Teens aren’t meeting their dates in real life anymore


Well this is sad. Any wonder why more than a quarter of millennials say they would replace a human lover with a DROID?

Via NY Post: Children are happy to have online-only relationships without meeting in real life, a poll shows. One in ten say they keep things strictly digital with a friend and one in five say they would be willing to do so.

A third also spend time making pictures look perfect before posting them online, the Internet Matters survey shows. Almost half said that they always or often post images of themselves having a great time and 34 percent agreed they spent time making their images look perfect before posting.

The survey carried out by Internet Matters to highlight the importance of children building their digital resilience so they can cope independently with the ups and downs of growing up online.

Positively 41 percent of kids said they found it is easier to open up about their feelings online than face to face. And a quarter of children said they find it easier to find love on the internet – and once they do, seven out of 10 said they go online to chat with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

The new toolkits offer parents age-specific tips and an easy-to-follow video guide from psychologist and Internet Matters ambassador Dr. Linda Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos said: “These figures reveal just how much relationships have changed as a result of the internet and social media and how children are continually facing new challenges. First love has always been a minefield – and even more so in the digital age when it’s all about sharing your life online.

“With all the benefits this brings, there will be times that children need to be resilient against the bad stuff that happens.

“By building a child’s digital resilience, parents will not only help keep their child safe online but essentially empower them to navigate digital issues on their own.”

Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters, said: “We found that the majority of children see the role the internet plays when they build relationships as a positive thing. The key thing is for parents to talk to their children, and our resources enable them to do more confidently.”


21 responses to “Teens aren’t meeting their dates in real life anymore

  1. This is symptomatic of the previous story about loneliness (in UK). Once you remove personal, human interaction there is only the cold void of space to exist in.

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    Where is the ME TOO time with your siblings or parents where you actually have a conversation and not sit at the table punching your iphone buttons to entertain yourself while being uncomfortable sitting at the table.


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  3. Present day teens may one day learn first-hand, the true meaning of pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous quote, the new version of which will no doubt end with the words, “Then they came for me, and wouldn’t you know it, my internet connection was down!”

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  4. When they grow up, will these teens have online husbands/wives as well?

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    • Dr. Eowing, I doubt they’ll grow up, they are machines, their brain is limited.

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    • Of COURSE they will-and when they find their perfect “mates”,they can do an online marriage,they can do an internet honeymoon, (I’ll let you fill in the details of THAT),agree on a floor plan for their “home” and have their apartments re-modeled so they can “live” together/apart. They can shop for kids together online and adopt a couple of ’em, When the “married” life wears thin,they can get an internet divorce,sell their “home(s)” put the kids up for adoption and start with someone else anew….What’s not to love? (sarc)

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    • Will they have on line babies and will it be an app they down load so they can go on line and feed and change it. Human touch is the Human touch nothing can replace it God made sure of that.☻

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  5. The common thread of all social changes since I’ve been on this planet since the mid-1970s is this: they are abolishing physical reality. It started with “safety first,” and then moved to banning everything. Now un-mediated social interactions will be prohibited. Talking to strangers is now considered “creepy.” Mark Zuckerberg is your pimp.

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  6. I definitely do agree, spending one’s life on a cell phone, nearly 24/7 and making the assumption that that existence was what life was all about, is definitely to blame for this sterile–live vicariously via PC, cell phone, tablet, you name it. When parents are letting children as young as 8 (sometimes even younger) have a cell phone . . . what can you expect! This really is the saddest of all things possible.

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  7. HA HA…..Cyberspace is the “new” reality/living space for our kids–“dating” or otherwise: For the last decade—I’ve not really had a parent-teacher meeting OR even an “Open House” or “Back to School Night” where the parent did NOT sit or stand there with their cell phone in their hand, “caressing” it, looking at it, etc…while we talked about their child’s future. Most times they do not have to “answer to it.” But…still….this means that their minds were NEVER far from their cell phone beckonings…above and beyond the welfare and education of their child…or their meetings with their child’s teachers…..it is BIZARRE IMO. ADDICTION. And in the last decade they’ve sent their kids to school w/$500 phones (even if they are on FREE BREAKFAST/ LUNCH) which they can NOT keep their hands off of (like their parents) during the school day…..I have spent the last decade of my teaching career being a “phone police.” NOW….lately….I’ve given up b/c my school no longer allows me to confiscate the phone, put it into a labeled envelope, and send it to the office for the PARENTS to pick up at some future date..(want to change behavior? Then, INCONVENIENCE the parents….)….the office/admin. officials did not have enough time in the day to take care of confiscated cell phones…..so…..they capitulated. Now…. these days…if I have some defiant, rude, academically failing (usually boys–mostly 8th grade….pre-cursors to high school drop outs) in my class, I try to fight the “good fight” for about 6 weeks…and, when I know I can’t “win” against the cell phones…..I let the “bad boys” (usually, they have been on suspension for so many things that I can’t even begin to describe….) that I KNOW I can NOT “help,” sit in one great conglomerated “back table” & play on their phones. They they stay out of my hair…stop bullying or intimidating the others in their class…stop vandalizing my classroom/ classroom materials….stop taking all my time from the OTHER “regular kids” in my classroom who come to school every day expecting an education……

