Antifa terrorist David Campbell nearly strangles Trump supporter to death

Unbeknown to the American people, in the last year of the Obama Administration, the FBI and DHS issued a confidential joint report identifying the radical left Antifa as domestic terrorists.

See “Obama administration’s DHS/FBI identified Antifa as domestic terrorists in April 2016”.

Given that designation, it’s a mystery why the Trump DOJ has not rounded up members of Antifa, for if that had been done, then a 56-year-old Trump supporter would not have been nearly strangled to death, requiring CPR, by an Antifa.

Last Saturday night, January 20, 2018, the Trump supporter — who has not been named — had just left the “Night for Freedom” party at the FREQNYC nightclub in Midtown New York.

The party was organized by Alt-Rightist Mike Cernovich to celebrate the first anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Outside the nightclub was an Antifa mob of about 80 protesting the celebration.

As the victim departed from the nightclub, a man — later identified by police as David Campbell, 30, of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, New York — stepped away from the Antifa mob gathered outside and followed the victim. A witness said Campbell punched the victim in the head causing him to fall and hit his head on the curb. Campbell then started strangling the man.

When the victim was rescued, he was in cardiac arrest, barely had a pulse, and needed CPR. He did not regain consciousness until he was in an ambulance headed to Bellevue Hospital. Reportedly, he is in stable condition.

Police arrested David Campbell on charges of assault, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breathing, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, and loitering.

David Campbell, Antifa terrorist who nearly strangled Trump supporter to death

The Antifa mob also assaulted Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and his assistant. They were rescued by Jack Posobiec and Andrew Marcus and taken to safety in a nearby steak house.

Two other people also were reported to have been injured in the attack. One was taken to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, while the other victim was taken to Bellevue.

What is even more outrageous is that the major alphabet MSM are not reporting these latest acts of violence by Antifa. According to Kristinn Taylor of Gateway Pundit:

The national news media has ignored this near fatal attack on a Trump supporter. The New York Post, New York Daily News, WCBS-TV and Breitbart are the about all the outlets that have covered the attack. A keyword search using the arrested attacker’s name, David Campbell, did not return results from the New York Times, AP or other national/political media.

I just ran a search for “David Campbell” on the New York Times‘ website, and can confirm that the New York Times, supposedly the premier U.S. newspaper, did not deign to report on this act of egregious political violence in its home turf New York City.

But then why should we surprised? After all, as a Project Veritas undercover exposé revealed, a New York Times editor admitted he is anti-Trump and a violent Antifa.

Sources: Gateway Pundit; Breitbart; Medical Health News

H/t John Molloy

Using people search engines, I found a David Alexander Campbell, 30, unmarried Caucasian, who lives in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY.

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48 responses to “Antifa terrorist David Campbell nearly strangles Trump supporter to death

  1. No wonder NYC makes it so difficult to have a concealed carry permit. You have to protect violent thugs. Always carry a knife if you can’t carry a pistol.

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    • I’ve heard but don’t know myself that an extendable baton is easy to use and very effective ($20). Generally needs a concealed carry permit. Need to know when and when not to use it.

      I expect cops will favor Antifa until the SHTF, after which Antifa will do what they historically do best, which is incite and pay for others to do their fighting. You know why they need to wear masks, right?

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    • And don’t forget, brass knuckles always go a long way.

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    • Carry a screwdriver—–or even a whole “work set” of screwdrivers as tho’ you are a REAL WORKING man or woman—much less “suspicious” than a knife—or able to prosecute deliberately like a KNIFE….unlike PROBABLY most of those who have the time to do all this rabble rousing and “ANTIFA” protesting). Crap—I am an art teacher…and I CARRY a set of these w/me as well as a hammer…in my purse. I just have to remember to clean out my purse before I get on an airplane. 🙂 ANd….PS….does this make you feel safe (?) One time I got on a cross-country flight with one of those hammers in my purse that has a hollow hammer handle filled with graduated screwdrivers inside. I never got stopped, coming or going, by TSA. I discovered this “oops” much later on my own when trading from one purse to a new purse……

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    “Criminal obstruction of breathing”??……Where the heck do they come up with these terms??….Would it not just easier and more appropriate to it what it was; that is “Attempted Murder”?

