Hawaii EMA worker who sent out false missile alert refusing to work with investigators

hawaii missile alert error

Guess the worker really doesn’t “feel awful” about hitting the button, TWICE, after all.

From Fox News: The infamous “button-pusher” who sent out a false missile alert that caused chaos across the Hawaiian Islands earlier this month is now refusing to work with federal and internal investigators, a top Federal Communications Commission official said Thursday.

The unidentified Hawaii Emergency Management Agency official has backed off working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — and also has refused to work with two internal Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) investigationsThe Star Advertiser reported.

The FCC’s Homeland Security Bureau chief Lisa Fowlkes confirmed this at a Senate hearing on Thursday saying that while HI-EMA leaders have cooperated, “we are disappointed, however, that one key employee, the person who transmitted the false alert, is refusing to cooperate with our investigation.”

“We hope that person will reconsider,” Fowlkes added.

On January 13, a civil defense employee at HI-EMA accidently sent out an alert that notified more than a million people in Hawaii that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile. Some 38 minutes passed before HI-EMA officials sent an alert to people’s phones confirming the false alarm.

That employee has since been temporarily reassigned within the agency as the investigation continues.


44 responses to “Hawaii EMA worker who sent out false missile alert refusing to work with investigators

  1. Michael J Euteneuer Sr

    Ahh yes, if only; their last day of work and nice new accommodations at the grey bar motel until we can dredge up some cooperation. Sorry snowflake, actions have consequences

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    • Micael J Euteneuer Sr . . . . I agree with you, this joker should indeed should be transferred to . . . “the grey bar motel until we can dredge up some cooperation.” This is just ludicrous, on the part of this employee. I would say, rather than a “transfer to another job,” this fool should be given his “walking papers,” and then he should be taken into custody and become a guest of the citizens of Hawaii. This almost makes one feel that this was not an accidental incident . . .

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  2. The employee refuses to cooperate with investigators?
    Then fire him/her!

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  3. First, he should have been sent home instead of reassignment, withhold his pay, pending investigation -he is not trusted, Negotiate. throw his ass in jail and when willing to talk, if telling the truth, pay him up to that day, and then fire him, can’t get government jobs, give him 10 years, If not telling the truth, don’t pay him, fire him and throw the book at him, perjury, endangering the life’s of others, etc, find the slightest charge and have him serve in Fedral Prison for 10 years minimum, when done, he’ll be a useless piece of sh….t!

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    • Alma . . . . I am so glad that I can always trust to “tell it like it is.” You have described exactly what should be done as a consequence of his action.

      I suppose that perhaps they are dragging their feet, since the Governor of Hawaii could not shut down this error sooner than the 38 minutes that it took . . . because he COULD NOT REMEMBER HIS PASSWORD, evidently to the system ! What kind of lamo performance of his job is that? Frankly, he should be removed from office. This is definitely not the kind of behavior we expect of “those who are in control!” Perhaps people would think that if they fired the perpetrator of this incident, that they should also fire the Governor for his malfeasance in office. This whole fiasco really was not a joking matter; one man went as far as to put his young son in a manhole in order to protect him from the on-coming threat. It’s a wonder that there were not instances of heart failure among the citizens of Hawaii.

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  4. maybe it wasn’t a false alarm. many people in hawaii reported seeing something fall from the sky and explode into the ocean.

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    • squirrelmistresssquirelmistress . . . . Wow! Thanks for the head’s up. I was not aware of that. I will have to go out and research that story.

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    • Yeah, I read two accounts and bookmarked both. I just tried to get to them and they’re gone. The story was that there were eight or nine people in an excursion off shore and they all reported seeing it.

      They came back and called the local television station and nobody was interested.

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  5. gee, that’s NOT suspicious!

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  6. Lets not kid ourselves. someone paid him to do it as a way to make trump look bad. the left is too stupid to realize none of their smear tactics will work anymore.

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  7. If it had been an incoming tsunami warning, I wonder if the Republicans would be acting like it’s a routine investigation. Here’s the Republicans’ chance to pull the lid off the corruption of Hawaii’s one-party Democratic state. Am I mistaken, or is the Republican establishment going to roll over on this, too?

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  8. After all the work the Leftists have done trying to blame everything that goes wrong on Trump-they’ve actually given him an “ace in the hole”. It’s a known fact that no matter what goes wrong in the World,the Democrats WILL blame it on Trump,so if he EVER makes a mistake or something he’s doing goes sour,guess who can take the blame-THE DEMOCRATS! After all-they’ve blamed HIM for ALL this OTHER stuff,and been proven WRONG;so why should THIS be any different? It’s like a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card,Compliments of the Leftists.

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  9. Did they ever find out who the dead body was on the airport tarmac that day? That was probably the “real guy” and there is no more – anyone – to cooperate with investigators. This smells like a “Loretta Fuddy” event to me.


  10. Don’t jump to any conclusions about what happened or why it happened. Any system that has the capability to generate a drill message or an actual warning message should be designed so that the system response for each case is different. System response for one should say something in, perhaps, regular black lettering like “Send a drill message. Yes or No” and another button to push. The other should say something in, perhaps, larger red lettering in a different font like “Actual warning of a real missile attack – do you confirm a real incoming missile? Yes or No” And another button to push, or perhaps two to press simultaneously. My understanding is that the design of the HI system did not distingush between the two – the responses were nearly identical. Sending an accidental real warning message was not just possible – it was probable. It was just a question of when. And with all of the “flak” the person is probably taking, I can understand why he might be less than fully cooperative. The operator may have pushed the wrong button, but he isn’t fully responsible for the error.


