UK lacks the courage to name islam

Here’s a screen capture of a Breitbart article. Brietbart wisely put “Asian Youths” in parentheses, pointing out the British hypocrisy of falsely describing muslim criminals.  

No, not these Asian Youths

Perhaps the Church of England should remind their news media of the Sixth Commandment…
“Thou shalt not bear false witness”

I get it. Europeans are so afraid of muslims that they can’t even name them. It’s like the villain in Harry Potter whose name must not be spoken. But every time they dodge around the ugly truth of the islamic invasion of England, they are falsely accusing a whole other (innocent) population.


37 responses to “UK lacks the courage to name islam

  1. It’s not too cool to blame “Asians” for this.

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  2. Would they like it if we started calling the Governing Body of UK the Koreans In Charge?

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  3. TD . . . . Excellent article!

    Yes, we all know that since various governments have allowed hoards of foreigner’s into their respective countries . . . the government’s are now trying to calm any untoward tensions.

    This is very much exactly like the rape of a six year old girl, located in Pocatello, Idaho by three Muslime boys. The judge in the case, put a gag order on the parent’s of the girl, so that they were not able to tell the world when had actually happened to their daughter. When the trial came, the language that the prosecutor used when describing the boys, was all glowing, nothing of in a negative light was ever said about the boys. The boys had filmed the attack with a cell phone, one of the father’s after seeing the film of what his son and the other two boys had done–congratulated them for a “job well done,” (or something of that sort.) In the end NOTHING was done to the three perpetrators, and the public was kept from hearing about this heinous attack because of the judge’s imposed gag order. The news of this horrible attack only came to light when people published it i=on the web.

    When reading accounts which have been written about rapes having been committed by Muslime’s, let’s say in Sweden, Norway, or Germany . . . the press called the perpetrator’s “Swedish” young man, “Norwegian” young man/men, or German youth.” Later, in subsequent news flashes, it comes out . . . Oh! By golly . . . it was a “Somalian immigrant,” or “Syrian immigrant.” How many native born, of original people’s in Sweden, Norway, or Germany (born of ancestry originating from these countries) are going around raping, and attacking young white women? Not very darn many!! Yet, the incidents of these atrocities is just going through the roof! Yet, no one wants to “name” or “accuse” exactly who the perpetrator’s of these criminal activities are.

    Then we have had a number of instances here in America, where teenage African-Americans have rioted, looted, and endangered other shoppers in malls or movie theatres . . . when our media reports on these instances, they write something like this: “young people riot at movie theatre,” or “teenagers swarm Mall, causing damage to stores, and posing a threat to other shoppers.” We DO NOT write a definitive descriptive name of origin or ethnicity of those individual’s who participated in the criminal activity.

    I can only conclude that the United States, and the rest of the civilized Western European nations are all playing by the very same rule book. That is that they DO NOT “shame” or publically “denounce” who the perpetrator’s actually are that are doing these kinds of things, and in each instance they are always . . . “Muslimes.”

    So much for this absurd “Politically Correct” nonsense!!!

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    • Since the vagueness doesn’t fool anyone, what else could it be, Auntie Lulu, but what Michael Hoffman calls the kosher cryptocracy’s “grinning mockery” of their victims, and so neutered we’ve become that we Americans dare not name our oppressors.

      We get an idea of how thoroughly our nation has been subjugated by an alien force when even local police stand down in front of disorganized bands of punks like the powdered eunuchs they’ve become, but God help patriots taking to the streets who’ll be set upon by coddled Antifas.

      For the fifth column in our midst who could pull off something so outrageously staged as 9/11 and then make patriotic investigators look like the bad guys, stuff like those Sorosian rent-a-riots have to be a piece of cake.

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    • “when our media reports on these instances, they write something like this: “young people riot at movie theatre,” or “teenagers swarm Mall, causing damage to stores, and posing a threat to other shoppers.”

      For many years now, the media here has called such riots “unrest”, as if that made it any more civilized or lawful. Or as if “unrest” were a word.

