This flu season is an epidemic: Some died just 2 days after onset of symptoms

The 2017-2018 flu season is now an epidemic — a unusually deadly epidemic:

    • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared this season an epidemic, stating the illness is widespread in at least 39 states.
    • Although the flu season hasn’t even peaked yet, CDC epidemiologist Lynnette Brammer said more hospitalizations are being reported and deaths are increasing: “We are starting to see cases of severe disease and we are seeing excess deaths“.
    • California public health officials said the number of deaths and hospitalizations is higher than normal. During the week of Jan. 14, 23 people reportedly died from the flu in the state, bringing this season’s total to 97 deaths. For some perverse reason, neither California nor the CDC record flu deaths among people over the age of 65, which means the number of deaths due to the flu and complications (pneumonia and sepsis) is much higher.

Whereas flu victims typically are older people (age 65 and older) and infants (age 5 and younger), what makes this flu season alarming are two things:

  1. People younger than 65 (and older than 5) have died.
  2. Death comes quickly, in some cases after only 2 days of the flu.

Some examples:

(1) Dylan Winnik, 12, of Palm Beach County, Florida. He died of the flu on January 21, 2018, just two days after he had fallen ill with what his parents thought was the common cold because his symptoms were mild.

(2) Jonah Smith, 17, died December 29, 2017 in Arizona when his heart stopped beating in the backseat of his sister’s car. Smith’s family said he showed no flu-like symptoms except he had complained of a backache. He continued to go to work at a fast-food restaurant and see friends. Doctors said Smith had the flu and pneumonia, and that he might have had “an underlying medical condition,” but the teen was not known to have one.

(3) Kyler Baughmen, 21, died five days after he became sick on December 23, 2017, with a mild cough and runny nose. The body builder celebrated Christmas and went back to work on December 26. The following day, he was rushed to the hospital. He died on December 28 from kidney failure due to septic shock caused by the flu.

(4) Katharine Gallagher, 27, died December 5, 2017 in Tustin, California, five days after she first experienced flu-like symptoms on Thursday night. She went to the doctor on Sunday, and was sent home with antibiotics. Two days later, after she appeared to be getting better that morning, her boyfriend found her dead on the bathroom floor — from severe acute bronchial pneumonia.

(5) Tandy Harmon, 36, died just two days after she went to the hospital with flu symptoms. On January 17, the Oregon mother-of-two in Oregon went to the hospital with flu symptoms, but was told to go home to rest and hydrate. Hours later, Harmon was back in the emergency room, where she quickly declined and had to be placed on life support by that evening. She died two days later on January 19, from MRSA and pneumonia.

(6) Katie Oxley Thomas, 40, of San Jose, California, died of the flu just 48 hours after falling ill. The mother-of-three and marathon runner’s condition declined so quickly that she was moved to intensive care, placed on life support and died all in the span of 15 hours on January 4, 2018. Her family said she had received a flu shot.

(7) Jenny Ching, 51, went to the hospital in Massachusetts with flu-like symptoms. After being diagnosed with the flu she developed an infection and pneumonia. The mother-of-two died on January 6, 2018, just a week after being diagnosed.

There are four flu strains:

  1. The dominant flu strain is H3N2, which often signals a severe season that affects the oldest and the youngest the hardest. CDC epidemiologist Brammer said, “We probably haven’t seen H3N2 peak yet.”
  2. Influenza A is predominating in California.
  3. H1N1 virus
  4. Influenza B: Brammer said it’s possible we will see a wave of H1N1 and influenza B before the season is over.

Brammer claims that this year’s vaccine contains all the circulating viruses. However, the vaccine is not very effective against H3N2. Dr. Michael Osterholm, who directs The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, said the vaccine is, at best, only 10% effective on H3N2.

What to do:

  • Wash hands often.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Stay home if you’re sick.
  • Given the virulence of this season’s flu epidemic, if you get sick, get medical help ASAP. Antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza are effective only if taken early.

If you’re in the medical field and you know more about this flu epidemic than what we are told publicly, please share your information.

Sources: WebMD; Patch; Daily Mail; Business Insider


89 responses to “This flu season is an epidemic: Some died just 2 days after onset of symptoms

  1. Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bless you for sharing this most critical information with the entire FOTM family. Great article!

    I have not wanted to get a flu shot, but then since it is only perhaps 10% effective in combating this particular strain of flu–I guess it’s okay. I would like to know from any of you out there . . . how effective, or good an idea is it to get a pneumonia short? Although I am 71 years old, I have never had one, although years ago I used to get flu shots (every darn time I would get one, I would be sick for two weeks, so I’m not to interested in that modality.) Please, if anyone has any thoughts on “pneumonia shots” I really would like to know.

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    • All adults over age 65 should get a pneumonia shot because pneumonia, a lung infection that makes it harder to breathe, is more common among people whose immune systems are weak. As you age, your immune system doesn’t work as well as it once did, which means you’re more likely to have trouble fighting off a pneumonia infection.

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    • They’re weaponizing shots. Anyone I know that gets the shots gets the flu, or worse. My friends dad died from the flu shot. People are not being told that the ‘victims’ of the flu had been vaccinated. Dr. Susan Humphries said some people ended up on dialysis thanks to the flu shot. Aluminum adjuvants are toxic to the brain and aluminum is in the flu shot (think Alzheimer’s disease). It’s reported if you get 5 flu shots you are at an 80 percent (80!) of getting Alzheimer’s. And, look at the rate Alzheimer’s disease is going. I talked to a guy who got the flu shot and then got blood in his urine.
      People who are eating a diet deficient in necessary nutrients (like good ol’ fashioned animal fats, liver, etc) are more susceptible to viruses.
      One good prophylactic is olive leaf extract. Another good one is Vitamin A (from liver or cod liver oil- watch your sources though), not synthetic Vitamin A. Your liver gets depleted of it when you are sick. (see “How to raise a Healthy Child IN SPITE of your doctor” by Robert S. Mendelsohn)


  2. A man (no age given) died in our town after being diagnosed with “Type A” flu. He died four days after going to the hospital and being given 25 mg of Promethazine (per the newspaper article). Someone found him lifeless in his home four days after the 19th (hospital visit) so who knows when he actually died. The death wasn’t announced in the paper until today, four days later.

