How original: “Murphy Brown” gets a re-boot at CBS

candice bergen

As soon as I saw this headline I KNEW the reason why this was happening: President Trump.

Remember this story I did about Candice Bergen last year and her wearing a “free Melania” shirt? Like most in Hollyweird, she has a serious case of TDS.

Another show I won’t be watching.

From NY Post: Another beloved comedy series is coming back for a new installment on its original network. CBS has given a 13-episode series order to “Murphy Brown,” a revival of the 1988 sitcom with its creator Diane English and star Candice Bergen both set to return. Warner Bros. TV, which was behind the original series, is the sole studio.

Bergen will reprise her role as the famous investigative journalist and TV anchor at the FYI network, as “Murphy Brown” returns to a world of cable news, social media, fake news and a very different political and cultural climate.

The multi-camera revival will come on the 30th anniversary of the original series, which aired on CBS for 10 seasons, from 1988-1998, with English leaving after Season 4. The show was known for its political satire and for reflecting current events, regularly weaving in real-life political headlines. It was famously referenced by Vice President Dan Quayle in a speech during the 1992 presidential campaign.

In 2012, English said that she was having conversations with CBS about bringing “Murphy Brown” back for a few episodes during the election year. Chatter about a “Murphy Brown” revival restarted a year ago, around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration, with rumors about English mulling an updated version to take on the new political climate and holding informal meetings with Bergen and some of the show’s former writers to brainstorm ideas. At that time, the revival was just a notion. It was a slow process, but the project finally came together, with deals closing in early January.

Read the rest of the story here.


12 responses to “How original: “Murphy Brown” gets a re-boot at CBS

  1. So many re-boots of old shows. Clearly, Hellywood has run out of ideas.

    By the way, new data from California geologists show that an earthquake fault runs right beneath Beverly Hills!

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    • That also accounts for all the re-makes of classic movies,and seeing half a dozen commercials with the same song used,and commercials for different brands of merchandise with strangely similar themes and dialogs. When was the last time you saw a TV commercial with an actual purpose-made jingle,written JUST for THAT ad?

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . Now isn’t that just a cryin’ shame!

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  2. So can Mister Ed be far behind?

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  3. This was crap first time around.

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  4. I never saw Murphy Brown, but I’m sure this remake would be better as one of those psychological horror shows like some episodes on the Twilight Zone, where someone rips off the mask of sweet old Granny Bergen to reveal the Phantom of the Opera-like visage of Christian-hating fiend Diane English.

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  5. Yet more crap we’d seen fall by the wayside previously… Will & Grace, Roseanne (as a pro-Trumper?), and now Murphy Brown.

    They couldn’t win the election through reasoned debate. They couldn’t put their man in the White House. So as W. C. Fields said, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Which is what they’re going for with the incendiary network (and cable) T.V. tripe, which they KNOW will be watched by the great, unwashed masses, and that those folks will be unduly influenced by the morals espoused by such shows, and then vote for liberals accordingly when the time comes. It’s brainwashing…

    It’s NOT, as they’d like us to believe, “art imitating life”. Rather, it’s ideology being forced down our throats to create a belief system about what constitutes ‘real life’; what and who is good and acceptable.

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  6. The first major problem I see with this show is a liberal playing an investigative reporter. An Impossible act. They can only work as sheeple on what they are being fed. They can’t think for themselves.

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