Due to delaying work and marriage, scientists say adulthood now begins at 24

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From The Telegraph: Adulthood does not begin until 24, scientists have concluded because young people are continuing their education for longer and delaying marriage and parenthood.

The traditional definition for adolescence is currently between and the ages of 10 and 19, which marked the beginnings of puberty and the perceived end of biological growth.

But, writing in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, scientists from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne argue the timings needs to be changed.

They point to the fact that the brain continues to mature beyond the age of 20, and many people’s wisdom teeth do not come through until the age of 25.

And people are also getting married and having children later, with the average man entering their first marriage aged 32.5 and women 30.6, an increase of eight years since the 1970s.

Lead author Prof Susan Sawyer, said delays in young people leaving education, settling down and becoming parents, showed adolescence was now longer and argued that policies that support youth should be extended beyond teenage years.

Countries such as New Zealand already treat children who have been in care as vulnerable until they are 25, allowing them the same rights as youngsters. “Age definitions are always arbitrary,” she said, but “our current definition of adolescence is overly restricted.”

“The ages of 10-24 years are a better fit with the development of adolescents nowadays.”

However other academics argued that just because young people were unmarried or still in education did not mean they were not fully functioning adults.

But Dr. Jan Macvarish, a parenting sociologist at the University of Kent, told the BBC: “There is nothing inevitably infantilising about spending your early 20s in higher education or experimenting in the world of work. Society should maintain the highest possible expectations of the next generation.”

Prof. Sawyer also admits there could be downsides to the plan, particularly if youngsters were no longer seen as responsible or capable of full engagement in society until they were 24. “Such a view would risk disenfranchising adolescents and undermines their rights to fully participate in society,” she added.


25 responses to “Due to delaying work and marriage, scientists say adulthood now begins at 24

  1. it doesnt matter what science say,its an atheist science,just wondering y the science does not have anything to say about pedophilies,or about how is it to feel a man wen u rape a child,a woman n so forth…science think its god but its only evil

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  2. Big Nannyism– there is certainly something inherently infantilizing about left/libtard progressive crud though.

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    • Anonymous . . . . the greatest retardant to young people reaching maturational age is the brainwashing they receive in public schools. Being taught that you are special, if you just show up–you’re a winner! Universities making every attempt to stifle young people from hearing opposing views, providing young people with “safe zones.” If you or I were treated like we were a mentally challenged marshmallow, we would probably need “safe zones” also. People grow up just as fast as they are expected to, and not a minute sooner . . . unless there is some underlying physical or intellectual problem inherent in the individual. The sooner all adults have the expectation that young people start shouldering adult responsibilities, the better off everyone will be. It does not do young people any good to be coddled, or kept from the brutal truth that living in the real world is hard work, but it’s just what is expected of you.

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  3. Thats all bunk, today marriage is not important, living together is because if it doesn’t work out the couples split and move on until the next relationship, parenthood in some cases women prefer to be single moms, I still believe the right thing to do is get married and raise children the right way, when it comes to education it is very expensive unless the parents sacrifice to get the children ahead, but leave to the “educators” they are the indoctrinators of the future liberal generations.

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  4. This is simply a search for funds. The longer there are “children” the longer the state’s minions can get paid.

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    • alan . . . . that was really short n’ sweet. I agree when those who work as state workers can get paid to hold the hands of young people, who should be, on a ever progressive basis, making their own way in the world . . . they (the employees) will continue to run this scam on the rest of the population. All the while collecting their paycheck!

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  5. Myself, I have said often that ever since the age of 15, I have considered myself an adult. I earned my own money to buy my clothes, pay for anything I needed, etc. My parents did put a roof over my head and feed me, but if they were to have asked me to pay rent, I could have. I have a twin brother who was into trouble, and I remember giving my parents advice on what to do about him, at the age of 16. So I find reports such as this ridiculous.

    There was the story of the Tom Brokaw interview with the professor and the old guy, talking about young hoods, and the professor asked the old guy, when talking about the youth of today breaking car windows, and spray painting buildings, etc. ” Well, what were you doing when you were 17?” And the old guy, with hardly a pause, said ” Fighting the Japs on Guadalcanal”.