    The schools here were closed on Friday because so many people called in sick on Thursday.

    STAY HOME if you are sick!

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  3. I’ve never had one,but that’s just out of suspicion that the Pharma is using these “shots” with little accountability regarding what’s IN ’em. SO FAR,I’ve survived by just doing the usual common sense things-stay away from people,try not to touch anything that is available to or used by other people,if you DO,clean your hands,clean the surface before you grab, (I have a spray bottle by the door,and everything,including my mail,gets sprayed when I get the mail),try to ingest a little extra Vitamin C every day. I try to get everything done the same day then hibernate the rest of the time until the all clear.
    It’d sure suck if Shumer,Pelosi,Feinstein and the rest of our current list of CIO (Crooks In Office) got this,lol.

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    • I have never had one or the flu. How do they know in advance what strain will hit? Know the ingredients in these vaccines, it will shock you! Of those who died, did they have the vaccine? How do we know if it is a false flag or not. None of the kin to the deceased showed any emotion. Too much weird stuff going on.

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      • “The Flu Shot” has been available for as long as I can remember,but it always seemed that year after year,the Flu that arrived was NOT one that was covered by the shot everyone was getting. (Sorta abstractly like Gun Control trying to make it impossible for lawful gun owners to employ our Second Amendment Right,in order to keep CRIMINALS from using guns to commit crimes.)

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      • “None of the kin to the deceased showed any emotion.”

        I haven’t seen video footage of deceased’s relatives. How do you know?


      • ” How do they know in advance what strain will hit?”

        From Scientific American (

        All year long, 142 national influenza centers in 113 different countries collect data on the flu viruses impacting the world’s population. Specifically, they monitor which strains of the virus are making people sick, how efficiently those strains are spreading, and how well previous vaccines have worked to combat their targeted viruses.

        All of these smaller centers then pass the results from their wide-reaching investigations to one of five World Health Organization Collaborating Centers for Reference and Research on Influenza: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (aka the CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia; the National Institute for Medical Research in London, UK; the Victoria Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia; the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, Japan; and the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, China.

        Scientists at each of the five main centers then gather and analyze the data together to identify new flu strains and to determine which strains of the virus are most likely to spread and cause illness in the upcoming flu season. Consultants from each center then meet twice each year. They meet in February to determine the recommended composition for the yearly flu vaccine to be produced in the northern hemisphere for the upcoming flu season, and they also meet in September to make the same decision for future patients in the southern hemisphere.

        The virologic surveillance data used to help make their decision are reported through several different channels. Clinical laboratories and hospitals monitor where and when flu cases occur, as well as what strains are detected and what kinds of patients are affected. Patients who have flu-like symptoms with no other obvious cause but who still do not have officially confirmed cases of the flu are also monitored and recorded. Any changes in the strains of flu themselves, as well as the geographic reach of each strain, are also tracked. To see just how the flu is spreading in your home state, the Epidemiology and Prevention Branch in the Influenza Division at the Centers for Disease Control in the US, produces an interactive report of their findings.

        Another factor that can determine which strains of the flu will be included in the current flu shot is the ability to produce a working vaccine against that particular strain. Every vaccine must be thoroughly tested and approved by the FDA before it is made available to the public. If for any reason the production process is particularly slow for a given strain, that strain will not be included in the World Health Organization’s list.

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        • They don’t. All they care about is that you buy a shot.

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        • Dr. Eowyn, why do people keep whipping the natural immune system is beyond me. Ever look into the ingredients of any vaccine? I never allowed my babies vaccines and they are without allergies or any other ailment that is considered normal today. They never even had the flu. They did not have candy or sodas like other kids. I home made all meals, which I still do. I view doctors as big pharma pushers. Before one gets a vaccine, ask the doctor what the ingredients are. Chances are he/she doesn’t know. Bill Gates, from YouTube, spoke about vaccines could be used to rid over population. Over the years I have known several people who get flu shots religiously who got the flu.

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      • I don’t believe anything I hear on the MSM, especially regarding diet, vaccines or anything else, really. 🙂
        It sounds suspicious to me, and I bet it’s all lies.

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        • If you go on, they show a video of all the NON EXSISTENT “flu victims” that were allegedly ‘flooding’ the hospitals in California”. This is all a false flag to get people to panic and want forced vaccination of all humanity. Even the AARP is floating a thing where all older people are forced to get vaccinated or lose their health ‘care’ coverage.

          I take Carotec’s Olive Power extract as a prophylactic before I go out in public.

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          • My doctor strongly suggested I get the flu shot. Told me I’d be sorry when I got the flu. I ignored his statement.

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            • Dear DCG,
              All the docs see when you go into their exam room and strip down is a walking dollar sign with a paper gown on. My dad stopped taking statins (mostly because they’re poison) after severe memory loss, uncontrolled anger and other issues) and was in for some blood test. He said the nurse asked him if he was taking statins, he said “no, not anymore”. So she asked him if he would want to take this other type of statin. He said no. She then asked him the same question 3 MORE TIMES! He finally got a little mad and said, “NO I’m not taking them, stop asking me!”
              Talk about hard sell, huh?

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            • When they do that to me I ask “have you had a flu shot?”. I haven’t had one “yes” answer yet.

