California state payroll increased by $1 billion in 2017, twice as fast as previous year

Jerry Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown is surrounded by unidentified SEIU workers after signing a bill creating the highest statewide minimum wage at $15 an hour by 2022 at the Ronald Reagan building in Los Angeles, Monday, April 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

No wonder the state wants half of the businesses’ tax-cut savings. Someone’s gotta fund the bureaucrats.

From Sacrament Bee: California’s state payroll – excluding its universities – grew by more than $1 billion last year, twice the rate of growth as the previous year, according to new figures from the State Controller’s Office.

The 6 percent growth rate was not unexpected. More than half of the state’s workforce voted on labor agreements early last year that included substantial pay raises. Money for the raises was included in the 2017-18 state budget.

The largest contract, for Service Employees Union Local 1000, included one-time bonuses of $2,500 for more than 95,000 state workers. That’s worth more than $235 million in total compensation for employees the union represents.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation saw payroll increase by $452 million, or 9 percent. The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection logged an $87 million, or 13 percent, increase in payroll as the state experienced a horrible wildfire season.

The Sacramento Bee’s state worker pay database has been updated with more than 250,000 civil service and California State University salaries for 2017. To search all state employee salaries, visit

The number of state employees outside of universities earning more than $300,000 increased from 456 in 2016 to 709 in 2017, a rise of 56 percent. Those employees, however, still make up only a sliver of the state’s workforce.

Most of the highest-paid state workers outside of universities are doctors and dentists in the state prison system. The union for those doctors negotiated a pay hike of up to 24 percent over the next four years early last year. Prison health officials cited the difficulty of filling vacancies as a justification for the contract.

The highest-paid state worker outside of universities remains Ted Eliopoulos, chief investment officer of CalPERS. He earned about $867,000 last year, up from $768,000 in 2016.

CalPERS saw an 11.2 percent return on its investments in fiscal year 2017. That came as stock markets soared, with the S&P 500 increasing by 15.2 percent over the same period.

The state’s payroll fell during the recession a decade ago before stabilizing around 2012. It has risen since then.

Adjusted for inflation, California’s state payroll excluding universities was about 5 percent higher in 2017 than during 2008. The state’s population has grown about 9 percent over that period.


17 responses to “California state payroll increased by $1 billion in 2017, twice as fast as previous year

  1. No wonder Colicfornia is bankrupt, “give a little to the people, and a whole lot for me” says Governor Jerry Brown.

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  2. the criminals running this state deliberately want it to fail and they want it to fail after they have lined their pockets and their friends’ pockets…sickening, just sickening.

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  4. Let’s recap. Outside of government and the prison industry, there are no good paying jobs in California. Nonetheless, prison workers got a NINE PERCENT raise? Wow!

    They won’t pup illegals in prison, even for murder, so who’s going to occupy these. Why conservatives of course. Those and pot smokers that that idiot Sessions wants in jail to pay back the private prison industry that bribed him.

    So soon there will be millions more Mexicans all voting illegally for Demon-Rats. They’ll give them lots of free stuff by stealing from the few with jobs until it all collapses. They’ll be first in line at the federal trough.

    This is a miniature Maoist China. This needs an intervention. They need to go in there, arrest the leadership for failure to abide by federal laws and for passing unConstitutional laws and put them where they belong.

    After they ship all the illegals back where they came from they can try to start over or the whole things needs to be broken up. We can’t afford to have any communist states in The Union.

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    • “This is a miniature Maoist China. This needs an intervention. They need to go in there, arrest the leadership for failure to abide by federal laws and for passing unConstitutional laws and put them where they belong.”

      Amen to that!!! Our only next hope if the Feds don’t do something about this, is for this movement of splitting the state up, although I don’t hold much hope for that either. Brown would probable start a civil war over that one because his cash cow would be gone.

      New California’ movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half

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    • The jury is still out for me on Sessions. He is going after the Rec. Pot as opposed to Medical MJ. I am totally against rec. pot, as I have seen the destruction it has done to the state of CO and its people amd how it has fostered the medical and psychiatric (big pharma) in evil ways. It is also not regulated as it should be like medical is. Its a psychoactive, plain and simple. Drugging up and dumbing down society was all part of the “Communist manifesto” for taking over America from the inside out. Maybe Sessions has been compromised, maybe he was a plant, and maybe he is doing his due diligence behind the scenes. He did just bring on 17 more Federal Attorneys across the US. He has alot on his plate with the facts of “alleged criminal activity” of the DOJ and FBI, communist judges that need to be removed, the push for legal reformation-which in my opionion, will be used again for nefarious reasons by the left, immigration, illegals, sanctuary city officials etc. I keep praying that Sessions is a good guy-a law and order guy…
      only time will tell.

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      • The “job” of our government is not to regulate what we put in our bodies. It is not legal to drive around and do it and it shouldn’t be. However, it’s not for the government to tell us what we can and can’t do inside our own homes. (See Judge Andrew Napolitano’s epic book, “It’s Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong”) You may as well outlaw spray paint too, since kids love to huff and puff and that destroys brain cells faster than any booze or joint can do.
        See how well the ‘War on Drugs” is going? Not too great, is it? As long as the elite (who control the drug trades and bring it in- see Daniel Estulin’s book “Shadow Masters” to see what I mean) keep it “illegal”, it’s business as usual. Nixon’s “War on Drugs” did nothing but waste gobs and gobs of taxpayer monies. Look how much heroin is all over the place and the government is “helpless” to stop it.
        If you want to make a problem even bigger, ask the government to help.

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  5. To us average Joe’s, it is not even conceivable that a budget can double one year . . . and double again the next year. If this were us looking at our own pitiful household budgets–would that even be possible? Yet, with the State of California, I would imagine that this will become the norm. I have little doubt that those individuals who are living in California, and are not among those who are “on the take” either by virtue of being a politician. a state employee, or a welfare recipient . . . this news must be about enough to bring on heart failure.

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  6. These people are like looters, stealing everything they can get before the state caves in financially.

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  7. TD . . . . your analogy is right on the money! These looters do not have any expectation of ever having their behavior having consequences to them personally.

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  8. Just an artificial way to “pump up” the economy temporarily. And, wait until everyone sees the prices skyrocket even more than usual in California. If a loaf of bread costs $10 each, I bet they won’t think that $15/hour pay is so great after all.

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