Feminists rejoice: UK determines that sandwiches should be replaced with more “environmentally-friendly” lunches


From The Independent UK: The UK’s annual consumption of sandwiches has a greater impact on the environment than the use of eight million cars, scientists have claimed.

Researchers at the University of Manchester calculated the carbon footprint of 40 different types of sandwiches – both home-made and pre-packaged – taking account how the ingredients were produced, the packaging, as well as food waste discarded at home and elsewhere in the supply chain.

About 11.5 billion sandwiches a year are eaten in the UK, according to the British Sandwich Association (BSA).

The study found ready-made “all-day breakfast” sandwich containing egg, bacon and sausage to have the highest carbon footprint, generating 1,441g of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq) – the same as driving an average car for 12 miles.

Professor Adisa Azapagic, from the university’s School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences, said: “Given that sandwiches are a staple of the British diet as well as their significant market share in the food sector, it is important to understand the contribution from this sector to the emissions of greenhouse gases. For example, consuming 11.5 billion sandwiches annually in the UK generates, on average, 9.5 million tonnes of CO2 eq, equivalent to the annual use of 8.6 million cars.”

Those containing pork meat, cheese, tomato or prawns were also deemed carbon-intensive by the researchers but home-made favourite ham and cheese was found to have the lowest CO2 eq.

The study, published in the journal Sustainable Production and Consumption, found the estimated impact of ready-made sandwiches ranged from 739g CO2 eq for egg and cress to 1,441g CO eq bacon, sausage and egg. The carbon footprint of the most popular home-made sandwich, ham and cheese, varied from 399g to 843g CO2 eq depending on the recipe.

Agricultural production and processing of ingredients were found to be the largest contributor to a sandwich’s carbon footprint, accounting for around 37 per cent to 67 per cent of CO2 eq for ready-made sandwiches. Packaging material contributed 8.5 per cent of CO2 eq and transporting and refrigerating adding a further four per cent.

Keeping sandwiches chilled in supermarkets and shops accounts for up to a quarter of their greenhouse gas emissions, researchers said, adding that making them at home using the same ingredients could cut emissions in half.

The team concluded that a combination of changes to the recipes, packaging and waste disposal could halve the carbon footprint of the sandwiches.

The BSA estimates that extending the shelf life of sandwiches could reduce waste by more than 2,000 tonnes a year. Prof Azapagic said: “We need to change the labelling of food to increase the use-by date as these are usually quite conservative. Commercial sandwiches undergo rigorous shelf-life testing and are normally safe for consumption beyond the use-by date stated on the label.”

Responding to the research, Friends of the Earth called for retailers to stock more environmentally friendly lunch options.

Clare Oxborrow, food campaigner for the green lobbying group, said: “The meat and dairy industry is one of the biggest causes of climate change, so cutting back on meat and cheese fillings will be good for the planet – as well as our health. But supermarkets need to step up to the plate and make sure their sandwiches aren’t toasting the planet. It’s almost impossible to find a plant-based filling among the meaty and cheesy offerings.”

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26 responses to “Feminists rejoice: UK determines that sandwiches should be replaced with more “environmentally-friendly” lunches

  1. I’m sure the carbon footprints of Professor Adisa Azapagic and the other U. of Manchester “researchers” are way bigger than sandwiches. So, in the interest of saving the Earth from global warming, they should lead the way in setting a good example by offing themselves, then they’ll leave no carbon footprints at all.

    Adisa Azapagic (pic above, looking quite insane) actually did a study on the environmental impact of kettles: https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/en/researchers/adisa-azapagic(38b60643-97e7-482d-a1a0-0631ef713bdf)/publications.html

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    • Dr. E., Of course, my first impression was that the people who carried out this study should simply stop breathing, and thus reduce the carbon footprint and offset the sandwich problem. Then it occurred to me, that they probably didn’t take all factors into account. If I recall correctly, cow flatulence is being blamed for a huge part of our greenhouse gas problem in the form of methane. Follow along now. By making sandwiches only with some form of beef, be it all beef bologna, or roast beef, brisket, etc., one can cancel out the greenhouse gas that is caused by the making of the sandwich. Simple, elegant, and tasty. Who could ask for anything more? I know, an idiot leftist with too much time on their hands.

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    • Adisa has a look on her face like she dealt it, who along with the bean-eating “greens” behind this pseudo science probably emit enough hydrogen sulfide from their intestines to blow a hole in the ozone layer on Mars. Nothing political here, of course. This is science!

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . That is the most brilliant remedy possible! They should save the planet we live on by immediately following that excellent plan!

      I am wondering what on Earth would they have us peons replace the “sandwich” with?

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  2. Captain Obvious

    37% come from agricultural,productions. Good way to undermine the local food supply and agricultural business. Hoping all the foreigners in London soon starve and go back to wherever they came from.

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    • Captain Obvious . . . . I am sure as shootin’ that many of us share your sentiments! It really is very depressing that London for the most part is chock filled with “foreigners.” I had to give up my desires to take a vacation there, it just lost its appeal.

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  3. Some senior idiot gave the junior idiot funding to do the study on sandwiches. Ministry of Silly Walk anyone?

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  5. Looks like she should lay off the sandwiches and hit the gym. I had a SPAM sandwich on WHITE Bread just to piss her off.

    Lastly, my wife made it for me.

    Go suck green persimmons you lezbo commie, Frauen slippin, diesel dyke.

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  6. How long before this virus of mental liberalism makes the west coast of holly-weird and then on to the mainstream American and can you just think what X vice prez al (baby) gore will do with this information, it could mean the shutdown of the fast food market here they will revolt in the streets with Twinkies demanding the kool-aid pour freely to the masses. God save us we did this once with Michel I mean Michell obama the the kids revolted. ☻♫

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    • (Scar)♪


    • Brian . . . . Excellent addition to this discussion! We call know what happened when “Mitchell Obama” started commanding what school children should have for lunch . . . the majority of the food served ended up in the garbage cans, and the kids remained hungry. Now that is a waste of food.

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  7. But falafel is okay…

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    • Anonymous . . . . You will not believe this, the other day I saw an article that “claimed that eating beans was bad for you.” Since falafel is made from garbanzo beans, and is a pretty good food. I had to just shake my head is disbelief, and I figured that idea just came from another dumb head. If we were to follow the advice of all the folks out there who tell us what we should, and should not eat . . . I think we would all starve to death.

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  8. The world will end from progressives gone wild.

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  9. So, let’s just ground Nacny Pelosi’s private jet….as well as those of Al Gore, any number of Clintons….etc ad nauseum…(assuming that they will live and fly around for maybe another 20 years according to their parent’s established longevity…..) .and I bet we will all in the USA safely eat our noon-time sandwhiches for the next century without disturbing the carbaon balance…..equal trade off. All balanced out and taken care of Adisa.

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  10. And just when you think Libbies can’t get any more insane: Ta-Da!!!! I love all the stats,facts and figures to make this look important… and these ppl are “educated.” I’m basically dumbfounded here….just, wow.

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  11. This was worthy of smacking my forehead and rolling my eyes. What will the liberals come up with next?

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  12. Are they slowly grooming us for Soylent green?

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  13. LOL – That fatty in the pic needs a salad, not a sandwich.

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