Transgender Laverne Cox covers Cosmopolitan magazine to disrupt heteronormative ideas

laverne cox

The “truth” isn’t based in reality for some people.

From Yahoo (via HuffPo):Laverne Cox can add “Cosmopolitan covergirl” to her ever-growing list of credits and accomplishments. 

The Emmy-winning actress, producer and LGBTQ rights advocate made history as the first transgender woman ever to appear on a Cosmo cover, appearing atop Cosmopolitan South Africa’s February issue in a sheer black leotard. The Valentine’s Day-themed #SayYesToLove edition is focused on LGBTQ issues, and features a rainbow-colored masthead designed specifically for the occasion.

Cox, 45, debuted the cover on Twitter and Instagram early Monday.

In a candid video interview that accompanied the issue’s release, Cox got candid about her celebrity crush, her proudest career moment and her ongoing struggle for acceptance in the heteronormative world of show business.

“As a black transgender woman, I’ve often been kept a secret by the men that I’ve dated,” she said. “So when my ex-boyfriend introduced me to his dad and invited me to spend Hanukkah with him and his family, it was the most special thing ever.”

She added, “Trans women deserve to be loved out in the open and in the light.”

Previously, Cox appeared in the October 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan’s U.S. edition, paying tribute to Tina Turner, Beyoncé and other iconic black women in a photo feature to promote her role in Fox’s television reboot of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Holly Meadows, who is Cosmopolitan South Africa’s editor-in-chief, said the magazine aimed to “disrupt heteronormative ideas around February and Valentine’s Day and look at love in 2018” in its latest issue. 

“Our goal was to play a small part in providing visibility for the LGBTQI+ community, of which Laverne has become a revolutionary icon,” she added.


39 responses to “Transgender Laverne Cox covers Cosmopolitan magazine to disrupt heteronormative ideas

  1. S/he is no doubt on the payroll of the well-financed LGBTWTF initiative whose ultimate goal is the suppression of freedom of speech and religion in the name of PC ‘tolerance’.

    There is a Billionaire whose name I can’t recall (NOT Soros) whose son is a flaming homo and he has financed much of the pro-gay marriage push in the West over the past 10-15 years.

    Public figures like this Freak are positioned as part of the larger push to utterly demean and destroy traditional family.

    Their goal is not ‘tolerance’ but Communist totalitarianism through PC social engineering.

    May God through Saint Michael and the Holy Angels deliver us from this evil.

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  2. “Onward Social Engineers….”. “Heteronormative ideas?” Up is down, left is right….! They are forcing people to “choose” between their manufactured “reality” and the truth. The “joiner” must be huge in some people.

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  3. Although Cosmopolitan’s total U.S. sales was only 3.03 million copies in 2011, the magazine is distributed in spreads its poison to more than 110 countries. We need to drive a stake through its toxin-dripping heart.

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    • Helen Gurley Brown, like Margaret Sanger, is dead—but her poison just keeps on dripping!
      But then again, no one can destroy a person’s morality without his—CONSENT!
      Somewhere, Nietzsche is submitting to their domination and abuse. I’m confident he gets off on it…

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  4. Normal, God fearing people will never, ever accept it, period. I know I won’t, as God calls it sin. God says men with men and women with women are to be turned over to a reprobate mind to do these things that are unseemly.

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  5. “heteronormative ideas?”
    Cosmo has taken wordsmithing to a new low.

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  6. Disgusting it’s better that it is in the South African branch there would be a big drop in sales if it was in the US ….

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  7. The real question is . . . . will heterosexual men who wish a normal life, which includes children produced of their own genes, with a wife that will bare, nurture, and educate his children really want to fall in love with a transsexual woman?

    There is little doubt that transsexual woman feel a real frustration and perhaps anger over the fact that in the majority of instances they are rebuffed by hetero men.