    You want to improve American schools? BAN cell phones from campuses K-12….or—-provide “cell phone lockers” for them in each class or at a central school source…..(here in CA, parents have continually “won” the right for their children to carry cell phones to school in case they must call home in an emergency on the way or coming home from school hours…..a “cell phone locker” during protected, supervised, attendance hours in school would negate all this and MAYBE…we would “win” our schools back to instruction by certificated, qualified teachers…….).

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  8. Sad to say, this appears to be a worldwide condition as 60% of eligible Japanese girls are not dating. Many are too tired to care about dating or searching for a partner. I don’t recall the publication where I read, either a book or report, around 40 years ago that the future of marriage and children would be turned upside down and a license would be required to procreate.

    When you think about all this transgender and homosexual nonsense the media has been pushing that it just might have something to do with population control? After all, that’s what wars are all about in addition to extreme profits for the bankers and the Black Nobility owners most countries.

    Remember, the Georgia Guide Stones were erected late 70’s or so. I recall puzzling as I stood there in the farmers field with cows grazing back in the 80’s reading the “so called 10 commandments”. At that time I couldn’t fathom a reason why they were cut in granite in so many languages concerning population.

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    • Maybe their “cyber-selves” will mate with those new “realistic dolls” and produce………..nothing! Then we’ll have fragile, easily triggered mentally damaged wimps crying until they’re replaced by the imported savages.

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    • It’s ALL about population control (well, almost)! Virtually every modern conspiracy is part of the same “parent conspiracy” that has existed for over two centuries and this alone explains why so many modern conspiracies have THE SAME MALTHUSIAN THREAD running through them. This parent conspiracy — under which each of us has lived our entire lives — has produced every form of population control imaginable for the sole purpose of preventing the masses from transcending the present age and it has just one other main goal besides cutting short our bloodlines and that is to ensure that the bloodlines of the top elite continue on into the coming age (this latter sub-goal explains the tremendous flurry of activity over the past half century to construct underground facilities such as Iron Mountain for example). To gain an understanding of why the top elite require these two fundamental goals, you have to read “Worlds in Collision” by Immanuel Velikovsky plus his follow-up work, “Earth in Upheaval”. Only then will our conspiracy saturated existence begin to make any real sense. Despite what many will claim, Velikovsky was never dis-proven by science. He was only “dis-proven” in the court of public opinion thanks to a well-funded media machine and we all now know that the truth isn’t predicated on what the media claims (even backed by official science). So, all modern conspiracies are rooted in a primal fear of the power elite that they will fail to either negotiate their passage into the next age or, having done so, they will fail to maintain control in the aftermath. It’s my belief that at some point in history (likely the mid 18th century) the power elite came to realize that following the Velikovskian cataclysm that initiated each new age, those who were previously in power prior to its occurrence invariably lost the reigns to that power afterwards. Therefore, the power elite have traditionally seen their own existence as a kind of “Groundhog Age” in which their class is inescapably caught in an endless cycle of repetition, never managing to either transcend the present age or to maintain power if they do. If my hypothesis is at all correct, the elite today are totally confident in themselves that this go around, things will be different. They’ve been working overtime for the past two centuries to make it so and never in the history of mankind have we reached the level technology that we currently have. In summary, the reason why the elite so need to reduce human populations (and do so as quickly as possible) is because they likely have no way of knowing when exactly the next “event” will take place and the number of us who survive into the new age happens to be a function of the number of us who are alive at the moment the new age arrives… Believe it or not, this entire hypothesis is very well supported by history and you might appreciate the fact that very near the center of this conspiracy lies… the death cult, Skull & Bones! 😉 For a good time (lol), be sure to check out my research web site at truthbetold.strangled.net. And yes, I’m also a fan of Sutton, Gatto and Iserbyt (though I’ve not personally read Gatto myself — my wife has). Sutton’s writing is a significant part of the basis of my research. IMO, if the world we live in can’t be explained in terms of evil secret societies, then it can’t be explained. 😉


      • If you think about it, most people are not driven by greed and avarice. Sure, they may want a few things, but they are happy to share. Those with “control issues” are in a very small minority. They have always been and continue to be, afraid of the “great unwashed” because they are hopelessly out numbered.