    I used to hear the advice often when I was raising my young children, that children will always rise to the level of your expectations. If you set the bar high, they will strive to achieve those expectations. However, what we are seeing is the exact opposite, if you set the bar low enough, your kids will stoop to hit that mark as well. I was never the tyrant kind of parent that you might hear about, like the Marine drill instructor, who raises their kids with the thundering hand, but I did encourage my kids to always strive to do their best, not stressing grades, but rather stressing that they do their best. I often told my kids I would rather see them get an honest C on a test if they studied and did their best, than to get an A that they didn’t study for, but only got because they already knew the material. Life to me is just like what the quote from Vince Lombardi often said, but was often misquoted. He actually said, ” Winning isn’t everything, but making the effort to win is.” This probably doesn’t have much to do with anything here, but I was given an award as a senior in high school, as the athlete of the year. I was not the fastest, I never scored a single point in football in my life, I didn’t hit a ton of home runs in baseball, etc. But what made me valuable is that every single time I stepped onto the field, whether in practice or a game, I always gave 100%. I think that comes down to character, and what is lacking from so many of our youth today. There has been a let down of the importance of character today. Don’t feel like going to work today? It doesn’t matter, someone else can stay over to cover your shift, even if it is just a fast food joint. Then you wonder when you never get the chance to move up. Can’t get a nice looking young man to want to date you, and make a commitment to you? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you would rather spend most of your spare time sitting under a tanning bed, rather than helping in a soup kitchen, or even taking a class or two to learn to speak Spanish, since there are so many bi lingual kids like that in your daycare center where you work. Can’t get a good looking girl to date you? Maybe it is because all you are looking for is a roll in the hay, instead of a life partner, who not only will challenge you intellectually, but is also challenged by you as well.

    Hate your job? Either do the things that it takes to move to a better one, or learn to make your job one that you love. How to do that is up to you, but there are literally dozens of books out there to teach you how to do so. The point is, life can start at the age of 25, or it can start at age 17, or it can start at 50. But it is up to you to make it happen.

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    • Well said! Like the old saying, Old age is inevitable. Growing up is optional.

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    • pigpen51 . . . . Bravo! That was absolutely eloquent. i certainly do agree, the one thing that is sorely missing from the education of today’s young people is that they are not taught in most instances . . . CHARACTER! Far too many young people have no set of expectations to live up to, thus they do not try to be people who excel at anything.

      I certainly do agree . . . “. . . life can start at the age of 25, or it can start at age 17, or it can start at 50.” Think about what the young people aged 17 are missing out on, if the adults around them do not expect them to “start living their lives for real–own who you are, own your own failures, and your own successes.

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  7. Think this is bad? Drive a cab for a living. I swear to The Man Upstairs that, after being in this business for 32 years (the last 22 full-time), the majority of men in it have the intellectual and emotional development of junior high school jerks!
    I have bumped into a very large number of men, in their 40’s, 50’s and even their 70’s who stopped growing up at the age of about, Oh, ELEVEN.

    All Right, some people can’t help themselves.

    But this is what the cabbie and the New York Times reader have in common: They both have their cognitive dissonance. The cabbie drinks coffee and plays the numbers and he looks at porn. The New York Times reader is a college-educated professional, is a millionaire, drinks Starbucks and cheats on his wife! But they are both BLUE-PILLED. Neither voted for Donald Trump, and wouldn’t be caught dead doing so. But both are living inside their own bubble—and they WON’T be red-pilled.

    Men who are teenagers. Other men who are sophisticated and august in their aesthetic tastes. BOTH LIVE IN UNREALITY!!!

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  8. Anyone who has dealt with snowflakes realizes that adulthood doesn’t set in today till about age 56.

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  9. Then there are the ones that never grow up. The ones that never assume responsibility. What amazes me is that they always find someone to support them. A women will find man that puts up with her. A man will find a women that puts up with him.

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  10. One approach leads to hope, the other slavery. Can you guess which Is which?

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  11. Unfortunately—-there has been a lag in the time coordination/stats between achieving “adulthood” and the average age of death in the USA…….so, for instance, in the past…”adulthood” might have been deemed about aged 18-21…..& the age of death at about average 75-80. BUT…NOW…the age of “adulthood” is aged 24 or 25—and the average age of death in the US has DECLINED about 5 years..to..aged 70-75 (for the first time in a century…..) SO—–a loss of a decade of productive life when you combine the losses on either end. STAGGERING for the US economy, social and “family” life. Also, a sad and “condemning” statement on the evolution of American society (American education system, American “family life,” our economic bedrock/capitalism at the entry level, ……..and so much more).

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