONE that knew the speech had not taken place yet? Just one?

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  6. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the TET OFFENSIVE. These morons seem to represent the return of the hippies. We should have wiped out the hippies in ’68 instead of the Viet Cong. At least America would have been rid of the idiotic communist ideologues. I regret wasting my time and ammo in the wrong place.

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    • Back then we couldn’t vote, couldn’t drink, but we sure as h@#ll were taught to kill. Despite wishing back then I could have voted, I’m thinking lowering the voting age was a mistake. Perhaps rather than letting 18 year olds go to college, we need mandatory military service for a couple years until they grow some brains. Might take more than a couple years, though.

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    • John . . . . I do believe that you have a point well taken!

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  7. surprise motherfuc**rs!


  8. Its truly sad to see the “level of stupidity” in college students these days. My son is a current student and I am scared to death of the “indoctrination”! BUT….he did say, that his campus in CO is warning students of ISIS recruitment, because I guess ISIS recruits on Campus’ (who knew) and he did tell me that these ISIS guys are drinking battery acids and other type of “caustic acids”. I told him, that makes sense, but to also remember, they were also inbred for thousands of years! Fingers crossed for him!!!

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  9. If this level of education continues, we are so screwed.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . That is so very true. I still cannot hardly believe that young college aged students would act out in such a self aggrandizing manner, and show such a degree of stupidity.

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  10. Pretty sure this set-up was a covert IQ test….& now that the sad “stats”” are in (& broadcast nationally on TV per ea. interrviewee) are mom and dad (or scholarship entity) going to tear up the checks and deliver the morons to their new jobs,, wiping tables at a fast food chain (they couldn”t qualify for working with money at the cash-register or actually HANDLING a public food supply!!!!!! )) ? IF ONLY!

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  11. These responses from students in “institutions of higher learning” remind me of the quote by American author, Samuel Clemens, a.k.a., Mark Twain: “I have never let my schooling get in the way of my education.”

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