Illegal alien charged after killing two people in car crash in Raleigh, NC

illegal alien raleigh police department photo

The “man charged” in this crash is, in fact, an illegal alien/Raleigh Police Department photo

It took me some time to find out that this driver was an illegal alien. Most of the stories had a headline of “man charged” and never provided the information from DHS. Way to hide the truth, SRM.

From WRAL: A 27-year-old man was charged Sunday in connection with a wrong-way crash that killed two people Thursday night on Interstate 40 in Raleigh.

Police said a Honda Civic with four people inside was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of the highway at Wade Avenue.  Rupresh Uprety and Pricil Chundapurakal were killed in the crash. The other two people in the Civic were being treated for injuries at WakeMed in Raleigh.

The pickup driver, who was on his way to spread salt in a parking lot, walked away with cuts and bruises. (Also omitted from this article, the illegal alien was charged with DUI.)

Authorities on Sunday charged Anibal Raul Ambrocio-Chilel, 27, of Raleigh, with two counts of felony death by vehicle and one count each of driving while impaired and reckless driving to endanger. He was being held at the Wake County jail under a $410,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Monday.

The Department of Homeland Security put an immigration detainer on him, saying that data on file and statements he made to authorities suggest he is either in the U.S. illegally or is subject to deportation.

A Durham County 911 dispatcher called the 911 communications center in Raleigh at 11:35 p.m. Thursday to warn them the Civic was headed toward Raleigh.

“I think Davis [Drive] is the last place somebody saw it, but they said it was flying down the highway, a dark-colored, older-model Honda,” the Durham dispatcher said. “We don’t have any of our officers that are in the area that are probably going to be able to catch it before it hits Raleigh.”

Three minutes later, an eastbound driver called Raleigh 911 to report the collision.

“I was going one direction. They were coming up beside me on the other side of the road, and I noticed them, and then they hit somebody,” the man told the dispatcher. “I could tell they hit something because I could see, I could see a plume of something, I don’t know what. So, they may have hit the rail, but I think it was another car.”

North Carolina Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon said Friday that wrong-way crashes are a national problem, but the I-40 crash represents at least eight such collisions in the Triangle since last fall. According to the state Department of Transportation, there were more than 500 wrong-way crashes statewide between 2000 and 2016, with 145 people killed and another 643 injured.


14 responses to “Illegal alien charged after killing two people in car crash in Raleigh, NC

  1. Too close for comfort. Both my son and I use that Interstate. North Carolinians need The Right of Recall. Both our senators are ineffective. Tillis is open borders, and Burr is Chairman of Senate Intelligence Cttee, spends more time with UAE’s Ambassador Otaiba than he does working. Raleigh, NC is overrun with illegals.

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    • I used to live in CT. On the occasions I had to go to CTs capital, Hartford, it was so overrun like Raleigh that during office hours you’d be lucky to run into a non Hispanic or anyone who spoke English on the streets around the capitol.

      I don’t know about NC, but CT is morally and fiscally bankrupt, and last I heard still the highest taxed state in the US. It’s a beautiful place, outside it’s cities, but God help the young person thinking of moving there.

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      • Dan, is there a state not experiencing what You described? Name a state that is not BANKRUPT. NO WALL NO DACA, no better words have been spoken, ILLEGALS HAVE NO PLACE HERE

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        • Chuck Shumer sat on a ” WALL”. Chuck Shumer had a GREAT FALL! 👏

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        • Alma . . . . Thank you for speaking the utter truth. I just heard today that my “Sanctuary City,” Portland, Oregon is so in debt, that we have a debt load of $21,000 per every person in the whole bloody city if we wanted to get it paid off. I can only say, this is the fault of all the communist leaders on our City Council. This is such an outrage! When Democrats are in office, the sky is the limit, we “purchase” stuff we could not possibly pay for in 100 years. Yet, the very next year, we purchase more stuff, until “enough is never enough.”

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    • Recall: Good Luck with all that. So sorry. My husband’s ancestral family is from Raleigh….a place we loved to visit with distant relatives when possible. I had no idea illegals had come there in such numbers b/c we’ve not been back there in some years. What is the economic/employment draw there for illegals?

      Here in CA….there is something ELSE that is NOT being reported accurately: we only hear about the illegals who end up killing American Citizens with cars or illegal weapons or otherwise…we do NOT hear about the millions and millions of dollars of property crime that happens in the USA at the hands of illegals.. Case in point—both my son and his girlfriend were smashed into in their separate cars by illegals who then jumped OUT of their vehicle and ran away. Thousands of dollars of insurance claims had to be paid by OUR insurance……much less the stress of injury and the stress of losing your vehicle and having to start over…..We personally had to put a 6-foot fence around our half-acre property, front and back, b/c we couldn’t keep ANYTHING safe…cars(cars stolen, cars constantly vandalized or parts stolen from) , gardens, decorative wreaths, lawn ornaments, delivered water, mail…..our laundry on outdoor drying lines, even our CATS..(they’d steal pet cats right off your property to roast and eat…and worse yet….fashion the skinned/saved cat-tails into “key chains” to sell at swap meets—I one time LITERALLY had to run a woman off my property who tried to take my (then) aged, but still beautiful and beautifully-colored calico, from my FRONT PORCH.)…and, I add…I do NOT live in a very “crime-ridden” part of CA……on the contrary….we live in an area that was very rural at the start when all these things were happening. Now, we are well-populated, but then again—now—-we are personally “fortified” against it due to the transient/illegal population that was constantly moving through our property years ago……WALLS WORK!!!!!

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      • CalGirl . . . . Although, I am so very sorry that you have personally suffered from the scourge that Illegals have brought to your area. I do wish to thank you for the testament regarding the fact that “WALLS DO WORK!” I am in 100% agreement . . . we need a Wall on our Southern Boarder to protect innocent American citizens from all this crap!

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      • Calgirl, I am so sorry you having to deal so much with these invaders. I think my patience would have been gone by now. Praying for your safety.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    At least he will feel some guilt (may be), since the victims were some of his own.

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  3. There’s no 911 operator where these parasites come from so the neighbors take care of the situation before the police arrive, afterwards the police take over of whatever is “left” to investigate.

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  4. It is this constant menu of False, missing & mis-leading so-called “News” like this – which has brought me to the point of Canceling my subscription to a major News-Paper out of Milwaukee.. It has simply become the “mouth-organ” of all the adversaries & Enemies of America.. This paper has Nothing good to say about America or the Republic for which it Stands. The ONLY reason that I miss the Paper is that it made good cat litter, who then eagerly expressed their excretionary & urinary opinion of newspaper..

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    • EggieBG . . . . that was hilarious, and oh so true. Far and away all of the major newspapers do nothing but spread the leftists propaganda. It sickens the majority of us to realize that when we have to pay for a newspaper–we are paying for the right to be brainwashed by their slanted “fake news.” No thanks, I don’t want their propaganda.

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  5. Yeah, here we call it “Driving While Asian”. They don’t have translations of the driver’s test other than Spanish so, they just give it to them. “You look Hmong to me Bub. You’re good to go!”.

    The “suspect” they have reason to deport him? How about, no proof he’s here legally? I guess that doesn’t work anymore. Whitey’s job is to make themselves extinct.

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