Bump stock ban makes it way through Washington state senate

molon labe

Following in the foot steps of New Jersey, this “feel-good” bill will do nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to prevent people from bump firing.

From Hanna Scott at MyNorthwest.com: It was a big win for Washington Democrats and gun control advocates Thursday night as the state Senate approved a bump stock ban.

The bump stock ban is among a slew of gun control legislation making its way through the state Legislature this session (See here for the other anti-gun bills, including large capacity magazine ban and license/registration of “assault weapons”). But it’s one that many have had their eye on. The so-called bump stocks are a trigger modification that allows a semi-automatic rifle to fire more rapidly — similar to a fully automatic. It was used by the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

This bill went through a Senate committee earlier this month where survivors of the Vegas shooting told lawmakers how dangerous the devices can be. A local mother who’s daughter was killed in the shooting begged lawmakers to ban bump stocks.

“The bump stock modification on the AR-15 that murdered Carrie increased the gun’s rate of fire to nine rounds per second,” she said. “Think of that — a 30-round magazine could be emptied in just over three seconds. Nobody stood a chance.”

Bump stock ban

Critics complained the bill was too broad because it included all types of trigger modifications, some of which can just be used to improve sighting and accuracy. But it made its way out of committee. It was debated late Thursday night on the Senate floor where Republican Senator Mike Padden fought for an amendment that would not ban the bump stocks at all. He proposed other measures.

“Rather than ban them, it takes a different approach and allows for the same requirements and procedures for purchasing and owning a pistol or handgun for the purchase and possession of a bump fire stock, including requiring a state and federal check at the time of acquisition,” Padden proposed.

But Democratic senators like Jaime Pedersen weren’t feeling it.

“This amendment essentially legalizes bump stocks with a background check and I think that’s the wrong direction to go in,” Pedersen argued. “The state has a very long history of not allowing machines guns or fully automatic rifles. And that is the reasoning behind why I brought this bill forward in the first place.”

Padden’s amendment failed, but another amendment by Republican Senator Hans Zieger did pass. Zeigler’s amendment tightens up the bill as far as the definition of trigger modifications, so the ban doesn’t effect trigger mods that help with things like accuracy. The final bill only bans modifications that are specifically designed to accelerate the rate of fire.

Lingering concerns

But before final passage there were still plenty of concerns from some Republicans, including Senator Mark Schoelser who argued it was slippery slope for gun rights in Washington state.

“Clearly, this is the first gun seizure in the State of Washington,” Schloesler said. “Because if you are found in possession, you are a felon. Turn it in, have it seized, be a felon. It is gun seizure for the first time.”

The ban cleared the Senate on a 29-20 vote with four Republicans joining the Democratic majority. If it clears the House and Governor Jay Inslee signs it as is, the ban would go into effect in July. After that, it would become illegal to manufacture or sell a bump stock in Washington. A year later it would become illegal to own or posses a bump stock. Anyone who owns them will have to turn them in. They’d also be declared contraband that can be seized by police, which had some Republicans concerned cops would go into homes to seize the weapons.


10 responses to “Bump stock ban makes it way through Washington state senate

  1. I believe, aside from profit, this was part of the reason for the vegas “shootings” in October…govt is eroding our rights one false flag at a time.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . You are truly the voice of reason! After seeing that clip that shows gun owners how they can utilize the clothing they are wearing to act like “bump stocks” I can only conclude that for those who wish to murder and maim–they will find a way . . . and that includes those who are perpetrating false flags!

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    So called ‘bump stocks’ are nothing but a mere novelty that add little the true effectiveness of any firearm. Accuracy is always the major goal of worth while modifications. Even in battle field conditions aimed semi-automatic fire would be more effective than uncontrollable rapid fire.

    Proof that bump stocks were even used in las vegas is as sketchy as the evidence of the shooting itself. Clearly this legislation is just one more stepping stone to their ultimate goal.

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    • Kevin . . . . God Bless you for weighting in on this issue. I certainly do agree, chip by chip, the armor surrounding law abiding citizens is being eroded. They are marching forward to “their ultimate goal,” just as you have stated.

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      • What is so pitiful is that there is such a mass of our fellow citizens that cannot conceive that this on-going assault on our rights has been engineered to end freedom in this land . . . . . They are too stupid to even see what awaits them.

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      • Again, the issue is “Permission”. We do not need it. We should not accept their imposition of it.

        If I need full-automatic fire for my own defense or others, I have a Constitutionally protected right to have it. By the way, full-automatic fire is designed to keep an enemy’s head down while someone else advances. It isn’t intended to hit with any accuracy.

        This is just another side note to these hoaxes. They want those who know nothing about weapons to believe that full-auto fire hits every round at an intended target. That’s utter nonsense.

        These “bump stocks”, are just a little gimmick. I can fire just as quickly without them. Again, what are they trying to do? They are trying to protect themselves against a potentially well-armed and capable public.

        There is only one acceptable position on this. Total, absolute rejection.

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    • It’s more ignorant hocus-pocus. Unless you have a liquid or nitrogen cooled automatic weapon you must only fire in short bursts anyway. I hate laws like this. I STRONGLY encourage anyone involved with them to categorically refuse to encourage them.

      Every one of them leaves a precedent that, somehow, a particular weapon must be “justified” and “permitted”. If I want to be a howitzer I should be able to do so. In fact, it is still possible to do that. It is also possible to buy machine guns. There is a lot of unconstitutional paperwork, but it can be done.

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  3. The reason they get away with this BS is that they’ve imposed “effect”to follow up “Cause”. IF we refuse to accept their stupid gun laws,they arrest us under unconstitutional LAWS,take all our guns away,and we lose our RIGHT to own or carry guns forever. Now everyone with more than 2 brain cells knows that the Constitution precludes ALL of these restrictions,but how many of us have enough money to FIGHT for OUR RIGHT? If ALL of us took up the cause and engaged in a LEGAL FIGHT,we could probably gain some ground,but NOBODY wants to be the first arrested,lose his guns and possibly lose his SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTED RIGHT. We’re ALL okay with going to battle as a group,but we also all fear getting into the thick of it,looking back and finding ourselves ALONE.
    I think our ONLY hope is to make FULL use of the strength and conviction of THIS Administration to bring America back to CONSTITUTIONALITY,not just for the Second Amendment but for ALL our Rights and ALL the tenets of the whole Constitution,removed from the corruption and misrepresentation inferred and otherwise wedged into the documents,changing the Constitution from OUR RIGHTS to the GOVERNMENTS RIGHTS.We need to do whatever we can to make sure the TRUE AMERICANS who represent us follow through and help us bring true LIBERTY back to OUR COUNTRY.

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  4. The idiots may as well ban belt loops, too, as they can be used as a homemade bump stock.

    These idiot dumbMasses don’t even know which end of a gun a bullet comes out of.

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