        In order to maintain a position from which they can exercise control it is necessary to control population growth (especially in areas that produce intelligent and capable offspring) and to divide everyone else.

        So, at least to me, it isn’t very mystical or surprising to see this. What’s needed is for more people to see it so that it becomes impossible.

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        • Lowering population growth just for the sake of maintaining control over populations doesn’t explain why this conspiracy was essentially borne out of the academic discipline of geology itself (see my timeline). Why were geologists so prominent among the earliest builders of this conspiracy just evidenced by their involvement in creating the early institutions (such as the Smithsonian) that would play an integral role in it? Geologists were involved almost from the beginning of this conspiracy because theirs was the field of study most susceptible to exposure as far as evidence of our Earth’s violent past is concerned. Anthropology and archaeology were clearly important fields for the same reason but perhaps not as high a priority as was geology.

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          • Where you find lies and deception, you often encounter exceptionally strange oddities (which I like to refer to as “singularities” in the physics sense). One of the strangest things to arise from this early point in the overall conspiracy is how the prestigious United States Geological Survey (USGS) essentially began as a commune in Indiana (believe it or not)! See here: http://truthbetold.strangled.net/events.php?page=1#id2314. As it turns out, the very foundations of geology — especially uniformitarianism — had been transplanted here from the British (or should I say, “Scottish”) school of geology. This is significant because, uniformitarianism — the huge lie that it is — is THE foundation upon which the fraudulent theory of evolution was constructed! This is why, in 1877 after having delivered his lecture at Yale’s Sheffield Scientific School on the subject of catastrophism, Clarence King — who would in two years become the first USGS director — described the result on his audience as though “…an ignited bomb-shell [had been] thrown into the camp of the biologists.” See http://truthbetold.strangled.net/events.php?page=3#id2325. In addition to confirming the Earth’s violent past as recorded in geologic strata, King had almost single-handedly destroyed the carefully-crafted deception of evolution. 🙂

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  9. Thanks CalGirl – I didn’t know kids are permitted cell phones on school property. That’s terrible. Education was on a downward spiral after Jimmy Carter’s Administration kicked off the Federal Department of Education. Have you read Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s book, free on her website years ago about the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America? She worked in the Reagan Administration and was horrified by what she was reading in the files. Naturally, something should be done to alert the public. Each day at lunch when her girlfriend picked her up in her car, copies and newspapers accompanied her L. L. Bean Bag. John Taylor Gatto also wrote books and they’re many interviews of both on YT.

    Around the turn of the century, the Carnegie, Rockefeller and cronies laid out plans to take over education because the quickest way to change people’s mind is war or education. Antony Sutton wrote exceptional books exposing the Trilaterals http://statelesshomesteading.com/tag/antony-sutton/http://statelesshomesteading.com/tag/antony-sutton/ and it pains me still today knowing LBJ paid Russia to manufacture weapons to kill our soldiers during Viet Nam and Harry Truman’s support with France after WWII. When FDR bankrupted the US in 1933, the end game would be Technocracy. (that’s not a typo) Patrick Wood continued Antony Sutton’s work also writing outstanding books. Interviews for both gentlemen are on the net.

    John Gatto’s work was enlightening. Before the Constitution and Act of 1871, Farmer’s children were whooping the British barristers in Courts. Farmers were well read and taught their children law. The kids beat the Brits at their own game as the courts (American Common Law) were set up by Mother England. Somewhat like today’s kids on the internet who figured it out themselves. Unfortunately, most parents failed to observe it’s addictive. I realized electronics were addictive playing PONG @ 25 cents a game in Michigan bars. Beer was the same price and I couldn’t do both and quench my thirst.

    All of our courts are “for profit” and private with the DOJ and BAR owned by the Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago. Of course they’re not lawful. Legal under the color of law. Big difference in those 2 words and we haven’t had a Constitution Article III Court since 1789.

    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has written an remarkable book on the sorry state of edukayion, “Rotten to the (common) Core”. You’ll love it and his hilarious rants on YT. Sure hope you didn’t work for the so called Charter Schools taxpayers contributed more than 60 million dollars for in 2016 owned by Fethullah Gulen, the Muslim cleric that’s been living in the Pocono resort area in PA around 20 years under the protection of his CIA angels.Turkey has been trying to extradite him a long time. Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on 9/11, a former FBI translator can bring you up to date should you be interested. Gee, I wonder if Dubya’s “no child left behind” had anything to do with the Muslim cleric who is reported not advancing beyond the 8th grade getting protection here?

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