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            • But then if you got the shot and either got the flu anyway or had an adverse reaction, they wouldn’t say a thing, or would blame it on something else. Follow the $$$.
              Wonder if your doctor even got one? He might not have.
              I just read Dr. Susan Humphries’s book “Rising from the Dead”, she’s a Nephrologist and in her book she had a patient who got the flu shot and then his kidneys shut down. He knew it was the shot, but the other “health” care professionals didn’t believe him.

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            • DCG, doctors are big pharma pushers. I notice that it used to be a gas station on every corner, now it’s a Walgreens on one corner and a clinic or urgent care on the other.

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  4. Especially among school aged kids that died , I wonder how many kids had the flu shot. Most all schools make it mandatory for students to have all shots. Ever research the ingredients in these shots? HORRIFIC!!! Ask to read the insert.

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  5. No flu shots for me, Last time I had one was sick for a week. Haven’t had one since. My boss tried to make me get one. He tried to make me sign a paper saying I wouldn’t take the shot. I told him that releasing my health info was against my HIPPA rights. A**ho;e

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    • Ditto YouKnowWho—-I’ve gotten a flu shot last 3 yrs-plus….& w/ last fall’s shot, I was sick a week…fevers/chills/strange rash (that started on extremities/spread very slowly toward torso—exact OPPOSITE of other “allergic” hives I’ve ever had….which always starts on the warm torso & spreads outward….)& remained a MONTH-plus b/f fading. Pretty sure I had a bad reaction to the flu shot. This year, I had a child’s wedding coming up a month after the flu shot became available for me…, I chose to NOT chance it this year in favor of attending my child’s wedding well/without adverse reaction evident. Now w/this outbreak so virile, I am worried. However—fr what I can glean fr news…this yr’s shot has only a 33% chance of protecting you fr what is going around. ALSO…I think I’ve read/heard that this yr’s flu is related to the old ” Swine Flu” fr late 70’s….NO WAY that any concocted shot that they’ve put out for this yr will protect you fr Swine Flu. That 33% “protection” I’m thinking is just an average stat of people who will either get it or NOT once exposed…regardless of this year’s useless shot.

      My husband does get the flu shot and the pnuemonia shot yearly b/c he has COPD. He has not reacted negatively to these, tho’ he felt poorly for a week and vows he’ll never get them both at the same time ever again. I will next year, at least get the pnuemonia shot and see how it goes….

      Since I am a public school teacher—-and due to my paranoia from this years’ mounting statistics & my generally-germ-laden clientelle—-I have been hand-washing and using hand-sanitizer so much that my fingernails have all dried/cracked off to the nub…..and, additionally, I’ve been bleaching my school desks/tables in my room at school after everyone else has gone home (I’m not supposed to have this sort of cleaner in my room—only water and sponges—-fat rat’s A__ that this alone will kill any germs! I NEED A REAL germ-killer!) Are you kidding me? These kids carry backpacks b/c we no longer have lockers (sites of violence/robbery/intimidation/drug hiding) and they drag them into the filthy bathrooms on the filthy floors….and then come to my room and throw them up onto the art tables (they MUST have their phones and electronic toys in their backpacks, etc. near them at all times…… the point that there is no space on the art tables to “do” art…for SURE they DO NOT have to keep them so close to their bodies to access anything like books, papers, notebooks, or pencils…b/c they NEVER have any of THOSE THINGS in their backpacks….& are constantly asking ME for these items……).

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      • CalGirl . . . . I am aghast at the idea that good old fashioned bleach and a disposable cloth or paper towel are banished from school rooms . . . it is little wonder that a kids are sick from October thru May.

        We have a shelter for women and children down the block. I heard from someone I knew who was residing there that the woman who administered the project would only allow them to use “vinegar” as a germ killing agent. This same woman had a very young child, who was sick month after month from all the germs that got passed around from child to child. Finally, a collection of the mother’s who were living there went above the program director and requested that they be allowed to use bleach. Thankfully they got permission. I should think that using vinegar to kill germs is like spittin’ in the wind as far as usefulness.

        I have no doubt that you are anxious to leave your teaching days behind you.

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        • Thanks Auntie…Even tho’ I have begged for permission for germ-killing cleaners b/c I’ve had at least one student w/heart transplant (who died of flu over Christmas…don’t get me bawling again) & one w/leukemia..who needed to have all the good breaks (germ-free or nearly–environments). I was told, “NO.” We are not allowed to have “caustic cleaner” on campus that kids THESE DAYS might find/use upon themselves or others (b/c they ALWAYS DO if they find it/have access to it). It’s far better that a child (or me) die fr some nebulous, “out there” public germ that can’t be legally pinned down for “cause or blame” than to have someone sue the district deep pockets b/c someone hurt them w/a cleaner: Once, my (then–very forgetful, slack) janitor forgot a bathroom spray bottle cleaner in my room as she passed through, that I did not notice &, had no reason to think would be in my room (I am not a bathroom, nor is a bathroom included in my classroom set-up—I wish…HA) , & next day, a kid picked it up/sprayed another in the eyes with it. I had to rush the kid to the science lab to the eye-clean-out station and call the ambulance. I got in a LOT of trouble, even tho’ I didn’t even know this was in my room, had NO reason to suspect that a bathroom cleaner would be in my room. So, our school, subsequently,was under double watch from the district to make sure that all we had to “clean” with was “eraser” sponges, rags, and water.

          But, Auntie, you will like hearing this…w/2 subsequent yrs after this incident of wicked lung infections —after this “rag and water edict” that kicked my butt….took months to recuperate from….twice a year in opposition to my “ususal” once a year….not to mention the flu/or other germy death of my beloved heart transplant student, I had to do something to “save myself & others : ” I hide my bleach in a place in my room that I think the safety inspector OR KIDS won’t find(I am NOT the only teacher who does this) and I clean my desks and tables a minimum of weekly with bleach.

