Dutch police confiscate clothing/jewelry from poor-looking young people

Caroline Mortimer reports for the UK Independent, Jan. 20, 2018, that police in Rotterdam have launched a new pilot program of confiscating expensive clothing and bling from young people if they look too poor to own them.

Rotterdam is a city of more than 633,000 in the Netherlands (aka Holland), and Europe’s largest port.

Especially targeted are young men in designer clothes. The idea is to deter criminality by sending a signal that young people cannot hang onto ill-gotten gains. If it is not clear how the person paid for it, it will be confiscated.

Rotterdam police chief Frank Paauw told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:

“They are often young men who consider themselves untouchable. We’re going to undress them on the street. We regularly take a Rolex from a suspect. Clothes rarely. And that is especially a status symbol for young people. Some young people now walk with jackets of €1800 [US$2,248]. They do not have any income, so the question is how they get there.”

Paauw said the young men targeted often have no income and are already in debt from fines for previous convictions, and yet they wear expensive clothing, which “undermines the rule of law” and sends “a completely false signal to local residents.”

The pilot program is due to start in the Rotterdam West section of the city. Police say they will target one (unnamed) gang in particular. The confiscation of clothing and bling follows a previous pilot that targeted expensive cars driven by suspected criminals who had no income.

I wonder what Dutch police would do in cases of gangstas with diamond-studded teeth?


29 responses to “Dutch police confiscate clothing/jewelry from poor-looking young people

  1. Are they becoming vigilant, or is this a sign of what will happen to maintain total control, even confiscation of everyone’s goods some time in the future.

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  2. Sounds like a police state to me. Why not just lock these people on a ship and scuttle it.

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  3. Remember, it’s not Fascism when progressives do it for the “greater good”…

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  4. Tanca (boat) people in HK are mostly poor, but they save every penny and often have their teeth all gold capped. Wonder if the police will start carrying pliers alongside Glocks, and do extractions too. Might even bill you for those after removing your gold teeth. As for the gangstas, and their diamond teeth, guess a kick in the teeth would do just fine, but then again, if ya are a 13 memba or illega, you just have to shout “sanctuary!” and no one will touch you.

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  5. They should be worried about the Muslims raping their country and their children and not how a guy got an expensive coat.

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  6. it’s called stealing. just because you don’t know how they got what they have doesn’t justify stealing. kind of like the fed. gov. confiscation laws are here.

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  7. Another case of assuming all who have expensive stuff got it by illegal activity. Not only is it racist it violates privacy; especially if the Cop is jealous they steal the items

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  8. I can see from previous remarks that I am like a salmon swimming upstream. If young thugs can flout the law, amassing indebtedness in the form the fines due to previous criminal activity . . . then perhaps it would be better to capture these jokers, and put them on a “work detail,” until such time as their fines total zero! This would at least keep them from earning any monies due to nefarious activities during the time they are on work detail. There must be public work that needs to be done . . . I do agree whole heartedly with them in that it does send a wrong message to the general public that you can break the law and strut around in designer clothes, all the while circumventing the laws of society. Since we all know that Europe is socialist leaning, I can see why they cannot conceive that this manner of dealing with the problem is wrong.

    Or, bring out the old fashioned whipping posts, criminals get they turn at the post, and thus no fines are accrued. I wonder how many times at the shipping post it would take to turn some of these hood rats around?

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  9. Sounds pretty draconian and un-supportable by law in the USA to me….BUT…JUST THINKING…what would happen here in the USA under the same sort of thrust if the “law” showed up to lasso the parents of kids who arrive at school in a new $50,000 SUV, with full privileges to free breakfast and lunch, and free health care systems/programs…..and the kids had the most recent $200 athletic shoes on their feet….and maybe an additional $200 designer outfit on….AND a $400 or $500 cell phone…with a $100 per month or more service plan? Most of my “poor” kids these days fit into this description…..

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    • It DOES seem draconian… until you can prove the items were stolen or gotten by ill means. At which point, the rightful owners will be quite thankful. Just do like WalMart — Demand to see a receipt. heheheh…

      And if your students are arriving and living large like that, somebody needs to get on the boards responsible for re-distributing wealth to these folks and make changes as needed. But in California, there’s likely little chance of that. Once people get “entitlements”, they tend to fight tooth & nail to keep them regardless of the facts or the original intent of the plan (consider DACA).

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      • cogitoergosumantra . . . . There is no doubt that you are 100% correct about the recipients of all the freebies fighting tooth n nails to retain these benefits.


    • CalGirl . . . . My heart just sank the farther I read your submission–then I got to the punch line . . . “Most of my ‘poor’ kids these days fit into this description . . .” I knew it, I just knew that would be the case. This is a travesty, the very thought that hard working American men and women are called on to support kids that can afford this level of grandiosity on their own, or their families wealth. If a kid is driving a $50,000 vehicle, they should automatically be kicked off any type of assistance, without providing some type of documentation as to how they acquired such expensive “toys.”
      I think you are absolutely right, it is high time to “lasso” the parents of children who come up showing such extravagant wealth. I would be interested to know . . . in the majority, are these the children of illegal alien parents?

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  10. Just hope the police knows haute couture when they see it. Unlike Miami police in the Versace assassination flick currently on TV, where they thought the designer’s name was Liberace.

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  11. Sounds like they are trying to make things so unfriendly there for the gangs and invaders that they will move on to the next country.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . There may well be a method to their madness. I cannot blame law abiding citizens for wanting this scourge removed from their society.


  12. Yikes!

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  13. How a society treats their lowest is a measure of their civility. It can also be a measure of their Christianity. It is the ones we don’t like that test our faith.

    I do not believe in confiscation of any kind. Not here, not there. I will make an exception for a business that illegally takes advantage and is convicted.

    Personal property should be as sacrosanct of guns under the Second Amendment. Lulu has it right. What we do now isn’t working. It is insane to keep doing more of the same.

    These “gangsta’s” are insane and stupid. You can’t fix stupid. If we need to put them in a place where they can pierce their nipples with toothbrush handles, so be it. Just like you can’t put a monkey in a man-suit and get anything but a monkey.

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  14. Although it could be necessary to demand from people who are in general considered to be poor to tell the police, from where they have got all this expensive clothing and jewels, the question must be asked: What are the real motivations behind this move. Is this an honest attempt to battle criminality among such people or is it to tighten its control of the Dutch civilian population? That’s the question which must be asked.

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    • “What are the real motivations behind this move. Is this an honest attempt to battle criminality among such people or is it to tighten its control of the Dutch civilian population?”

      EXACTLY! In the U.S., even seeming criminals — “poor-looking” young people wearing expensive clothes & bling — have their constitutional 4th Amendment right to privacy against warrantless search-and-seizure.


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