    Although, I wish no ill will to these people, or any other people. I cannot see that no matter how much time, effort, or expense is put into trying to “reeducate” the public into accepting these men who have transitioned into “women” as being desirable when it comes to establishing a home and family. I heartily agree, as Tom Jones above, has stated . . . one of the purposes of pushing acceptance of this absolutely is to destroy “the family” as being the desired social unit.

    When it comes to “the family” as being preferred or desirable . . . we have any number of instances from times of old . . . Our God is often referred to as “Heavenly Father” and deservedly so. He protects us in many instances, He is the source of blessings, and He undeniably loves us as His spirit children. When the time came for Christ to appear on the Earth, certainly God could have sent him down as a fully formed man, who just miraculously appeared one day. That was not the way that God the Father choose to have His son come to Earth. He choose a very special and Godly young woman Mary, to conceive and to bare His son. He also choose a Godly man, Joseph, to be the head of the household, to nurture and to teach he young Christ. as step-father. Even Adam and Eve, were united as a couple to establish a home for their children. There are so many instances that the pattern of family life has been shown to those who inhabit the Earth. For whatever reason, there must be Eternal significance to the pattern that has been shown.

    I think that most of us can agree, the Father of Lies, is behind this concerted effort to frustrate and do away with the pattern of “families” being the preferable societal unit.

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    • The fact that they may feel frustration and anger over being rebuffed by hetero men is proof positive that these people are mentally ill, and delusional. Anyone with the most basic common sense is going to think through the fact that despite all the phoney boobs, and surgically constructed private parts they are not a genetic woman with a womb that can grow a baby, and breasts that can feed that baby. But there in lies the evidence that the aim is not being an authentic women, but some kind of sex object. I’ve even read that a lot of theses men get some kind of auto arousal as looking at themselves “as a woman”. Wires crossed ,demon possessed, or just plain sex freak addicts, these people are off kilter and I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to shove this down our throats and screw with our children’s minds.

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      • Lana . . . . I could not agree more with you, when you stated, . . .”I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to shove this down our throats and screw with our children’s minds.” There can be no denial that hetero people certainly have a right to protect themselves from ANY and all schemes that they do not find to be acceptable for themselves and their family members.

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    • Auntie, look at some ingredients in foods, I.e. soy. There is a new term called “soy boy”. These chemicals help sterilize people as well as reduce testosterone in males. This is a major problem.

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    • Satan hates God so much he has put grand efforts into destroying EVERYTHING God made. This the work of satan..

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  8. This particular example turned out VERY well,BUT-Commiting a sin,regardless how masterfully,STILL doesn’t make it RIGHT.

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  9. For a moment there I thought that was “Michelle” Obama! Anyone want to compare photos of “him” and “Laverne”? 😉

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    Should it be considered a failure of “Nature” that the barriers of gender identity are so ignorantly and arrogantly challenged, or perhaps the fulfillment of the promise of the ‘serpent to eve in the garden that man can truly become their own god,….. or godess.

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  11. If Moochelle had a brother.

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  12. It’s getting to where NOBODY is what they ARE….

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  13. I guess a revision is in order here-I’m ALWAYS ME.

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  14. Sigh. So, are ya ‘all trying to tell me and the US public that this man has become a “woman” with all kinds of replacement parts and injections….just like a car with a “salvage title?” That he/she can NOT reproduce/carry a child into this life b/c he/she does not have the female replacement parts or the DNA that can NOT be manufactured/replaced/engineered by surgery? This is sort-of the definition of female parts and hormones biologically. And this is good for the future of the human race——-WHY? I recognize that it might be “good” for this particular human being….but WHY is this example of human suffering, human extremism, human deviation from the “norm” upheld as an admired example on the cover of a nation-wide magazine?

    Well…good news all… school kids don’t read anymore. I USED to entice them into “reading” by keeping boxes of magazines in my room….and for the last 5 years or so…even THAT has not worked….all they want to do is play on their phones, watch phone videos….get on social media….So…in about the next decade, I predict that all these stupid magazines will be out of business ANYWAY. So, maybe this particular “covergirl” is the one that heralds that this mag has finally “jumped the shark.”