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    • Kevin . . . . I am with you on that question. Is this because “Attempted Murder” is a much harsher term than “Criminal obstruction of breathing?” I just want this animal put away for a very, very long time in a hard core prison!

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      • After contemplating this situation for a few hours . . . It has come to me . . . why isn’t this joker being tagged with a “hate crime” also. Let’s face it if the victim had not been a Trump supporter, this thug would not have attacked him . . . is this not the description of a hate crime? It seems rather odd to me that the only time, a crime rises to the level of being a “hatred crime” if when it is a white person doing something to a minority of any variation. Never when the perpetrator is black, or any other special class of persons.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Dang…. I’m gonna have to take a little more time proof reading before I post.


    • “Felonious high-velocity impact with leaden object”. It’s pretty obvious these thugs have been given protection. They should be on the “red eye” to GITMO.

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      • lophatt . . . . I am in complete agreement with the sentiment . . . “They should be on the ‘red eye’ to GITMO,” after all, that is where our country sends traitors and combatants that go up against us. It is only fitting that that is where they should be. Not only would it be rather unpleasant, but really, how many family members are going to travel to GITMO for a visit? Sounds like the perfect remedy for these traitorous people!

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  3. “Attempted Murder”? how about Attempted 1ST DEGREE MURDER. You can always let em plead down. But you can never make them plead up.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . That sounds the most logical of any of the laws that this goon allegedly broke. I certainly can go with “Attempted 1st Degree Murder,” and I wouldn’t be too interested in pleading down very far. I think they should have to spend at least 10 years in prison, before he is possibly eligible for parole.

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  4. Didn’t see any mention of this here in the MidWest… likely because the MSM sees antifa as their champion against the Right.

    I say we need to take the thugs’ tactics right back against them. When they attack, FIGHT BACK! And don’t think about a “fair” fight; this isn’t a sports competition. When you’re fighting for your life, go with what you have or can find, and go for their most vulnerable parts — eyes, ears, nose, throat, groin.

    Speak softly. Carry a big stick. Because sometimes they don’t want to listen.

    Give them pause to think about whether you’re a good target, and whether they should be doing this kind of unacceptable, criminal, felonious behavior. Worry about the legal consequences later, when a jury of your peers is a Constitutionally-guaranteed protection. But best to have a witness along with you… because the other side will always lie.

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  6. That is a great question. Why are they not rounding them up? There is nothing on the MSM about it. Why not?

    On a related subject, the stuff coming out about the FISA warrant shows that there are cells within the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., devoted to sedition. Why are they too not rounded up.

    We are in the middle of a “soft coup”. This is serious business. This will not just go away without a serious response. The dumbing down that has taken place over the years is showing. People don’t understand logic and they don’t question authority.

    There is no difference between Antifa and MS-13 although MS-13 is not primarily a political group. This isn’t about “beliefs” it is about “actions”. No one has the right to break the law because they “believe” something, popular or otherwise. Protests and petitions of redress are not the same as violent assault. They have no “protected status” to do these things.

    It is obvious that these “cells” are infiltrated into local police and local government as well as the alphabet agencies. They should be tried for sedition and individually for any violence they perpetrate.

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    • lophatt . . . . Congratulations! That is the most reasonable, common sense approach to dealing with those who commit “acts of sedition.” I also, wonder why nothing is being done. Perhaps it is because so many of the top people in the FBI, and other agencies are traitors to this nation, and they need to be ferreted out before anything else can be taken care of.

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  7. “…the major alphabet MSM are not reporting these latest acts of violence by Antifa.”

    Shocker, not. Doesn’t fit their progressive #FakeNews agenda.

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  8. Sergeant Major Pain

    PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! Is all these anti-fa domestic terrorists understand. If law enforcement will not stand up to them then the former combat veterans need too. It’s time for these masked punks to have some “RIGHTEOUS PAIN” applied to them by the people that know how!

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    • Sergeant Major Pain . . . . I think some “RIGHTEOUS PAIN” is the exact prescription for curing what ails far to many of these goons. That is just an excellent idea.

