John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry: “I might challenge Trump in 2020”

Kerry & Hanoi Jane

Go for it, Lurch.

From NY Post: Ex-Secretary of State John Kerry has confided that he may make a second bid for the White House — as he urged Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to resist President Trump, according to a report.

“[Abbas] should stay strong in his spirit and play for time — that he should not break down and not capitulate to Trump’s demands,” Kerry told an Abbas confidant, according to the Hebrew daily Ma’ariv.

Kerry also suggested during his London confab with Hussein Agha, the Palestinian Authority president’s close associate, that the PA formulate its own peace proposal.

“Maybe it is time for the Palestinians to define their peace principles and present a positive plan,” he said, adding that Abbas should show Trump that he will “not break and will not yield” to his demands.

Kerry promised to use all his contacts and abilities to build support for a plan pitched by the Palestinians.

He asked Abbas, through Agha, not to attack the Trump administration, but to concentrate on personal attacks on Trump, who Kerry said was directly responsible for the stalled peace process.

In the report about the conversation, Agha said Kerry appears to be “crazy about things,” very energetic and eager to help realize the dream of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Kerry said that even fellow Republicans do not know what to do with the erratic Trump — and that patience was needed to get through this turbulent period. According to the report, Kerry also used derogatory terms when referring to Trump.

The 2004 Democratic presidential nominee has continued to meet with Agha, who served as an intermediary for Kerry and Abbas during Kerry’s four years as top diplomat.

Kerry also told the Lebanese scholar that Trump – whose administration is under investigation for possible collusion with Russia — will likely not be in the White House much longer.

If Trump survives his first term, the Massachusetts Democrat suggested he may seek to unseat him in 2020.

Last September, Kerry refused to rule out the possibility of running in 2020, telling MSNBC that he did not “have any plans right now” to run for president.

If elected, Kerry would be 77 on inauguration day in 2021 – making him the oldest president in US history. The current record is held by Trump, who was 70 when he was sworn in last year.

Agha is a senior associate member of St. Antony’s College, Oxford, and co-author of “A Framework for a Palestinian National Security Doctrine.”

He maintains an extensive network of contacts with many influential Israelis. Agha declined to respond to the report. The Israeli paper could not reach Kerry for comment.


45 responses to “John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry: “I might challenge Trump in 2020”

  1. The Democrats would be well advised to support war hero Kerry in his bid to become president. Its not every man who can earn three purple hearts and not spend a day in hospital.

    Such courage is only matched by his intelligence and integrity.

    I can remember when he tossed someone else’s medals over the White House fence and claimed they were his. Such integrity is typical of the Democrats and should be recognized and rewarded.

    I’d also suggest he select Jane Fonda to insure the woman’s vote. She surely is his counterpart in every way.

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  2. “If elected, Kerry would be 77 on inauguration day in 2021 – making him the oldest president in US history.”

    Presidential campaigns are unbelievably grueling. Kerry would never make it. My question is why he’s inserting his name in the news.

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  3. Holy Moses! Kerry was even ugly when he was young.😎

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  4. Is it just me, or has anyone else noted Kerry’s remarkable resemblance to the Muppet Newscaster?

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  5. True:

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  6. Sheer ego is all this deviant narcissist has going for him. The Dems are putting up flags right now, looking for one their Zombie nation will rally around. Winfrey and Lurch are the first of many yet to come. Hillary will be hard to replace in terms of popularity, ideas don’t count for much since Progressives are cookie cutter types. Winfrey was a bust; she’s just not as well liked outside of alcoholic housewives and Lurch is considered as exciting as a brick. Give them time, somewhere out in the brush another Ibama lurks.

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  7. Does he think he’s got a chance with the garbage -I meant the baggage, he has trailing behind? He doesn’t have a fat chance and if he makes it (hahaha), his dirty laundry will cut his chances, oh, for sure grandpa Biden will push him out of the way, people, not the press, specially veterans are going to pound on him badly, so he better stay home take care of “his fake medals” and shut up.

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  8. Another Skull & Bones Shb and Hillary Hos***g crony? The rigging election machines gotta go!!

