Report from Davos

TRUENEWS: President Donald J. Trump Rules Davos

It seems hard to dislike President Trump when he is in the room with you.

Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This is encouraging and interesting. Jordan’s King Abdullah declared his belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

King Abdullah at Davos
Copyright by World Economic Forum by Andy Mettler

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37 responses to “Report from Davos

  1. Amazing, everybody wanting to come and see the GLADIATOR, he came he saw he conquered!

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  2. Traildustfotm, you’ve outdone yourself again! thanks.

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    • Amen to that! TD, this is such a wonderful post. For the King of Jordan to declare that “Jesus Christ is the Messiah.” is truly exceptional . . . my only worry regarding that revelation is that this may have made him a “target” by Muslime nations. I wish him health, and long life.

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      • Auntie Lulu, he is a target of ISIS, so prayers should be said for him. King Abdullah is very friendly to the west, and to America. His mother was born and raised in Connecticut. I was watching a travel show about Jordan a few years ago. The host was talking to some bedouins on camels when a Harley Davidson motorcycle could be seen a long way off coming toward the camera. When the rider arrived, wearing blue jeans and a brown leather flight jacket, he got off the bike, took off his helmet, and it was King Abdullah. He seems to be the kind of guy most of us could sit down with and enjoy a conversation. So I am glad to see him in Davos.

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  3. That is a GREAT video! Thanks for bringing it on.TD! I learned a lot from it.

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  4. Thanks for the video. He does have a commanding presence. I am still disturbed by some of the comments. Obviously, “populism is poison”, etc., is a NWO agenda item. Said another way, “you must let us make your decisions for you and the group”.

    Some of us have know for may years that a secret cabal actually runs everything. Now they are out of the closet. Now they are asking these parasites to make a public declaration of their loyalty. Those who push globalism, etc., have made a treasonous declaration.

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    • I know what you mean, lophatt. As awful as they are, and as much as I don’t know about President Trump, I am very relieved we are not being represented by a President Hillary Clinton.

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      • TD . . . . Amen to that sentiment! I am forever grateful that The Lord answered our prayers, and brought about the election of Donald Trump.

        It is a monumental moment in time, that this chink in the armor of “Islam” has been brought about. I would hope that if Muslime people’s can see that a direct descendant of Mohammed could declare that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah, this may well clear the way for other’s to listen to the Gospel. I will pray for that to be brought about.

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        • It is a monumental occurrence that President Trump invited this Christian news agency to attend this summit. God Bless our President. He may not be perfect, but gosh, I love the things he does. I can even forgive him for his affection of “tweeting,” after all he is also a private citizen.

          I should imagine that foreign nations may well secretly be pleased that the United States has returned to having a “no nonsense” leader in the world . . . such a reversal of the eight years we had Obummer.

          I was thrilled to see those Swiss students, and their jubilant attitude towards the American message . . . “Make America Great Again!” Their leaders may not be thrilled by their enthusiasm for our nation, but leader’s cannot always tame the heart’s of their citizens.

          This film is just fabulous. I am so grateful to TD for bringing it to us.

          God Bless America !

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          • I see Trump’s tweets as his way to directly talk to the American people, without depending on journalists and the media to be his intermediaries.

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            • Yes, and this is but ONE of the reasons they detest him: He is STEALING their “thunder,” their “narrative.” (And that is another thing that GALLS me about them: The “story line” doesn’t HAVE to be true: It just has to be a narrative. A NARRATIVE: Insert agenda here.)
              And they are talking about taking away his Twitter?! Again, Mr. Trump: If you cannot wake up your Attorney General from his Rip Van Winkle slumber, FIRE HIM. The man has taken too much Miltown! What’re you waiting for, an ENGRAVED INVITATION?!?! Where is the anti-trust action to bust up these monsters???

