The government can protect us from asteroid strikes! Who knew?

The following image is a screen grab from an article on Breitbart today. Thank you Katherine Rodriguez for pointing out the stupidity of CNN’s reasoning.

Is this an admission  by CNN that their audience is made up of complete idiots?

22 responses to “The government can protect us from asteroid strikes! Who knew?

  1. No wonder they won so many #FakeNews awards…

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    CNN’s motto: “When you have no news to sensationalize, make it up”..

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  3. I’m not worried-I bought insurance for that off the interweb!!!

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  4. “The sky is falling – the end is near”…….

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  5. CNN should know that the asteroid crisis is over, because Chuck Schumer announced the Demonrats are ready to “negotiate” with the Republicans again, which means the government shutdown is over. 😀

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  6. I guess, we’ll just have to bring back Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck ( well,maybe not Affleck), to save us from Armegeddon.

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  7. The government cannot even wipe out PIMPLES, so it’s going to solve the asteroid problem? HYUK! HYUK! HYUK!

    Oh Man that’s rich! Hee! Hee! Hee!

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  8. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

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  9. Maybe they meant ASS-teroids. Or maybe Hemorrhoids.
    Good catch there. Why don’t they add “Sasquatch attack” to the list too?

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  10. I would be embarrassed if I were Ms Rodriguez . . . . really, how stupid can one person actually be?

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  11. Did Rodriguez even think to engage her mind before putting her mouth in gear?

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  12. Well, one thing we all know, if we’re struck by an asteroid, it’s Trump’s fault. Likewise if two suns come up tomorrow. I certainly hope these copy readers are looking for another work. What are they going to do when Trump leaves? I don’t think any of them can complete a sentence without the words “Trump” or “Russians” in it.

    It really hit me this morning. They are preaching to an entirely different choir. Their followers are from Uranus.

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