UK appoints “minister for loneliness” to help people cope with “sad reality” of modern life

government solve all problems

From MSN: Britain appointed a “minister for loneliness” on Wednesday to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May described as “the sad reality of modern life” affecting millions of people.

Tracey Crouch, a junior minister for sport and civil society, will take on the role as part of a broader strategy to combat loneliness in Britain. “For far too many people, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life,” May said.

“I want to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones — people who have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with,” the prime minister added.

More than nine million people say they are always or often lonely, out of a population of 65.6 million, according to the British Red Cross.

The charity describes loneliness and isolation as a “hidden epidemic” affecting people across all ages at various moments in their life, such as retirement, bereavement or separation.

The ministerial appointment follows a recommendation from a committee in memory of Jo Cox, a lawmaker for the opposition Labour party who was murdered by a far-right extremist.

“Jo experienced and witnessed loneliness throughout her life especially as a new student at Cambridge University and separated from her sister Kim for (the) first time,” the Jo Cox Foundation wrote on Twitter.

“She would be delighted by Tracey Crouch’s new job as minister for loneliness and would be saying ‘let’s get to work!'” the Foundation added.

The prime minister was to host a reception on Wednesday to celebrate the legacy left by Cox, whose killing just days ahead of the 2016 Brexit referendum shocked the nation.

Britain’s loneliness initiative will see a strategy published later this year, with input from national and local government, public services, the voluntary sector and businesses.


23 responses to “UK appoints “minister for loneliness” to help people cope with “sad reality” of modern life

  1. Progressive Europe, leading the way in personal fragility and government dependence…

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  2. Another government bureaucracy that will create more problems than it will solve. The antidote to loneliness:

    (1) Get involved by volunteering.
    (2) Go to church and do (1). Regular church attendance is consistently found to enhance physical and psychological well being.
    (3) Stop being self-absorbed and narcissistic. It’s not always about me, me, me.

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    • That antidote might work for some but it certainly won’t work for everyone. I know, I’ve tried it, multiple times.

      I’ve volunteered. A lot. It kept me busy and I did some good, but it had little effect on me, or on my relationships.

      I’ve gone to services. It has ALWAYS been a negative experience, both on it’s own, and in comparison to praying alone at home.

      Mind you, I love to pray, I do so at length every day. I simply don’t get anything out of doing it WITH other people.

      As you said, it ain’t about me, so I continue to volunteer and to pray, for their own sake. But it’s asking too much for those things to also be an emotional bandaid or magical elixir.

      I agree with a lot of what you write, but not this one.

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  3. wen theres no hope for many ,they all get down,empties lives…but y wouldnt,this is the world we live in ,not even God can fill their lives,coz all godless

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  4. Another worthless, insane government program. Looks like Great Britain is just as bad as California.

    These lonely people need a relationship with Jesus Christ. Then they will be lonely no more forever.

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  5. Welcome to New Crazyland, or, the UC/United Caliphate. Meet your many new friends and don’t speak negatively of them in any way, accept all they say and do. They came all the way to the emerald islands to lead others into the delight of the happy lands they have left.

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  6. This is actually more devious than some would think. The main idea is to subconsciously associate any need or unhappiness with The State as the “go to” source of all problems.

    Churches are being replaced by The State. The State is to be the ultimate source of all “rights” and “corrections”, as well as “knowledge”.

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    • Right, and what’s even more Orwellian is the association with that Jo Cox committee, considering that her supposed murder by a right-wing extremist—who was, predictably, a docile, politically uninvolved mental patient—was either faked or a false flag actual assassination to discredit Brexit.

      It’s also well established that bereavement and depression counseling prolong the process and suffering indefinitely, to the great benefit of psychologists and Big Pharma. So here’s almost fourteen percent of Brits who might be persuaded to be sold on helplessness, put on drugs, and thank the state for ruining their lives and country.

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      • lophatt . . . To me coping with loneliness in our society sounds like the perfect role of the church, families looking out for their loved ones, and neighbors reaching out to lift those around them from the throes of loneliness and depression. Once again the UK government comes galloping to the rescue . . . they have all the money necessary to throw at this problem! Makes me wonder what ways of combating this problem will be instituted by this new “specialist.” Gosh! I wonder how much they will pay her for being so incredibly smart, and so able to turn this problem around.