          Just Friday, 1/26, …my new janitor…who is on my side..was cleaning & found a bathroom fouled w/bad, explosive, very sick-smelling stools all over a bathroom stall, the floor, etc…& KNEW that I kept the Chlorox & where I hid it in my room. She got it fr my room to flood this bathroom with it, let it sit for an hour, before she went back in to clean it all out….. She came to tell me about the disappearance of my Chlorox to thank me b/c she was so afraid to clean this germy scene without my “secret stash.” She gave me new Chlorox….of course…this is all ongoing SECRET still…between me/other teachers/janitor……

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      • Insanity to clean with just water. Pure insanity.

        I’d keep a secret stash, too.

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      • Maybe you should try olive leaf extract. It’s a great prophylaxis for viruses.
        Killing the ‘germs’ won’t do any good except make super germs. Eating the right diet will help more than anything else. Check out the Weston Price foundation.
        My kids (who aren’t vaccinated and by God they never will be if I have any say) eat the WAPF diet, and the few times they got sick they were over it in two to three days.
        We all recently came down with Rubella (which was from me or my kids getting it from recently vaccinated school kids or an ER nurse I was talking to- they’re forced to get it for their jobs in my state). The kids were over it in 3 days. I had gotten the MMR vaccine as a child…well guess what? It wore off! Didn’t work for me at all! Thank God I wasn’t pregnant or the baby could have been born with birth defects. Hopefully now my kids will have lifelong immunity since they got Rubella. My hubby didn’t get it at all…because he had Rubella as a child.

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    • What the heck, how can they try to force you into it (I know it’s a rhetorical question). Even my friend said these retailers are trying to force their employees into getting them. So much for a ‘free country’.
      I loved your comeback, by the way! I’ll have to remember that one.

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  6. Thank you for an excellent article. Forgive me, but am I the only one that thinks something is off? Perfectly healthy, strong people died in two days? Are we not dealing with a flu at all? We’re any of these people vaccinated?
    I used to get vaccinated yearly until one year about 10 years or so ago, they said they had put something extra in the serum that year and I became deathly ill and stayed that way for five months. I suspect until it cleared my system. Not been vaccinated since.

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  7. Big Pharma and Fed-Gov have forever lost the trust of Conservative America.

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    • Yep. Several years ago I let my doctor talk me into a flu shot. It caused all sorts of nerve problems. I still have about a 30% loss of motion and strength in my left arm.

      Since then I’ve studied this and you’d be surprised how common this is. When I talk to them now none of them will admit it. On the other hand, a lot of doctors and nurses won’t take the shot either.

      This is another pharmaceutical scam.

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      • kophatt . . . . they (doctors and nurses) are not going to say anything negative about any of the modalities that they recommend, which leaves all of us doubting the medical profession. It is pretty awful that people will recommend something just because it is the “conventional wisdom” or a money maker for Big Pharma. Most of us just need to invoke that old adage . . .”buyer beware!”

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      • I am so sorry for all the problems you had after receiving your shot. We both had horrible reactions with our arms. Mine couldn’t move for a week. Before we got home from the Drs. We both had severe headaches.
        Then my 24/7 sweats started for five months. They would start at my head and and work down my body. then disappear, then start over. Continually.


        • That sounds awful. Mine was pretty bad, too, but in a different way. First the injection site wouldn’t heal. It was painful and oozing for months. Then I developed an almost unbearable pain and muscle spasms in my neck. It got to where I couldn’t raise my left arm above my shoulder.

          Every time I want to the doctor about it I got a different story. I had MRI’s and was sent to a neuralogist who said I suffered a “viral insult”, etc.. Eventually I worked with a physical therapist and it got better. It is still painful but much improved.

          I started researching this informally. I found one doctor that claims to have treated over 5,000 patients for reactions to flu vaccines. My symptoms were by no means unique.

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          • You poor thing. That was horrendous.

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          • I’m well aware of the AltMedia’s stance on vaccines and have done some research into it. That being said, I don’t honestly know what to think of flu shots.

            Just to counter-balance the chorus of negative flu shot reactions: I have never had a negative reaction to a flu or any shot.

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            • To be honest, I don’t think its the virus that does it. I think its the adjuvants.
              In my mind there is NO DOUBT that any vaccine is dangerous. Any vaccine depends on the body’s immune system to recognize things that are “not self”. When this happens the body sends cells to isolate and encapsulate the attacker. The vaccine is supposed to simulate this without causing damage and, in so doing, develop a ready reservoir of cells available if needed.

              If a person has already had a particular illness, they don’t need a vaccine. They already have a “reservoir”. Further, if someone received vaccines too early in the development of their immune system, no vaccine will be effective.

              There is MUCH more to this but not enough space or time to get into it sufficiently here. There are some legitimate reasons for SOME vaccines. That doesn’t mean that all are created equal or that they are effective or necessary. All are potentially dangerous.

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      • My father got the pneumonia shot and a few months later got Bell’s Palsy. Apparently you can get that from the pneumonia shot. He of course didn’t believe it, since it wasn’t an “immediate” reaction. Sigh. At least he’s not taking statins anymore.

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  8. I wish they would tell how many of the dead received the flu vaccination.

    I am amazed at the logic here at work. Those who are vaccinated are deathly afraid of anyone who is not.

    I love to ask, “if your vaccinated, why ate you worried about me? Unless it is because you know deep down the shot is worthless.”

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    • RL…for starters…I’ve just found out that NO ONE who dies of the flu over the age of 65 is EVER reported in the flu death stats. So…let’s see….the youngest (who are reported) and the oldest (who are not reported–whether they had the flu shot or NOT) skew the death-by-flu-statistics. This is NOT acceptable—and, it is downright false/and insulting to every age group statistically, especially the young and old… skews everything.

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      • Yes, I think that’s right. This is but one element of the world we live in. We “believe”, quite erroneously, that “agencies” watch over this and ensure that we are not poisoned. That is simply not the case.