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    • CalGirl . . . . You have called it absolutely correctly! It may well be a good consequence of young people drifting away from reading, if it keeps them from being enticed into reading rags that promote lifestyles that do nothing but bring about disappointment and rejection to those who enter these lifestyles.

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  15. You can tell the Communist influence by the choice of certain buzzwords: “Heteronormative” is a word I first learned of while I was teaching at Bushwick HS, back in 1986,
    Again: The West made a deadly deal with the Devil when it followed Karl Marx’s lead and exchanged Moral or Religious Man for Sociological Man. THIS is the TRIPWIRE: Sociological terms and jargon!
    For a number of years, so-called “experts” have been sought for their commentary and analysis. (And not to be gross, but half of “analysis” is, sorry, “anal!”) In addition to their usual misleading B.S., they occasionally let loose with a bit of JARGON.

    It’s gotten to the point where even the man or woman in the street has picked up on this. I heard a woman refer to her husband as her “marriage partner.” I hear people all the time saying they have to “hydrate” themselves when they are thirsty!
    Let’s cut to the chase: Almost everyone thinks there are “too many people,” that the world is “overpopulated.” (It most certainly IS NOT).

    So when I read this word “heteronormative,” I knew the goons in the Sociology Dept. had already gotten hold of it—I mean “her,” of whatever their personal pronoun is! I would certainly HOPE people are heteronormative: After all, the last time I checked, GOD certainly is!
    Nope, I don’t believe God will be apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah any time soon. And behind Lulu’s “smile” I see—THE DEVIL!!!

    Helen Gurley Brown is still dead.

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    • “Heteronormative”
      What does it mean? Is it part of the Liberalese language?
      I’ve noticed for the last Decade or so that the Democrats are very quick to “invent” words to fit extremely stupid ideas they dream up that known words fail to adequately describe. I’m not familiar with this particular word or its intended meaning.

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      • “Who I am is what you are or how I am or what”. “Shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep”. In inventing new “realities” and standards it is necessary to obfuscate.

        These mindless drones are quite happy regurgitating any invented buzzword or catch phrase. Their logic runs something akin to someone who wishes humans had four legs and yellow fur and see no reason why they can’t be that way.

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  16. Cosmopolitan magazine has turned more young women into radical feminists than virtually any other source in the last thirty years. The magazine is an absolute cesspool of Immorality disguised as “advice.” Any man foolish enough to date and god forbid marry an avid reader of that trash pile of a “magazine” deserves what he gets in a wife. (Assuming of course, that she could somehow decide to stay with just one man.) And what he will get is a shallow, narcissistic, self centered feminist monster. But now, with Mr. Laverne Cox destroying gender roles as we used to observe them, he will also have a chance of finding a man masquerading as a radical feminist too! Imagine the possibilities.

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  17. female hormone, breast-implant, “blond” hair weaved dude has an identical twin brother and he is just as messed up as the other:
    “Interview: Laverne Cox’s Queer Brother M. Lamar Says, “I’m Not Gay, But It’s OK If You Are”!”
    he doesn’t “label” himself…I’m sure the up-side down cross is clearly the only fitting “label” he needs…but he has homosexual relations with other males (if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck)….they both have sex with males and their single mother has their full support.

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    • Thanks “mom” I went to the interview/article and tried to read through it all, but found that the twin’s proclamations/explanations were so twisted and turned, woven-through with such strange reasoning that I just couldn’t follow it for long……certainly not to it’s tortured end. I did notice from the very beginning that the interviewer seemed to be a “confederate” of his interviewee…..I had to keep checking back to make sure I was reading answers to questions asked of the interviewee…b/c the interviewer kept injecting his own thoughts and experiences…..very early on, they just “meshed” into one giant swamp.

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  18. Here’s how “normative” their ideas are, “hetero” or otherwise:

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  19. omg im thinking this man on the magazine is going to make straight guys, gay. Disgusting

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  20. Interesting last name “Laverne” chose for himself…

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