Oakland mayor willing to go to jail to protest Trump’s immigration policies

Hillary Clinton

Libby Schaaf (l) and Hillary Clinton (r): Can we get a “twofer” and get them both thrown in jail?

Protecting residents illegal aliens is the proggies’ priority.

And just not too long ago proggies were cool with the feds’ rights. Funny how they flip flop depending upon who is president.

From Yahoo: The mayor of a California city has said she is prepared to go to jail after its council voted to end cooperation with federal immigration agents and protect its status as a so-called sanctuary city.

Speaking after Oakland City Council voted unanimously to end its cooperation following reports federal immigration officers were planning to launch massive raids across the Bay Area, Mayor Libby Schaaf said: “Let me be clear, that cities that have sanctuary status are engaging in their legal right.”

ABC News said, when asked if she was prepared to go to jail over the issue, she responded: “Yes”.

CBS San Francisco also reports this:

“It is no surprise that the bully in chief is continuing to try to intimidate our most vulnerable residents,” said Schaaf, referring to President Donald Trump. “We’re very clear that our values are to protect all of our residents regardless of where we come from. We want to protect families, not tear them apart.”

Schaaf’s remarks came on a day when rumors were swirling that ICE planned to launch a series of Bay Area raids — arresting as many as 1,500 illegal aliens — because California has become a Sanctuary State and several communities have adopted Sanctuary City policies.

“We are exercising our legal right to be a Sanctuary City and to protect our residents,” Schaaf told KPIX 5 of her opposition to ICE raids. “The fact that the federal government is suggesting that it is actively retaliating against jurisdictions that are exercising their right to have sanctuary policies — that is what is illegal.”


24 responses to “Oakland mayor willing to go to jail to protest Trump’s immigration policies

  1. Then the DOJ should grant her wish!

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    • Ha! another one of those trying to secure her place next time she’s up for election, who knows right now her mayorship may be wobbly and she’s speaking from her pocket and not from her heart.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Exactly where she belongs.

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  3. Oakland has absolutely NO “legal right” to be a sanctuary city.
    1. Power over ALL immigration law and policy was ceded to CONGRESS by the states.
    2. Government has NO rights. Rights are inherent in individuals. Those individuals grant privileges to gov’t sufficient to carry our assigned tasks ONLY.

    Jail her. She has stated her disregard for the law in prior acts, plus her plans to flout established federal law in future. Guilty by admission. And all the rest of her ilk, nationwide.

    Although, cowards as they are, I should think that one or two arrests and the rest will back track so fast they will leave skid marks.

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    • Catherine . . . . Bravo! I wholeheartedly agree, “I should think that one or two arrests and the rest will back track so fast they will leave skid marks.”

      What I find to be so interesting, Libby Schaaf has been quoted as saying, “We are exercising our legal right to be a Sanctuary City, and to protect our residents.” Please note her use of the word “residents” whereas normally when an official has been duly elected by the “citizens” of a jurisdiction . . . the proper word to use is — “citizens” not “residents.” Since when do “residents” who may not be citizens have ANY RIGHT to any degree of special consideration, particularly when that consideration conflicts with Federal law? It would seem that this woman is more than willing to break the laws of our land . . . she should be cooling her heels in the clinker . . . and anyone who wants to join her is welcome!

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      • Good catch, Lulu. Language is important, especially when its used as a weapon. They also use “consumer” a lot. If you’re a “citizen” you have rights. In fact, per the rhetoric, you’re in charge. If you’re just a resident, well, you’re “helpless” and “dependent”. They are “protecting” you out of the kindness of their black little hearts.

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  4. The chutzpah of a race-baiting phony like Libby Schaaf is beyond belief. Evil snake, supporting the black NFL players’ dissing the flag while at the same time welcoming and harboring the Hispanic gang members by the thousands every year who’re driving thousands of the most destitute and poor blacks of Oakland to flee for their very lives every year.

    This sort of evil, and there’s no other word for it, can only be explained by the Cloward-Piven strategy, which explains the absurdity of a pampered lawyer-princess like Libby, who hobnobs at exclusive restaurants with Brown and Feinstein, pretending to care about blacks or Hispanics, except as cannon fodder to destroy American society or as everyday slave labor to clean house and do laundry.