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              • Steven . . . . You are right on the money. “He is STEALING their ‘thunder,’ their ‘narrative.” Well, whose fault is that? If they were worth anything in their positions as journalists, they would be putting the news out to the public–minus their Progressive spin. The fact that a great majority no longer depend on regular news agencies to get their news–is the fault of having journalists who cannot be trusted to “tell the truth.”

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      • Me too, well said!

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    • Remember the calls to audit the Fed and examine its records? The president of Israel’s central bank, Stanley Fischer, was made number two (but actually in charge some say) and no investigation by Congress or scrutiny by the media, as I recall. The Fed essentially counterfeits $22 trillion to benefit the banks as well as their evil spawn in related FIRE—and nada. I believe the President just said, It’s the economy, Stupid. True enough and the supposed boom time party on Wall Street is floating on a bubble about to be burst inasmuch as the Russell 2000, supposedly the measure of Main Street business health, has been obscenely juiced up to a 135 P/E ratio in the face of QT. The “they,” meaning Goldman Sachs et al pulled it off before, so maybe the bubble floats a few years longer. Anyway, I’d say whoever controls the Fed is chairing that cabal, and thinking of Voltaire’s supposed quip, it’s pretty clear Congress will investigate anything but the Fed and what should be the investigation of the century, Israelgate.

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      • Dan . . . . you have brought to light exactly those things that need to be said, and said often . . . . Audit the Federal Research! There is nothing “Federal” about them.

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  5. Great find, Traildust! 🙂 Hey, didn’t Dr. E have an article on here about young Muslims in Iran converting to Christianity in droves? This is a great sign if it’s for real! Beware of wolves in sheep shirts and pants. If he converts to Christianity then I’d be more apt to believe he’s being truthful, but it’s a step in the right direction.
    Doesn’t that mean the satanic islam world has a fatwa against him now? Or I guess that’s only if he converts to being a Christian.

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  6. “Jordan’s King Abdullah declared his belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah”

    Wow! Hallelujah!

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    • I certainly hope King Abdullah is being sincere and honest in his declaration. Time will tell: Would he be willing to endure persecution for this statement, or for public manifestation of his belief? That is the real test. St. Stephen, the first martyr, said he could see Jesus in the sky waiting for him, and that that gave him the courage to endure.
      No human being can say for sure he’d be willing to die for Christ until the heat is actually on. And this is what separates real Christians from the Muslims: A Christian is OBLIGATED to test the Crown of Martyrdom staring him in the face, and is actually obligated to seek any morally acceptable escape, if that is possible; The Muslim seeks martyrdom as a “consummation devoutly to be wish’d,” as if it is his prize to seek. NO, martyrdom IS NOT our prize to seek: It is the Prize Jesus may seek to bestow upon that witness upon whom He calls. Muslims don’t understand this, and no wonder: They think that some Moon God gives them permission to take permission to pull rank and run the show!

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  7. as Roger Stone said, all the rats are lawyering up, including Obama today. They’re all scurrying to hide / cover their tracks – otherwise known as the CYA principle (cover you ass). I’m going to pray for Jordan’s King in line with Psalm 91

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  9. For those who would like to learn more about the blockchain of the beast, I recommend Leonard Ulrich’s YouTube channel, wherein he discusses all the latest trends, tech, and NWO related issues from a genuine devout Christian perspective of one who studies the scriptures along with all the other stuff.

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    • Teri, there is something very strange going on with this George Soros speech. I saw that article on Gateway Pundit last night and thought it was odd, because Soros had, allegedly, not been seen or heard from in a while. I just assumed he had resurfaced in Davos. Then later, I saw people commenting about it on Twitter, and saying that his speech was not live, but a video, and he was wearing the exact same clothes that he wore in a previous speech, and the speech was identical to the previous one, word for word. There is something bizarre going on with this. I am going to see if I can find the previous speech so I can see and hear it for myself.

