Why does actress Morena Baccarin have an Adam’s apple?

I know there are more important things for me to post about, but this is one of those trivia that nags and bugs.

From Wikipedia:

The Adam’s apple, or laryngeal prominence, is a feature of the human neck, and is the lump or protrusion that is formed by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx.

The structure of the Adam’s apple forms a bump under the skin. It is typically larger in adult males, in whom it is usually clearly visible and palpable. In females, the bump is much less visible and is hardly perceived on the upper edge of the thyroid cartilage. […]

An Adam’s apple is solely a characteristic feature of adult males, because its size tends to increase considerably during puberty. Its development is considered a secondary sexual characteristic of males that appears as a result of hormonal activity. Its level of development varies among individuals and the widening of that area in the larynx can occur very suddenly and quickly…. During adolescence, the thyroid cartilage grows together with the larynx. Consequently, the laryngeal prominence grows in size mainly in men. Together, a larger soundboard is made up in phonation apparatus and, as a result, the man gets a deeper voice note.

Here’s a pic of a man’s Adam’s apple:

Some time ago, I rented from Netflix Showtime’s Homeland TV series. A character in the first two seasons was Jessica Brody, the wife of Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody. The actress who played the wife is Morena Baccarin — a Brazil-born, attractive, feminine-looking woman, albeit with a preternaturally long neck.

Watching Baccarin, however, was disconcerting because of her prominent Adam’s apple.

Wikipedia says Morena Baccarin has a son with her first husband, and a daughter with her second husband. Below is a pic I found of a heavily pregnant Baccarin at an Emmy party on September 22, 2013:

Baccarin is said to have undergone plastic surgery for breast implants and a nose job. So why didn’t she shave her Adam’s apple?

Among the women I’ve known, I’ve never seen one with an Adam’s apple. Have you?


44 responses to “Why does actress Morena Baccarin have an Adam’s apple?

  1. does she have a deep voice? If she carried two babies she surely cannot have been a male at one time. I agree it looks strange but like you said there are bigger issues to worry about.

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  2. I only know of one other, Michelle O.

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  3. Lou Reed made a song about one of these years ago …..

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  4. Here’s your babe with an Adam’s Apple: Watch his/her adorable ad:

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  5. So what if she’s a he, I’d still fuck her. Or him.


  6. You’ll get your answer by going to YT and search “transvestigation”. In fact you will learn more than you ever want to know and that “Trans” has been part of the entertainment and political systems for a hugely long time.

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  7. Chelsea MANning looks like a man from all angles, regardless of her/his obvious adam’s apple. Morena on the other hand definitely looks like a woman. From what I have read it is possible for a woman to be born with one.

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  8. Why does Michele need a jockstrap?

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  9. Everybody who is anybody has one!

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  10. Yes, I’ve seen that on a woman. It was a cyst, had it excised, and biopsy found thyroid cancer.

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  11. Senator Flake is a certified a**hole.

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  12. Some women do have them. It isn’t their fault, just a flaw. God knows, in the world we live in, such things can happen to otherwise normal people.

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  13. I would be willing to undertake a covert action to determine if Morena is actually a woman capable of actual fertilization… loved to hate her on StarGate SG-1.
    Of course, per my morals, that would require becoming her hubby #3 first, but that could likely be annulled once we found out she’s actually an alien tranny… an extra-terrestrial alien, at that.


  14. “In females, the bump is much less visible and is hardly perceived on the upper edge of the thyroid cartilage. […]” unless of course the woman has an extraordinarily long neck and next to no body fat with which to cover it…. I have never seen this woman before, but she looks lovely to me.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  15. Meg Ryan has rather a large Adam’s apple too…

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  16. Speaking of apples:

    “The forbidden fruit in the Bible was not an apple. It only became known as an apple when the bible was translated into Latin in the 4th century, because the word ‘Malus’ means both apple and evil.”


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  17. The photo posted of Baccarin showing a ‘very pregnant’ red gown also shows her extended left hand against that dress. What’s interesting is the length of her ring finger vis-à-vis her index. Only genetic males have a longer ring finger in relation to the index.

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    • Interesting observation, MCP! Someone should examine Baccarin’s other physical characteristics, such as shoulder width (relative to hips), placement of belly button, etc.

      While the length of the ring finger is ONE of the physiological indicators of gender, it is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition — as attested by many female readers of FOTM.


  18. Morena (Michael?) Baccarin could be a transgender actor. The gestation may have been faked. You can’t trust any of these celebrities today. Their entire business is based on fallacy and imagination.

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  19. I am a female in her mid 20s with a pretty prominent adam’s apple. It has been one of my biggest insecurities for the majority if my life. I do not recall when it started becoming noticeable but I was bullied harshly for it from middle school to even having dates ask me if I was a trans woman in my adult years. I have asked myself many times why I had to be stuck with this abnornality with no explanation (I don’t have a hormonal balance or anything). I have thought about getting it surgically shaved but not sure if I want to risk what could happen from doing so.

    So, coming across actresses with this same thing gives me reasurrance that I am not the only woman in the world with it. And yes there are far bigger things to think and worry about. I think Morena is a beautiful woman. Ryan Simpkons is a other actress who sharws the same trait. Also beautiful.

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    • Clearly I didn’t clear my typos out for this comment. But you get the jist. For the record, I have a low body fat %. I am sure if I gained 20 pounds the adam’s apple would disappear. 😂

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