        Between simple ineptitude and the uncontrollable greed, we suffer. There is much myth-making in the medical field. It is profit driven to our peril.

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    • As an example, many times they have found outbreaks of Chickenpox, and other ailments, including Polio where all of the diseased were vaccinated.

      This goes beyond simple error. The pharmaceutical industry depends on public ignorance and fawning adoration. Few have even the dimmest notion of how immune systems work or what part a vaccine plays in that.

      To make matters worse, the doctors and nurses who see patients day after day know this. Basic biology studies will quickly show the fallacies involved here. It would be bad enough if this were merely profitable with no risk. There are mega-risks involved.

      What all of this shows is that there are severe conflicts of interest involved in the practice of for-profit medicine. This may never be corrected but it can be improved. This is one good place to start that effort.

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  9. So what caused this? What are they spraying? What deadly virus was released? Vaccines are not safe; the flu shot is not safe. Healthy eating, getting enough sleep, washing your hands, using essential oils; exercise. It seems to me that they released something as a test to see what would kill people so they could scare us with fake reports of a deadly virus that we will only be safe from if we take a new vaccine they are cooking up !

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    • I seem to remember a report from a few years ago which said scientist were exhuming bodies of people who died in the last deadly worldr flu pandemic. They were doing this to “study” the deadly strain. I believe they were doing this in Alaska.

      Maybe they were successful in waking up the virus.

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      • Ugh…that is disgusting! I dont know how that is legal. We DID import all the crazy NAZI scientists after WWII….it shouldn’t surprise me. I happened to be at Disney the same day the lady who died of measles was – and nothing happened to me. They later discovered that the carrier – the lady from WA who died – was indeed vaccinated for it. Sorry, but I dont want Monkey DNA and aborted fetus parts in my bloodstream.


  10. After the fall in vaccination rates that has likely resulted from people becoming better educated on the matter of vaccines over the past few years or so, a sudden, “unusually deadly epidemic” is precisely what I’d expect to see. That’s not to say that this isn’t real at all. The timing just makes it appear like good marketing to me — regardless of whether people are actually dying from the flu or not.

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  11. Informative read by Jon Rappoport in the subject…

    Massive flu outbreak? Here’s the real story the media won’t touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal.

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  12. “Marketed as flu medicine, Tamiflu is actually a risky nervous system damaging, hallucinogenic drug that causes some children to go into seizures, wild delusions, and twitching fits.
    The FDA has on file over 550 cases of confirmed hallucinations from Tamiflu in the U.S. since 2009. Each case has traumatized and altered the lives of individual families that can only stand by and watch helplessly as their child hallucinates and loses control of their mind and motor control.”

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  13. The CDC and our Health Dept. carry lots of weight. The amount of money passing through hands and the amount to be made is massive.
    A physician charges 100-200 for injection, putting a heavy weight on our insurance companies and passed in to those that don’t even get an injection. Follow the money and you have an answer.

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  14. With all due respect to the author-
    I must advise people to use caution in this report,
    I have seen more than enough evidence to believe that there is a very real and present danger in VACCINATIONS, I have seen credible reports that government agencies have been involved in “scares,” stories of epidemics that were contrived, exaggerated etc. for shall we just say “questionable motives,” in regards to influenza specifically, vaccinations have very little effect on this infection due to 1. it is viral and difficult by nature to treat 2. composed of many different constantly changing viruses, which make it almost impossible to treat.
    I most heartily believe that over the last century our medical care in the US has gone from a natural based health practice to an industry DESIGNED FOR PROFIT; as a result of this expansion of the industry, tied to big money, Big Pharma, corporations, etc. it has evolved into a monstrosity, where toxins are used to treat cancer, at exorbitant rates, which the best researchers state is detrimental (at best); cures for cancer, polio, etc. have been known for decades but like electric cars and carburetors that get t00 mpg they were BLACK-BALLED, harassed and driven out of business because it interfered with profits.
    These agencies today are bought and controlled by large corporate powers and cannot be accepted without supporting information from trusted sources

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    • Yep. I am with you. I dont believe this crap they are pushing. I take 15,000 IU’s of D3 plus others – use tea tree oil and white vinegar in cleaning and laundry. I haven’t been sick in 8 years since I started with the more natural things. There is so many natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial products that the powers that be dont want you to know about. That is why they are killing holistic doctors and censoring natural and holistic news.


  15. Doesn’t anyone here remember when Baxter Pharmaceutical was caught red handed putting out a vaccine that had living flu virus material in it about 7 or 8 years ago? How do we know this spins real or hype, and if it is real how do we know this is not a bioweapon that has been deliberately released? Then there is the fact that flu vaccines still have mercury and aluminum in them, and according to Mercola, adults who get more than 3 flu shots show a 25% increase in Alzheimer’s. People die from these vaccines and have also been crippled with guiaume barre syndrome after taking that shot. No thanks. I trust vaccine makers about as much as I can shotput an elephant.‘accidental’-contamination-of-vaccine-with-live-avian-flu-virus-virtually-impossible/

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  16. Biblical support for those who wish to avoid vaccinations for spiritual and religious reasons include the following law prohibiting genetic engineering or the use of its products:

    Leviticus:19:19 Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen [plant] and woolen [animal] come upon thee.

    Relevant reasons for God’s warning in this regard includes the fact that bovine (cow) fetal serum is commonly used in the manufacturing process of vaccines. So are monkey kidney cells, chicken embryo parts, bacterial or viral genetic materials – RNA and DNA, as well as yeast and human proteins. Using the example of cows, bovine fetal serum is mixed with bacteria or viral particles, and other vaccine ingredients including toxic metals, such as mercury and aluminum, and immune destructive chemicals. Thus, proteins and genetic materials from the cattle, viruses, and bacteria are mixed before these particles are injected into you or your children. Once the vaccine ingredients, including foreign RNA and DNA, and genetically engineered bacteria and/or viruses, or their parts, enter your blood, they may cause genetic mutations of your cells. Then you have sown thy bloodstream ‘with mingled seed’ that not only taxes your immune system further, but may cause the development of cancer cells as well. These may go on to become full blown cancers, particularly in the presence of a weakened immune system made weak by vaccine ‘adjuvents.’