  11. Actually the worker withstood several hours of interviews and did a written statement. He has told them he has nothing new to add.
    The system was originally for warning of tsunamis and hurricanes and just recently for missiles.
    They originally told us, it was during a shift change and the second guy had not shown up. They are suppose to do a test so the one guy tried to do it himself. Now we find out the esteem governor, cough cough, didn’t remember his Twitter account number to retract. What a doofus.
    Sadly, the government in Hawaii is so lackadaisical it was to be expected something like this would happen. The liberals are in charge and you had better not challenge them on anything.
    The state wide sirens did not go off so many didn’t even know there had been the phone alert.
    And of course, the dems had the opportunity to ease minds by reassuring them how we have an excellent missile intercept system constantly manned by 70-80 people floating out there in the ocean somewhere and several destroyers and cruisers capable of blowing them to bits. But they didn’t.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . As bad as this whole scenario was . . . what do you think that foreign powers that hate us, and are not our friends, think about this astonishing level of incompetence? I would say that having this whole bru-ha-ha out in the public eye, really communicates to all the world that we do not have our ducks in a row, particularly since Hawaii is so far from our mainland. I find that this whole thing is a great travesty.

      I was personally unaware that “we have an excellent missile intercept system constantly manned by 70-80 people floating out there in the ocean somewhere and several destroyers nd cruisers capable of blowing them to bits,” yet there was no response from this team. Why on Earth didn’t they see via radar whatever the people who were on the cruise saw? This hardly garners any respect, at least from me, as to the ability of those who are supposed to keep us safe, as being ready to do so!

      Glenn . . . Thank you for filling me in on things that I did not previously know about this situation.

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      • Auntie, I surely understand your concern. I am sure we are being laughed at from many. Keep in mind this was a serious STATE ran warning system error that didn’t set off the state wide alarms and believe me, they are loud.
        We live in the middle of this every day.
        The defense system that is protecting us is a FEDERAL system. Ran completely differently. I wouldn’t let the dems in Hawaii take care of my turtle if I went on vacation.
        I still have faith in our US Navy, that has trained for years. Sadly, under Obama, training for every branch was stunted in Hawaii and all over the world for 8 years. The amount of purging done of our highly trained officers is criminal, including 197 military officers close to retirement. And that is only the tip. Any officer that questioned Bengazai, gone. Christian Chaplins targeted, crosses banned, Christian symbols, etc., gone, but there was no restrictions on Islamic practices or symbols. Then the emergence of gays and trans allowed. The damage to moral done will take years to correct.
        Look up Seabased XBan radar and see what is looking out for us. It can detect a 4″ missile from thousands of miles away.
        As for those men on a boat tour. They were off of Maui and not saying this is happened, but many are alcohol related. Those working at Pearl Harbor are calling BS.

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  12. Gird your loins for more of this inompetence at the highest levels of social/commercial/national security needs. The snowflake generation is upon us…but their younger siblings/cousins/even some children are already upon us, too. They learn to read in the early few grades, but after that—they are NOT required to do so (which is what happened here w/this false alert—–the computer gave an opportunity to choose a correct entry—-but….it was either over-looked or misread by this person—which happens ALL THE TIME in school, EVERY DAY by our students who are NOT expected or demanded upon to be careful, mindful, accurate, and timely.) Everything is “spoon-fed” to them in pre-printed, uniform notes put up on an overhead, that they copy. Very little use of reading from books/answering questions/ demonstrating comprehensiion or mastery. This has been going on for at least 15 years here in CA b/c we have to “accomodate” the English Language Learners. We can’t expect them to read or demonstrate comprehension. The NON-English Language Learners in the room learn IMMDEDIATELY that they, too, just have to sit back and have it all spoon-fed to them b/c that’s what the teachers “teach to,” lowest common denominator. Welcome to your new, diverse world, where no one expects the “diverse” to aim for/achieve “American” goals and benchmarks along with our native-born citizens…….but, instead, stoops to a level that tries to “reach” these occupants….but for which we have set no time limits, no benchmarks or reciprocal requirements in order to live here/become a conributing member of our social fabric…..

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  13. The poor schmuck was just another patsy and expendable, ‘they’ always find some loser to blame to take the flack…it is another distraction to keep you looking in the wrong direction.
    p.s..great website.

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  14. Correction: It was NO accident.

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  15. The worker has been fired. From AP: The now-fired Hawaii emergency worker who sent a false missile alert that caused widespread panic and confusion had performance issues in the past.

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  16. You can’t make this stuff up:

    “At first, Honolulu 911 operators were just telling people to turn on CNN, because they, too, had no idea whether a ballistic missile was really about to blow up the state.

    “Yeah, at this time, we’re trying to see on the news, like CNN, because we just got the message too and we don’t have any answers right now,” the operator responded. “So we’re telling everybody, turn on the news and see what they’re saying, because right now we’re just getting inundated with calls.”


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