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  9. Kerry is a traitor in my book. Look at what he did during the war. Would cut off my hand at the ballot box before I would vote for him. And he is married to someone in my family that I do not talk with any more. He is the poster child for corruption right beside obamy and the rest of the left leaning destroyers of a Republic Nation. Sorry he rips my last nerve.

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  10. As a “fellow” vet., I can attest that guys like Kerry are always “heroes”. They had “blood and guts and veins in their teeth”. It still cracks me up to this day to run into sailors who do this. They all were on “river boats” or “independent duty”. There’s a name for this….BULLSHIT!

    My father went all the way through WWII in a tank. He was wounded a total of six times. He was hospitalized three. He did not consider himself a “hero”. He, just like me, just did our duty.

    A “hero” is someone that puts themselves in harm’s way beyond what is required. A truly selfless “hero” would not want to benefit from his actions.

    Kerry is a rich, spoiled loser like McCain. He should shut up, resign and go eat his way through Mama’s ketchup money.

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    • Your right he got it and I got nothing from the family business and it started here in Memphis. She sold the company to Warren Buffet for 24 billion so they are sitting pretty.

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  11. John Kerry did not create a parallel State Dept. as did Hillary Clinton. But that was only because he could not: He lacks that “Touch of Evil” that Hillary has. That being said, this is no compliment for the man who has DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY.

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    • Well put. He belongs to the American Aristocracy. Just like his “lodge buddy”, Poppy Bush. These government offices are “entitlements” for them. They believe themselves to be the ruling class.

      Kerry and to a certain extent, Poppy, represent a dying breed. Just as the British royals would do military service, so it was here. Now, since at least Clinton, we no longer do that. They simply are installed by the NWO with no military experience at all. Then they set about doing whatever Henry Kissinger tells them.

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      • You bring up a very salient TRUE FACT here, Lophatt: Kissinger had delivered nearly daily briefings (usually by text or e-mail, phone call, etc.) to both President Bush, Jr. AND Pres. Obama on points of policy and the like. Now it’s one thing to give advice if asked for. But as Alex Jones reported (about two years ago), Kissinger has acted as if he has an appointed position in doing this. To my knowledge, he does not receive any remuneration for this, but is delivering more than mere advice: He had been issuing what amounted to “direction,” in other words, ORDERS without the legal formality of an order. This, Jones reported, is an actual VIOLATION OF LAW (not that it matters to these vile scum!)

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    • “Delusions of Adequacy”

      HA HA HA HA! Brilliant!

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  12. Kerry better concentrate on his campaign…..


  13. He’s got as much chance as Bernie (porn writer) Sanders…in other words, NONE. God Help us all. Supposedly on IMDB if you look up Jane Fonda, she later recanted her support for Communism…once she found out what it was REALLY like.

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    • They use him as a sort of “foil”. When the want to limit their field of drones to a few that are “trusted” to deliver the goods for their owners, sometimes they have to resort to stuffing Kerry in there to muck up the works.

      The Demon-Rats are much like Sweden. They cannot see the obvious.

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      • “The Demon-Rats are much like Sweden. They cannot see the obvious.” That and I know some smart and decent people who are Swedes.

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        • Me too. When I talk about a country, i.e. “Sweden” I don’t mean “everyone there thinks like this…”. Just like here when someone says “The U.S. views….”. Really, we do? How do “we” know this?

          It is a manner of speaking. Obviously, those in control of Sweden act as if they can’t see the obvious. My suspicion is that they can but they will do as they’re told anyway.

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      • Of all the “democrats” I know, they seem to be very unhappy. They also don’t seem to like people very much either, though that’s not 100 percent of them. I classify it as functional neuroses. 😉

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        • I think, even more than ever, they are being made to regurgitate crap that no sane person could possibly believe. Any of them that have any Christian values left are going to be VERY unhappy by where they’re being taken. If they were smart they’d bail.

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  14. How John Kerry used his office to enrich his family…

    John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

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  15. Not to worry, the Swift Boaters will take care of the traitor.

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