    Likewise, this cross species transfer of infectious particles often initiates autoimmune diseases, as discussed earlier in this book. These are major reasons why vaccination is an ‘ungodly practice.’

    Your blood contains vital white blood cell body guards (i.e., lymphocytes) that provide for surveillance and destructive responses against cancer cells and malignant tumors. Therefore, overly taxing these cells, as vaccinations often do, is unclean and unhealthy. Elsewhere in the Bible, God recommends that you maintain your blood clean and healthy.

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  17. Apparently having an optimum level of vitamin d (i.e. at least 5000 units according to this ‘expert’ ; that is, along with vitamin k to balance it) is an important way to prevent the flu or cold. Also, oil of wild oregano, and mega doses of non-gmo vitamin c is helpful (preferably wholefood, even intravenously if very ill). Other remedies including a raw ‘drink’ made with fresh lemon juice, garlic, ginger and olive leaf extract and/ or elderberry, cayenne pepper…colloidal silver is useful too. Otherwise, get plenty of sunlight or take vitamin d supplements (i.e. 5000 units), sleep well (at least 7 or 8 hours), add cold pressed virgin coconut oil to herbal teas, and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and other quality produce. Lastly, nascent iodine could be useful along with a vegetable soup with lots of garlic, onions, turmeric (or curry), coconut oil, ginger and black pepper. For more info see Dr Mercola .

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  18. PS This looks interesting too (however, I’m not very familiar with it)…it’s MMS…see and


  19. From what I have heard and read and been told, it seems wise not to take the flu shot: I had a former doctor (over 20 years ago) who told me the flu shot was ineffective and just didn’t work. I have also read and heard that there is a real danger with the vaccine because some of them contain somewhat live or “attenuated” strains of the influenza virus—this, in addition to the fact that many vaccines contain mercury and/or aluminum.
    I have also read that Tamiflu is, or can be, a dangerous drug that does not necessarily work.

    The sad fact is, modern Western medicine has had little luck in fighting viruses of almost every sort. This being said, prevention is best, and I have been up on my supplements and vitamins. You can’t overdose on Vitamin C, and I also take nacent iodine (medical grade).
    Each person has to get on the internet while we still have it and research the subject for himself. This post contains very good information, but these people who died may have had other aggravating factors we just don’t know about. And let us remember that Big Pharma doesn’t make money by cranking out cures: They will do whatever it takes to keep the cash register ringing!

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  20. NB MMS is a highly controversial “remedy”…please research thoroughly…I’m not sure if it really helps or not in the long-run. I think there are other remedies that appear equally useful and have less controversial/ potential side effects.


  21. Pingback: This flu season is an epidemic: Some died just 2 days after onset of symptoms – 1AFSYM

  22. Flu vaccines causing flu OUTBREAKS across America-Health Ranger

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  23. Regarding Flu and Pneumonia shots.
    I have not had any flu shots. I cannot remember the last time I had one and I am 77.
    As to Pneumonia, I was wondering why Kaiser Health had one of the lowest incidences of Pneumonia in their hospitals. It is because they push the shot.
    So 3 years ago I had the first of 2 shots, the one for viral pneumonia. Within 3 days I was sick for a month with high fevers. Since I was in a foreign country after getting the US shot I had to nurse myself.
    A year ago I had the second shot, the bacterial one. Because of my horrible experience with the first I was very careful with the second; it was called Prevnar 12 , as seen on TV. Almost immediately I broke out with the shakes, in bed for 30 days. After 3 weeks I called my doctor and he said it was “just a cold”. One day while in bed wearing only shorts, the skin on my right legs started to flap. The flapping continued up my side to my side chest, neck and then to my face. I could actually hear and view in a mirror the flapping along with the noises. Since it was the Holidays I had some glu wine on the stove and drank half a cup. It immediately stopped! That was New Years day and I went to urgent care and demanded a antibiotic. The good doctor agreed and gave me Ammoxicylin which worked immediately.

    I also have S African doctors and they stated that I was probably given a live virus. So with so many people dyeing in hospitals from pneumonia, I guess I did prevent my someday getting it but will have to wait and see.

