Hollyweird hypocrites: Self-proclaimed feminist stars keep attacking Sarah Sanders for her looks

chelsea handler tweet

From Fox News: Hollywood women have banded together like never before on issues including pay inequality and sexual harassment, declaring that women all over the world need to stick together and be supportive of one another. But experts say several stars aren’t practicing what they preach when it comes to Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Sanders.

Self-proclaimed activist Chelsea Handler wrote in an op-ed for Thrive in Dec. 2016: “Let’s stop it with the dialogue about how women look or what they wear, or if they’ve gained or lost weight. We are more guilty of this with each other than most men are.”

Cher has often spoken out about the sexualization of womendeclaring at the Women’s March on Jan. 20 that she “believe[s] in this movement.”

But both stars recently attacked Sanders solely over her looks.

Cher tweeted to Sanders on Tuesday to “stop dressing like a sister wife.” After fans slammed Cher for the hurtful tweet, she followed up by admitting it was “kinda mean” but “so funny.”

Handler has gone even further than Cher by mocking Sanders’ “summer whore lipstick” and calling her a “harlot” on her Netflix show. Comedian Fortune Feimster even wore exaggerated makeup to play Sanders for a skit on Handler’s now-defunct series.

And “Saturday Night Live” took a similar swipe at the press secretary’s outfits by putting the show’s Sanders character in a revealing outfit to dance provocatively to a pop song in a November 2017 episode.

The show has also dressed the Sanders character, played by Aidy Bryant, in a bright pink dress to mock the press secretary’s frequent color choice.

Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America, told Fox News Cher’s recent insults proves Hollywood feminists don’t play by their own rules when it comes to conservative women.

“Cher’s attack on Sarah is yet another example of how liberal women in all types of powerful positions stand up for only those women who adhere to their ideology,” Nance told Fox News. “If you’re a conservative woman, prepare to be thrown out of the feminist tent. Their message is that some women will be supported. That some women will be empowered. That some women will [be] trusted. But they don’t support all women and especially those of us who support life.”

Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center, echoed Nance’s comments adding that the recent attacks on Sanders’ looks are “especially offensive.”

They don’t just attack her for being conservative. They dare to treat her as if she’s not a woman. They blast her clothes and say she dresses like a ‘sister wife,'” Gainor said. “…Chelsea Handler called her a ‘harlot’ with ‘summer whore lipstick.’ And these are women doing this. Imagine the media outrage if conservatives dared to treat a liberal woman with such disgust.”

He added, “Liberals hate anyone who doesn’t side with them.”

Branding and public relations expert Scott Pinsker told Fox News these stars are hurting their brands by attacking Trump’s press secretary.

“An awful lot of women in America look more like Sarah Sanders than the Hollywood starlets who are bashing Trump and his supporters on all the award shows,” Pinsker explained. “If you want to disagree with Ms. Sanders’ political positions, that’s perfectly legitimate, but mocking her for being normal-looking isn’t exactly empowering to women.”

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47 responses to “Hollyweird hypocrites: Self-proclaimed feminist stars keep attacking Sarah Sanders for her looks

  1. I expect nothing less than their jealous ways and ignorant comments!!!

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  2. What happened to content of their character? Let us compare. By the way, I don’t see anything to complain about with SHS’s garb. So what if she doesn’t act like Hillary who acts like QE II every day wearing expensive designs once or like CB wearing Saran Wrap.

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  3. Take a close look at Chelsea Mandler and many other fake ‘feminists’. Stories like this are usually a ruse to detract from the real transgenda. Look at Kelllyanne Connway – slam dunk ! they’re everywhere. See “The Real Reason for the Sex Scandals in the Fake News” and “Wave of Mutilation” http://www.renegadetribune.com/wave-of-mutilation/ Cracks me up that these ‘hash me tag too’ feminist zombies are really celebrating men in drag – while the l-tards slept on it. ….

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    • Interesting take and right on target. And how about that crazy old misogynistic nonsense about female hysteria—it’s so funny that feminists with TDS can’t stop aping the symptoms—for laughs, you see—, even parading in public dressed as vaginas or going into hair-pulling paroxysms in front of the camera. Heck, if we didn’t know feminists were really just kidding with this hysteria shtick, we’d have to conclude on the face of it that feminism was in fact a diagnosable mental disorder requiring sedation and disenfranchisement for the sake of order.

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  4. DCG . . . . Once again you have brought an article to us that just hits it out of the ball park! Congratulations !

    As for the fat, ugly bi*ch in the picture shown above . . . . perhaps she would serve herself far better by “joining a gym, and weight watchers.” She really does not have the looks to carry off such a message to the general public !

    As far as Sarah . . . what I see is a woman, who I understand, has young children. Among women in this situation, it is the rare woman in this category who “sports designer apparel.” Frankly, plain, dark colors (that perhaps will not show the smudges of grubby little hands) sounds like a stellar choice as far as I am concerned. In taking into consideration the young mother’s that I know–their attention is turned toward the well being of their offspring . . . not the wearing of the most hip fashions. I would have to salute Sarah in that I think she has her priorities straight !

    She does not need to be a fashion show in order to preside over the gaggle of dillweeds that present themselves as representing our media. She only needs to be “ultra competent” in handing this bunch of bozos!

    God Bless Sarah! She must be an excellent mother, which is her prime job, and certainly more worthwhile than interacting with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the miscreants.

