Too-stupid-to-understand-FISA-memo Americans inundate Rep. Adam Schiff & Sen. Feinstein with ‘I’m not a Russian bot’ phone calls

Update: Full FISA Memo released!!!

Our elected politicians just don’t get it: They are not our overlords — they work for us.

Remember Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), 57, who said the House Intelligence Committee (on which he is a ranking member) should not release the FISA memo to the public because the American people simply can’t understand it?

Adam Schiff

The now-infamous 4-page FISA memo is described as so “shocking” and “explosive”, it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the NSA, FBI and DOJ, the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, and even people going to jail.

See “Tell Congress to release the ‘explosive’ FISA memo that’ll put officials in jail!

But Schiff dismisses the FISA memo as a set of “distorted” “talking points” drafted by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. He also invoked the Democrats’ favorite boogeyman — the Russians — accusing his Republican colleagues on the committee of colluding with “Russian trolls and bots”.

When news went viral — of the FISA memo and Schiff’s characterization of the American people as too stupid to understand it — there was a popular outcry to #ReleaseTheMemo.

Still thinking the American people to be stupid, Democrats dug in with their Russian boogeyman meme, accusing the #ReleaseTheMemo social-media campaign of being Kremlin-orchestrated social media actors or LARPers pretending to be Americans.

On Tuesday, January 23, Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) actually sent a letter (see below) to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding a forensic examination into the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign being the work of “Russian bots” or fake Americans.

Schiff-Feinstein letter on Russian bots

News of the Schiff-Feinstein letter unleashed a tsunami of phone calls to their respective offices, from American citizens confirming they are not Russian bots. One Twitter user said Schiff’s office is now hanging up on American citizens calling to say they’re not Russian bots. LOL

Here’s a sample of tweets from Americans who called:

“Adam Schiff’s office is now hanging up on citizens calling to say they are not Russian Bots.”

” I called Schiff’s office and actually got a live person, he wasn’t too happy with my message and hung up🤣😂🤣

“A very rude young man in Adam Schiff’s office just hung up on me. After he talked over me and wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence.”

“Schiff’s office not accepting voicemail. I’m an EXDemocrat – NOT a BOT!”

“My husband just got through to Schiff’s office. Told them ‘Censorship is Communism!’ That he was an American Citizen and didn’t eat Borscht and drink Vodka! We the People Want the Memo! Schiff is a Mental case and should resign!”

Call Schiff and Feinstein and tell them you’re not a Russian bot!

  • Adam Schiff: (202) 225-4176
  • Diane Feinstein: (415) 393-0707

By the way, Rep. Schiff said we won’t be able to understand the FISA memo because we don’t have the memo’s classified background information. But we do have that information — the 99-page United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Memorandum Opinion and Order, dated April 26, 2017, which is a blueprint of how the Obama administration and the Deep State illegally spied on President Trump, as well as on U.S. citizens.

See “‘Explosive’ FISA memo: ‘Top secret’ source document details Obama NSA illegal spying/doxxing of U.S. citizens

H/t Gateway Pundit


25 responses to “Too-stupid-to-understand-FISA-memo Americans inundate Rep. Adam Schiff & Sen. Feinstein with ‘I’m not a Russian bot’ phone calls

  1. Thanks Dr. Eowyn…superb

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  2. I expect this from California. They are so dumb to believe they are smarter than anyone else, I suppose they think they’re smarter than God

    Liked by 2 people

    • weezy . . . . there is little doubt that what you have indicated is the God’s honest truth! It is gross that politicians of this ilk actually sit in positions where they control the well being of our nation! If the voters had a modicum of common sense . . . they would kick these jokers out of office.

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  3. Well I can understand Schiff believing this of the people in California. They elected him so they must have an IQ about equal to Pelosi or a bedbug.

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    • Waco Bob . . . . That was a stupendous observation! Congratulations on a job well done. It must be something in the water . . . that dumbs down average citizens. The fact that illegals are probably voting to retain these miscreants also does not help.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    If he really believed his own words, he would believe he had nothing to fear.

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    • Kevin, if he really believed his own words he is an airhead -no meaning, nothing in it, and if he does, he knows he is a lier just like the whole gang, Madam Pelosi presiding and Chucky Shumer, “Dick” Durban, Dame Frankstein, and all the notable liberals.

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      • I saw a clip of when Schiff was last on Tucker Carlson. This guy IS an AIRHEAD. He spewed nothing but talking points. And when Tucker challenged him, he just looked like a robot, repeating the same talking points. The guy doesn’t have one original thought.

        California voters who elected him are INSANE.

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        • DCG . . . . I must agree whole heartedly with that . . . “California voters who elected him are INSANE.” You have to be insane to continue to vote for platforms that are not sustainable, that will eventually lead to the death of our Republic, and the enslavement of her people. The only winners will be those who are filthy rich, and those who hold public office . . . the rest of society will revert to being serfs, which is the exact thing that those who left Europe several hundred’s of year ago were fleeing from.

          God Bless America !

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        • Their one common trait is just that. Not an original thought to be found. They will do or say anything for rewards and valuable prizes. This particular parasite looks like if somebody stopped him he’d have to do an automatic 72 hours of observation.

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  5. All you have to know is “they don’t work for us”. That’s it! Their bosses tell them what to do (worldwide), and they do it. They can (if they wish), try to make plausible (or not so plausible) arguments for their actions. They really don’t care if they are believed or not.

    What they care about is that they are not carried through the streets by angry mobs. That is precisely what they deserve.

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    • Wishful thinking. We live in a civilized society.

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    • lophatt . . . . You have brought up arguments that are undeniable. It leaves us on-lookers feeling powerless, and dismayed. The very idea that those who hold public office are seditious individuals, who are traitors to our Constitution makes me grieve continuously.

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      • Lulu, it is not my intent to disappoint. It simply is what it is. It really doesn’t help to entertain fantasies of success when the instruments of government are wholly-owned by the New World Odor.

        Any solutions are better thought through from the realization of reality. We can’t soar like eagles when we flock with turkeys.

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  6. Just looking at the picture of Adam Schiff makes me think that we are dealing with someone who is insane, and needs to be caught in a butterfly net and presented to the nearest asylum. You cannot tell me that someone who looks like that is dealing with a full deck.

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  7. Thank you all for your great comments on this absurdity of a leader; schiff, you are not alone. We here in the uk (belfast ni) and ireland are governed by the same disgusting madness.
    Karma is now in play and the Time for reaping what we have sown is upon us all.

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  8. Democrats Demand Twitter, Facebook Crackdown On #ReleaseTheMemo “Russian Bots”, There Is Just One Problem…

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  9. Reblogged this on Trump:The American Years and commented:

    =^..^= #ReleasetheMemo‼️ =^..^=

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    What?! They really aren’t Russin bots? You must be mistaken! NOT!

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  11. Sign Rep. Mark Meadows’ (R-NC) petition to #ReleaseTheMemo?

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  12. Latest from Schiff: Russian Ads Promoted the 2nd Amendment So We Would Kill Each Other

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