N. Korean despot Kim Jong Un’s slush fund nearly depleted

The curious communist dynasty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — better known as North Korea — is a poor country, with an estimated per capita GDP (nominal) of only $1,000 in 2014.

Satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night shows North Korea enveloped in darkness, in contrast to the bright lights of South Korea

So how does Kim Jong Un — the son of Kim Jong Il and grandson of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung — finance the country’s missile and nuclear weapon program that Kim #3 is using to threaten the United States, and intimidate and bully South Korea and Japan?

Answer: A secret slush fund, called Office No. 39.

But that slush fund, used also to fund vanity projects such as the much-publicized Masikryong Ski Resort, is now nearly depleted.

Greg Norman reports for Fox News, January 26, 2018, that two Chinese sources with ties to top North Korean government officials told Radio Free Asia:

“Most of the funding for nuclear weapon and missile development is coming from Kim Jong Un’s slush fund. Due to Kim’s extravagant spending, the slush fund from his father, Kim Jong Il, is running out. It won’t be easy to control North Korea’s high-level executives, who are [cunning] like raccoons. I heard them worrying about insufficient funds in Office No. 39 a number of times.”

Office No. 39 is a shadowy organization under the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party, which generates up to a billion dollars annually for Kim and his cronies through:

  • Illicit activities, such as counterfeiting and drug production.
  • $500 million a year in earnings that 100,000 North Koreans working abroad send back, according to a U.N. estimate.
  • Charity: The source said North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is a way to solicit charity while appearing to mend relations with South Korea. But “it won’t be easy for the South to help the Kim Jong Un regime because of international sanctions.”

Meanwhile, the sanctions, combined with a poor harvest, have left North Korea’s military scrambling for food rations, as soldiers are being given months off at a time to scrounge around fields to find things to eat. Reportedly, North Korean officials are ransacking the homes of drought-stricken farmers to collect every last grain of food inside.

President Ronald Reagan’s arms race with the Soviet Union hastened the USSR’s economic and subsequent political collapse. I submit that President Trump is doing the same with “rocket man” Kim Jong Un.

By the way, here’s a video explaining how North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are a direct result of President Bill Clinton’s coddling:

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10 responses to “N. Korean despot Kim Jong Un’s slush fund nearly depleted

  1. Things start to get rough for Kim Jong Un…

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  2. Of course, the country’s slush fund is depleated but NOT HIS PERSONAL FUND, the communist dictators’s funds are never depleted but fattened up starving the population -his nuclear proliferation is being advanced by China, his dealings with Russia/Iran, Cuba, keep him afloat, and threats to the United States under Mustafa Obama’s and previous governments made him fearless. The Winter Olympics are a drop in the bucket, despite sanctions China will continue to help him because China wants the United States buckle under Kim’s threats.


    • Alma . . . . Very perceptive remarks. Particularly. I am certainly in agreement that China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba are licking their chops hoping that “the United States {will} buckle under Kim’s threats.”

      The collateral damage that is done to the peasants of North Korea, is certainly something to grieve over . . . yet what other course of action can be taken other than that which our President has enacted.

      Far too many Presidencies the velvet glove was used in dealing with the Insane Fat Boy from NK. I know many liberals want to tout the fact that “this is ALL TRUMP’s FAULT. Nothing could possibly be farther from the truth.

      I pray that our President will be spiritually guided and given intuitive knowledge regarding what ways he is to counter the plans of this mad man.

      God Bless America!

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      • Auntie Lulu, I know POTUS will try to NOT engage war and diplomatic means through China manifest, meantime China under the table keeps the young Un’s “embers” hot. Sanctions do work but against the poor people that suffer -China is all about power and Un is the poison dart.


        • China is no longer the sleeping gigant, it appears as dozing but alert to the slightest move.


          • Alma . . . . I whole heartedly agree, I absolutely do not think that Trump would EVER engage in war, unless we are sorely provoked by their action.

            There is no doubt “China is no longer the sleeping giant.” China is in no way our friend . As you have said . . . “{China} appears as dozing but alert to the slightest move.” Since China does not have the capacity to feed their citizens any abundance of protein (which accounts for the small stature of their people) . . . don’t ever think for even a nano-second that they would not want to take possession of the vast farming and ranching capacity of this great land of ours. We would all be goners in that event.


  3. NK is but a flee. Annoying. A distraction at best. Too many more important things to take care of, Kim can be swatted like a fly.


  4. does anyone remember about colonel gadaffi being portrayed as a tyrant like kim jong un he also had sanctions imposed on him which the country weakened .he was entirely independent from the rest of the world from the bankers (imf etc you can the read the full story on the vatic project


  5. Hopefully, Won Dum Dork’s days are lettered instead of numbered, and it will have to happen soon: If President Trump misses the historic opportunity to take this entire Regime of Evil out, that opportunity will never come again.
    In the meantime, people in the West—at least in academia and the news media still don’t get it: Communism is of THE DEVIL. Communism is an evil and wicked system that has NEVER worked as promised, and it can NEVER be made to work.
    Every Pope from the Dawn of Freemasonry to Pius XII has declared that it is categorically morally objectionable and unacceptable to become or empathize with socialism; One Pope (whose name I cannot recall right now) said, “One cannot be a Christian and a socialist at the same time.”

    It seems to me that most people just won’t be red-pilled about this ENGINE OF GENOCIDE.

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