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    • Dan . . . . Congratulations! That was very informative. Here this fool is more than willing to surrender the rights, peace and safety of US citizens, and put above them, individuals who are citizens of a foreign nation. No doubt about it, she needs to go to jail!

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  5. Easy. Lock her up.

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  6. This one needs a transvestigation.

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  7. Liberal America. Make up the laws as you go along. Ignore the laws you don’t like.
    I a\say lock her up along with all of the other mayors, city council members, city managers, etc. that thumb their noses at the federal government. They don’t want the fed involved. fine secede. we don’t need you or your ilk anyway.

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  8. the federal govt should be all over commiefornia (the bastard child of federal aid…welfare) and the fact that it isn’t speaks volumes…the people running this state (into the ground) should not be allowed to get away with any illegal activities if the federal govt were serious about protecting not only states’ rights, but citizens’ rights through the Constitution.
    when red states step up and announce conservative or traditional protections for citizens, including the unborn, that’s when the federal govt usually gets involved…if you live in a blue state…then that state’s sovereign rights seem to be “respected” even when citizens’ rights are violated.

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  9. Let the Schaaf hit the fan where she may: She’s SCROUNGING for votes. I am confident she will find her manufactured persecution DELICIOUS. What really needs to be done is for the men in their white coats to GO AFTER California’s DEMENTED MENTAL PATIENT Governor, Jerry Brown, white butterfly nets in hand!
    You Know, for many years, conservatives argued for States’ Rights. I was on that bandwagon, too: After all, I want power to be de-centralized. But this is a case where states do not have rights, but they have certain powers. Ditto the Federal Government. And respect for the Rule of Law MUST come first. The Constitution MUST be followed.

    Years ago, the detestable Minnesota Senator and Vice President Walter Mondale said “there was something smarmy” about the Reagan Administration (and, by way of implication, the GOP as a whole). Well, Mondale—and every other Democrat out there—YOU have sold America out. YOU have done every possible thing you could have to destroy the moral and social fabric of American Life. There is something SMARMY about YOU! And the entire Democratic Party which, in all honesty, should come out and rebrand itself as the COMMUNIST PARTY. After all, it is the Democratic Party that has been infiltrated by communists and their fellow travelers in perversion and corruption!
    What we have here is a situation in which demons are hiding behind other demons! And Schaaf and the Mental Patient Governor are actually doing is using these illegal aliens—however illegal they may be—AS HUMAN SHIELDS.

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  11. Wow, it just doesn’t have the same pizazz as when Chairman Mao was directing it. Of course few knew that Rothschilds were directing him. Same with this idiot.

    “She” absolutely has a “right” to protest. What she doesn’t have a “right” to do is hold public office and break federal law. If she does that she can join a long list of “pseudo-martyrs” doing time. The more of them in jail the less are out here raising hell.

    So the “official” Demon-rat platform now is sedition and contempt for the rule of law. Nice to see some of them out of the closet.

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  12. Meanwhile, just across the Bay in San Francisco…


    Ironically, the creater of the map was angered it when people used it to paint the Bay Area in a negative light:

    “Sorry to do this, but I am tired of people and publications using this map in ways it was not meant to be used. Now you get a marquee.

    Hello, I created this map to bring attention to the issue of homelessness.
    Not to insult people or places. Not to further political agendas unrelated to homelessness. Not to track anything. Not because it was necessary.

    Kindly take action, educate yourself, and help alleviate homelessness by clicking on About”

    ^ the message one gets when her lovely map is hotlinked


    Maybe Conan OBrien can visit SF & Oakland on his next gratuitous SJW armed-escort tour of iffy places:


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  13. It’s actually MUCH worse. It seems federal officials are lying to us as usual and continuing the Obongo-era “seeding” that began with that regime. My guess is that they are going to districts where the Demon-Rats fear they’re under-represented. This is of course, quite illegal and at our expense and our peril:


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    • Well that article was about as depressing as you can get. Those illegals could come back to bite Trump in the butt when they cart them to the polls to vote for dems in marginally red districts. But this is what Adelson and the rest of the tribe want so it is not a surprise.

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  14. Fine, I hope she enjoys it in there when Big Martha has her way. She isn’t doing her job anyways which is to protect the city’s citizens. Instead she is putting them into danger.

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