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  24. I’ve noticed for months here in southern cal, seems everywhere I have traveled, I have seen advertisements for the flu shot, even on billboards.
    they all read the same scare mantra: ‘get the flu shot, so you don’t get the flu’.
    they even offer rewards for getting a flu shot like free coupons or gift cards.
    It seems eerily suspicious that these aggressive flu shot campaigns coincide with flu “epidemic”. And don’t forget, anyone who has flu-like symptoms they will label as “flu” and anyone who has flu-like symptoms and dies (even if what killed them wasn’t the flu, the medical establishment will say they died from the flu or flu-associated.
    personally, I’ll pass. I used to get the flu shot and I always got sick.
    Then I wondered ‘if I don’t get the flu shot, will I get sick?’ and I’ve been good so far (so has my immune system).
    plus, they still use thimerserol (mercury…ethyl mercury) in flu shots along with attenuated viruses (a live virus that is supposedly “weakened”)…of course, that means once you get the shot, you shed the virus for a number of days, if not weeks….which infects other people…hence, the “epidemic” that is caused by the “treatment” they say will prevent you from getting the illness in the first place.
    washing hands, taking vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 (take 10,000IU of vit D and at least 150mcg of vit k per day…I take 5mg of vit k per day), staying away from people who are symptomatic (flu is airborne…wear an N-95 NIOSH mask or have them wear a mask if you can’t stay away) or who have recently had the shot, getting plenty of sunshine (infrared light therapy), stay out of doctors’ offices and hospitals if you can….they are havens for germs, plenty of sleep, plenty of fresh spring water, and tons of vitamin C (blueberries, strawberries, oranges/orange peel, lemons/lemon peel, kale, hot peppers, etc.), ginger, dry brushing (no soap or water) towards the heart (center of the body) which involves using a natural fiber body brush (like sisal, boar, palm plant fiber, jute fiber [small brush] is also really good/soft for the face) to gently stimulate the lymphatic system also helps to exfoliate, open pores and excrete toxins, all (plus a bunch of other stuff) boosts the immune system to protect from getting the flu…
    if you have the flu, do the same above but add sauna (sweating), garlic tea (unless you’re on blood thinners), respiratory teas and immune system teas like tulsi and echinacea and ginger, Himalayan salt inhaler, add horseradish extract to steam and inhale or add it to therapeutic grade organic essential oils (EO) in a diffuser to inhale (or just inhale EO straight from the bottle) as aromatherapy to help fight against the flu or pneumonia. Types of essential oils are: tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, orange, lavender, rosemary, thyme, clove, geranium, lemongrass, palmarosa, juniper berry, marjoram, turmeric, black pepper, frankincense, myrrh, etc.
    EOs can also be used to sterilize the air from the flu and other airborne microbes.
    There are also EO blends (different essential oils combined to help with a certain use) that you can buy or make to treat for muscle pain, headaches, bug repellent, relaxant, increase libido, immune system, etc. If you are applying the EO to your skin (works great transdermally as well as a vapor rub) then you need to use it with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil or if you want it to last longer use it in cocoa butter or shea butter. 1 teaspoon of carrier oil to 5 drops of essential oil will give you a 5% dilution. There is a blend called “4 Thieves” that was used during the time of Bubonic Plague. Spice traders who became thieves used this blend (cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, etc.) while robbing the dead…saved their lives to pilfer again and again. You can use this blend (add a few drops in a spray bottle, then add water) for disinfecting/sanitizing air and objects, home cleaner, in a diffuser, on the skin (like a chest rub or hands and feet).
    You can also make a natural hand sanitizer to go with you or keep in your car using essential oils instead of the hormone-disrupting chemicals we are offered today called ‘hand sanitizers’…if you want a spray bottle you would use witch hazel and the EOs of your choice (use an amber or dark-colored spray bottle to protect the EOs), if you want a gel, you would use aloe vera and the EOs of your choice and use a silicone travel squeeze tube…look online for the many different recipes.
    All of the above works for pneumonia as well…just include coughing (turning from side to side and bending over to cough. If you have a body massager that vibrates, turn it on high (or at least to a tolerable level) and put it over your affected lung areas and inhale, hold breath, then cough…that will help to use vibration, cough, and gravity to mobilize secretions to move toward your airway to cough up and out. Also, take cayenne pepper capsules and curcumin capsules (ingredient in turmeric) along with black pepper capsule for inflammation.
    God gave us an amazing immune system and wonderful plants and minerals to aid our immune system. I’m not saying that everything from the medical industry is bad, but my preference is to go with God’s nature first.
    the medical/pharmaceutical industry’s goals are to profit from illness however they can, it does not benefit them in the least to have a healthy population.
    so, I find it exceptionally difficult to trust in them entirely for my health.

    there is a free docuseries running (currently on episode 3) called ‘the truth about vaccines” and for the missed episodes, there is normally an encore presentation/replay:
    my apologies for typing so much…

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  25. My husband’s doctor told him that he gets $100 from Medicare for each patient who accepts a flu shot. That was enough information for me to confirm that I will never get one.

    I have never had a mammogram, never took HRT pills, etc. I use the medical system only for specific reasons, such as falling and fracturing my wrist, for which I had wonderful care.

    Just read a very good new book: Overediagnosed: Making people sick in pursuit of health. Full of interesting information.

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    • A good one is, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn. 😉


      • That was a great book, one of the earliest health books I read; loved Mendelsohn’s no-holds-barred attitude. (Later I heard his death was a “mystery,” possibly murdered. Did you ever hear that?)

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    • Haha, love the “Old Fogey” ID. 😀 You don’t hear that description much anymore.

      Also great to have your hubbie’s doc expose the $100-for-less-than-5-minutes-of-your-time flu shot/Medicare payment.

      Medical trauma-care really is about the only thing they have going for them. For everything else they are on the wrong path either willfully or cluelessly.

      I did one mammogram before learning re the radiation (duh!) Shoulda figured that one out.

      I knew “horse-mare urine”/HRT was bad but I fell for the BIO-IDENTICAL hormones craze (back when Dr. Phil’s wife & Dr. Christiane Northrup were first pushing it on the TV-talk-circuits as “natural” hormones) but only for a very short period (they just about killed me in only 2-3 months). So I went looking at Northrup’s website & in the tons of info she had promoting Bio-HRT, amazingly, I zoomed in on the ONE & ONLY SHORT LITTLE SENTENCE on her entire site, embedded in a LONG page of text, wherein she said, Women with auto-immune diseases SHOULD NOT do Bio-HRT! Oh now, isn’t that nice! Why didn’t she ever SAY that on the TONS of times I’d seen her on Oprah, PBS, Dr. Phil, ad nauseam! SMH. (I didn’t like her New Age thinking anyway, so I wrote her off for good after that.) — When I next spoke with the local doc’s office (all of this occurred within a 3 or 4-month time frame), another amazing [timing] thing: They said he had just been to a medical seminar that weekend where he learned the EXACT SAME THING & he now refused to Rx BIO-HRT any longer (since he was Immunology, most of his patients fell into the immune-dysfunction/auto-immune category). I took that as a “double warning” from God himself, TY! 🙂

      I hadn’t heard of the Overdiagnosed book, its title tells the whole story, sounds good. The word Overdiagnosed reminds me of Dr. Martin Blank’s Overpowered book (re electromagnetic radiation).