      They only in the past year began, once again after a long absence, showing photos of suspects in crimes or in police sketches, when doing so obviously revealed such persons’ color, race, ethnicity, etc. They still don’t typically announce those identifying details without accompanying photos…

      I think certain factions raised a stink about how it was racist and how it could prejudice people into accepting stereotypes about those likely to commit crimes, and the media went right along with their demands to stop doing so for literally decades.

      But it seems the new Trump Agenda is helping to set things straight once again. Or maybe people are just sick of the PC desire to placate the criminal elements (and their defenders/attorneys).

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  4. Well they’ve had decades of practice avoiding naming Jews.

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  5. Knowing Birmingham odds are those that attacked the jogger were Muslims from either Pakistan India or Bangladesh. Technically Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are in Asia

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    • Yeah, the “Pakis” did it. I’m not sure about India being part of Asia.

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      • Look at the world map and you’ll see that India is part of Asia. It is known as the sub-continent of Asia

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        • Yes, I know. It doesn’t really matter, but I’ve always thought of it as “The Sub-Continent”. Asia (technically) isn’t a “continent” either. You are correct that, at the top of the Indian Sub-Continent, Nepal and Tibet join China which is always thought to be in Asia (continent or not).

          There is as much wrong with this manner of thinking as there is with what is understood as “The Migrations of Man”. In short, its all bunk. Those of us who are Caucasians get our name from the Caucasus Mountains which, technically, are in the Middle East. Does that make us “Asian”? I don’t think so.

          Europe, occupies the Western end of what ends up being Asia. On the Western end it’s “The Continent of Europe”. It is neither. It is an area on the “Eurasian Continent”.

          Sorry to rant, but I have a habit of trying to be precise. It is difficult (if not impossible) to do given all of the malapropisms.


  6. Increasingly, the “UK” is not a “united kingdom” anymore….for more than 2 decades, it’s been increasingly more like Malta…..a crossroads island where any and every country sends people who grow a “foothold” there and bushwhack their economy, their cultural habits, their education system, health system, and maybe even the draw they have had in tourism for centuries. And, it is because they invite and ALLOW it. They have become a mish-mash of next-to-nothingness……very little to offer the US, or the world, in the way of being an ally…or an economic partner, military ally. They are so socialist so as to become a dumping ground for the poor/non-working/unmotivated single males of some parts of Europe and most of the Middle East. No longer a world power, they are certainly a dumping ground for Middle Eastern and other world (to quote an indelicately-stated phrase from our great POTUS) shit-holes. I work with a teacher who was a LEGAL immigrant from London…who still owns her old London apartment to rent to tourists. I approached her maybe a decade ago about renting it for a trip to London….and she, frankly, informed me that most of London was NOT what I probably expected it to be…that it was all Muslim even then…..and advised me that, if I wanted to see “old England” to find a more rural place to visit/or explore for my first trip to England.,,,otherwise, I’d be disappointed.

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    • CalGirl . . . . The disintegration of Great Britain is quite painful to contemplate. To think that one cannot visit London, and have it be “English” in nature is realty a travesty.

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    • Powerful insight, CalGirl. It’s tragic that the people who civilized much of the world and ruled the seas could so quickly become victims of extraordinary cultural and spiritual entropy, reducing the typical Darwinian and secular humanist Brit to a status Darwin himself would have wanted to see eliminated if he were alive today. At one time Catholic England was thought of as the happiest and safest of places to be born into, as Duffy’s Stripping of the Altars documents in great detail, but of course the Brits now know better.

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  7. The UK is dying. Its leadership is corrupt and isolated. It makes the French look rational and Germany strong. It makes the Swedes look tough.

    Whatever happened to the few?

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  8. Just as the media in the U.S. use the euphemism of “youths” to mean black hoodlums, the UK media use “Asians” to mean immigrants from the South Asian subcontinent countries of India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh, who comprise the majority of UK Muslims.

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  9. If you can’t even name your enemies, you will never win the war.

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Why are the government European officials so afraid of muslims? Surely the citizens recognize every time they dodge around the ugly truth of the islamic invasion of England, they are falsely accusing a whole other (innocent) population. Who is behind this?

    They are even afraid not to capitalize the word muslim. Holy cow!




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  11. Any questions?


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