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      • So Soros didn’t actually appear in person at Davos, but “phoned” in a recycled speech. That evil man must be either dead, comatose, or in Gitmo.

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      • wow maryhaha…So, the media could have just broadcast an old speech, like the tricks they used with green screen for the Hildebeast?

        It truly wouldnt suprise me, we are being lied to everyday by the media.

        I just liked the fact that nobody in Soros audience was paying attention to him.

        If you find the video, let us know. I will look for media pics and see if Soros is in any of them otherwise.

        I truly never realized how much evil is really out there. I think it was John Kelly who said “if you knew what I know, you would never leave your house”. I am starting to believe him…Yikes!!!

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  10. I thiught his speech was very Presidential.

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  11. I have to say this in defense of Donald Trump, whom I once had the pleasure of seeing in person for a few brief moments. (He was giving a speech at his alma mater, the Kew Forest School, and I was driving by on the Interboro Parkway. I could hear him with my windows closed). Donald Trump presents an imperial bearing without being “imperial,” per se: Yes, he is tall and broad-shouldered, certainly physical assets that add to the charm. But I would say it goes beyond mere “charisma.”
    Donald Trump is a sort of greedy man: When he enters a room (or situation) he TAKES POSSESSION OF IT, he takes command. How can this be? It can only be rational and soundly based if he has properly trained instincts, and I believe that, with his decades of experience of dealing with wheeler-dealers from banks, corporations and even the Mafia, he knows how to dance on his feet with people. (An asset that driving people for 32 years has taught me more than teaching did!) So he carries himself like a LION: He surveys his domain and takes possession of it. He is an Alpha Male.

    (And I believe Mr. Trump when he says that he never “felt the need” to have a drink or a cigarette: These delights, legitimate in and of themselves if taken within reason, are but distractions and interruptors of concentration and good thought. And if I know one thing about Donald Trump is that he WILL NOT be distracted or interrupted!)

    I do not necessarily agree with everything President Trump does or says. Certainly, he has already made some mistakes as President; I believe lobbing Tomahawk missiles at Syria and hiring Jeff Sessions are two of them. That being said, Donald Trump is certain of what he wants, and what he wants to achieve. Lastly, Donald Trump is sincere in his desire to give back to the Nation that has allowed him to achieve so much: This desire is called GRATITUDE. And even though the man is a “connosieur” of the ladies, I believe he has this quality.

    Donald Trump reminds me, in a different way, of sorts, of my own father, whom I believe shared this “imperial bearing” that astounds and mesmerizes those who behold him. The man is no god, and he knows it. Yet Trump is willing to behave in this manner: He seeks to EXPAND the glory to others. What I am trying to say is this: The man is a “happy camper” who is glad as hell to be here, and he wishes to spread that to others. And yet he is reserved in that he does not impose that upon his audience. My father was the same way—or a very similar way. From time to time my father would read or recite Rudyard Kipling’s “If” to me and urged me to look upon that as a good rule-of-thumb guide in shaping my character; My father had done the same. It is this “je ne se quais” that my father personified in his life that gave him—and he was paralyzed by polio!—his “imperial bearing,” a man well-educated, to the point that has been said of Henry James, that “he had a mind so well-formed that no idea could VIOLATE it.” I do not agree with everything that Donald Trump says or does, and that is NECESSARY: When two men agree on every single thing, one of them is redundant. It is this quality of character and bearing that I noticed in my father from a very early age, and I see this quality in Donald Trump. Not that it “endears” me. As I look back, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy had it. FDR had it, to a lesser degree. The Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama DID NOT HAVE IT. Donald Trump, imperfect moral agent that he is, has it.
    Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in the Swamp of the Beltway. He is a gladiator. He is a lion. Failure is not an option.

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  12. Steven, very well said! We know President Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal”, but I think he must also have studied Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.😳

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  13. Interestingly, Jordan’s Royal Family are Hashemites, the direct descendants of Muhammad’s daughter Fatima.

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