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  7. As usual, the Brits, enamored of the Queen as they are, recommend that a chair, thrown out a window, fall to the ground!

    Yes, there IS a loneliness epidemic going on. It’s been going on since the Sexual Revolution. Lonely? Go get your kicks! On Route 66! Everyone jumped on the carnal bandwagon. And Guess What? Everyone got bored, smoked a cigarette and went home.

    This is, AT THE ROOT, a SPIRITUAL problem. The reason why ANYONE is lonely (and this includes ME) is that we are separated from—drumroll—GOD. When one sins mortally, Jesus and His Holy Ghost say, “So you’re kicking us out again, eh? LATER!”
    When the sinner goes back to God and repents, again, for the hundredth time, Jesus and His Holy Ghost come back. You or I may be alone PHYSICALLY, but spiritually, we ARE NOT alone.

    Make No Mistake: This is a real world-wide problem. It is an existential threat. But, as usual, the Brits, DIM as they are, get it mirror-backwards (maybe that’s because they’re enamored of their own reflection!)
    This is what my teachers, my parents, my confessors—hell, even my landlady who died two years ago—told me:
    Each and every single human being has a job to do that ONLY HE can do: To pray to God for yourself. You have this job. I have this job.
    I have this job. Others can pray for me (and I can pray for you, also). But ONLY I can pray for my own spiritual welfare. NO ONE ELSE can do this job for me.
    What P.M. May is really admitting here is that no government can do this job. But here is the real political/ideological problem: The government, being Force that it is, is jealous of real religion. They won’t admit to it in open court, but they want the worship of the people as if they were a religion. This is because they worship Satan.
    They want the power and the glory that belongs to GOD ALONE. Loneliness is the SYMPTOM: SIN is the Cause.

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  8. Instead of communism (and socialism), the people forced to live under such systems are dying slow, lonely deaths…sad really

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  9. sixlittlerabbits

    Steve Broiles, thanks for your comment, but I’d wager they smoked a joint and went home. After all, a cigarette would be dangerous to their health.

    DCG, you can’t make these things up. I don’t understand how Theresa May stayed in power after the vote of no confidence. She is selling out the Brits. to the Muslim and the New World Order big time. She’ll stop Brexit if she can, after all her stalling.

    Maybe she proposed the services of this new ministry so that she can profit from them?

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    • Excellent comments. I don’t understand it either. Of course, I don’t understand how any of them get “elected” based on their performance. The true wonder is how the manage not to get chased through the streets.

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  10. It’s next door to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

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  11. The 75 year experiment into multiculturalism is the cause of personal loneliness and cultural disconnection. The ‘Elites’ are pleased that their plans evolved exactly as they envisioned.

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    • Yes, exactly. They were after chaos and despair and they got it.

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    • There’s also urbanization and the breakdown of the family.

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      • Yes, I tend to think that even in urban areas what’s missing is a sense of belonging to a common culture. I also think this is why they spend so much effort on creating divisions and trying to drive wedges between peoples.

        On the other hand, we need to wean ourselves away from looking to the State for answers. They have a specific role and it isn’t supposed to be social engineering or theology. The State should butt out of people’s business in all things outside their purview.

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    A WHAT – Minister of Loneliness.

    This is what happens when you elect someone with too many hormones. You turn the country into “wilted lettuce.”

    Give me a break!


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  14. I agree with many of the comments above. Open your heart the Lord, help others and enjoy yourself. But for many they are now living in fear. They see their freedoms being taken. They see their government turning their back on them and many are losing their jobs and their homes being given away. They feel they cannot walk their neighborhoods anymore with an easy heart.
    They see the depravity going on in this world and many feel hopeless. They see the attacks on religion. The attacks on others because they think differently is not easy to watch.
    The very government trying to fix this and working to get more to feel independent on the government, is the very cause of much of this,

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  15. Should the church community salve the social needs of individuals? Worth thinking about? Yes, the church plays a part… but…
    An effective antidote is developing community activity. I started dance workshops in my community five years ago. Now a successful venture! Loneliness know. I no longer walk anywhere, I dance, well actually it’s kind of walking whilst vibrating. Works for me anyway…

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