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    • In all seriousness, how is it he ends up just standing there looking smug? How is it the NYPD didn’t give him a little “tuneup” at least? I smell a rat. If they catch you trying to choke the life out of someone they normally aren’t too gentle when they detach you.

      I know my concealed carry license wouldn’t work there, but I’d rather go to jail for defending myself than to end up the victim of a smarmy little loser like this one. If I decided not to carry I think I’d at least have my “wasp spray”. If they ask you just say “I’m allergic to wasps”. I guarantee he wouldn’t have that smug little look on his face.

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  9. The NWO Rothschilds/Rockefeller agents at it again. They seem to repeat themselves, before it was the Zionist Bolsheviks, now it’s these Antifa dweebs.

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  10. They STILL haven’t figured out that they ARE what their name denounces. How dumb is THAT?

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    • VERY dumb. My guess is that there are “actors” and idiots. The “actors” play “Che” and the idiots are in love. Obviously the cops are letting them get away with this. These little pansies are “tough” until somebody pounds the snot out of them.

      Dental work isn’t cheap. Teeth are usually the first thing to go when you’re fond of screaming obscenities at people.

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  11. Obama didn’t bother rounding up thugs during his last year cause he wanted to party….

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    • True George . . . . You have just stated an amazing truth! I have no doubt but what Obama wanted folks of this ilk to be a “thorn in the side” of not only the next President, but in particular to endanger the peace and safety of the average American citizen. All part of the on-going plan to destroy this nation from within.

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    • Very perceptive George. He certainly did not.

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  12. This may have something to do with the Demon-Rats “love” of illegals:

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  13. I took this Saturday night off due to exhaustion, and I am glad I did.
    From the video, I could tell that this occurred on the West Side Highway (12th Avenue) in the upper 40’s to the low 50’s.

    From what I heard on You Tube yesterday, Mon., Jan. 22nd, CHELSEA BRADLEY MANNING was responsible for leaking the fact that Mike Cernovich was hosting this event to ANTIFA.

    Chelsea Bradley Manning is running for Senator in Maryland.

    Pius XII is remarked to have said (around 1954) that there was “more sin in the world [at that time] than ever before [in human history].” My own humble opinion: Pius XII was the ONLY good Pope in my lifetime. Yes, Your Holiness, and you should see it now: Your hair would stand on end.
    And it is not only the amount of the VOLUME of evil that has increased: It has not increased in proportion to the population, No: It has increased EXPONENTIALLY.
    And Yet, not only has it increased exponentially, but the degree and extent of the evil has been “fine-tuned,” as it were: It is as if the evil, ever on the march, seems to be on the micro-level right now. But the INTENT of those who put forth that evil seems to be developing a STEEL RESOLVE.
    All hell has not broken loose yet—Thank God. But the pots are on the stove, and each one is reaching a “delectable boil,” as it were.
    And the madness just keeps WORMING its way through, down to the last man in the mob.

    We are quickly reaching the point of Yeats’ lament of his epic poem, “The Second Coming”: “The falcon cannot hear the falconer.” We are at that point where “The worst are full of passionate intensity/And the best lack all conviction.” It is a disgusting spectacle.
    But I see evil works both sides of the street: Yes, we ARE being manipulated by Power Masters in the various Elites. Yet at the same time, the evil also comes from the bottom up—wipe the scum off the pond, and seven new layers of scum come right up after it.
    The Devil is the prostitute with the sneer. And he is also the pimp with the grin.

    Prayers for those concerned.

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  14. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:

    Send this AntiFa Fascist punk to Riker’s Island so that inmates there can have a party with this punk.

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  15. #Antifa is backed by Soros & a few of Obama’s cronies – wonder where Soros is and if he is still alive. Mainstream not mentioning him recently.

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  17. Campbell looks completely unconcerned, which makes me pause. Who is financing him or is he a trust fund baby? He doesn’t look capable of feeling remorse.

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  18. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    The terrorist Antifa are still at it and you will not see it on MSM. But their dangerous acts and deadly assaults need to be dealt with as, exactly what they are, terrorist acts and hate crimes.

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  19. “…nearly strangled to death”…..Cambridge English Dictionary: what is strangle: to kill someone by pressing their throat so that they cannot breathe.


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