      One way to avoid OverDiagnosis is to steer clear of the OverDiagnosers as much as possible. 😀

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    • I actually got some sort of weird ‘chemtrail flu’ back in 2007. Nobody else got it, I had been stuck inside for a long time and went outside to enjoy the (cough cough) air. I was sick for over 5 weeks, and it was NOT the normal flu. It was incredibly strange, I felt really bad and had zero energy. No one else got it but me. I remember noticing all the chemtrails outside.


  26. The first thing to consider is that we have “for profit” medicine. That means that there is an automatic inclination to treat patients as customers. The pharmaceutical industry is nothing short of predatory.

    Just discussing vaccines (there are many other areas of concern), the “mechanics” of the immune system should be understood by anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of biology. Any vaccine depends on a healthy immune system for them to work properly.

    Introducing any vaccine taxes the immune system. When I was young there were only three or four that were normally administered. Now there are dozens. This in not good on its surface, period.

    If someone has ever had the disease that the vaccine is intended to guard against one is wasting ones time (and money) to get vaccinated against it. You already have the antibodies in your system.

    It is true that, if invaded by an organism for which we have no antibodies, it is a race between the body’s ability to produce the antibodies and the organism. If one has a healthy immune system they stand a better chance than someone who is overly vaccinated.

    Only in New Zealand and the U.S. is advertising for medications requiring a doctor’s script done. It used to be illegal here too. It has always been and remains unprofessional. It taxes the doctors as well as the patients.

    People need to stop believing that the FDA and other agencies are looking out for them. They are not. They are run by high-salaried representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. They have built in conflicts of interest.

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  27. I was over at HealthRanger site tonight looking for another article but saw this story in their headlines:

    1/30/18: “Medical doctor who used to ‘eye roll’ at the Health Ranger now affirms he was right all along”:

    The story covers a Christian lady doctor, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who says she used to “roll her eyes” at all the (conspiracy stuff) Mike Adams/Health Ranger would report but now she has swallowed the red pill:

    Dr. Humphries has herself been sounding the alarm about the dangers of vaccines ever since she first discovered an undeniable link between flu shots and a higher incidence of kidney damage. And it apparently wasn’t until she was recently faced with receiving a horrific death threat via email that Dr. Humphries got a first-hand taste of the level of evil that’s out there. … “It’s taken me a long time to get here … because there was once a day where I used to eye roll about you, and about lots of other people who do the work that you do. And now I can say that you’re 100 percent spot on, I have no doubt about it, that there’s a very evil layer in the world,” she said. … As a woman of faith, Dr. Humphries has expressed confidence in God that he will protect her from whatever she may or may not face moving forward.
    Adams has a video interview with her at the above link. I don’t recall ever hearing re flu shots & kidney damage so that may be a fairly new discovery.

    It’s especially great when medical doctors wake up, & doubly-great when it’s a Christian one at that!

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  28. –“…the medical/pharmaceutical industry’s goals are to profit from illness however they can, it does not benefit them in the least to have a healthy population.” — MomOfIV

    More & more true by the day as the crooks are exposed again & again. See below how the CDC & its head-honchos desire to profit from people smoking, from people on drugs+vaccines, from people in bondage to “health care,” & by keeping people on junk food/drinks.

    –“People need to stop believing that the FDA and other [such as the CDC] agencies are looking out for them. They are not. …They have built in conflicts of interest.” — lophatt

    Maybe you heard about the latest CDC scandal, that the most recent short-lived CDC director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald (July 2017-Jan. 2018), was forced to resign 1/30/18 after it was exposed that she owned shares of stock in Big Tobacco (Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Philip Morris International, Altria Group), & shares in Big Vaccines (Merck), & shares in Big Health Care (Merck & Co, Bayer, & Humana):

    Once at her new desk Fitzgerald must have “learned quick” how to “play the game” (or was advised to do so) as she invested in food & Big Pharma before her first month on the job was over.

    And how sick is this from 2016: “…Barbara Bowman, Ph.D., director of the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, was working with Dr. Alex Malaspina, an employee of the multi-billion-dollar [Coca-Cola] company, to help sway public perception of the effects of soft drink consumption. Once this news was revealed, Bowman resigned…”: naturalnews dot com/2016-07-20-cdc-executive-resigns-in-disgrace-after-being-caught-using-influence-to-favor-coca-cola dot html

    Sources included CNBC & UK Daily Mail.

    This was in the comments:

    *CDC= Centers for Disease Creation
    FDA= Fraud and Death Association
    EPA= Environmental Poisoning Agency
    WHO= World Homicide Organization”

    😀 Due to the constant corruption being exposed in Fed agencies, it makes you wonder if they weren’t set up exactly for that purpose from day one. One of the above articles also mentioned a “CDC Foundation” saying that if you looked at its members/contributors, it was a huge long list of the type of ANTI-health corporations listed above.

    Another comment said that it was Trump & Tom Price who recommended Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald for CDC head & that she breezed through her confirmation hearings. That person felt that Trump had let them down & that BigPharma had Fitzgerald appointed.
    –He/she added: “Several groups, EDF (Environmental Defense Fund), LCV (League of Conservation Voters), and others fought against this appointment. We have been successful on some like crooked Sam Clovis and crooked Michael Dourson, and we fought the appointment of Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald. I do not know how Trump’s mind works. But we are here to hold him accountable, right?” [Maybe it was more Tom Price than Trump & maybe that’s why Price is no longer around(!?)]
    –Lastly, he/she also suggested: “The CDC-Atlanta phone number is 404-639-3311 … Their phone line should be burning up. Let them have it with every crooked thing we know about them. Then a call to your Senators and Congress in STRONG opposition to these Industry appointments.”

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