    Obviously, President Trump values her, although in his own life he puts a high value on “dressing for success.” The fact that he finds such value in Sarah, says all that needs to be said on this subject.

    As far as the weirdos from Hollywood, and their ilk . . . . if they were to fall off the world. No one would hardly notice . . . that’s how important they are in the total scheme of things.

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  5. Besides my usual “who cares what they think?”, these are the ultimate “joiners”. They couldn’t articulate WHAT they “believed” in on a bet. They are “anti” anything their owners tell them to complain about. It is a death cult.

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  6. What wouldn’t Cher give for just to be as young and dynamic as Sarah! 71 year old Cher is nothing but an exhibitionist -she is nothing but a glitzy harlot and a tramp in costumes. Sarah is the right woman for the job she’s doing, she’s an accomplished public figure and -doesn’t flinch when she faces the trove of liberal reporters, they sure are cautious! Cher and Handler are not public figures but tv personalities whose shows are pure entertainment lacking true meaning.

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    • You said it Alma. It takes my breath away just imagining Cher complaining about women being over “sexualized”. Cher? She needs a mirror and a brain.

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      • lophatt . . . . You certainly called that correctly. In her younger years Cher always sought to scandalize the public by her scanty costumes . . . it is just preposterous that she would say such a time.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    I suspect what really upsets these hollywood spawn is a women who can actually make a legitimate place for themselves with out having to ply the male (and may be female) power brokers, with sexual favors.

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    • Kevin . . . . Amen to that! There is little doubt that they are envious of the height to which Sarah has climbed, and without having to take off her clothes. That’s the true mark of a successful woman!

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  8. Cher, she is a God fearing woman. A white? I wouldn’t talk about Sarah that way. Should we count your pillow talk playmates? She is not over painted to be someone she’s not. She is not a whale painted to scare demons themselves. You only proved how ignorant Democratic liberals are.

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    • weezy . . . . I love each of the pertinent points that you made here. There is little doubt but what Cher is jealous of Sarah’s achievement all on her own. I certainly do agree “. . . how ignorant Democratic liberals are.” No doubt about that!

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for providing that stellar film clip. Stupid me, I had never put it together that Sarah was Governor Huckabee’s daughter. I guess I live a sheltered life.

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      • Auntie,you’ll also note that she never mentions him using his influence to get her that job-she earned the job by being extremely capable and qualified. I’d be quite surprised if her Dad had to do ANYTHING to help her. And regarding her looks,I see her as being quite attractive,the kind of Woman I’d gladly date. There’s a good reason most of the press shows her such respect-she EARNS it,every day.

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        • truck . . . . . No doubt about it . . . our Sarah is quite an accomplished woman. I for one, support her 100% — she is a roll model that we can actually point too for our children to follow, without feeling guilty.

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    • Mike Huckabee, you got the FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD! 🏆🥇

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  9. So it’s devolved to this: Chelsea Handler (weird name!) & Co. have gone back to KINDERGARTEN! YES, when liberals can’t win the argument and can no longer play the Race Card, they GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN, making fun of people’s looks.
    This is because they are, in Frank Sinatra’s delicious turn of phrase, SUBCRETINOUS GOONS!

    So. What, exactly, does Chelsea Handle? I don’t want to know!

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  10. Hollywood women don’t know what they want…..

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  11. What do you expect from people who think Satan is a role model?

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  12. ” Comedian Fortune Feimster even wore exaggerated makeup to play Sanders for a skit on Handler’s now-defunct series.”
    Funny-I didn’t notice anything exaggerated-Their “comedienne” (the CORRECT spelling for a Female Comedian.) looked just like she ALWAYS looks,and NOTHING like Ms. Sanders. Typically,don’t people who ridicule others do it to shore up their opinion of themselves,whom they loathe?

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  13. I find NOTHING unattractive about Sarah. The more I’ve heard her speak, the more I like her, including her external appearance and what she wears!

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  14. Sarah has already achieved what those liberal nuts can only hope to. And she can do it with one hand behind her back.

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  15. That Chelsea and those pics, Barf, puke, I thought my kidney stone was acting up on me!!!

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  16. Listening to Sarah right now, what a girl, what a woman, she’s telling the press off, Sarah my hero,

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  17. Great photos in the comments! 😀 I really like the one of Sarah as the conquering warrior-ess!

    What utter JUVENILE mental-delinquents those Hollyweirdos are in their incessant ranting, mocking, degrading of anyone who doesn’t tow their line. They are despicable “children of the devil” who can’t even discern within themselves how childish their “group think” behavior is.

    None of them are that great-looking either. I mean look at Cher. She never had “raving good looks” even when younger. And I don’t get why she thinks her anti-Sarah “joke” was “so funny.” I didn’t even “get it.”

    They should quit calling them “Award Shows” & refer to them as “Abhorred Shows.”

    “Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.”
    –Romans 12:9.

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  18. Sarah Sanders is a role model for today’s girls coming up behind her. A model I rarely was privileged to see in my own young girlhood b/c of the “”way things were” back then. She is an accomplished scholar, a well–spoken and skilled political spokesperson, a stellar mother, daughter, granddaughter, wife, sister. The thing that drives her (mostly female) critics wild is that she is comfortable in her own skin—–and they are NOT— by a LONG SHOT….& you can know so by the number of plasitc surgeons in Orange County, CA..

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